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GreenBiz 18 Tutorial Slides: Fulfilling the Potential of Business to Realize the SDGs

While leading businesses have long been engaged in efforts to integrate sustainability at the core of corporate strategy and decision-making, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide us with a new lens through which to translate global needs and ambitions into business solutions. These solutions will enable companies to better manage their risks, anticipate consumer demand, harness the potential of historic growth markets, secure access to needed resources and strengthen their supply chains, while moving the world towards the delivery of the SDGs and a more prosperous society for all.

While business is not being asked to deliver the SDGs by itself, this complex and urgent agenda will not be realized without involvement at scale by the private sector. Converting the SDGs into meaningful and widespread corporate engagement, and ushering in the inclusive and sustainable economic growth that the Goals represent, will be a sizeable challenge.

Forward-looking businesses are already working towards having a meaningful impact on the SDGs - in particular by:

developing a thorough understanding of how their activities translate into economic, environmental and social impacts in the context of the SDGs;
setting ambitious goals to implement the SDGs, including by incorporating responsible business practices across strategies and operations;
pursuing impactful contributions to the 2030 Agenda through a strong commitment to universal principles in relation to human rights, equality and the environment;
developing business solutions to address sustainability challenges;
collaborating with peers to develop a collective vision and roadmaps to realize substantial sector transformation;
working across sectors to help transform entire economic systems;
disclosing SDG performance and progress;
openly advocating for key policy and finance enablers that will help achieve a tipping point.

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GreenBiz 18 Tutorial Slides: Fulfilling the Potential of Business to Realize the SDGs

