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77% Of Customers Look You Up Online: Ensure Your Website Is Helping, Not Hurting You

  1. 77% Of Customers Look You Up Online: Ensure Your Website Is Helping, Not Hurting You By: Grant Kneble 98 @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  2. What I Want You to Walk Away With 1. Learn about how to build your website and digital marketing plan 2. Actionable items you can do TODAY 3. Know how to see through bogus marketing companies @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  3. Who Am I? Built Websites since 2000 Graphic Designer since 2004 Developed Forums / Communities since 2006 Freelance Digital Marketing in 2010 Full-Time Search Engine Optimization since 2015 Restaurant Owner since 2021 @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  4. Your website is the most critical asset after your restaurant. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  5. Social Media is like the beach @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  6. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  7. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  8. Customers judge your restaurant by your website @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  9. Potential customers form an opinion on your website in less than one hundredth of a second & @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  10. 1. Content 2. User Experience 3. Design @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  11. Brand Identity An SEO strategy improves your website's search ranking to get more organic traffic. It organizes your content by topic to allow search engines to provide the best results to the people searching. SEO Strategy @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  12. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  13. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  14. SEO Math ● Average ~10,000 monthly searches for pizza ● Rank #1 for pizza on Google for ~3,980 visits per month for pizza related keywords ● ~3,980 x 3% conversion rate into a sale = ~120 sales ● 83 sales x $30 average net value of a sale = ~$3,600 per month / ~$43,200 per year @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  15. Four Pillars to Make a Great Website Brand Identity Proper Technical Setup On-Page Content Off-Page Content @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  16. Brand Identity Blueprint to your Website & Brand @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  17. Proper Brand Guidelines ● Logos ● Alternative Logos ● Colors ● Font ● Mockups @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  18. Rules for Logos 1.Simple 2.Scalable 3.Versatil e @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  19. Colors CMYK - Real Life Products RGB - Digital Products HEX - Coding @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  20. Technical SEO Foundation of Your Website @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  21. Optimizing your website's technical aspects for better visibility & ranking in search results. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  22. ~64% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 43.2% of all websites. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  23. Services to Install 1. Google Analytics ○ Analytics of your website 2. Google Search Console ○ Analytics of your website in relation to Google Search 3. Bing Webmaster Tools ○ Analytics of your website in relation to Bing Search 4. Meta (Facebook) Pixel ○ Optimize the delivery of your Facebook / Instagram Ads 5. Bonus: Google Tag Manager ○ The ability to create endless ways to track activity on your website @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  24. Proper Technical Requirements ● Is your website crawlable? ● Does your website load quickly? ● Is your website structure easy to navigate? ● Is your website secure? ● Is all your data structured? @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  25. Is your website crawlable? <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  26. Is your website crawlable? NO BROKEN LINKS ALLOWED @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  27. Test Your Speed ● Pingdom ● GTMetrix ● WebPageTest ● Google Pagespeed Insights Do NOT use just one test! @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  28. Steps to Make Your Website Faster 1. Don’t use cheap hosting 2. Do not use all-in-one themes 3. Keep your image file sizes as small as possible 4. Use a Cache Plugin 5. Use a CDN @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  29. Proper Navigation for a Website @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  30. Lockdown Your Website ● Implement HTTPS ● Backup Regularly ● Stay up to date ● Use good hosting ● Two-Factor Authentication @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  31. Setting Up Structured Data Schema ● Make It Yourself ○ ● Use a generator ● Install a plugin ○ Schema Pro @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  32. Wordpress Plugins to Install 1. Form Plugin -Gravity Forms, WPForms, Ninja Forms… 2. SEO Plugin - Yoast, RankMath, All in One SEO… 3. Newsletter Plugin - Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber… 4. Cache Plugin - WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache… 5. Email Plugin - WP Mail SMTP, Post Mail SMTP, Easy WP SMTP… 6. Backup Plugin - Your Server Company, VaultPress, UpdraftPlus… 7. Security Plugin - Sucuri, Wordfence, Jetpack… 8. Engagement Plugin - OptinMonster, Sumo, Bloom… @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  33. On-Page Content Furnishing Your Website @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  34. