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Water for life by aleksandra wroz

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Presentation of a story "Water for Life" by students of Gimnazjum Publiczne im. A. Wajdy - third mobility meeting in Saint Julien en Genevois - Water for Life 2013-2015 Comenius Project

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Water for life by aleksandra wroz

  1. 1. Water for Life The Story of Jack’s holidays
  2. 2. Dream about travel One day, Jack dreamt about far travel. Jack was a medicine student in London. Last year he was in China. But this year he wants to see something new. He decided that he will fly to Cameroon.
  3. 3. Holidays start Jack bought tickets and he flew to Cameroon . When he landed on the airport, he saw many thin, hungry and poor , but still happy people.
  4. 4. Jack met old black men and he took him to a small village. There was a lot of dying people. Jack was in shock. He met here a woman, her name was Sam. She explained everything to him because she was from England. She came to Cameroon to help dig wells. Jack was very sad that so many people die because of lack of medicines, food and diseases. He decided that he had to help these people! Hunger, death and terror
  5. 5. Next day Jack started to help. He took care of the sick, brought food from lorry and went to the hospital. It was awful. People died on his eyes. He was talking with the patients and he even took birth! Then he came back to the village, he told Sam how brave he was. The girl was very proud of him. Hospital and help
  6. 6. The days passed very quickly. Someday it was very hot! People died because temperature was really hot. Jack went to strong men from village - Khalesi and they dug well. They were very tired but they didn’ t stop digging. And suddenly they saw water! Everyone in the village was so happy! Kids began jumping with joy ,older people begun crying… Lack of water and digging well
  7. 7. Happy and full of love day. Next day people from charity organization came to the village to help with wells. They were surprised that two men dug such a deep hole for water. After a few hours everybody finished their work and were celebrated. They were singing and dancing. In the evening Sam and Jack went for a walk . They confessed that they fell in love !
  8. 8. That was the last day in Cameroon. Africans thanked Jack for help and said him ‘goodbye’ Kids had gifts for Jack and Sam, that was wooden necklace. Jack and Sam came back to London. They missed Africa but they were very happy that they could help so many people. Jack changed his life. He was in relationship with Sam and he appreciated every minute of his life! Homecoming
  9. 9. THE END