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Innovative Advertising (2018)

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Innovative Advertising (2018)

  2. 2. Planning Dirty Brand Actions Library has 200+ innovative advertising examples from 2018. Subscribe to the Planning Dirty newsletter and join the 10,000+ readers who get monthly strategy tools, tips and resources. List of other Planning Dirty Decks
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  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS ● Quick Service ● Alcohol ● Soft Drinks ● Packaged Foods ● Petcare ● Healthcare ● TV Shows ● Banking/Financial Services ● Auto ● Business to Business ● Tourism ● Not -for- Profits ● Delivery and Transportation ● Retail ● Fashion ● Beauty ● Telecommunications ● Multicultural
  5. 5. 5 5 QUICK SERVICE Table of Contents
  6. 6. GOOGLE HOME HACK DESCRIPTION: As smart speakers have started invading homes and reacting to what is happening around them, Burger King decided to take advantage of that new presence in its customers’ homes. In a TV spot, they decided to talk directly to Google Home speakers, triggering an action with the “OK Google” formula, so you can learn more about their most iconic product, the Whooper. This hack had so much momentum Google decided to block that specific request, generating even more PR for BK. LINK BURGER KING
  7. 7. PAVING FOR PIZZA DESCRIPTION: Pizzas are mostly delivered at home. And they’re fragile. The more hectic the state of the roads in your neighborhood, the less intact your pizza will be on arrival. That’s why Domino’s Pizza decided to “pave for pizza.” Citing potholes as one of the biggest foes of pizza integrity, Domino’s decided to cover them up for the sake of customer satisfaction. The covered potholes were branded, and on a dedicated website one could nominate his/her city to improve the quality of its roads and get rid of these high pizza mortality figures. LINK DOMINO’S PIZZA
  8. 8. FCK DESCRIPTION: In shifting one letter, KFC became FCK, and immediately captured not only the mood of the whole of the KFC organisation, but also the mood of a nation that until then hadn’t realised how much it wanted KFC. It’s a deliberately provocative and human response to a crazy problem, backed up with an understated, but heartfelt body copy that explained a bit more about the situation. It also allowed KFC the opportunity to apologise to both the public, and their employees about the company running out of chicken. LINK KFC
  9. 9. FLIP DESCRIPTION: For one day, across the US, the world's most recognized brand was transformed into a symbol of gratitude for women - past and present - celebrating their contributions to creating what McDonalds what it is today. LINK MCDONALD’S
  10. 10. SCARY CLOWN NIGHT DESCRIPTION: Everybody is afraid of clowns. Except for Burger King. To prove it, the King decided to face its fear and invite our scariest enemy for a meal. The message was simple: "Come as a clown, eat like a king.” During the night of Halloween celebrations, Burger King will give away a Whopper to everyone that comes dressed as a clown. LINK BURGER KING
  11. 11. DESCRIPTION: To celebrate Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Dominos Australia has announced a new Mogul pizza, Chocobo Chow, and a gaming meal that includes a free download code for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood for PC and PlayStation 4. The new Chocobo Chow pizza is topped with chicken (the Chocobos of Earth), pineapple, capsicum, mushrooms, onion and spring onion. In addition to the all-new creation, Dominos have renamed some of their most popular pizzas in celebration: Moogle's Meatlovers (BBQ Meatlovers), Curious Cactuar (Vegorama), Stormblood Supreme (Supreme) and Hawaiian Heavensward (Hawaiian). LINK STORMBLOOD EDITION DOMINOS
  12. 12. INSTAGRAM MENU DESCRIPTION: Instagram Menu integrates social networks with point of sale. It also uploads photos of people eating McDonalds on Instagram to one of the company’s restaurant menu boards, breaking all McDonalds’ guidelines on how to show appetite appeal in the moment clients are actually deciding on what to buy. The brand relies hence on the lifestyle and good vibes of the subjects on Instagram instead of photoshopped appetite appeal photos. LINK MCDONALD'S
  13. 13. PIE TOPS II DESCRIPTION: Pizza Hut recently announced the release of its Pie Tops II sneakers, just in time for March Madness. The sneakers use Bluetooth technology that allows its wearer to pause their TV and order pizza. LINK PIZZA HUT
  14. 14. SIGNING STORE DESCRIPTION: Starbucks is opening its first U.S. cafe staffed by employees who are partially or fully deaf - and capable of communicating in American Sign Language - in early October. The company is converting an existing Starbucks location near Gallaudet University, in Washington, into what it calls a Signing Store. The chain will hire 20 to 25 people from across the country who know ASL. LINK STARBUCKS
  15. 15. DESCRIPTION: Disasters can strike anywhere - even with pizza: it could get cold, or the dog could eat it. It could fall into a puddle or get run over by a bus. Whatever happens, Dominos is now claiming that it will "insure" your pizza by replacing it with another one completely for free. LINK CARRYOUT INSURANCE DOMINOS
  16. 16. 16 16 ALCOHOL Table of Contents
  17. 17. DESCRIPTION: Veuve Clicquot is one of the most iconic champagne brands in the world. However, people know very little about the Veuve Clicquot historical figure herself (Veuve Clicquot = Widow Clicquot in French). Is she real? What was her role in building the brand? Her life may be richer than you’d expect it to be. Being one of the first French business women of modern times, the brand has the opportunity to connect today’s feminist values while emphasizing its historical legitimacy. This is why the brand launched a 15-episode podcast to narrate the amazing life of Madame Clicquot, with facts and events ranging from her personal life as a widow, her economic background, and how champagne was, and still is, made. LINK Veuve Clicquot TALES OF WOMEN’S ENTREPRENEURSHIP
  18. 18. DESCRIPTION: When Hurricane Harvey hit the US last year, Anheuser-Busch stopped production of beer to provide drinking water to residents in affected Southern states and Puerto Rico. The company assembled a team to tailor content and media requests around its efforts, maintaining a humble tone that emphasised employees' acts of kindness in a year defined by division. Anheuser-Busch has provided emergency drinking water to crisis-hit areas in the past, but this time the storytelling approach won positive profile for the firm and ensured social media pickup, as well as strengthening employee engagement. LINK ANHEUSER-BUSCH TURNING BEER INTO WATER
  19. 19. LE BECK’S DESCRIPTION: The inspiration behind this unique Beck’s packaging was to bring canned beer to venues and events where it is not traditionally consumed. As a result, the Le Beck’s cans have been trialled in art galleries, classical music concerts and other “exclusive” events in Germany. Due to the “overwhelmingly positive response” Beck’s is now considering launching the beer flutes globally. LINK THE LEGENDARY BEER-CAN FROM BECK’S
  20. 20. FIGHT FOR TERRITORY DESCRIPTION: The Lions Rugby Tour was going to New Zealand – a once-every-12-years event. To maximise the publicity, All Blacks sponsor Steinlager found where fans and teams spent the most time: the airport. It bought every sign, in every terminal, and made them interactive. Steinlager then told Guinness – the Lion's sponsor and its rival – that it could have the signs for free. It just had to fight for them. LINK GUINNESS AND STEINLAGER
  21. 21. DRUNKEN SPOTS DESCRIPTION: In 2017, drunk driving yielded more than 3,000 victims in Colombia and this number is continuing to increase despite national police strict controls. Drunken spots is a campaign that aims to combat this dangerous behavior, using radio - the most consumed media by drivers - and the voice of real drunk drivers caught in their client’s operatives. LINK COLOMBIAN POLICE
  22. 22. DESCRIPTION: Black Red Ale Beer launched an AR and NFC-enhanced bottle that can generate customized conversations tailored to drinkers' moods, and communicate with them based on their facial expressions, reinventing the enduring bottle as an interactive experience of its own. LINK BLACK RED ALE BEER AR/NFC BEER BOTTLES
  23. 23. DESCRIPTION: Three women are killed by their partners every day in South Africa. This Carling activation involved a female choir singing Asambe Nono, a well-known South African football song, at the Soweto derby in March, with lyrics revised to reflect the story of a woman being abused by her partner when he comes home under the influence, from a soccer match in which his team has lost. The chorus made it clear that there was #NoExcuse for abuse. The new words were transmitted live on the big screen at FNB Stadium for the crowd of 85,000, and the choir’s performance was televised on SABC and Supersport, with commentators primed to explain the meaning behind this unique intervention to their millions of viewers. LINK CARLING BLACK LABEL SOCCER SONG FOR CHANGE
  24. 24. JANE WALKER DESCRIPTION: The “striding man” now walks with a striding woman—and she plans to make her voice heard this year. Beverage giant Diageo’s Johnnie Walker brand has added a female counterpart to its iconic mascot after more than 100 years, in tribute to women around the world. LINK JOHNNIE WALKER / DIAGEO
  25. 25. BORDEAUX 2050 DESCRIPTION: Bordeaux 2050 was created to counter the lack of global action against global warming. Today, a large majority of governments do not take the necessary steps to act on it. Tangible proof was needed. By distilling abstract data of climate change into a brand of wine that people can hold and savor, Bordeaux 2050 literally put the responsibility of the future of our environment in their hands. Weather data projection on the next 30 years simulate the exact taste of a Bordeaux grown in 2050 if climate conditions don't improve. The result is a diminished, bitter, unpleasant taste that forces people to viscerally experience the future consequences of global warming. By appealing to reason through our most indulgent sense, the result is emotional and terrifying but ultimately inspiring. The vintage was presented during a seemingly ordinary wine-tasting event at the Paris Museum of Wine, gathering key decision makers who have a major influence on the course of climate change. LINK AJE ASSOCIATION
  26. 26. DESCRIPTION: This multi-channel campaign shares a culturally relevant, true story to resonate with Gen Y. The result was a campaign with breadth and depth, which made the Made of More series relevant and resonant with a younger audience. LINK GUINNESS / DIAGEO COWBOYS OF COMPTON
  27. 27. MAJOR DESCRIPTION: Even if you are a cyclist, you may not recognize the name Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor. Cognac brand Hennessy, however, is bringing back the memory of the man who was at one time the world’s best bicycle racer. Hennessy has launched ‘Major,’ the fifth installment of the brand’s ‘Wild Rabbit’ campaign. The creative, by Droga5, brings to life the spirit of Hennessy’s ‘Never stop. Never settle,’ mantra through the remarkable story of Taylor. LINK HENNESSY
  28. 28. DESCRIPTION: This is the story of how the brand got 780 million organic views using wit, stop motion and a lot of vodka. Giphy, the world’s largest GIF platform serves 2 billion gifs to users on a daily basis and Tinder reports that users who start conversations using GIFs have a 30% higher reply rate than those who don’t. The way these GIFs are used poses an exciting opportunity for brands, as they’re shared as a form of self-expression from one person to another. If a brand could create GIFs relevant enough for a certain audience, they could effectively inject the brand into their target audiences’ online conversations without having to rely on intrusive ads. LINK ABSOLUT VODKA NEVER GONNA GIF YOU UP
  29. 29. DESCRIPTION: Y&R and Mamma HELP have launched the first beer developed specifically for women with breast cancer who are enduring chemotherapy. It is an alcohol-free beer with a sweet flavor to appeal to patients whose tastes may have changed during treatments, and packed with nutrients, including vitamin B and potassium, to give them something nutritious to drink when eating and drinking are hard. LINK ZATEC BREWERY MAMMA BEER
  30. 30. 30 30 SOFT DRINKS Table of Contents
  31. 31. DIET COKE LOOKS FORWARD DESCRIPTION: The last time the Coca-Cola Company refreshed their core product, it didn’t go over so well. New Coke’s reformulated beverage was pulled from shelves almost as soon as it launched. The Diet Coke rebrand hasn’t fizzled out though, because the core formula is untouched. Featuring a slimmer can with a sleek new look, Diet Coke hopes to maintain its ravenous fan base, while appealing to younger millennials with a portfolio of on-trend fruity flavors. The refresh seems to be working - with positive sales to date. LINK Coca-Cola
  32. 32. PEPSI LOOKS BACK DESCRIPTION: In today’s always-on news cycle of political drama, scandal, and conflict, it’s easy to wistfully look to the music of decades past as an escape. Continuing on last year’s “Pepsi Generations” campaign, Pepsi released limited edition cans featuring music icons such as Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears. The stars were previously Pepsi influencers from the 80s through the early 2000’s, coincidentally lining up with the “millennial age bracket.” Traditional soda sales have slumped for over a decade now, so Pepsi is betting this retro look will be the can of nostalgia that America craves right now. LINK Pepsi Co.
