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  1. 1. Hotels and OTA’s – a +and -relationship By Giulia C.
  2. 2. I Online Travel Agencies  OTA’s are increasely thanks to online users every day  not very present for the Luxury segments  OTA's are in business to make money  their decision is generally based upon how much each will benefit from the partnership  even the very best of hotel websites cannot compete with OTA sites  ready to book  provide an excellent and extensive portfolio  lower distribution costs
  3. 3. +of OTA’s  quick and easy comparison of not just fares but schedules on many different airlines at a glance  flexible date searches  packages : You can get the best cheap deals by selecting the online travel agencies and can even get the discounted vacations o certain destinations  experts in providing the suggestions related to destination spots
  4. 4. -of OTA’s  not reliable and it becomes impossible to find the travel agency which is most reliable  sometimes booking of the tickets by the staff members is done without care and problem arise when you are about to leave  sometimes the hidden charges/hotels loose control  the arrangements not satisfactory and you complain a lot to the authority but no improvements are made in the direction  limited validity and options sometimes
  5. 5. I I Social Media - Facebook  distribution cost are lower  word of mouth very powerful – reviews and comments dropped by guests  fast and quick reservations and updated information  increase image, polularity and revenue  tools to manage online reputation
  6. 6. I I I Articles & research  http://www.crillon.com/#thumbnails/home  http://www.expedia.fr/Hotel-Search  http://www.hotelmarketingcoach.com/Growing%20Tension%20Be tween%20Hoteliers%20&%20OTA's.htm OTA’s + Expedia+ +Priceline+ +Booking+ +Orbitz+ Etc.
  7. 7. IV Example  Hotel de Crillon – Paris ***** 500€/night  trip aviser comments + & -’s  multiple intermediares  commission paid  facebook & tweeten link  attractive website video+photos
  8. 8. V Reflections  OTA has a lower price , the website more advantage offers and deals  Is Google about to become the next big OTA?  I’m not inferring that the OTA’s will disappear overnight, they likely won’t disappear at all, but they should definitely be paying attention to Google’s advances in the marketplace. Hotels staff should also be aware of the opportunities available to them, they can maximise benefits from the changes and also become more proactive about managing their Google Maps profiles  Hotels will get more creative and break rate parity where and when needed for their own good