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Navaratna Virtues of Great UX Designers

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The Nine Gem Qualities Shown by some of the successful UX designer for better Work culture, carrier Growth and evaluation of the the term UX irrespective of time, technology change or Industry Turn over

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Navaratna Virtues of Great UX Designers

  1. 1. Navaratna Virtues of Great UX Designers The 9 Gem Qualities Every UX Designer Should have
  2. 2. Eternal Problem Solving Attidude Irrespective of the medium a Gem Designer would focus on how best user’s problems can Solved rather than forcing a Technology or Trend
  3. 3. Kick Ass Presentation 1 To Win Client pitches the key is to have a great Presentation skills in Slides as well as Interpersonally POC RFP Port folio
  4. 4. Motivating Team and Stakeholders for appropriate Group Thinking Process which is very important for the Design Culture to sustain Facilitating Brainstorming
  5. 5. Practice all Methodologies with respect to gathering Qualitative data from user, not to shy away from new ones or deriving one’s own process Hanker to Qualitative Research
  6. 6. Not Restricting to a single process but keep updating with new trends and Methodologies with respect to all walks of Design ucd cx lean ux emotional design Various Process Adherence
  7. 7. Act like an entrepreneur within a firm in taking initiatives or responsibilities encouraging innovation & Positive Environment Intrapreneurship
  8. 8. Spreading the Awareness and Importance of UX across Teams and outside organisation to the fellow Design Community UX Evangelisation
  9. 9. Have Acted as a Corporate Trainer as well as in public spreading the Knowledge of design as well as gaining from them . UX Training Workshops
  10. 10. Being a Work In Progress, keep learning :) Ability to be consistent learner and follow one’s passion
  11. 11. Thank You Gokul Rangarajan UX Designer, Design Thinker https://in.linkedin.com/in/gokulrangarajan @uxpeek https://www.facebook.com/Gokulrangarajan1