  33. 33. DOWN THE SOY ROAD DESCRIPTION: Traditionally the gruel of innovative Silicon Valley nerds, Soylent has partnered with an ad agency to increase awareness of its meal replacement soy beverage to other techies. The campaign centers on an AI bot named “Trish” who educates tech workers on the wonders of Soylent. Trish can be found on the Soy Road, a dark web peer-to-peer site only accessible by downloading a special browser. The Soy Road hosts coveted Soylent products and memorabilia that only their tech-obsessed superfans would buy (using Bitcoin only, of course), but has earned extended reach via forums like Reddit. LINK Soylent
  34. 34. SUJA DRINKERS REALLY LOVE PLANTS DESCRIPTION: A healthy obsession with another person can sprout into love. As it turns out, an unhealthy obsession with produce makes for a hilarious campaign. These digital shorts have cheeky references to health-crazed millennials, featuring tree-huggers, yogis meditating over grapefruits, and carrot munching foragers. The content is designed to position Suja as a juice with energy enhancing benefits, as evidenced by the tagline “Drink plants, take their power.” LINK Suja
  35. 35. DESCRIPTION: We all know what happens when you shake a soda, but that’s exactly what Orangina wants us to do with their “Wiiish Box” cans. The brand wants consumers to shake up the fruit pulp in the can, and is offering to make your wishes come true in return. A genie inside a few of the cans will talk when you flip it, which is your signal to make a wish on their website. Orangina partnered with Paris-based Buzzman to launch the promotion in France. LINK TURN THE CAN, MAKE A WISH Orangina
  36. 36. UNCLE DREW COMES TO THEATERS DESCRIPTION: Pepsi has achieved the gold standard of viral video marketing and branded content by creating a feature film based on its “Uncle Drew” character, to be released this year. Originally a digital short meant to fool unsuspecting ballers at a pickup game into thinking that a NBA star Kyrie Irving was a random old man, the video went viral in 2012 and has culminated with Pepsi now promoting ads that promote the movie. Other celebrity cast members of the movie include former NBA stars and comedians like Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Lisa Leslie, Milton "Lil Rel" Howery and Tiffany Haddish. LINK Pepsi Co.
  37. 37. A MYTH BROUGHT TO LIFE DESCRIPTION: Not many brands produce ads that can resonate decades later, let alone be considered classics. Perrier partnered with Ogilvy Paris to retell the mythical story of “Lion,” where a woman challenges a lion over a bottle of sparkling water. The previous Cannes Grand Prix ad was dusted off to promote Perrier’s new line of sparkling water with smaller bubbles. It featured smaller characters but followed the same storyline. The choice to launch this ad in 2018 is clear when you consider the context; the original film teems with political undertones and positive subtext that is arguably even more relevant today. LINK Perrier
  38. 38. DESCRIPTION: This is the most hazy sounding innovation in the beverage industry). Heineken developed a canned sparkling water infused with cannabinoids derived from marijuana, under its’ storied California craft beer acquisition, Lagunitas. But it works. In a clear response to sluggish alcoholic beverage sales and local support for cannabis products, Heineken’s beer-alternative is making a foray into the growing cannabis market by using sparkling water as a delivery vehicle. The brand is offering a THC version, and a less psychoactive CBD infusion. The only matter up for debate is how to categorize this franken-drink. LINK Heineken Co. HOPPY SPARKLING WATER
  39. 39. DESCRIPTION: Think of all the things you can do at a music festival. Now strip away all of the stuff that is bad for your body, add yoga, and you have Propel’s Fitness Festival. The brand’s activation lines up with the health conscious trend by flipping the idea of a festival on its head. The multi-city interactive US tour included live concerts from top tier musicians like Ludacris or Wyclef Jean, with workouts led by fitness influencers and upstart studios. LINK Gatorade FITNESS FESTIVAL
  40. 40. BIG ADVENTURES DESCRIPTION: Brands that recognize their lead and continue to innovate tend to be rewarded. Chobani is transforming itself from a yogurt company to a wellness brand, recently rebranding its identity and packaging, and continuing to expand into new product categories. The market leader has entered the beverage market with a drinkable yogurt, and is using ATL content to both sharpen the new positioning and incentivize viewers to try the drink with a coupon code. The whimsical and aspirational videos feature young adults drinking Chobani while on their way to different adventures. The films engross you in close up scenes and longing stares and cuts almost too soon, leaving you to imagine the rest. LINK Chobani
  41. 41. 41 41 PACKAGED FOODS Table of Contents
  42. 42. 1-833-MOM-TIPS YOPLAIT DESCRIPTION: Yoplait created a hotline for all your unwanted mom advice. Call the number and you get a voice recording that gives you a list of options depending on the category your bad advice falls under. If you see a mother in the grocery store with what you deem to be a questionable parenting style, press 1. See a mom nursing in public? Press 2. Or maybe a mom has a problematic social media presence. Press 4. There’s even the option to talk to a “real-life mom.” LINK
  43. 43. VH1 MARTHA & SNOOP’S POTLUCK DINNER PARTY + SNICKERS DESCRIPTION: Martha & Snoop teamed up with Snickers for a Halloween themed Potluck Dinner Party. Snickers know how to satisfy hunger, and rather than showing us another ad, created an in-show integration. VH1 pushed the story further by creating artistic social posts featuring Snickers. LINK SNICKERS
  44. 44. Bring Out The Bold DESCRIPTION: Listerine held an event, ‘The Study of Bold’, featuring 5 engaging stages with experiential activities ranging from beatboxing to basketball to karaoke. A ‘The Study of Bold’ Listerine-branded mouth rinse product sampling station was placed onsite to activate the value of the brand to consumers. 7,500+ people engaged with the brand performances, sampling station and street team marketing activities. The ‘Bring Out the Bold’ stages acted as brand advertising billboards in Union Square for the entire day achieving 50,000+ consumer impressions. LINK LISTERINE
  45. 45. SWEDISH FISH SPONSORSHIP DESCRIPTION: Swedish Fish had awareness, but not many people engaged with the brand. They created a series of partnerships across multiple on-site touchpoints, many of which were designed to drive social engagement. That included selfie stations (the cornerstone of the program), branded Snapchat filters and branded content. They partnered with seven aquariums across the US, but each activated in their own unique ways, and the brand teamed up with a mobile game too. LINK SWEDISH FISH
  46. 46. PEEL LICK PLAY DESCRIPTION: Petits Filous partnered with Amazon's grocery service Pantry to facilitate imaginative children's play. 200,000 Amazon Pantry boxes came with play-inspiring instructions for how the boxes can be used to create a space helmet, pirate ship or enchanted castle. Alexa, meanwhile, got four new skills, accessed by saying "Alexa, open Petits Filous", which will provide kids with mini-challenges to stimulate play. The brand also included play ideas on the inside of the lid of 28 million fromage frais pots. LINK Petits Filous
  47. 47. GO MADBURY DESCRIPTION: Cadbury let fans can create their chocolate bars by choosing up to three of the flavors listed on Cadbury’s inventor site, naming their bar and submitting it. More than 90,000 combinations were possible, and the public was asked vote on the top three bars, with finalists being invited to the Cadbury headquarters in Birmingham, England. The campaign is Willy-Wonka esque and taps into the fact that people in Britain eat more chocolate than anyone else, averaging 8.4kg per person. LINK CADBURY DAIRY MILK
  48. 48. MOSQUITONIC THOMAS HENRY DESCRIPTION: Enjoying a summer cocktail outdoors means being bitten by mosquitos. Tonic water brand Thomas Henry created 'Mosquitonic', a spray cap that fits perfectly on Thomas Henry bottles and transforms them into powerful anti-mosquito sprays. The insight came from the fact that when you order a drink with tonic water, you always leave some in the bottle. And that’s what gave the agency the idea - because tonic water contains quinine, a natural mosquito repellent. LINK
  49. 49. EXTRA SUPPORT ACTS DESCRIPTION: This campaign turns YouTube pre-roll ads into a platform that gives 16 emerging Australian music acts a significant audience boost and a chance to perform live on a major stage. The longer you watch the artist’s pre-roll, the more you vote for the act. LINK EXTRA GUM
  50. 50. BRAILLE ‘LOVE NOTES’ DESCRIPTION: Kellogg is making a special feature on its Rice Krispies Treats more accessible for people who are vision-impaired. Rice Krispies Treats launched writable wrappers in the summer of 2017, allowing families to send an encouraging message to their children at lunch. In partnership with the National Federation of the Blind, Kellogg announced today that it is launching "Love Note" Braille stickers and recordable audio boxes for its Rice Krispies, so children who are blind or have low vision can also get messages from their families. LINK RICE KRISPIES TREATS
  51. 51. AI VENDING MACHINE DESCRIPTION: Yakult, the Japanese dairy brand, has created an AI vending machine which rewards visitors with a drink if they are able to learn words in the Nippon language. The activation will feature at science festivals around the UK and Ireland and it’s part of the brand’s objective to include Japanese heritage in its marketing. LINK YAKULT
  52. 52. CHILL ME DESCRIPTION: Biscuit brand Arnott’s launched the Tim Tam Gelato Messina range by giving away 13,500 chilled packets through a temperature-activated out-of-home campaign over the Australia Day long weekend. Using live data from the Bureau of Meteorology, the refrigerated units were programmed to open at a set temperature on the day to give away packets to passers by. LINK ARNOTT’S TIM TAM
  53. 53. SO JUICY, JA DESCRIPTION: Black Forest plants itself in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood with an outdoor activation that brings the Ferrara candy brand’s self-consciously surreal commercials to life. (“So juicy, Ja!”) The event features a fantastical 20-foot-high tree with silk leaves, actor Brooklyn Decker, 10,000 free samples of gummies and fruit snacks for the public, and actors dressed as the campaign’s mythical woodland dwellers. Black Forest says the troupe will perform the risqué “harvest ritual,” immortalized in ads that dropped a few months back. Starting around the 18-second mark, it’s pretty darn silly and kind of NSFW. LINK BLACK FOREST
  54. 54. The 25% Less Cookbook DESCRIPTION: 25% of food cooked during Ramadan goes to waste. Sadia, the Middle East’s largest food brand, was determined to change that. Sadia release a Ramadan Cookbook every year. But this year they recycled the 2017 with recipes containing 25% less ingredients. It’s the first cookbook designed to reduce food wastage LINK SADIA
  55. 55. 55 55 PETCARE Table of Contents
  56. 56. DOG DATES DESCRIPTION: 1.2 million older people in the UK are chronically lonely. Pedigree, following the direction of their Feed the Good campaign, decided they could make a difference by pairing seniors with local dogs and sending them out on a date. Armed with the belief that ”a dog is a conversation waiting to happen,” program participants took their dog date for a walk and met new people through the instant ice-breaker of their canine companion. The program got elderly people out of their homes and into social settings, without the responsibility of owning a pet themselves. LINK PEDIGREE