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  35. What You Need On Every Page N.A.H.P.S Name Address Hours Phone Number Social Media @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  36. Homepage ● N.A.H.P.S ● Who, What, When, Where, Why, How ● Primary / Secondary Click-to-Actions ● Social Proof ● Media Recognition ● Team Features ● Awards ● Photos / Videos ● Testimonials ● Certifications ● Brands Used @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  37. Potential Pages On Your Website ● About You ● Contact Page ● Reviews ● 404 Page ● Food Menu ● Dessert Menu ● Cocktail Menu ● Brunch Menu ● Liquor Menu ● Event Calendar ● Delivery Page ● Reservations ● Private Event ● Service Area ● Employee Bios ● Certifications ● Industries Serviced ● Services for Groups ● Photo Gallery ● Languages Spoken ● Individual Event Page ● Services ● Coupons ● Commercial Versions ● In the Community ● In the Media ● Careers ● Location(s) ● Why Choose Us? ● Holiday(s) ● Seasonal Pages ● Linktree ● Brand Pages ● Ingredients ● Recipes ● Podcast ● Video Gallery ● FAQ ● Sitemap ● Merchandise ● Gift Cards ● Catering ● Cooking Classes ● Loyalty Page @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  38. Double-E-A-T Experience Expertise Authoritativeness Trust @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  39. What Highest Quality Pages (HQP) Need for Google ● HQP have a beneficial purpose ● HQP have titles that summarize the page. ● HQP have main content created with a very high level of effort, originality, talent, or skill such that the page achieves its purpose very well. ● HQP have adequate information about the business for the purpose of the page. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  40. Page Structure ● N.A.H.P.S.* ● Main Keyword / Secondary Keyword(s) / Related Keyword(s)* ● Location(s)* ● Page Title with Title Tag* ● Meta Description* ● Headers - H1, H2, H3… Tags* ● Images with Alt Tags* ● Internal Links* ● Click-to-Actions* ● Schema ● Featured Image ● Video ● Testimonials * Required @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  41. Keywords @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  42. How to Find Keywords Free ● Google Search Console ● Google Ads Keyword Planner ● Google Trends ● Keyword Surfer Browser Plugin ● Answer the Public Premium ● Ahrefs ● Semrush @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  43. Near me keywords “Local results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence...” @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  44. Images / Videos ● Mimic stock photos and stock footage ● Find most popular ● Include logos as much ● Don’t need more than Cell phone & Light @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  45. Off-Page Content Digital PR @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  46. Google My Business ● Sign up for Google My Business ● Fill it out entirely ● Add photos/Videos ● Add updates / offers / events ● Stay on top of hours @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  47. Google My Business Factors @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  48. Getting Reviews ● Focus on Google Reviews and then spread the wealth ○ If you’re in a major metropolitan city - TripAdvisor ○ If you use booking software - OpenTable, Resy, etc. ● Offer an easy way for guests to review ○ QR Codes ○ Emails ○ Text Message ● Train your team to ask for reviews ● Incentivize your team to ask for reviews ● NEVER INCENTIVIZE YOUR GUEST @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  49. How to Handle Reviews Reviews aren’t for you. They aren’t for the reviewer. They are for the potential customer Good reviews? ● Respond. Bad Reviews? ● Respond. Don’t know what to say? ● Use Artificial Intelligence @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  50. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  51. Types of Local Citations ● Search Engines - Google Business Profile, Bing, Apple… ● Primary Data Aggregators - Foursquare, Data Axle, Neustar Localeze… ● Major Directories - Yelp, Yellowpages, Uber, Facebook, Superpages… ● Industry Specific Platforms - TripAdvisor, AllMenus, OpenTable ● Unstructured Citations - Chambers of Commerce, Newspapers, Local Government @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  52. Manual vs. Automated Citations Manual Pros ● Full Control of each profile ● Able to enter all information completely ● Free unless hire a company Cons ● Setup & Update individually Services ● Whitespark ● Bright Local Automatic Pros ● One stop shop ● Access to certain directories ● Handles Duplicates Cons ● Monthly / Yearly Fees ● Overwrites any manual changes ● Gets most, but not all information ● Lose access to most accounts when stop paying Services ● Marquii / Yext ● Moz Local ● Synup @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  53. Backlinks ● Backlinks are links from other websites that go to your website ● Search engines like Google see these links as a sign that your website has authority ● The more links your website has, the more likely it is to show up higher in Google search results ● Having more links can also bring more people to your website. