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MS OFFICE 2010 VS 2007

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MS OFFICE 2010 VS 2007

  1. 1. ROLL NO. STUDENTS NAME REGN. NO. SLIDE NO. 103 SAKSHI NRO0251542 4, 5, 6 117 HITESH GAUTAM NRO0308479 7, 8, 9 122 DEEPAK GUPTA NRO0310119 10, 11, 12 121 SHOBHIK GUPTA NRO0318296 13, 14, 15 102 GURPREET SINGH NRO0267372 16, 17, 18 119 NIKHIL NRO0322044 19, 20, 21 112 KUSHAL SONTHALIA ERO0166176 22, 23, 24 113 SUSHAN FRO0004331 25, 26, 27 111 VISHAKHA KOHLI NRO0295118 28, 29, 30 104 SHUBHAM JAIN NRO0313009 31, 32, 33 120 SURBHI NANDA NRO0307121 34, 35, 36
  3. 3. * FOUNDER OF MICROSOFT OFFICE Bill Gates is the founder and CEO of Microsoft Company. Microsoft Office is an office suite of desktop applications serves and services for the Microsoft Windows and MAC OSX operating systems, introduced by Microsoft on August 1, 1989. The first version of office contained Microsoft PowerPoint. Over the years, office applications have grown substantially. * Office 2007 and 2010 are Microsoft’s two latest versions of its productivity suite software. These suites come with different combinations of a variety of Microsoft programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access. * The Presentation contains a detailed differentiation b/w Ms-Office 2010 and previous version Ms-Office 2007 & explains how Ms-Office 2010 outshines Ms-Office 2007 in its newly installed features which gave perfection a new definition.
  4. 4.  Microsoft Office 2010 is the new version of Microsoft Office after Microsoft Office 2007 .  In 2007 , file option show as office button , but in 2010 files option shows in tab .
  5. 5. Office 2007 made headlines with innovative ribbon menu system Office 2010 takes it to the next level with a more intuitive ribbon. It provides a new home menu system. Instead of opening up a dropdown the entire window changes color and provides the save, open, close preview and other options. The enhanced Ribbon across Office 2010 applications allows users to access commands quickly and customize tabs to personalize the experience in your * working style.
  6. 6. * MINIMIZE THE RIBBON * MINIMIZING THE RIBBON BUTTON * Click the Minimize the * There are three ways to minimize the Ribbon Ribbon button (upward and show only the tab names. The first two pointing chevron) in the methods described below were available in the upper right corner of the previous version, and the third option is new to window next to the blue Help Office 2010. circle. The chevron will toggle to point downward. * Right-click method: * Click the Minimize the 1. Right-click a Ribbon tab. A short-cut menu Ribbon button (downward appears. pointing chevron) in the 2. Select Minimize the Ribbon. A check mark upper right corner of the will be placed by this option to indicate it was window to maximize the selected. Ribbon. 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to maximize the Ribbon. Double-click method: 1. Double-click a Ribbon tab. 2. Repeat step 1 to maximize the Ribbon. *
  7. 7. *
  8. 8. Basis Office 2007 Office 2010 Digital signatures Formatted with Found in the XMLD Sig, found Backstage view under under Information File / Finalize about Document / Signat Document /Protect ures Document. Paste Preview No option for paste Paste preview preview is option is available. available. Print Microsoft Office The Backstage Button, Print with combines Print limited printing with Print Preview, tools spread across Page Layout and several commands other print options.
  9. 9. MS- Word 2010 MS- Word 2007 *Microsoft Word
  10. 10. In 2007 , when we search something a new window is open , but in 2010 , navigation pane is open at the left side of window , so we are able to do our work and search simultaneously . *Search option :
  11. 11. * Inoffice 2007 only effect on text is word art whereas in office 2010 not only text effect on word art it also has quick effect like shadow, outline, reflection, glow and bevel. * Wordart is also change in word 2010. In word 2007 we use limited no of word art whereas in word 2010 wordart is now treated as text which have feature like quick effect and shape style. *Text effects
  12. 12. In 2010 , we have a option to take a preview of the image before paste Preview option it , but in 2007 we have no such option of preview , we had to paste it directly . * Paste Options :
  13. 13. *
  14. 14. Basis MS Word 2007 MS Word 2010 Extension Word documents have Word documents have .doc as an extension at .docx as a special the end of their names. extension at the end of their names. Search Engine It is known as It is known as Document Map. Navigation pane.
  15. 15. MS- PowerPoint 2010 MS- PowerPoint 2007 * MICROSOFT POWERPOINT
  16. 16. • Instead of Office button in 2007 version, 2010 version has File tab with advanced set of features. • The Transitions tab has been separated from Animations tab in 2010 version. • There are more animation effects provided to a user in 2010 version as compared to PowerPoint 2007.
  17. 17. *
  18. 18. The PowerPoint 2010 has got advanced options of protecting the content of the presentation as compared to 2007 version. Go to the File tab, Info tab opens by default, click on Protect Presentations dropdown menu to choose any of the options that suit your requirements.