  57. 57. CATS ON GLASS DESCRIPTION: As any cat owner knows, tiny grains of clay litter are constantly underfoot, no matter how steadfast you are with a broom. To remedy this, Fresh Step introduced a low-tracking litter that uses larger litter particles that are less likely to cling to your cat. In order to visually demonstrate the product’s effectiveness, Fresh Step opened a pop-up gallery in New York City, called Cats on Glass. The exhibit put cats on a raised glass platform, over the heads of spectators. The cute kitties played and interacted with guests below, who had a clear view of the cats’ clean paws. Produced in partnership with the Humane Society of New York, all of the cats on display were eligible for adoption. LINK CLOROX FRESH STEP
  58. 58. TITCH, THE GIANT DOG DESCRIPTION: Flea eggs are difficult to detect, so Frontline found a way to increase their visibility and raise awareness for their potential to infest your home. Enter Titch, a 5-1/2 foot tall, animatronic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, built by special effects company Artem and operated by the same master puppeteers who brought War Horse to life on the West End. Titch debuted at Crufts, the world’s largest dog show. Attendees were invited to play with the giant pup, and probe his fur for potential invaders. LINK FRONTLINE PLUS
  59. 59. SELFIE STIX DESCRIPTION: For better or worse, man’s best friend has yet to understand the importance of a well-composed selfie. They just won’t look at the camera – squirrel! – so Pedigree designed a clip that attaches to your smartphone to hold one of their DentaStix dog treats. Called SelfieStix, the clips were included with packages of DentaStix. If this wasn’t enough technical innovation, Pedigree worked with Stanford University and Google to create the first dog facial recognition technology. Accounting for the wide variety of ears, eyes, and noses across countless breeds, the code was put to use in the Pedigree SelfieStix app, which allowed dog owners to map funny facial filters to their now-cooperative pooch. LINK PEDIGREE
  60. 60. LOYALTY COLLARS DESCRIPTION: Musti Group is the leading chain of pet supply stores in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Like many retailers, Musti utilizes a loyalty program, but it’s not for owners. Now dogs can demonstrate their loyalty in a new way with Biscuit, an RFID enabled tag that attaches to your dog’s collar. As soon as you and your canine walk through the door, store staff are alerted with your dog’s name, birthday, and favorite treat. Of course, staff can also see your shopping history, making it easier for them to personalize your experience. LINK MUSTI GROUP
  61. 61. DOGS FOR DOGS DESCRIPTION: Humans aren’t the only species of influencer on Instagram. There are dogs whose accounts have amassed thousands of followers. In France, Pedigree asked some of these furry influencers to forego their usual selfies and instead take a day to post the pictures of other, similar-looking dogs of the same breed. These guest posts were of dogs in shelters, waiting to be adopted. Instagram followers liked the posts per usual, but this time they were served a subsequent image explaining the switch, and offering a link to a website where viewers could consider taking home a dog that really needed their Likes. LINK PEDIGREE
  62. 62. PETCOACH DESCRIPTION: In an effort to combat the ever-encroaching Amazon, Petco opened PetCoach, a reinvented pet store experience. It is the physical extension of their PetCoach app and online experience, designed to make you the ultimate pet parent by providing you with trusted advice and carefully curated products. The PetCoach store provides 360-degrees of service through a $9-monthly fee. Members enjoy access to free onsite veterinary care, discounted grooming services, and behavioral training support. There are no cashiers. Instead, personal service is provided by roaming Pet Coaches who can schedule appointments or conduct transactions with an iPad in-hand. LINK PETCO
  63. 63. DESCRIPTION: Mars Petcare partnered with Michelson Found Animals Foundation to form Leap Venture Studios, an incubator for new pet care technology and services. “We also want to be the partner of choice for every person with a big idea, every industry disruptor, every startup founder that wants to turn their vision for pet care into a reality. But we know we can’t do it alone,” said Leonid Sudakov, president of connected solutions at Mars Petcare. Leap Venture Studios combines, the industry knowledge of Mars with the philanthropic vision of the Michelson Foundation, which developed the first free national microchip registry for animals. LINK MARS PETCARE LEAP
  64. 64. WALK IN THEIR PAWS DESCRIPTION: Passionate pet parents can be skeptical of what goes into their kibble. And they’re not just concerned for their own animals – they want to buy from a brand they trust is ethical and caring in its research and manufacturing. In this age of reality TV and Nanny Cams, we trust what we can see with our own eyes. Hill’s recognized this and opened up their Global Pet Nutrition Center through a virtual reality tour, accessed via YouTube, Google Cardboard or your headset of choice. Two videos – one filmed from a dog’s perspective, the other from a cat’s – offered a 360-degree look at the center’s feeding, housing, and play areas, with plenty of happy animals in view to reassure you of Hill’s commitment to compassion. LINK HILL’S
  65. 65. CURIOUS CAT BOOK DESCRIPTION: The cat food brand played on its “Feed Their Curiosity” creative platform by commissioning an interactive book, meant to be read along with your cat. Not sure how to keep kitty interested? Each of the pages contain built-in toys to capture your furball’s attention, while also telling the real-life story of a cat that escaped from its carrier on a flight to London. LINK WHISKAS
  66. 66. 66 66 HEALTHCARE Table of Contents
  67. 67. TOUCHING MASTERPIECES DESCRIPTION: Touching Masterpieces has created a new age of digital accessibility for the blind and visually impaired. Thanks to specially designed haptic gloves, this unique Virtual Reality experience has allowed the blind to ‘see’ some of the world’s iconic sculptural masterpieces for the first time in history. LINK NEURODIGITAL
  68. 68. PROJECT REVOICE DESCRIPTION: With a custom machine learning algorithm that analyses and completely recreates a person's voice, Project Revoice gives ALS patients the full use of their own authentic voices, allowing them to speak freely and naturally even after they physically can't. To launch the program, advertisers recreated the voice of Pat Quinn, who co-founded the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while fighting the disease himself. LINK THE ALS ASSOCIATION
  69. 69. SIP SAFE DESCRIPTION: With the staggering amount of sexual assaults related to drink spiking, the Sip Safe wristband is a functional spearhead in the fight against predatory behaviour. Both as a utility and education tool, this simple wristband has the ability to protect the wellbeing of everyday people and stop the culture of drink spiking. LINK MONASH UNIVERSITY
  70. 70. CORAZÓN - GIVE YOUR HEART DESCRIPTION: Corazón is based on a true patient story from Montefiore Hospital. Directed by John Hillcoat and featuring Academy Award nominee Demian Bichir and Blade Runner 2049 star Ana de Armas, Corazón tells the story of Elena Ramirez, a sex worker from Santo Domingo whose heart is dying, and Montefiore’s Dr. Garcia, the only person who offers her hope. Launched in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival, the 48-minute film premiered in New York, and all screenings sold out within hours. Critics praised Corazón for its ability to awaken audiences to the importance of organ donation through the power of cinema. LINK MONTEFIORE
  71. 71. TINY DOLL DESCRIPTION: “Tiny Doll” is a biographical short film that chronicles the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Rika Ishige, Thailand’s #1 fighter and MMA champion whose fire to fight is fueled by her childhood traumas. In a 6-minute long take, she takes the audience through the story of her life – from the early days as a small and delicate girl made bully victim, to finding the strength to conquer her fears and become an MMA champion. With “Tiny Doll”, Kleenex not only breaks the category norm, but raises much-needed awareness of bullying in Thailand, empowering Thai women to fight back while still preserving their soft and gentle nature. #GentleNotWeak LINK KLEENEX
  72. 72. 5G INCUBATOR DESCRIPTION: Accessing healthcare is a very personal thing, typically involving you and your healthcare provider meeting face-to-face and in private. However, that’s not always possible, based on the provider’s or patient’s location or ability to travel. That’s why “virtual” healthcare – the use of mobile technology, virtual reality, video, and other platforms to facilitate patient/caregiver interaction – is gaining traction in the healthcare industry. Professor Steven Feiner, and his staff and students at Columbia University’s Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Laboratory are experimenting with virtual reality (VR) over Verizon’s pre-commercial 5G technology. Their aim is to create a digital alternative to in-person motor rehabilitation therapy sessions using VR. LINK VERIZON
  73. 73. THE EDIBLE EXHIBITION DESCRIPTION: Currently in the UK, a staggering 92% of children don’t eat their recommended 5 fruit and vegetables a day. An unbalanced diet can lead to poor academic results, behavioural issues and long-term health benefits in later life. But through play and imagination, children can be encouraged to try something new and are more likely to adopt it. The Edible Exhibition tapped into this insight to create a fully interactive, playful culinary experience made entirely from fruit and veg. The V&A Museum of childhood in London has a history of educating children about the importance of play. Through their connections with local schools, they were able to invite hundreds of school children to participate in a one-off exhibition that they helped design. Food technologists and illustrator Rob Flowers helped to bring the best ideas to life, creating a series of fully edible installations, posters and invites. LINK V&A MUSEUM
  74. 74. SEETROËN DESCRIPTION: The long-awaited summer holidays – and long summer holiday journeys – are just around the corner. But with more time and opportunities to read on their smartphones or tablets, children and adults alike are afflicted by motion sickness. Over 30 million people in Europe suffer from chronic travel sickness. In response, Citroën, a brand dedicated to comfort, is presenting SEETROËN, the first glasses to eliminate motion sickness. The principle of the SEETROËN glasses is simple. They contain a coloured liquid that recreates the horizon line to resolve conflict between the senses. LINK Citroën
  75. 75. SÖMNIG DESCRIPTION: The SÖMNIG (Swedish for sleepy) ad is part of an IKEA bedroom campaign. IKEA did some research into the sleep behaviour of those living in the UAE and found that, “About nine in ten people in the UAE are not getting the ideal eight hours of sleep a night”. They also found that "a third are seriously deprived, with 32.4% admitting their nightly shut-eye averages only six hours." (Gulf News, Health - 18/02/18) In order to help those who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, they created SÖMNIG – multisensorial, rechargeable print ad that uses sound and smell to help induce deep sleep, helping you feel rejuvenated upon waking in the morning, ready for the day ahead. In a nutshell, its a flat pack, easy to assemble sleeping aid in the form of a print ad. LINK IKEA
