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  1. 1. Laboratory name: Soils, Plants, Water and Fertilizers Analyses Laboratory (LASPEE) Country: CAMEROON Name of the presenter: Yvette Clarisse Mfopou Mewouo
  2. 2. Soil analysis in your country
  3. 3. Soil analysis in your country Are they ‘mobile’ laboratories? No Are soil test kits commonly used? Not common used although exist, Process of formation
  4. 4. Strength/weakness What do you think your lab is strong at? •Participating at Proficiency Testing • Application of quality assurance and quality control applied •Multidisciplinary staff • Use of standard methods • Versatility of technicians (Polyvalence) • Continued training of staff • Standardized technical platform • Metrology Unit •An accredited Laboratory
  5. 5. What do you think it could be improved? •strengthen the performance of laboratories with support in: Capacity building, equipment maintenance, overall staff training What are your expectations out of this meeting and GLOSOLAN? •Establish a Cameroon laboratory network •Be part of the network of African Laboratory (AFRILAB) •Accompany laboratories in the improvement of the technical platform •Strength knowledge about Proficiency Testing • Strengthening the technical capacity of the staff
  6. 6. LASPEE
  7. 7. Thanks for your attention