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Behavioural Psychology Meets Advertising Strategy

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Behavioural Psychology Meets Advertising Strategy

  2. 2. MELISSA PEPERS is a strategy consultant and futurist that helps businesses grow through the development of competitive business models and trend based activations. CREATED BY JULIAN COLE is a strategy consultant who works with brands and agencies to create world class integrated campaigns. DAVIS BALLARD is a freelance strategist who worked his magic on the deck design.
  3. 3. MORE DECKS OVERVIEW It’s hard to find recent examples of behavioral economics in advertising. We took five key concepts and showed how they are coming to life in campaigns from the last 18 months. Enjoy, Julian Cole Subscribe to the Planning Dirty newsletter and join the 15,000+ readers who get monthly strategy tools, tips and resources. OVERVIEW MORE DECKS
  4. 4. Availability Cascade Von Restorff Effect Illusory Correlation Narrative Transport Spotlight Effect TABLE OF CONTENTS
  6. 6. Repetition creates momentum, momentum creates social proof, social proof amplifies momentum; it becomes a self-reinforcing process. Surge into cult-like status by shining a light on your successes as they occur. Make buying your product the buy-in to contagion. EXAMPLES: Spin-Offs, ‘Unofficial’ Accounts, Release Rumours, Grassroots Promo, Challenges AVAILABILITY CASCADE
  7. 7. FESTIVAL SHIRT Releasing the aptly named “Festival Shirt” shortly before Australian Music Festival FOMO led to an unexpectedly high number of festival goers all wearing the same shirt. Seizing the opportunity to amplify the hype, Cotton On partnered with Deliveroo to help more people get in on the action causing the media hype to last for longer than it otherwise would have. LINK COTTON ON
  8. 8. #INMYDENIM Kicking off the first paid sponsorship TikTok challenge, Guess recruited top TikTokers to reveal their instant transformation from average wardrobe to outfit of the day, feat. Guess denim. Challenges are movements and TikTok is a platform that allows brands to easily tap into the momentum benefits of a movement with an availability cascade. LINK GUESS
  9. 9. TIME CAPSULE COLLAB The trend growth of heavily branded streetwear and of the nostalgia of heritage brands meant Champion experienced a sudden surge in popularity. To nurture the swell, Champion released two highly successful “time capsule” collabs with Clothsurgeon, revitalising older cuts and styles from the Champion archive. Brands that are naturally at the intersection of colliding trends often notice a sudden uptake in their popularity. This swell of momentum can turn into an availability cascade when brands nurture the hype by tapping into these trends. LINK CHAMPION
  10. 10. STRENGTH TO BE With very few brands truly championing new ways to define masculinity, Lululemon were able to tap into this space with an authentic voice that also enabled the growth of their men’s category. Redirect the demand around an emerging trend (redefined masculinity) into your brand to grow self-fulfilling momentum. LINK LULULEMON
  11. 11. JURASSIC WORLD DELIVERY Amazon “delivered” a giant parcel with air holes to the centre of a Los Angeles shopping mall to promote Jurassic World. Repetition can also be created by putting a single initiative in an important location that has regular foot traffic and can create repetition through shareability and media exposure. The critical location creates an automatic social proof which can trigger an Availability Cascade. LINK AMAZON
  12. 12. NBA ON ESPN Targeting locations where people weren’t watching NBA on ESPN (such as park benches), iOS users were sent a custom message via AirDrop encouraging them to watch the NBA finals instead. Connecting personally with lots of people across multiple geographic locations creates a shareable momentum. LINK ESPN
  14. 14. The out-of-place captures our attention, then earns a place in our memory. Memorability increases liking and liking increases purchasability. The Von Restorff Effect is an opportunity to get weird with your brand and explore one-offs that could even become annual events. EXAMPLES: Gamified Ads, Experiential Marketing, Pop-Ups In Unexpected Locations VON RESTORFF EFFECT
  15. 15. APRIL FOOLS On April Fools ThinkGeek sent out an eDM of new products that were entirely fictional. They became such a hit that the joke is now an annual event with the most popular products getting made for real. The unexpected stunt stands out in subscriber inboxes, capturing customer attention. LINK THINKGEEK