  76. 76. TRAVEL WELL WITH YOGA DESCRIPTION: Cathay Pacific has partnered with Pure Yoga to launch a new inflight well-being programme, ‘Travel Well with Yoga’. In harmony with the airline’s ‘Life Well Travelled’ campaign, the series of videos have been developed by esteemed Pure Yoga instructors to help passengers ease into their journeys with yoga and meditation exercises and tips. LINK CATHAY PACIFIC
  77. 77. TRADESMAN'S SUN CREAM DESCRIPTION: In the U.K., construction workers toiling outdoors face the highest risk of skin cancer, with one builder dying from the disease every two weeks. Yet, one in ten such workers still doesn't wear sunscreen, believing their workmates will laugh at them. That statistic prompted construction supplies retailer Wickes to team up with skin cancer charity Skcin to help overcome the issue. It has created a range of sunscreen specifically aimed at tradesmen, and is giving it away for free in stores. The sunscreen is available in three shades -- Brickie's Bronze, Plasterer's Pink and Apprentice White -- and is packaged in miniature paint cans. Each little can features lighthearted tips for keeping safe and drives users online for further advice. The educational message continues with UV skin checks outside Wickes stores and a "how to spot skin cancer" video on Wickes 'how-to' page on YouTube. LINK WICKES
  78. 78. LIGHT THERAPY DESCRIPTION: Research shows half of the Swedish population suffer from Vitamin D deficiency during the winter months and many feel tired in February. With this in mind, pharmacy chain Apotek Hjartat decided to turn its store windows into light therapy. During February, outside one of Apotek Hjartat's pharmacies in central Stockholm, passers-by could boost their energy by simply standing in front of the windows, which use specially adapted fluorescent lamps to emulate a natural daylight. The installation is triggered simply by passing by the windows. LINK APOTEK HJÄRTAT
  79. 79. DISSOLVING POSTERS DESCRIPTION: These educational posters dissolve in the rain and kill mosquitos before they are born. When the rain falls, the dissolving posters release a powerful larvicide. This innovation works only against the mosquito larva and does not harm the environment, animals or people.Each poster eliminates the Aedes Aegypti outbreaks in up to 200 liters of water for at least 60 days. LINK ASSOCIAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL HABITAT PARA A HUMANIDADE
  80. 80. 80 80 TV SHOWS Table of Contents
  81. 81. DESCRIPTION: For its new suspense show, “La Forêt” (The Forest), France 3 enabled viewers to bet on who the murderer is, in real time. Teaming up with sports bets brand Winamax, they produced an algorithm that could manage people’s gambles between episodes and during episodes, along with the revelations that the story was bringing forward. LINK FRANCE 3 BET ON A MURDERER
  82. 82. DESCRIPTION: The boundaries of standard local bus shelters have been pushed. Wile typically they feature two- dimensional posters, Netflix created a totally customized experience that aroused the curiosity of millions. Not only did they transform the shelters into 3D sculptures, but they also gave them the appearance of living, breathing humans by inserting a motor into their chest cavities and covering them in a goo to replicate the look of the bodies in the series. LINK NETFLIX BREATHING LIFE INTO TRANSIT ADS
  83. 83. DESCRIPTION: Westworld is a luxury theme park where guests go to live out their wildest fantasies. So, we decided to replicate that experience by recreating Westworld at a secret location outside of Austin, Texas during SXSW. Our social content promoted the event not as an HBO activation but as a real-life trip to Westworld. Guests booked their reservations at DiscoverWestworld.com and completed a personality assessment to determine their character archetypes before visiting the park. After a thirty minute drive from downtown Austin on luxury buses, guests were free to explore over 90,000 square feet of space and interact with the artificially intelligent hosts played by over 60 actors. A 444-page script drove the narrative of SXSWestworld and brought the park to life. No two guests had identical experiences, and fans of the show scoured the park to find hidden season two clues. LINK HBO SXSWESTWORLD
  84. 84. DESCRIPTION: Netflix introduces its collaboration with stand-up comedians by incorporating some of the most critically acclaimed comedians into popular Netflix series. The project's objective was to celebrate the integration of stand-up comedy and Netflix signature episodic shows, having the comedians interact with the characters, showcasing the diverse offerings of the streaming service. LINK NETFLIX NETFLIX IS A JOKE
  85. 85. DESCRIPTION: Anyone who loves TV series fights every day against a terrible enemy: spoilers.But perhaps the launch of the third season of Gomorra, the award-winning original production of Sky, can do something about it.The most evil characters from the most evil TV series are taking their threatening ways to social media, menacing those people that can’t keep their mouths shut online and ruin the show for loyal fans. The Gomorra profile on social platforms replied to these fellas with a unique video in which one character is giving him a final warning about spoiling a specific show. LINK SKY ITALIA SPOILER KILLERS
  86. 86. DESCRIPTION: A teaser for the AFC Championship for CBS featuring actor John Malkovich may just top a lot of the upcoming creative for the big game. The cold open, which ran over four minutes before the New England Patriots took on the Jacksonville Jaguars, starred Malkovich reading a script for a teaser for the game in a symphony hall. In the short, he reviews the over-the-top copy and calls his agent, complaining in serious comic fashion that the script is “utterly overwrought” in his pointed diction. The spot then bounces back between him rehearsing the script and complaining to the agent about the ridiculousness of the open. LINK CBS SPORTS TEASING JOHN MALKOVICH
  87. 87. DESCRIPTION: If you struggle saying “I love you”, say it with Sky. How? By using our very own content: thousands of hours of dialogue from our most romantic movies. Type your message, get some suggestions for more creative messages, and then create a supercut-film. This clip delivers your exact personal message with film snippets that have matching lines of dialogue. Send this clip to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day and enjoy the reaction. By encouraging people to “Say It With Sky” we turned the day of love, into big love for Sky. LINK SKY GERMANY SAY IT WITH SKY
  88. 88. DESCRIPTION: The Astronaut Reality Helmet is a wearable immersive experience housed within a replica space helmet. The content played within this experience has been distorted to fit the curvature of the interior screen providing an exceptionally wide field of view.Unlike in-market VR headsets, users can freely move their head inside of the dome to look around the entire field of vision, just as an astronaut would within their helmet in space. It contains space content from the show and and through the astronaut reality helmets tells the story of the OSR series as a whole. Inspired by the innovative storytelling in One Strange Rock, we created the Astronaut Reality Helmet to bring this unique astronaut vantage-point even closer to those on Earth. Housed in a replica space helmet, the projection technology creates an immersive viewing experience through a unique combination of laser projection, custom fish-eye optics and in-built audio. LINK NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ASTRONAUT REALITY HELMET
  89. 89. DESCRIPTION: Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel is a captivating real-time VR experience inspired by Silicon Valley. The ambition was to produce a faithful recreation of the show’s iconic homebase and an interactive experience that would appeal to both die-hard fans and those who’d never watched Silicon Valley. Modelled, textured, and lit from photo references, blueprints, and 360º room captures, the experience provides the most highly detailed and realistic VR recreation of a TV set ever made. In addition to more than 750 moveable objects, there are many iconic show elements you can fully interact with, from the Not Hot Dog app to the ‘Always Blue’ ball. The Hacker Hostel gives users firsthand one-on-one encounters with show characters—find a secret message from Jared and help Richard out of a coding crisis. The experience is a hilarious virtual playground, bringing users into the heart of Silicon Valley. LINK HBO INSIDE THE HACKER HOSTEL VR
  90. 90. DESCRIPTION: Amazon promoted the second season of its Prime Video series "The Grand Tour" with an interactive event live-streamed via Twitch. The "Battle Cars" experience featured a life-sized, Battleship-esque game board built in a Los Angeles quarry, with squares rigged with tiers of explosives that cars were dropped on to blow up. Sections of the board represented different geographic regions, each commanded by two Twitch influencers from countries like the U.S., U.K. and Mexico competing against each other. LINK AMAZON PRIME THE GRAND TOUR
  91. 91. DESCRIPTION: Mr. Mercedes, the AT&T Audience Network mystery thriller TV series based on the titular Stephen King novel, has own VR escape room. In Mr. Mercedes: Lair Escape you step into the basement lair of one of the scariest killers from the mind of Stephen King, Brady Hartsfield (aka ‘Mr. Mercedes’). The VR escape room tosses you into the photorealistic recreation of the psychopath’s lair where you’ll have to solve various puzzles to find your way out. The title is said to incorporate footage directly from the set of Season 2 of the series. LINK AT&T THE MERCEDES IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE
  92. 92. 92 92 BANKING/FINANCIAL SERVICES Table of Contents
  93. 93. NEXT DESCRIPTION: While consumers migrate to mobile-only experiences in everything they do, the banking industry has lagged behind. The opportunity was to create an entirely new mobile-only bank that empowers millennials and seamlessly integrates into their lifestyles. We did this by reimagining the banking experience for the digital age, putting design at the core of every decision, and using the newest technology to enable a proactive relationship and innovative features that have never been delivered by any competitor. Designed around the “Make It Happen” brand idea, ‘next’ offers a banking experience that helps customers do more with their money and achieve more in their lives. It’s a full banking service that’s customer centric, combining data, design, and technology to inform better individual financial decisions. LINK BRADESCO BANCO
  94. 94. THE PRICE OF EQUALITY DESCRIPTION: In economic and banking language there’s a very common term used and understood by everyone - ‘Exchange Rate’ a term that explains the price of one currency compared to another. Which is just like the wage gap but with men and women. This is where the idea “Price of Equality” was born. In Peru men and women have a different value in the labour market, with a 29.2% pay gap between them. Scotiabank highlighted this on International Women’s Day by giving all their female clients a 29.2% discount on products and services, generating awareness of the huge gap women face in their works. LINK SCOTIABANK
  95. 95. GAME CHAINGERS DESCRIPTION: Introducing Game Changers, the first fundraiser that works by mining a cryptocurrency. With this platform, we invented a free donation mechanism which generates money just by having a computer’s graphic card running. UNICEF is struggling to find innovative sources of financing and reaching new audiences. So with Game Chaingers, we decided to ask the 711 million PC gamers around the world to mine, when they are not using their computers, for the benefit of the Syrian Children Help Program. Game Chaingers is a technological innovation: we aggregate the computing power of every single computer of participants to mine Ethereum, the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency. It is a fully transparent process thanks to the blockchain, in which every Ethereum transaction can be viewed publicly and in real-time. LINK UNICEF