  1. 1. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA From ambition to implementation: Fulfilling the potential of business to realize the SDGS GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA 6 Feb
  2. 2. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Today’s Agenda Setting the scene Filippo Veglio & James Gomme (WBCSD) Strategic Integration of the SDGs Jillene Connors (Earth Security Group) Meaningful SDG engagement Panel discussion Networking break Reporting on the SDGs Dialogue Wrap-up 08:30 – 09:30 09:30 – 10:00 10:00 – 11:10 11:10 – 11:30 11:30 – 12:15 12:15 – 12:30
  3. 3. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Business & the SDGs Setting the Scene Filippo Veglio & James Gomme, WBCSD
  4. 4. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA INTRODUCTION GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  5. 5. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA The World Business Council for Sustainable Development MISSION: To accelerate the transition to a sustainable world by making more sustainable business more successful. VISSION: is to create a world where more than nine billion people are all living well and within the boundaries of our planet, by 2050. GLOBAL 200 members spanacross the globe and all economic sectors. MARKET-DRIVEN Put business at the center of sustainable development. CEO-LED WBCSD is oriented towards andled by member-company CEOs. UNIQUE PLATFORM Accessto a sustainable business community and a safe space to exchange ideas and information.
  6. 6. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  7. 7. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA North America 21% Europe 47% Asia (non-Japan) 15% Japan 10% Latin America 5% Africa 1% Middle East 1% Distribution of Members
  8. 8. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA From a business perspective it helps to simplify and to consider this agenda in terms of key economic systems Interpreting the SDGs into Economic Systems
  9. 9. 5 Programs WBCSD’s Systems Approach GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  10. 10. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA SUSTAINABILITY IN A COMPLEX WORLD GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA SOME CONTEXT
  11. 11. Source: Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals, World Bank (2017) Significant progress made in development in recent decades……. Dramatic reduction in the number of poor, most notably in China and India GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Sustainability in a complex world
  12. 12. Source: Business & Sustainable Development Commission (2017) …….but progress has come at a cost GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Sustainability in a complex world Current model of economic development has left a legacy of social and environmental burdens posing mounting business costs and restricting growth
  13. 13. Turbulent TeensThe challenge: How to put a fragmented world on a sustainable path? GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Sustainability in a complex world
  14. 14. A compelling new strategy for sustainable growth and prosperity The Sustainable Development Goals GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  15. 15. Inter- connected Universal Transformational What are the SDGs? GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  16. 16. SDGs will not be delivered without business Technology & Innovation Engine of Employment Source of Finance The Role of Business? GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  17. 17. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA BUSINESS IMPLICATIONS GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  18. 18. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA WBCSD’s CEO Guide to the SDGs
  19. 19. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Operational Risk Reputation Risk Regulatory Risk Market Disruption Risks of Inaction
  20. 20. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA New markets Staying ahead of the curve Enhanced Reputation License to Operate Capturing Opportunities
  21. 21. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Making a compelling economic case for achieving the SDGs Business & Sustainable Development Commission
  22. 22. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA The global economic prize associated with the realization of the SDGs Source: Business & Sustainable Development Commission (2017) Business & Sustainable Development Commission
  23. 23. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA IDENTIFYING GLOBAL MARKET HOTSPOTS Business & Sustainable Development Commission
  24. 24. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA ASIAINDIAAFRICALATIN AMERICA MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA Business & Sustainable Development Commission
  25. 25. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA http://www.globalopportunityexplorer.org/ Global Opportunity Explorer
  26. 26. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA • Financial Services • Food, Beverage & Consumer Goods • Healthcare & Life Sciences • Industrial Manufacturing • Transportation • Energy, Natural Resources, Chemicals SDG Industry Matrix
  27. 27. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Highlights how SDGs can be used as a framework to analyse risk and opportunity at the country and sector level. Earth Security Report
  28. 28. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA KEY DEVELOPMENTS GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  29. 29. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA • High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development growing in stature as international monitoring mechanism. • 43 countries submitted updates in 2017 (31 in 2016). • Business is being asked to input into this process through the SDG Business Forum. • Governments generally laying out the need for strong business leadership Policy-level
  30. 30. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Research & Data Emergence of increasingly sophisticated data sets to help analyze global development progress
  31. 31. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Emergence of Corporate Reporting Guidance • GRI and the United Nations Global Compact have established a collaborative initiative, ‘Business Reporting on the SDGs’ – an Action Platform to accelerate corporate reporting on the Global Goals. • Releasing practical guidance in 2018 • Will seek to integrate SDGs into respective GRI and UNGC frameworks.
  32. 32. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA A group of prominent organizations has announced plans to explore setting up a freely available global benchmark of leading companies in terms of their SDG performance. Emergence of SDG Benchmarking
  33. 33. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Dutch pension fund managers PGGM and APG Asset Management have developed a taxonomy to identify sustainable development investing (SDI) opportunities. ABP pension fund has pledged to increase its allocation to SDIs from $34 billion in 2015 to $68 billion by 2020. Australia’s Cbus Super fund has also moved to align its investment strategy with the SDGs. US fund CalPERS has also announced intention to align with the SDGs. Mounting Investor Interest
  34. 34. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Nov 2017: HSBC raised US$1 billion through an SDG bond. Will be used to support projects that are aligned to seven selected SDG targets. Mar 2017: World Bank issued bonds, with support of BNP, that directly link returns to the performance of companies advancing development priorities set out in the SDGs. New Finance Mechanisms