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  54. Ways to Backlink ● Citations ● Local Government ● Local Business / Restaurant Specific / Trade Organizations Directories ● Chambers of Commerce / Merchant Associations ● Travel / Food Review Websites ● Local Newspapers ● Schools, Colleges, or Universities (e.g., job postings, scholarships, club sponsorships, discounts, alumni links) ● Sponsorships in general (e.g., sports leagues, races, meetups, charities, etc.) ● Local Awards ● Podcasts ● Magazines ● Distributors / Suppliers / Wholesalers / Contractors ● Other local businesses that also have websites and are open to having a “Local Partners” page or a “Businesses We Love” page. ● Help a Reporter Out ● Local Events @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  55. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  56. Key Performance Indicators 1. Conversion Rate ○ Reservations, Online Order, What is YOUR focus 2. Organic Traffic & Sessions 3. Click-Through-Rate 4. Bounce Rate 5. Load Time 6. Keyword Ranking @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  57. One-Timeish SEO & Ongoing SEO @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  58. One Timeish SEO ● Create an optimized website with NAHPS and more ● Create and optimize all the pages you need ● Setup all the services especially Google My Business ● Create and fill out all the other citation listings
  59. Ongoing SEO ● Get links ● Get Reviews ● Continue doing what actually get you links & reviews ● Research new ways to get you links & reviews ● Add more content if applicable ● Update your content if you can add more helpful content ● Continue creating content that brings eyes to your restaurant ● Continue any non-SEO marketing including offline marketing @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  60. @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  61. Agency / Freelancer Rules @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  62. How to Look for a Reputable SEO Agency 1. Have they worked with restaurants before? 2. What is their process? 3. What services do they provide for you? 4. What tools do they use? 5. How do they report and what do they call success? 6. What is their experience? 7. Who are their clients? 8. How much & how do they charge? @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  63. NO GUARANTEES @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  64. NO AWARD WINNING @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  65. Google Partners Do Not Matter @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble
  66. Questions? @TheGrantAustin GrantKneble Come talk to Me

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  1. This is where I'm going to introduce myself. tell us a story about how I accidentally deleted my father's Auto Repair website we should let me down this long rabbit hole for the last two decades or the how to get everyone to look at your website and they are go go to your business.
  3. The second most popular CMS is Shopify, which lags far behind with a market share of 5.7%.
  4. is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet. In addition to people from the founding companies (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex), there is substantial participation by the larger Web community, through public mailing lists such as and through GitHub.
  5. Services: Logos, Brand Design, Websites, Experience - View their Portfolio: Are they your neighbor’s kid still in high school? High profile agency who’ve worked with celebrity clients? Process: Are they doing research? Do they provide style boards to hone in your style? Do they offer multiple iterations to narrow down the choice? Refine your choice. Final product. Iterations: How many times do you need to go back and forth until it's perfect? How do they charge: Project Based Billing. The vast majority of our billing is project based. We will discuss the details of your project and provide a proposal (quote) so you know exactly what the work will cost prior to us getting started. We then bill monthly over the course of the design project. Hourly. Clients can choose to go with defined hourly rates. This approach ensures the most fair outcome for both parties. We typically use hourly billing for clients that have consistent work for us. Payment Plan. In some cases we are able to set up an extended payment plan depending on the project and client. Subscription Billing. For ongoing services like hosting and website maintenance, Go Media requires a credit card and automatic payments. Custom. Each client has unique needs. We're happy to work with you to create a payment plan that works for you.