  96. 96. ONCE IN A LIFETIME DESCRIPTION: American Express and agency Ogilvy Buenos Aires worked with Spanish film director and screenwriter Álex de la Iglesia to create a short film called "Once in a Lifetime" that was screened at an exclusive premiere for Platinum clients only. Clients that couldn't attend could follow it via streaming, logging in with their Platinum cards numbers. The film was promoted with a outdoor and digital campaign ahead of the event; however, at the event it was revealed that once the film was over, it would never be seen again. As seen in the video here, Iglesia (who's also a Platinum card holder himself) destroyed the only copy of the film in front of the live audience, dramatically dropping the laptop containing it into a tank of water. LINK AMERICAN EXPRESS
  97. 97. IBAG2 DESCRIPTION: The iBag is a concept for a new product that will alert you when you enter shopping ‘danger zones’, stopping you from impulse spending by using an inbuilt warning system. The iBag is fitted with LED lighting which flashes when triggered by a GPS chip. If you decide to ignore the warning and pull your wallet out of your bag, an SMS will be sent automatically to someone you nominate as your ‘responsible other’ to let them know that you’ve dropped your guard and you’re prone to overspending. To top it off, the bag is fitted with a real time clock which is set to warn you during set times of the day when you are most likely to be vulnerable to overspending. LINK FINDER.COM
  98. 98. DINE AND DASH DESCRIPTION: Barclaycard has developed ‘Dine & Dash’, a new solution enabling diners to simply walk out after eating – bypassing the traditional bill-paying process – which will be unveiled with a consumer trial at high-street chain Prezzo. The launch comes in response to the 38% of diners who want to avoid waiting for the bill and the 67% of restaurant owners who are in favour of an ‘invisibill’ way to pay to improve service and customer satisfaction. LINK BARCLAYCARD
  99. 99. NFC GLOVES DESCRIPTION: Visa, the exclusive payment technology partner at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, introduced three commercially available wearable payment devices. In the spirit of the Olympic Winter Games, Visa created NFC-enabled payment gloves, commemorative stickers and Olympic pins that allow fans and athletes to complete seamless and secure payments with a simple tap at any contactless-enabled terminal. LINK VISA
  100. 100. SMILE TO PAY DESCRIPTION: “Smile to Pay,” the first service of its type, debuted at a KFC’s new, healthy-food concept restaurant, called KPRO, in Hangzhou. With it, Alipay users can authenticate their payments through a combination of facial scanning and inputting their mobile phone numbers. That means they won’t need to break out their wallets—or even smartphones—anymore. LINK ALIBABA
  101. 101. WHOPPERCOIN DESCRIPTION: Fast food giant Burger King Russia launched new blockchain loyalty program, hosted on the Waves platform. Whoppercoin will be used to reward customers for their purchases, and can be used to buy burgers in return when enough have been accrued. Whoppercoin has already been issued, with a supply of 1 billion (further Whoppercoins can be issued if required). Customers will receive one Whoppercoin for every rouble they spend (1 USD = 59 RUB), and a Whopper burger can be redeemed for 1,700 Whoppercoins. LINK BURGER KING
  102. 102. #FINANCIALLYFIT DESCRIPTION: The Financial Gym is a modern financial planning company created to help people whip their assets into shape. Work one-on-one with a Certified Financial Trainer to outline your financial goals and get personal help on everything from credit card optimization to student loan debt refinancing, budgeting, investing and more. LINK FINANCIAL GYM
  103. 103. VERTICAL CREDIT CARDS STARLING BANK AND VENMO DESCRIPTION: Much of our life is lived “in portrait” - from instagram to inserting a bank card into an ATM. UK bank Starling and previously online-only payment platform Venmo have caught on, releasing vertical-design credit and payment cards. LINK
  104. 104. 104 104 AUTO Table of Contents
  105. 105. SAFECAP DESCRIPTION: Ford Brazil’s Heavy Truck division has developed an innovative technology to help truck drivers ride more safely and avoid a common situation that happens during their trip routines: travel fatigue. The Safe Cap looks like a common hat at first sight. However, it comes equipped with sensors that are capable of interpreting the driver’s head movements to warn if the user is tired or sleepy behind the wheel. LINK FORD
  106. 106. YELLOW TEAPOT DESCRIPTION: To celebrate their 40 years in Formula One, Renault decided to be humble and pay respect to the first Renault Formula One car. It was so steamy, so noisy, so weird and yellow, that fans and sportsmen called it “The Yellow Teapot”. It all began with a struggle, failure after failure, until Renault became a historical actor of Formula One. Knowing that it would build more sympathy but embracing its overall history, even the failures and downturns, Renault created a real teapot, inspired by the famous racing car. It was made available for purchase in Renault’s flagship store on the Champs-Elysées and its website. LINK RENAULT
  107. 107. COINCIDANCE DESCRIPTION: 2 years after SKODA launched in Taiwan, only 15% of locals recognised the European automotive brand. We changed this by turning a dance move into a dance craze, successfully getting a nation on its feet, and cementing the SKODA brand in the hearts and minds of locals. We spotted, by coincidence, that Skoda’s ‘Simply Clever’ tagline sounded similar to the Taiwanese word for ‘Just Dance’, so we enlisted ‘Handsome Dancer’, a comedy team whose contagious shoulder-shaking dance video had made them a YouTube hit and created our own version of CoinciDance. SKODA’s CoinciDance campaign was seen by 60% of the Taiwanese population leading to a four-fold leap in the sales of the Skoda Rapid model that it featured, a new sales record in Taiwan. LINK ŠKODA
  108. 108. CARE BY VOLVO DESCRIPTION: The Care By Volvo app, downloadable via the app store, allows consumers to customize their car, apply for it, and pay their deposit using Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or a credit card. The seamless in-app experience makes the subscription sign-up and payment effortless.Film and digital assets were also developed to reach Millennials creating further awareness of this new revolutionary app. LINK VOLVO
  109. 109. PAY WITH VIEWS DESCRIPTION: Everybody knows that when it comes to the web, it's all about views. Views are quite literally worth money. So, for the introduction of the Online Edition, we turned YouTube views into a currency. By asking people in The Netherlands to film their Opel test drive, upload it to YouTube, promote their video - and then enabled them to use those views to buy a brand-new Opel Online Edition model. Your video has to be special, because an Opel Online Edition isn't cheap. The KARL ROCKS Online Edition costs 589.900 views, the Corsa Online Edition 739.600 views and the Astra Online Edition 922.800 views. LINK OPEL
  110. 110. FOLLOW THE BALL DESCRIPTION: Rather than merely telling how Nissan's Intelligent Mobility works, agency decided to show it by applying it to a billboard. Tapping into Nissan’s Motion Detection System, they tracked the ball and transmitted the data in real time to the LED panels in the stadium. This way, car on the billboard could literally follow the ball and always appear in the right place at the right time. LINK NISSAN
  111. 111. #HONDANEXTDOOR DESCRIPTION: The automobile manufacturer launched 10 short-lived car dealerships within days directly into the homes of their most engaged fans. Intended to promote test drives for the CR-V and the HR-V, this campaign had a national reach on television, in the newspapers and on social media channels through branded video content. LINK HONDA
  112. 112. RECRUITING CAR DESCRIPTION: By applying Artificial Intelligence to the car’s software and safety systems, agency turned Volvo’s flagship luxury sedan into a car that is able to recruit its own technicians. It was named ‘The Recruiting Car’. Software enables the car to complete intake interviews tapping in to the vehicle’s speech- and face recognition features. By doing this, agency completely changed the conversation from new car models to employment. LINK VOLVO
  113. 113. ANTI-MANIFESTO DESCRIPTION: In recent years, the Super Bowl has become an opportunity for companies to overstate their importance in our lives. Brands are using the event as a soapbox. Preaching “important” themes and making big declarations by way of “anthems” AKA “Manifestos”. Jeep wanted to stay far away from that well-trodden territory for one reason: because a JEEP, still the most capable vehicle a consumer can buy, speaks for itself. This spot is an Anti-Manifesto. LINK JEEP
  114. 114. ProPilot Park DESCRIPTION: How could Nissan help showcase how truly innovative their Nissan Intelligent Mobility features are? By creating a hotel that showcases these features in everyday objects. Self parking slippers and chairs are just one small part of this intelligent hotel. LINK Nissan
  115. 115. AutoAds DESCRIPTION: As Australia’s number one online car sales platform, Carsales wanted to showcase its unwavering commitment to helping Australians sell with confidence and ease. To do this they created AutoAds, a platform that allowed users to create custom ads for their vehicles out of a library of clips and voice notes. LINK Carsales
  116. 116. Ditch with Lyft DESCRIPTION: The fastest-growing ride-sharing service, Lyft, is offering 100 citizens of Chicago $550 to ditch their car for a month to promote several community companies as a cheaper means of travel. Chicago residents interested in entering their names to this promotion, called Ditch With Lyft, just need to apply and prove that they own a car. LINK Lyft
  117. 117. Return to Chapman’s Peak DESCRIPTION: Net#work BBDO was tasked with showcasing the new S-Class self-driving abilities. Instead of creating a typical ad, they decided to use a commercial shot 30 years ago about South Africa’s most famous accident as the inspiration and subject of the piece of digital content. Taking the person who had the accident on the famous road in South Africa, and convincing him to trust the self-driving abilities of the car to safely drive him on the very road he crashed and plunged 140m to the rocks below. LINK Mercedes-Benz
  118. 118. Hotel Tacoma DESCRIPTION: An eclectic group of nearly 100 action sports athletes, entertainers, adventurers and trailblazers attended the four-day experience at the hotel site, Camp Merriweather, a longtime Boy Scout Camp that Toyota renovated for the event and left with lasting improvements that will benefit future scouts. The idea? To reinforce the connection between play and the Toyota Tacoma brand and to bring to life its “Play Now” campaign. LINK Toyota
  119. 119. Spider Man Drivers Test DESCRIPTION: Audi over the years has created incredible brand equity in its work with Marvel.In Audi’s latest pairing with Marvel, and in Marvel’s first collaboration with Sony Studios, the team released exclusive content for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” A digital short,“Driver’s Test,” featuring actor Tom Holland and comedian J.B. Smoove, follows a young Peter Parker (Holland) as he “drives” an autonomous Audi A8 for his driver’s test, with the classically naive instructor (J.B. Smoove), in the passenger’s seat. LINK Audi
