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Green NCAP launch event - Presentation by Karen Vancluysen



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Introduction to Green NCAP
Introduction to Green NCAP
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Green NCAP launch event - Presentation by Karen Vancluysen

  1. 1. Joining forces towards clean and green cities Karen Vancluysen, Polis
  2. 2. Peer-to-peer exchange Policy Research Innovation 78 cities & regions S U S T A I N A B L E U R B A N M O B I L I T Y I N N O V A T I O N
  3. 3. Urban mobility: Main local policy challenges & goals 3 Source: EC – 2015 statistics
  4. 4. Multiple challenges – integrated action City-level activities in the transport sector gaining importance due to multiple benefits of sustainable urban mobility action improve air quality, quality of life, traffic safety, public health, reduce CO2 and congestion
  5. 5. Integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility Policy Sustainable – Multimodal – Intermodal – Clean – Safe – Flexible – Affordable – Connected – User-centric – Inclusive – Shared …
  6. 6. Air quality ‒ Sometimes no margin to remedy by allowing polluters to pay ‒ Urgent need to prevent pollution
  7. 7. Urban Vehicle Access Regulations 7
  8. 8. Electromobility • Electric PT as a backbone of transport chains • Micro-mobility and vehicle-sharing to complete first and last mile
  9. 9. Shared concerns & goals ‒ Breach of trust ‒ Need for reliable information ‒ Independent testing of environmental performance of vehicles ‒ Simple, transparent and objective information ‒ Need for real-world driving emissions testing
  10. 10. A support tool for cities ‒ Evidence-based decision making ‒ Independent information source on vehicles with good environmental performance - Link to urban vehicle access regulations, low-emission zones, incentives for clean vehicles... ‒ Link to requirements for clean procurement - Minimum star rating required ‒ Star rating as a basis for reward - Fleet recognition schemes ‒ ...
  11. 11. Thank you! kvancluysen@polisnetwork.eu www.polisnetwork.eu


  • Urban mobility challenges
  • A lot of and increasing demands on the urban transport system
  • However, the situation with regards to some societal costs is so problematic (e.g. Air Quality) that there is simply no margin to allow polluters to pay. The pollution should be prevented, and this happens by regulating access to urban areas for specific vehicle categories.
  • .... And that sometimes implies taking unpopular measures such as access restrictions, not a popular and a politically sensitive measure
    LEZ, ULEZ, congestion charge, diesel bans...

    Different reasons for local authorities to implement UVARs
    air quality, safety, congestion, liveability
    Variety of UVARs appearing in the EU
    Ongoing multi-stakeholder process to define non- binding guidance at EU level
    Fee-based or fine-based
    The instrument is effective, and enables change/transition
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