  16. 16. XTRA TAMPON Creating an extreme fake product that is a hyperbolic parody of their real tampon, Playtex appeals to the contrasted minimalism of their actual product. The Salience is the message – by going over the top a comparison is drawn that heroes the simplicity of their product. LINK PLAYTEX
  17. 17. PEE ON THIS AD The strip on this ad is a pregnancy test, allowing expecting mothers to get a heavy discount on IKEA cribs, making that blue line a ticket to discount. Bold stunts that get people talking work to generate both awareness and sales. LINK IKEA
  18. 18. NOT EVERYTHING MAKES THE CUT Amazon imagines unusual and hilariously ineffective applications for its Alexa voice assistant. The unusual applications reinforce memory through both their weirdness and humour with the added benefit of revealing the “under the hood” creativity behind product design. LINK AMAZON
  19. 19. CAN’T SLEEP? Casper launched a TV series of lofi late night ads and directing insomniac viewers to a hotline to help make them sleepy. When ideas are grounded in insights that understand your brand’s potential community, unusual ideas can gain the benefits of gimmick without the drawbacks. LINK CASPER
  20. 20. DTF… OkCupid used the DTF acronym to capture the attention of a younger demographic, followed by repositioning themselves as being about long term love instead of one night stand culture, attempting to attract new people to their online dating platform who are like-minded. Cheeky ideas cut-through, helping ensure more people properly attend to an advert. LINK OKCUPID
  22. 22. We love to find meaningful relationships where they may not exist. Reveal a pattern that gets people talking or create a new one. EXAMPLES: Outlier Product Behaviours, Weird Pairings, Visual Puns, Agenda Setting, Off-Seasonal Stunts ILLUSORY CORRELATION
  23. 23. 2018 GOALS Spotify digs up data for a multi-country billboard campaign that suggests hilarious correlations to explain unusual patterns in data that may not have any meaning. Using data to delight instead of to creep out. LINK SPOTIFY
  24. 24. WORK FROM HAWAII WFH is an appeal to New Yorkers to work from Hawaii instead of travelling there on holidays. Based on the insight that many from the US city are workaholics, Hawaii was instead pitched as a better work destination, creating a unique and ownable territory. When the existing pattern isn’t working, create a new one. LINK HAWAII VISITORS & CONVENTION BUREAU
  25. 25. WHOPPER NEUTRALITY Burger King taught customers about net neutrality by letting them experiencing the drawbacks with their Whopper instead. By rehashing their pricing structure to become a metaphor that contributed to the public debate. Weighing in on heated public debates isn’t for every brand, for those that it is, turning your product into a metaphor is a strong way to achieve the benefits of illusory correlation. LINK BURGER KING
  26. 26. DESTROY FROZEN BEEF Wendy’s jumped on Fortnite and over a 10 hour period live-streamed themselves on Twitch destroying every Durr Burger store and the fridges that store their frozen beef. By pretending they’re a competitor to a fictional brand, Wendy’s could create a story with huge engagement and little overhead at the same time as communicating their brand benefit of only using fresh beef. LINK WENDY’S
  27. 27. A VERY MERRY MISTAKE Santa misunderstands the New Zealand accent, making incorrect versions of kiwi nice kids Christmas requests. The day is saved by Air New Zealand staff acting as interpreters. An illusory correlation also applies to accidental patterns that already exist, like how a New Zealander accent makes words sound like other words. LINK AIR NEW ZEALAND
  28. 28. WHAT IF? Pinterest ran a series of ad spots encouraging people to dare to try something new and something creative. Agenda setting is often a type of deliberate illusory correlation, where brands establish a connection between a desirable concept and their product that didn’t exist previously. LINK PINTEREST
  30. 30. When we are absorbed in a story, our attitudes change to reflect that story, as though we had experienced the event ourselves. Storytelling is not enough, immersively bring about a paradigm shift. EXAMPLES: Behind The Scenes, Moral Of The Story, Unpopular Opinion, Taboos, Walk A Mile In My Shoes NARRATIVE TRANSPORT
  31. 31. CLOUDS OVER SIDRA Clouds over Sidra is a VR short film that explores the experiences, fears and hopes of a young Syrian girl in a refugee camp in Jordan. Taking viewers in to the realities of being displaced has a transformative impact. VR is automatically immersive lending itself well to effective Narrative Transport Theory. Additionally the POV angle enables us to almost literally walk a mile in our storytellers shoes. LINK UNITED NATIONS
