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Chat GPT3 Webinar Slides ver 4.pptx

  1. GPT-3 & Education Exploring the Potential of AI for Educators
  2. In the last few weeks I have used GPT to: • Rewrite copy for a course flyer • Write the first draft of this webinar • Brainstorm learning outcomes for digital badges Generate short-form content • Write a script for a video which it did with director’s notes • Tidy up transcripts from YouTube videos and turn them into short summaries • Draft a rubric for digital literacy across 9 competencies with 3 levels • Learn more about content I’m teaching and draft blog posts • Teach my kids how to write prompts for GPT
  3. SMITH’S LAW Use Smart Tools to Win Bigly
  4. Don’t start an arms race
  5. Your competition is Playing Centaur Chess
  6. now
  7. Welcome to the Brave New World of Education
  9. GPT-3 & Education CREDITS Original images generated by Graeme Smith using Original music “With you / Within You” by THISISGRAEME available on Spotify & YouTube