  120. 120. Reach Now DESCRIPTION: One of the nice things for people who live in the city is that ample public transportation means they may not have to own a car. For occasions when they do need a vehicle, ride-hailing and sharing platforms are the go-to service, which is why automakers like BMW are increasingly looking to enter this market by expanding their ride options for users. The German automaker’s ReachNow app now offers users the ability to rent and ride-share. Over the last two years, ReachNow has offered a short-term rental plan in Seattle, Brooklyn and Portland. City Dwellers could rent either a BMW or Mini for on either a per minute or daily basis. ReachNow recently added the option to hail a ride as well. The driver arrives in either a BMW or Mini for an immediate trip or one planned up to 7 days in advance, and unlike other ride-hailing services, is flat-fee with no surge pricing. LINK BMW
  121. 121. All Routes Open DESCRIPTION: Land Rover took to a traditional channel to release some tactical messages in the UK. As the U.K. grinds to halt as a result of snowy weather -- with drivers stranded on motorways, trains cancelled and even the Army deployed to deal with the chaos -- Land Rover has quickly created a tactical print ad, reminding Brits that if all else fails, you can still drive one of its 4x4 cars. Land Rover
  122. 122. 122 122 BUSINESS TO BUSINESS Table of Contents
  123. 123. The Biography of Tomorrow DESCRIPTION: To promote that they’re best in-class regarding the future of business information, data and tools, Google Cloud has used its own internal strength to try and predict the future of 10 famous French CEOs, starting the day they sign with Google Cloud. Using macro-economics facts about their industry, the evolution of society and their personal lives, Google also teamed up with French book publisher “Le Cherche Midi” to come up with real, well-written books, significant objects that won’t be thrown away. The content of each book remains confidential and the property of each CEO. GOOGLE CLOUD
  124. 124. Hacker powered billboard messages DESCRIPTION: To raise awareness of the threat that cyber crime poses to small businesses, Hiscox partnered with AMV BBDO and out-of-home specialists Talon and Grand Visual to turn real time hacks into powerful messages that evolve throughout the day. Digital billboards are linked to a typical small business “honeywell” server system and whenever a cyber threat is detected the billboards pulse notifications — showing how frequent small business come under attack, minute by minute. LINK Hiscox
  125. 125. Cloud analytics you could bet on DESCRIPTION: To demonstrate the power of Google’s cloud data analytics in real time, they gathered data from the first half of key March Madness basketball games and worked with San Francisco agency, Eleven Inc to air those predictions across TV spots during the 15 minute half-time shows. Not only were the predictions near spot on, they gave fans real proof points that they could bet on. LINK Google
  126. 126. Backing you DESCRIPTION: To demonstrate Intuit’s commitment to small business entrepreneurs, TBWA built a campaign using mostly small independent producers and workers to bring the campaign to life. From the entrepreneurs featured in the videos to the security crews, set dressers, caterers, and lighting pros; the creative itself serves as a proof point for the message —”Backing you.” LINK Intuit Quickbooks
  127. 127. Love your home DESCRIPTION: Danish green energy company worked with Wieden + Kennedy to make global warming and sustainable energy an issue that is as personal and emotionally meaningful as your definition of home. With just three questions, they serve up a personalised video built around the things that make home important to you. LINK Orsted
  128. 128. Starman DESCRIPTION: To promote SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy rocket, Elon Musk launched a Tesla roadster into orbit, and invited the whole world to come along for the ride by live streaming the event and sharing real time location information for anyone who might want to turn their telescope to the sky. LINK Space X + Tesla
  129. 129. Cognitive Photobooth DESCRIPTION: IBM and Ogilvy One used IBM’s Watson technology to create a unique photo booth experience in which participants could have their portrait drawn based on a short conversation with the artificial intelligent system. When participants sat in the Cognitive PhotoBooth, IBM Watson asked questions about your favorite artist, your childhood friend, what you wanted to be when you grew up. Using the Tone Analyzer API, Watson measured your personality traits based on word choice and grouping, and used your scores, visualized through five custom emojis, as the basis for generating a portrait. LINK IBM
  130. 130. Build it yourself Mars Rover DESCRIPTION: To promote their new Open Source Rover project, NASA’s JPL worked with Active Theory to create an interactive site where ambitious engineers can design and build their very own Mars rover. LINK NASA JPL
  131. 131. First DJ made entirely from stock DESCRIPTION: To promote the endless creative possibilities that exist with stock, Getty images created the world’s first DJ made using only stock images, and music files from their collection. They gave this new DJ the name First Aperture and promoted it through an interactive website that featured the first single — a music video where users can download any of the thousands of images, music clips, and footage that was used to construct it. LINK Getty Images
  132. 132. Move Mirror DESCRIPTION: To promote the machine learning capabilities with tensorflow.js, Google created an interactive experiment that uses visual body tracking technology and over 80,000 images to mirror your movements in real time. They used a machine learning model that can detect human figures in images and videos by identifying where key body joints are. Move Mirror then takes the input from your camera feed and maps it to a database of more than 80,000 images to find the best match. LINK Google
  133. 133. Barrow Island AR experience DESCRIPTION: A new AR experience lets you explore Barrow Island to see how Chevron is powering the world while protecting the environment. Users can learn more about the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, experience the Quarantine Management System, or meet a few of the animals living on the island. LINK Chevron
  134. 134. CES mega experience DESCRIPTION: To promote their groundbreaking R&D for autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and 5G, Intel created three large-scale immersive installations at CES that let audiences step inside the near-future to experience the possibilities first-hand. LINK Intel
  135. 135. Heart bot DESCRIPTION: To promote the future of biometric technologies Intel teamed up with SMS Audio to create an interactive experience at the New Museum in New York. A drawing machine called Heart Bot translates the heart rates of individuals into concentric line drawings — showing how each person’s experiences with the environment can be different and beautiful. LINK Intel
  136. 136. Gaudi creates with Watson DESCRIPTION: To create an unforgettable experience at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, IBM used their Watson AI to create a Gaudi inspired art installation that could change and react to real-time social feeds. LINK IBM
  137. 137. AR Briefcase DESCRIPTION: To help GE pitch their products, Media Monks produced a ‘demo-in-a-briefcase’ which representatives can engage prospective clients with at events. The briefcase contains a scale model depicting four key industries GE is helping to transform. Using an accompanying tablet application, people can explore how GE could advance their business via AR animations that appear over the model. The animations show the difference GE’s digital services and solutions make, and allow people to learn more through product hotspots. By making GE’s innovations tangible, the briefcase offers a new perspective next to the boring banners and brochures that dominate the trade-fair floors. LINK General Electric
  138. 138. 138 138 TOURISM Table of Contents
  139. 139. PALAU PLEDGE TOURISM-TURNED-ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION: To curb ecological damage caused by booming tourist numbers, a bold new visa entry process was created for Palau. Visitors to the Pacific island-country must have an environmental pledge stamped in their passports, which they need to sign before an immigration officer. The agreement – dedicated to Palau’s children – is a formal promise to act in an environmentally responsibly way on the island. Violators can be fined up to $1 million. LINK
  140. 140. TOURISM IRELAND “THE GAME OF THRONES TAPESTRY” DESCRIPTION: This tapestry was created to mark the hit show's seventh season, as well as draw tourists to the Northern Ireland. Crafted from pure Irish linen, the 89-metre-long Bayeux-style wall hanging tapped into the area's rich heritage of textile manufacturing. Plot lines, characters, and gory deaths of every episode are all depicted in vivid style – all illustrated, hand-woven and hand-embroidered. LINK
  141. 141. THE TRASH ISLES THE WORLD’S FIRST COUNTRY MADE OF TRASH DESCRIPTION: It’s no secret that there’s a huge amount of plastic garbage floating around in the North Pacific. But in a desperate attempt to fix the problem, a group of activists were trying a new approach—lobbying the United Nations to recognize one mass of trash as an actual country, so that the world’s real governments will have to help to clean it up, and clean up it did (in awards). LINK
  142. 142. TOURISM AUSTRALIA THE DUNDEE DESCRIPTION: Tourism Australia has launched a major marketing campaign to promote the destination to US audiences with a big-budget Super Bowl commercial. The ad, which stars Tourism Australia ambassador Chris Hemsworth alongside actor Danny McBride masquerades as a trailer for a film called Dundee: The Son Of A Legend Returns Home. It was teased with star studded online trailers in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, generating huge online buzz and outrage about the "sequel" to the iconic Australian film Crocodile Dundee. LINK
  143. 143. #EveryoneIsWelcome DISCOVER LOS ANGELES DESCRIPTION: L.A. Welcomes Everyone activation is an advertising campaign that used real-time information to create relevant messaging and react to current events in a brand-centric way. LINK
  144. 144. JUSTICE BAO SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD DESCRIPTION: Travel insurance is the most boring part of travelling and no one wants to think about, let alone talk about it. However, this is a story of how the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Singapore's economic development agency in tourism, successfully made buying travel insurance a part of popular culture through the most unexpected ambassador – 90s television icon Justice Bao. By breathing new life into his legendary courtroom scenes with Singaporean humour, this serious drama was transformed into a riotous comedy. With the combination of meme humour and nostalgia, the videos successfully communicated an educational message about travel insurance to Singaporeans of all ages, in a completely outrageous way. As the Singapore government is often known for being straight-laced and conventional in its communications, their eccentric and humorous approach came as an unexpected surprise - well received by the general public. LINK
  145. 145. PLAY LONDON WITH MR. BEAN MOBILE GAME FOR TOURISTS DESCRIPTION: Major cities often encounter congestion that can make it difficult for residents to get to work and for tourists to visit the sites they’d like to see. To help reduce traffic and improve circulation, London’s tourism board, along with London and Partners, created Play London with Mr. Bean, an app aimed at alleviating some of this congestion. LINK