  19. 19. We have the new an additional features The Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 enable us to present, share a slide show with anyone, anywhere, over the Web as remote audience. We can send URL for our slide show.  pause the slide show at any time,  re-send the URL to attendees, or switch to another application without interrupting the broadcast or displaying our desktop to attendees. BROADCAST YOUR PRESENTATION
  20. 20. •In earlier version i.e. (Power Point 2007) we can just save our document in power point show or in other format or send direct to email only, but in •Provide an option to direct post it on a website. •We can save our presentation to SkyDrive or our are Point library by using Power Point Web Apps just by save to Web or save to SharePoint. *Web Apps
  21. 21. Screen shot is easy with MS-Power Point 2010, We can Add Part of the window or object just by clicking screen clipping, an additional Power point 2010 features of Ms-PowerPoint 2010. Select the area of your screen that we want to capture. After add the screenshot, we can use the tools on the Picture Tools tab to edit and enhance the screenshot. Power point 2007 * Screenshot or Screen Clipping
  22. 22. In Ms-Power Point 2007, we have limited option to edit our pictures but with MS Office 2010 , we can apply artistic effects to a picture or a picture fill to make the picture look more effective like a . sketch, drawing, or painting. . . * Artistic effect to a picture
  23. 23. In 2010 we have video controls . We can crop the picture , change the contrast and brightness of video , whereas in 2007 its just a video and it is treated as picture . *Video effects
  24. 24. Insert the SmartArt Add your Write graphic photograph descriptive picture (s). text layout *
  25. 25. Basis Power Point 2007 Power Point 2010 Extension PPT presentations PPT presentations have .ppt as an have .pptx as a extension at the special extension end of their file at the end of their names. file names. Variation In Tabs Transitions and The Animation Tab Animations were in has been split into a single tab i.e 2 tabs i.e. Animation Tab. Animation Tab and Transition tab. Video Formatting Video was treated Video Editing Tools as a picture for have been formatting. introduced to edit the video.
  26. 26. MS- Excel 2010 MS-Excel 2007 * MICROSOFT EXCEL
  27. 27. Customize Ribbons and Define your own Ribbons • In Excel 2010 we can define own tab i.e. My Tab. • We can easily add removes menus, change labels and define toolbars to easy to work. • We can even customize existing ribbons by adding new groups of tools but • In 2007 we have no such option of customize existing ribbons and add/remove tabs .
  28. 28. In Excel 2010 provide this unique auto show paste option just by clicking source cell. It show which kind of paste option u wants. In Excel 2007 we have a simple paste option.
  29. 29. In 2010 we can graphs the line in single cell but , In 2007 we have no such option of graphing lines , we had to create the charts on the other sheet and the sheet on which we working on . *Spark lines :
  30. 30. * Power pivot allows you analyze large volumes of data from a SQL server database * With Power Pivot millions of rows of data from multiple data sources into a single Excel workbook can be inserted. * Helps in building PivotTables and Pivot Charts, and analyzing the data to make * timely business decisions.
  31. 31. *
  32. 32. BASIS 2007 2010 Icon sets a green up arrow( ) for more icon sets including higher values, a yellow triangles sideways arrow ( ) for ( ), stars( ), and middle values, and a boxes( )can be red down arrow( ) for accessed. lower values. Macro recorder It cannot be used to It can be used to record record formatting formatting changes to changes to charts and charts and other other objects. objects.
  33. 33. MS- Access 2010 MS- Access 2007 MICROSOFT ACCESS
  34. 34. In 2007 has five table templates you can use to generate new tables with common fields: Comments, Contacts, Issues, Tasks, and Users. With a table open in Design view, click New Field to access these templates. It’s easy to use. But *Table Templates
  35. 35. This feature is totally missing in 2010. To build a table in MS Access 2010, do the following: * 1. Open a blank database and close Table1. * 2. Click the Create tab. * 3. Click Application Parts in the Templates group. * 4. Select a form template or one of the Quick Start options, shown in Figure to generate objects
  36. 36. * One of the biggest changes is that Office 2010 now fully supports 64-bit operating systems. Also, Web Applications (allowing you to co-author documents across the web in real-time) have finally been implemented in the newest release, as well. Office 2010 also includes a redesigned Office button, as well as a nice backstage experience. * Differences in Word include the search function. In Office 2010, it shows up in a navigation pane, instead of a small window. Also in Office 2010, you have a paste preview, letting you see what you’re going to paste BEFORE you actually paste it. There are also enhanced picture editing tools. There are new options for working with text, including changing plain text into Word Art, or using shapes and styles. * The differences in Excel include graphs in single cells, instead of only within sheets like in Office 2007. Formatting tools have also been enhanced and upgraded. * There are also many interesting and excellent differences found within Outlook, Publisher and other Office applications. This is the sneak peak at what we can expect when we grab Office 2010 for ourselves! * Microsoft Office 2010 offers flexible and powerful new ways to deliver your best work— at the office, at home, or at school. With Office 2010, you’re in control, getting things done and producing amazing results however and wherever you work best. *
  37. 37. We use following resources for creating this project. www.google.com  www.wikipedia.com  www.microsoft.com  Study material issued by ICAI for Information Technology Training.
  38. 38. The end THANK YOU