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The Art of Responding to Reviews

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The Art of Responding to Reviews

  1. 1. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT The Art of Responding to Reviews "
  2. 2. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Webinar Tips for Attendees •  You can connect to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers. •  Or, you may select “Use Telephone” after joining the Webinar. •  All lines will be muted to avoid background noise. •  You can ask questions at any time by typing them into the Questions Pane.
  3. 3. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT #GDCHAT
  4. 4. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Featured Speakers Andrew Levy Head of Global Careers Brand at Uber @alevs34 linkedin.com/in/alevs34 Jacquese Brown Manager of Employment Marketing and Branding at Home Depot @THDJacquese linkedin.com/in/jacquese-brown-8ab27324 Kelly Payne Director of Client Success at Glassdoor @kelly_payne22 linkedin.com/in/kellypayne22
  5. 5. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Agenda •  Why Respond? •  Pro Tips •  Conversation Spotlight – Home Depot •  Conversation Spotlight – Uber •  Q&A
  6. 6. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Your Employer Voice Matters
  7. 7. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Our Decision-Making Process Has Changed Job seekers use on average before applying for a job (Inavero, 2015) Consumers visit at least before making a purchase (Retailing Today, 2013) and look at (Inavero, 2015)
  8. 8. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Today’s Reviews Culture retail travel employment We Lean on Peers for Advice When Making Decisions
  9. 9. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Source: Edelman Global Trust Barometer Survey, 2015 Although friends and family are still the most trusted source (72%), " content provided by employees is the" #2 most trusted source
 of information on a company.1 Job Seekers Want to Hear Everyone’s Perspective
  10. 10. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT 80% Your Reputation Transcends Employees and Candidates Source: Edelman 2015 Trust Barometer, January 2015 63% & of consumers refuse to buy products and services from a company they do not trust of consumers choose to buy products from a companies they trust while 58% will criticize that organization to a friend or colleague. and 68% will recommend those companies to a friend.
  11. 11. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Share Your Side of the Story Source: 1Mintel, Glassdoor US Site Survey, Jan 2016 of people now look to reviews before making decisions, " 70% but 9 out 10 job seekers still find the employer perspective useful1
  12. 12. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Source: 1 Glassdoor US Site Survey, Jan 2016 say their perception of " a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review1 62%
  13. 13. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Just Getting Started? Sign up for a Free Employer Account: •  Set up company alerts •  Invite colleagues to respond •  Flag reviews •  Monitor your reputation •  Identify areas for improvement
  14. 14. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Already Participating? Spot Trends With Built-In Tools •  Traffic to your page •  Word clouds •  Filter responses by: •  department •  Location •  Date •  Rating •  popular
  15. 15. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Pro Tips for " Responding to Reviews" and Doing It Well
  16. 16. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Pro Tip 1: Set Guidelines Determine your brand voice Enlist the help of your marketing team Address criticism in a non-defensive voice Acknowledge + and – reviews As a leadership team, determine: •  Criteria for responding •  How to prioritize responses
  17. 17. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Pro Tip 2: Assign Responsibility—It Takes a Team! Determine: Who will respond •  Address by function •  Enlist the help of other department leaders to divide and conquer Cadence for monitoring Curate template responses you can tweak/add
  18. 18. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Pro Tip 3: Implement a Feedback Loop Share interview feedback with hiring teams Consolidate trends to shed light on areas 
 for improvement Use Glassdoor data to measure and 
 inform engagement programs
  19. 19. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Conversation Spotlight" "
  20. 20. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT “We aim to respond to" 80-90% of all reviews," regardless of whether they’re positive, " neutral, or constructive.” Jacquese Brown Manager of Employment Marketing and Branding at Home Depot
  21. 21. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Agency-Monitored, Home Depot-Inspired Social Media Ambassador Team collaborates " with agency Hands-on involvement from employment marketing, branding, HR, talent acquisition and recruiters Support from PR, legal and associate relations departments as needed
  22. 22. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Internal content calendar informs weekly Home Depot Company Updates Agency maintains centralized hub for reviews and planned responses Prioritization based on the urgency and gravity of the concern Social Media Ambassador Team reviews and approves responses Concerted effort to highlight wins internally Offer advice or resources to address concerns Agency-Monitored, Home Depot-Inspired
  23. 23. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Conversation Spotlight" "
  24. 24. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT “We use our Glassdoor and culture" survey data to shape Employer 
 Value Proposition
 and HR programming real time – " this stuff really matters.” Andrew Levy Head of Global Careers Brand at Uber
  25. 25. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Uber’s Response Rubric Prioritize responses based on: Actionable but doesn’t require consulting other stakeholders" Respond in simple, clear English Actionable but does require feedback from stakeholders" Ask for guidance and respond within 24-48 hours Actionable but sensitive in nature " Alert appropriate department and offer a way to take the conversation offline Not actionable that is “venting/trolling” " Leave it alone
  26. 26. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Levels of Involvement at Uber Andrew’s Involvement •  Part of daily routine •  Sort by newest reviews and respond, 15 min total External Team’s Participation •  Identify champions and key players who want to participate •  Understand org structure and stakeholders for response content •  Rise above “who owns what”
  27. 27. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Uber’s Best Practices Be honest and frank about what’s will (or will not) change at your company Use real names, emails, contact info in your responses Respond to the good, the bad, and the ugly Be timely Avoid corporate speak and BS Don’t copy-paste, invest the time to actually answer each person Take conversation offline to 1x1 Celebrate the wins and share with your org leadership Show a bit of personality when you respond
  28. 28. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Incorporating Feedback to Drive Uber Forward Address low-scoring departments, locations and " recruitment hotspots first Provide regular visibility into your company’s " "Glassdoor health” Share planned improvements with candidates during interviews Solicit reviews from your employee base but don’t influence review sentiment with fake positives Adjust EVP and recruitment pitches based on employee feedback
  29. 29. Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2016#GDCHAT Questions for Our Panelists? Andrew Levy Head of Global Careers Brand at Uber @alevs34 linkedin.com/in/alevs34 Jacquese Brown Manager of Employment Marketing and Branding at Home Depot @THDJacquese linkedin.com/in/jacquese-brown-8ab27324 Kelly Payne Director of Client Success at Glassdoor @kelly_payne22 linkedin.com/in/kellypayne22