  146. 146. MP TOURISM WORLD’S MOST HONEST TOURISM FILM DESCRIPTION: The ad is an amalgamation of stop motion pictures shot by tourists and travellers across MP. The film shows the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, as it is without any touch-up or filter. The campaign, launched in June 2018, has created a lot of buzz at the international level by winning a silver and bronze in film craft for its editing and music at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival. LINK
  147. 147. OFFICE OF HEALTHY TOURISM DESCRIPTION: Airbnb’s newest initiative, the Office of Healthy Tourism, was recently launched as part of an effort to unburden vacation hot spots and attract more travelers to hidden gem locales. The office was also designed as an exercise in exploring the use of technology when it comes to travel, and will be responsible for the selection and promotion of destinations that are off the beaten path. LINK AIRBNB’S UNTAPPED DESTINATIONS
  148. 148. GO LIVE LOT.TRAVEL X SPOTIFY X SONGKICK DESCRIPTION: GoLive is the first travel search engine made for music fans. On https://www.lol.travel/golive people can now search for the name of the artist or the band they want to see performing live in order to get the full schedule of the upcoming concerts and the travel solutions (flight and hotels) to get there. Furthermore - thanks to Spotify - the tool generates a dedicated playlist with the exact duration of the flight. LINK LINK https://vimeo.com/273708620
  149. 149. AUSSIE NEWS TODAY ALL THE GOOD NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA DESCRIPTION: Curated by youth for youth, Aussie News Today will share quirky, positive and funny stories from across Australia, broadcasting content directly into the news feeds of millions of young people and potential travellers across the world. Aussie News Today is a socially-led campaign, launched by three young and charismatic Aussies - Wallabies rugby union star Nick Cummins (aka 'The Honey Badger'), TV presenter Teigan Nash and former Home and Away actor Lincoln Lewis. All three will be given travel assignments, reporting back from locations around the country. LINK
  150. 150. 150 150 NOT-FOR-PROFITS Table of Contents
  151. 151. STOP THE HORROR DESCRIPTION: To urge politicians and voters to let the new Voluntary Assisted Dying law pass through parliament, CUMMINS&PARTNERS developed a shocking film project launched initially as a new horror film by Kurzel. The film, allowed everyone to witness the true story of the grim last days of a terminally ill patient, shown with brutal, gut-wrenching honesty: the intense moments of pain, the emotional turmoil, the despair and, at times, the endless waiting, are all laid bare. Viewers are offered the opportunity to 'stop the horror' at anytime, and are instantly taken to a page that asks them to support the law that will be voted on in Victoria. LINK GO GENTLE AUSTRALIA
  152. 152. THE HOPE PAGE DESCRIPTION: Unicef is leveraging Coinhive — a crypto-mining service — as a totally novel donation mechanism that flips the cryptojacking narrative into a positive one. By visiting The Hopepage and allowing it to run in the background, users allow it to solve cryptocurrency algorithms using their computer processing power. The longer a user stays on the page, the more cryptocurrency (Monero) is earned, and is turned into real funds that reach children through life-saving supplies like safe water, therapeutic food and vaccines. LINK UNICEF
  153. 153. LAST TREE STANDING DESCRIPTION: To save the Białowieża Forest, (Europe’s last lowland primeval forest and an UNESCO World Heritage site) and educate future generations about the importance of preservation, OGILVY partnered with Greenpeace to rebuild it 1:1 within the video game Minecraft. When the action hit peak popularity, they suddenly replaced it with an alternate version where all 7 million trees—with the exception of one—had been cut down, giving the audience a taste of what it would feel to lose the real forest. LINK GREENPEACE
  154. 154. STRANGER’S VOICE DESCRIPTION: To make people experience what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s, RETHINK created an elaborate scheme that started by creating custom phone cards so people could call loved ones anywhere in the world for free. What users didn’t realize was their call was being routed through a hacked VoIP server which modulated their voice to make them sound unrecognizable. Of course, the people receiving the calls were confused and upset — just as people with Alzheimer’s are when faced with information they can no longer understand. After, they received pre-programmed texts explaining why the listener couldn’t recognize them, and inviting them to visit the website to learn more about Alzheimer’s research and to donate. LINK BRANCH OUT NEUROLOGICAL FOUNDATION
  155. 155. #TooLaterGram DESCRIPTION: In collaboration with the WWF, TBWA leveraged the social FOMO vibe to turn the jealousy of wanderlust into environmental awareness. Partnering with nine popular Instagrammers, they posted photos of serene and scenic destinations around the world, but the shots were a bit of a bait-and-switch, with follow-up images in the feeds or galleries showing that the scenic destination is an illusion, and the real locale has actually been devastated by pollution, clear-cutting and other forms of destruction, and messages such as: “Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit this place anymore. #TooLatergram But there are still places that need our help to be saved. And we must rise before the tide does.” LINK WWF
  156. 156. UNCENSORED PLAYLIST DESCRIPTION: DDB & Reporters Without Borders teamed up 5 acclaimed independent journalists from 5 countries suffering from strict government censorship to turn articles that had previously been censored in to uncensored pop songs. Using music as a loophole, they allowed truth to be slipped back into the people uploading those songs into platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, with unsuspicious titles and artwork. The initiative spread through word of mouth, turning breaking stories into hits, while raising awareness not just for the individual stories but also for the bigger story of Cyber Censorship. LINK REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS
  157. 157. Interactive public service announcement DESCRIPTION: Droga5 worked with Superhero Cheesecake to create a digital experience that encourages families to reconsider their relationship with and behavior around guns in the home. The interactive website provides an emotionally compelling look at all the most common ways kids get hold of guns. It provides tips on how to make the home safe, by properly using the gun safety tools that are available. LINK Ad Council
  158. 158. Eye to Eye DESCRIPTION: For PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organization, Demodern Digital Agency developed a virtual reality experience that puts people face-to-face with an animal. Completely controlled by a real actor, the animal invites the user into his world for a deeply emotional conversation. Behind the conversation lies an advanced technological setup with face and body tracking at its core – transferring even the smallest of expressions from the actor to the virtual rabbit in real-time. Multiple thematic environments were built to support the conversation on-demand as it progresses naturally. Together with custom binaural sound, the experience features a level of immersion, improv and individualism that is is unprecedented in both execution and impact. LINK PETA
  159. 159. The undeniable wonder of family life DESCRIPTION: Amnesty International is staging a living installation over Mother's Day weekend to highlight the importance of reuniting refugee families. The first work for the charity by VCCP will invite real families to spend time in a large Perspex box on London’s South Bank, where the public can observe them sharing everyday joys of family life such as playing games, eating a takeaway and watching TV. The families will be live streamed on Facebook, a 30-second video will play in taxis throughout London, and the charity will also post images online shot by award-winning photographer Dave Stewart. The campaign comes ahead of the 16 March vote in Parliament on the Refugee Family Reunion Bill. LINK Amnesty International
  160. 160. National eye health week ad break DESCRIPTION: In support of last year’s National Eye Health Week, the RNIB teamed up with Channel 4 to raise awareness about the importance of eye care, and to allow viewers to experience what it’s like to live with a sight loss condition. The campaign involved five TV ads (from brands including O2, Specsavers, and Paco Rabanne), which were broadcast consecutively during an ad break for the Undateables. Each one involved a different visual filter to illustrate the effects of a common eye condition, such as cataracts and glaucoma. The ad break was also repeated at a later time with audio description for the visually impaired. LINK RNIB
  161. 161. Three billboards DESCRIPTION: Justice 4 Grenfell activists have taken inspiration from the Oscar-nominated drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to highlight what they say has been “a lack of progress” in the Grenfell Tower fire investigation. Members of the Justice 4 Grenfell group paraded billboards with the words “71 dead”, “And still no arrests?”, “How Come?” around central London locations in an attempt to keep victims of last June’s tower block blaze “in the national conscience”. LINK Justice 4 Grenfell
  162. 162. Unmute — Ask him DESCRIPTION: In the run up to World Suicide Prevention Day 2017, Movember decided to shine a light on the role friends, family, and colleagues can play when it comes to supporting men struggling with mental health. ‘Unmute – Ask Him’ is a campaign that uses the metaphor of muted videos on social media. It involves three subtitled videos, which on the surface appear to show men demonstrating simple tasks such as making a fishing rod or changing a flat tyre. However, when the user unmutes the video, they can hear what the men are really talking about (their underlying personal worries and concerns). LINK Movember Foundation
  163. 163. Ask Alex DESCRIPTION: Cyrenians is a Scottish charity that helps the homeless and other vulnerable people in society. It is also one of the first charities to create a digital chatbot for educational purposes – designed to inform people about how easy it is to become homeless. LINK Cyrenians
  164. 164. 27 empty school busses DESCRIPTION: A convoy of 27 empty school buses – together with education activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Muzoon Almellehan – travelled through the streets of Manhattan to shine a spotlight on the 27 million out-of-school children living in conflict zones. LINK Unicef
  165. 165. 165 165 DELIVERY + TRANSPORTATION Table of Contents
  166. 166. FAN EXPERIENCE IN INDIA DESCRIPTION: How does Uber build a connection in a country where price and availability alone won’t cut it? Uber was looking to connect with middle class Indians through the provision of a unique experience. Manchester United has been continually looking to build their Asian fan base Uber and Manchester United worked with soccer media house Copa 90 to create ‘Destination United’ - an immersive experience that covered the Old Trafford stadium and key artefacts from the club museum. LINK UBER X MANCHESTER UNITED