  35. 35. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA BUSINESS ACTION GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA
  36. 36. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA • Identifying case studies • Linking material issues with SDGs • SDG lens applied to strategic functions • SDG progress analysis Business Action: SDGs as Output or Input Demonstrating how sustainability strategies and products are aligned with SDGs In-depth analysis of SDG agenda informing process, product and business model innovations SDG COMMUNICATIONSTRATEGIC INTEGRATION C O M PAN Y
  37. 37. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Business Action: Best Practice 1) Awareness & understanding 2) Strategic integration 3) Defining priorities 4) Targets & indicators 5) Communication & reporting What does best practice look like?
  38. 38. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA 62% mentioned the SDGs in some way in their reporting 37% selected material SDGs 38% made no mention of the goals Business Action: Reporting Trends Source: PwC – SDG Reporting Challenge 2017 Based on analysis of reporting by 470 companies across 17 countries
  39. 39. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Company prioritization of the SDGs Source: PwC – SDG Reporting Challenge 2017
  40. 40. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Importance of appropriate partnerships to realizing transformation to Systemic Partnerships Sector-level Partnerships Strategic Partnerships Company Action Business Action: Partnerships
  41. 41. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Business Action: Sectoral Collaboration Chemical Sector SDG Roadmap
  42. 42. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USAGreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA What is a Sector Roadmap? SETS A COMMON VISION MAPS CURRENT SDG IMPACT EXPLORES OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPACT IDENTIFIES ACTIONS Enhances license to operate Helps to manage risks Opens up new growth markets
  43. 43. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Business Action: Systemic Collaboration
  44. 44. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Business Action: Human Rights SDGs will not be achieved without robust human rights due diligence. Nestle’s Human Rights Issues & Corresponding SDG Goals & Targets Human rights are a cross-cutting theme of the SDGs Ensuring respect for human rights throughout the value chain is one of the most significant opportunities business has to contribute to SDGs
  45. 45. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA www.sdghub.com SDG Business Hub
  46. 46. Thank you
  47. 47. The SDGs: a corporate framework for strategic risks and growth opportunities. Jillene Connors Belopolsky Senior Associate Earth Security Group © Earth Security Group 2018
  48. 48. Who we are working with: Earth Security Group About us We are a strategic consultancy helping companies, investors and governments to transition to sustainable development, using the SDGs as a business impact framework. © Earth Security Group 2018
  49. 49. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) © Earth Security Group 2018
  50. 50. Negative: Material Risks Positive: Products & Services SDGs affecting companies’ operations and reputation. SDGs as opportunities for innovation & growth. Business value 1.Reputation & brand value 2.Customer value 3.Product/service innovation 4.Supply chain resilience 5.Talent development Business valueSDG impacts © Earth Security Group 2018
  51. 51. Things to know as a business A strategic process 1. Identifying SDGs impact indicators for a company. 2. Understanding market SDG priorities for a company. 3. Embedding SDG risks and opportunities in the business. Questions to ask: • Which SDGs are material to my company’s growth? • Which SDG priorities should our business focus on? • What business programmes & actions to implement? • How to communicate impacts? Company priorities in country X © Earth Security Group 2018
  52. 52. Spotlight: Electronics manufacturing in South East Asia © Earth Security Group 2018
  53. 53. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Global companies investing in ASEAN What do they need to know? 1. How to define SDGs that are material to their operations. 2. How to align with SDG impact opportunities. 3. How to measure and communicate their impact. © Earth Security Group 2018
  54. 54. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Material SDGs for the sector ASEAN © Earth Security Group 2018
  55. 55. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Aligning to SDG corporate opportunities SDG 6: Water pollution E&E industrial pollutants not fully regulated and pollution is increasing. Corporate metrics: Discharge disclosure & capital investments for zero pollution. SDG 12: E-waste E-waste grew 63% in last 5 years - risk of extended producer responsibility. Corporate metrics: E-waste programs & building circular supply models. SDG 8: Decent work ASEAN-wide decrease in worksite inspections and growth of illicit labor. Corporate metrics: Policy for trade union freedom in supply chain. © Earth Security Group 2018
  56. 56. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA 1. Supply chains: Global supply chain framework ensuring worker rights to organize (IndustriALL union) 2. Product innovation that shape consumer values by creating an explicit focus on decent working conditions (Fairphone). 3. Business diplomacy: Industry-level collaboration with ASEAN on policy implementation (SEZs). Decent work Aligning to SDG corporate opportunities Driving innovation © Earth Security Group 2018
  57. 57. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Conclusions 1. The SDGs provide business with the framework to understand the critical material risks that a company will face in the future, as well as explore new market opportunities for quality growth. 2. The SDGs are vital to attract and retain young talent, which is committed to sustainability values, as well as to support senior executives to understand the future growth pathways for the business. 3. The SDGs help companies to build confidence of investors, government and society, that it understands the transformation pressures and a sustainable growth path for its industry. © Earth Security Group 2018
  58. 58. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Thank you Jillene Connors Belopolsky Senior Associate Earth Security Group jillene@earthsecuritygroup.com © Earth Security Group 2018
  59. 59. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Panel Discussion Reflections on Meaningful SDG Engagement
  60. 60. Sarah Matheson Mihalecz Lead, Sustainability, North America Tata Group Erin Robert Executive Director Sustainable Finance JPMorgan Chase & Co Sophie Beckham Senior Manager, Natural Capital Stewardship International Paper Claus Stig Pedersen Head of Corporate Sustainability Novozymes Panel Discussion: GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Reflections on Meaningful SDG Engagement
  61. 61. Coffee time!
  62. 62. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Dialogue Reporting on the SDGs
  63. 63. Lois Guthrie Director, Redefining Value WBCSD Dr Rodney Irwin Managing Director Redefining Value Program WBCSD Juliette Gaussem Senior Manager, Guidance & Practice GRI GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Dialogue: Reporting on the SDGs
  64. 64. GreenBiz | Phoenix, AZ, USA Our contacts Filippo Veglio Managing Director, People veglio@wbcsd.org James Gomme Director, SDGs gomme@wbcsd.org