  32. 32. OUR SIGNATURE OF STYLE A behind the scenes exploration into the many different hands that go into making a pair of R.M. Williams signature boots. Starting from the POV of the boots, viewers are immersed into a story of undeniable craftsmanship, where attention to detail sets the bootmaker apart. LINK R.M. WILLIAMS
  33. 33. SAD ADS CCFF made really, really sad ads to the point that they were so absurdly sad, they were funny. Each story ends in the opportunity to cheer up from the sad story by heading to the Chicago Comedy Film Festival. Deliberately immersing people in the extreme of one emotion allows the opportunity to create a dramatic emotional shift to its opposite, creating a narrative transport effect. LINK CHICAGO COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL
  34. 34. ENGLISH FOR BEGINNERS Upon delivery of his learn English audio set from the marketplace website Allegro, we see the dedicated journey of an elderly Polish man learning a new language. He then makes his way to what is revealed to be his children’s house, where he greets his new granddaughter in English in a heart-melting finale. People loved to be moved by heartwarming stories, the more invested they are in the journey, the more moved they will be at the end. LINK ALLEGRO
  35. 35. LET’S BE REAL Hinge is a dating app for people who want to be real and in doing so give love a real chance. This series of story based ads shows how real conversations can lead to unforgettable dates with their unique icebreaker app questions. Relatability is a crucial feature of immersive storytelling and a way this can be achieved is by referencing what is nostalgic for a group of people. LINK HINGE
  36. 36. WE’RE HERE TO HELP We see raw moments of love and heartbreak that is finally revealed to be the struggles of a separating family with the news that Westpac can help remove one of the uncertainties of the separation experience. Narrative transport is a way brands can empathise with their audience through stories that demonstrate how your brand “gets” their experience. LINK WESTPAC
  38. 38. People overestimate how much others notice their appearance or behavior. We naturally covet an opportunity to make ourselves look good to others. How does your product make your consumers cool? EXAMPLES: Secret Menu, Hero Fans, Roasting Competitors, Exclusivity SPOTLIGHT EFFECT
  39. 39. FORGET STONER Moving away from the stoner stigma by sharing stories of cannabis consumers that break the mould in a highly shareable campaign. MedMen champions its customers by rebranding them and growing their own brand in the process. LINK MEDMEN
  40. 40. OVERHEARD This overheard spin-off instagram account from luxury fragrance brand Le Labo created a customer cult by putting on a pedestal those patrons who hinge their identities off the luxe element of the brand and its products. The quotes and page hero the most diehard customers and became a quintessential part of Le Labo customer identity, making the product synonymous with an ego boost. LINK LE LABO
  41. 41. BUILD BACK Online bullying on Minecraft takes the form of people who ruin the complex designs and hours hard work of other Minecrafters, by destroying their structures with explosives. Stepping in as a vigilante, Lego saves the day by using videos and stills captured of influencer Minecrafters work to reproduce their detailed craftsmanship in Lego with an encouraging personalised message to keep building, whilst highlighting the crossover product range of these two building games. Putting their builders on a pedestal by honouring their work in this way turns the story around, turning the builders from the losers to the heroes. LINK LEGO X MINECRAFT
  42. 42. SECRET MENU Announcing the secret menu on their website with a riddle, Australian KFC customers can find limited edition menu items that are remixes of popular products fused with other food trends. Customers love to be “in the know” so give them the opportunity with a secret menu or secret hack for your product that’s easy to find and feels exclusive even when it really isn’t. LINK KFC
  43. 43. WELCOME TO LIFE AFTER 50 SunLife insurance explores the reality of how life doesn’t end at 50 by showing off the many different adventurous lives their customers live. Pointing a finger at the absurdity of the stereotype with good humour that celebrates the diversity of their audience. Highlighting stereotypes by making them laughable exaggerations or highlighting the reality behind the assumption is a strong way to celebrate your audience by sharing their truth. LINK SUNLIFE
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