  167. 167. UBER’S NFL SEASON INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY: Uber under Kalanick became synonymous with having a culture that is hostile to women, despite this Uber has many women drivers around the world. How does Uber start to reflect a cultural shift and celebrate its women employees? In time for International Women’s Day Uber’s in-house creative team and CreativeX celebrated #DrivenWomen. The centrepiece of the campaign was a film which ties into the International Womens Day global theme of #pressforprogress LINK UBER
  168. 168. LONG HAUL TO LAST MILE DESCRIPTION: Grab and Singapore Air (SIA) struck up a partnership to allow taxi rides to be booked within the SIA app. This provides an integrated experience between air travel and local travel in Singapore and other South East Asian countries. In addition SIA loyalty programme KrisFlyer points can be used to buy Grab journeys bought through the SIA app. LINK GRAB X SINGAPORE AIRLINES (SIA)
  169. 169. TICKET HOME DESCRIPTION: Ogilvy UK capitalised on Britain’s obsession with the FIFA World Cup when the English squad unexpectedly made it past the first round of the competition. The creative is full of subtle details that would only appeal to the football-mad British public. It was pushed on social channels prior to England’s quarter final match with Sweden and then rolled out on print and OOH spots. It contrasts with the generic soccer content that other airlines have done such as Qatar Airways LINK British Airways
  170. 170. A CRAFT PUB WITH 230 TYPES OF BEERS DESCRIPTION: Figliulo & Partners took over The Old Crown Pub in Holborn, London and rebranded it The Joint Venture. Through Delta’s network, Londoners can fly to 200-plus destinations. "The Joint Venture will bring a taste of the US to London and through the ever-popular US craft beer scene, show the variety of destinations that UK travellers can fly to with Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines." - Claire Cronin, SVP marketing, Virgin Atlantic In the pub: ● Chances to win free flights ● Beer wall installation ● 230 Craft beers that reflect the different destinations LINK VIRGIN ATLANTIC & DELTA AIRLINES
  171. 171. 10-SECOND ADS DESCRIPTION: Virgin Trains is a UK train operator. They produced a series of 10 second ads that build on the Virgin brand’s heritage and tone of voice. All of the ads focus on the company’s East Coast mainline route. LINK VIRGIN TRAINS
  172. 172. MOBILE DATA PROMOTION DESCRIPTION: Easy Taxi is a ride hailing app that is popular in Latin America. The brand is less known for its advertising than its below the line tactics such as Bibliotaxi - where the passenger can borrow a book on one ride and then return it in a future journey. In Mexico the telecoms market isn’t deregulated and mobile data is still relatively expensive. Mobile data is important for app usage so Easy Taxi partnered with Aquto to run mobile data promotions each time a trip is booked. LINK EASY TAXI
  173. 173. THE CONNECTION SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Atomic London staged a high-speed buggy chase across Frankfurt Airport to promote the benefits of its transfer service. LINK Star Alliance
  174. 174. #LIFEINHEL DESCRIPTION: Helsinki Airport wanted to persuade Chinese speaking tourists to stopover in Helsinki airport, so they recorded Chinese TV personality Ryan Zhu’s attempt to live in the airport for 30 days. During this time it allowed Ryan ample time to discover if Helsinki Airport really is ‘the best airport in the world”. LINK HELSINKI AIRPORT
  175. 175. #WISHESDELIVERED DESCRIPTION: UPS focuses its marketing for the holiday period between Thanksgiving and Christmas on wider consumer awareness of the brand. The volume of parcels increases (in the US) from 19 million packages a day to over 30 million, so the focus on consumers is understandable. The videos are designed to "reinforce the feeling of joy around UPS in the holidays,". They do this by focusing on fulfilling wishes of different people. UPS has successfully replicated this formula for the past three years. LINK UPS
  176. 176. 176 176 RETAIL Table of Contents
  177. 177. THE BLACK SUPERMARKET DESCRIPTION: EU Regulation has a very strict take on which seeds, fruits and vegetables should be eligible for sale and cultivation. So strict that only 3% of all varieties are on Europe’s Authorized Catalogue of Authorized Species, making the remaining 97%, illegal. In order to change the law, Carrefour has created a campaign called “The Black Supermarket”, with actions ranging from classical campaigning to political actions. ● A petition on Change.org (80+K signatures) ● An “illegal” dinner with the French National Food Forum, serving the forbidden food products ● “Black Supermarkets” areas were set-up in various Carrefour supermarkets In the end, the EU Commission ratified a new organic agriculture regulation, reauthorizing the sale and cultivation of the forbidden seeds. CARREFOUR
  178. 178. GAMIFIED PRODUCT DISCOVERY DESCRIPTION: Product Curation/Discovery for AliExpress, positioned as ‘curation by creatives’ has an ultra hipster appeal. The payoff line is ‘the best finds on AliExpress’ Some really innovative features including: ● tinder-style 'swipes' for product algorithm recommendation training ● ‘dropshipping' analytics tools options for resellers. LINK thieve.co
  179. 179. BROWSE > SEARCH DESCRIPTION: Pinduoduo is the leading Chinese App for social e-commerce, and the fastest growing App in the history of the Chinese Internet. All you need to do is whip up enough friends on WeChat to order the items together in bulk, directly from the manufacturer. After all, the deal is so good, it deserves a spot on everyone’s Moments (the equivalent of a Facebook user’s feed). Group Buying The core function of the App is Group Buying: each item has an official price and a group-buy discounted price. In order to get the discounted price, you need to find another friend to join the group-buy deal, in order for you to both get the product shipped to your respective address. Short term coupons Pinduoduo offers coupons. That’s nothing special in China. However, Pinduoduo’s coupons have exceptionally short durations: usually only 2 hours The message is clear: you should not linger around or hesitate. Pinduoduo is a platform where you should buy things, and you should buy them now with your friends! LINK PINDUODUO (CHINA)
  180. 180. SMART CLOTHING MEETS LOYALTY RETAIL DESCRIPTION: By wearing the product and using the application, users will earn points that can be used to redeem new retail rewards. Other ways users can earn points is to find ‘Tommy-hearts’ on the map. Rewards range from gift cards to live experiences at fashion shows along with airfare and accommodations. Those are stretch goals — most users however will rack up enough points for Live Nation gift cards and monogrammed clothing. LINK TOMMY JEANS (U.S)
  181. 181. BRAND STORY FIRST. INSPIRING THE FRENCH TO EAT BETTER. DESCRIPTION: The French grocery chain Intermarché embarked on a series of hyper emotional and beautifully crafted brand positioning-centred brand pieces for television and social media. Using powerful music selection, beautiful art direction and relatable concepts, they hit a winning formula with the hearts of the French people. In a category that is known for being undifferentiated and purely value or convenience driven it was really great to see people embracing the brand again through imaginative storytelling and finding subtle ways to tell their story about ‘eating better everyday’ & ‘buy local’ that wasn’t focused directly on products or price points LINK Intermarche (France) Intermarché - #lamourlamour 959,103 views Intermarché - J'ai tant rêvé 3,053,910 views LINK LINK
  182. 182. PREPAID COUPON & SOCIAL LOYALTY DESCRIPTION: An interesting feature of the latest incarnation of the 7Eleven online/offline loyalty experience is the introduction of ‘reverse-punch cards’. The way this system works is a customer would ‘pre-purchase’ 4 coffees and receive a digital punch card that allows for the redemption of 5 coffees in the next month. Essentially this means a customer gets 5 digital coffee coupons for the price of 4 in return for loyalty over set time period. Also notable is the ability to gift loyalty stamps to friends and family. LINK 7ELEVEN (THAILAND)
  183. 183. AMAZON & KOHL’S TEAM UP FOR ITEM RETURNS DESCRIPTION: While department stores such as Macy’s and Sears continue to announce numerous stores closing, Kohl’s is reminding investors that department stores still have a place in retail. The store has partnered with Amazon to offer products such as the Kindle in stores. It also has a new service that enables customers to return Amazon items in certain stores. This benefits Amazon by increasing the number of return stations at Kohl’s as a way to increase their own foot traffic. LINK KOHL’S & AMAZON (U.S)
  184. 184. SHOPPING AS ENTERTAINMENT DESCRIPTION: Tophatter is revolutionising the e-commerce landscape with a discovery shopping app that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Shoppers compete in fleeting, 90-second auctions to win deals of up to 80% off jewellery, electronics, beauty, and fashion, with a focus on low cost items. The platform prides itself as a browse & discover shopping platform not a search platform and the users experience is that of a game or form of entertainment as they seek deals and bid against each-other. Tophatter leverages smart technology to serve shoppers a unique experience every visit. They deliver the world’s most efficient rapid marketplace and connects sellers to over 10 million shoppers across the globe. LINK TOPHATTER (U.S)
  185. 185. FARM-TO-SHELF TRACKING DESCRIPTION: Seventeen Hema supermarkets in Shanghai recently launched a food-provenance feature that tells customers about an item’s farm-to-store journey. The information includes verifications such as photos of the distributor’s business licenses and food-safety certificates complete with an official government seal. To access the function, in-store customers use the Hema mobile app to scan a food’s QR code, which brings up the provenance details. Because the information lives on the product page of each item, consumers shopping from home via app also have full access. LINK HEMA (China)
  186. 186. INVERTING THE VALUE PYRAMID DESCRIPTION: “If it’s too expensive I can’t afford it, so I don’t really care if it’s available for next-day delivery” Wish has simply inverted Amazon’s pyramid: 1) Price: Wish’s prices are lower each month, vendors are encouraged to run promotions. 2) Quality: products are mainly from China and of average or poor quality. 3) User experience (logistics and reliability): Wish’s delivery times are often around two to three weeks, and some orders never arrive at all. The company has targeted an under-served market segment, zeroing on their main priorities and pressing all the right buttons: price, inspiration, gamification and surprise, while sidestepping the e-commerce experience standards designed for high-income consumers. LINK WISH
  187. 187. ALIBABA HEMA & ‘NEW RETAIL’ DESCRIPTION: Online or offline: these cannot be the only options for consumers. See how Alibaba is transforming traditional retail with a complete digitization of commerce. Alibaba Group is leading the pack in terms of rolling out the next generation of online/offline retail experience within the Chinese retailer Hema. They are innovating in providing ease of access to information, speedier service delivery as well as brand building in store customer experience. LINK ALIBABA (CHINA)
  188. 188. NIKE LIVE DESCRIPTION: The first Nike Live store, on Melrose in Los Angeles, is a digital-meets-physical retail experience based on a deep understanding of the neighborhood through NikePlus members’ data. On top of providing a selection of nike.com best-sellers and essentials, Nike by Melrose uses digital commerce data to offer the range locals want, when they want it. It’s truly built for, and inspired by, local Nike Plus members. LINK NIKE BY MELROSE STORE