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  1. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 1 Process Mining
  2. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 2 ProcessMiningforContinuousImprovement IT-based work Every workflow is supported by IT systems like Facets, QNXT, SAP, Oracle or Salesforce Digital Footprints Detect & reconstruct digital workflow traces Full Transparency Actual process flows are visualized in real time Event Process Mining technology uses digital footprints of transactions to automatically visualize and reconstruct the actual process flow IVR ACD Facets Salesforce
  3. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 3 ProcessExcellence2.0poweredby ProcessMiningFramework DMAIC Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control DDMAICC 2.0 Discover, Define, Measure, Analyze (with AI), Improve, Control and Compliance TO Discover Optimize Correct Streamline RPA Optimize Enhance Monitor DMAIC, was a helpful framework in the past for process excellence and refers to a data- driven improvement cycle used for improving, optimizing, and stabilizing business processes and designs. We utilize the same framework with the addition of Discover before Define and Compliance after Control to make the process more reliant and effective. Thus, DDMAICC 2.0, which stands for Discover, Define, Measure, Analyze (with AI), Improve, Control, and Compliance helps attain more effective process excellence.
  4. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 4 ThePathto Value| Frame,Realize,andSustain 6 7 8 9 5 4 3 2 1 Follow the path to success Frame Sustain Realize Determine Improvement Actions Ensure Execution Monitor Value Realization Report to Management Identify Opportunity Qualify Opportunity Analyze Root Causes Build Business Case Prioritize Opportunities Data Connection
  5. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 5 ExecutionManagementSystem(EMS)poweredby ProcessMining Digital Twin Execution Gaps Process Analytics Identify & analyze process gaps with >170 pre-built Execution Instruments Quantifiable KPI qualification and benchmarking “Digital twin” to help drive improvements. KPI Benchmarking Take intelligent actions in real-time through Execution Apps Real-Time, Metrics across all processes & systems Benchmark against the best Drive Transformation ✔ Discover fit with corporate objectives and analyze organizational readiness to focus on most relevant improvement opportunities ✔ Benchmark internally across dimensions (e.g. Divisions, Sites, customers, vendors) ✔ Identify improvement opportunities for process transformation & automation through data driven discovery Process mining gives an unbiased view of how your processes are being executed. Our Execution Management System (EMS) leverages Process Mining to measure execution capacity and identify execution gaps, know which gaps have the biggest gap on capacity and the optimal resolutions for them, and finally act to remove the gaps through automation and recommendations.
  6. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 6 Predicttheconsequencesofprocesschangeswith100%objectivity Digital Twin Extraction And Configuration Simulation Of Process KPIS And Throughput What if: • Increase in AA rate by 1%  impact on throughput, FTEs, and Cost • Volume increases by 10%  Impact on backlog, throughput, FTE requirements • Accuracy improves by 0.1%  impact on operational cost, LPI • New IT fix released in production  impact on key metrics like AA rate • New medical policy release  impact on auth match, cost, TAT and resources
  7. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 7 AutomatedClaimsProcessDiscovery Discovery, which takes an event log and produces a process model without using any prior information, only with the help of Process Mining algorithms.
  8. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 8 ClaimsEMS|ExecutiveControlCenter- ClaimsPerformanceCockpit
  9. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 9 ClaimsEMS|OperationsSteeringView- VisualandDailyManagement
  10. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 10 ClaimsEMS|DailyTaskActionView- High PriorityClaimsInventory
  11. © FIRSTSOURCE 2023 | CONFIDENTIAL | 11 ClaimsEMS|OperationsSteeringView- VisualandDailyManagement