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Reliance presentation

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Reliance presentation

  1. 1. Reliance
  2. 2. Introduction Reliance Group Founded 1966 Founder Dhirubhai Ambani Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Key people Mukesh Ambani , Anil Ambani Products Crude oil, Natural gas, Petrochemicals, Petroleum, Polyester, texti les, Retail, Telecom
  3. 3. Shri Dhirubhai H. Ambani  Brought about the equity cult in India in the late seventies  Regarded as an icon for enterprise in India. He epitomized the spirit 'dare to dream and learn to excel'.
  4. 4. “Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater. This is my dream for Reliance and for India.“ -Dhirajlal Ambani.
  5. 5.  Through sustainable measures, create value for the nation. Vision  Enhance quality of life across the entire socio- economic spectrum .  Help India to become a global leader in the domains where it operates.
  6. 6. Mission  Create value for all stakeholders  Grow through innovation  Lead in good governance practices  Use sustainability to drive product development and  Enhance operational efficiencies  Ensure energy security of the nation  Foster rural prosperity
  7. 7. Growth and success are based on the ten core values of • Care, • Citizenship, Values • • Fairness, Honesty, • Integrity, • Purposefulness, • Respect, • Responsibility, • Safety • and Truth.
  8. 8. Reliance Group Major Group Companies are Reliance Industries Limited, including its subsidiaries (Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Ltd.; Reliance Middle East DMCC (U.A.E.); Reliance Netherlands B.V.; Reliance Petroleum Limited; Reliance Retail Limited; Reliance Strategic Investments Limited; Reliance UK Ltd. (50%); Reliance Ventures Ltd ) and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited
  9. 9. Reliance Industries Limited Mukesh Ambani Anil Ambani  Head of the  Regrouped the company's company's petroleum, petroche telecommunications, mical, and textiles energy, capital finance, and other operations, operations into a new company
  10. 10. Reliance Retail Limited (RRL)  Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited,  RRL was set up in 2006 and marks the foray of the Reliance Group into organized retail.
  11. 11. Business Divisions
  12. 12. Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) Reliance Fresh Reliance Mart
  13. 13. Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) Reliance Timeout Reliance Footprints
  14. 14. Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) Reliance trends Reliance Jewels
  15. 15. Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) Reliance Wellness Reliance digital
  16. 16. Growth through Value Creation
  17. 17. Reliance Fresh Industry: Retail Type: Supermarket Chairman & Managing Director: Mukesh Ambani First Outlet: Hyderabad( Banjara Hills) Founded: 30th October 2006 Headquarter: Mumbai Area: 2000-4000 Sq. Ft
  18. 18. Reliance Retail Stores  RRL now  453 Reliance Fresh stores operates 22 in over 45 towns and different formats cities operational across across India. India.  Including the Reliance Fresh stores the company now operates over 900 retail stores across India.
  19. 19. Reliance Fresh Store layout
  20. 20. Supply chain management Approaching farmers directly , there by reducing procurement wastage.  Better returns to Indian farmers and manufacturers Greater value for the Indian consumers
  21. 21. Push and Pull strategies
  22. 22. PUSH STRATEGY Point of sale displays.  Special Displays.  Catalogs and brochure.  Events.
  23. 23. PULL STRATEGY Coupons Samples Premium and gifts Refunds/Rebates POP advertisement.
  24. 24. SWOT Analysis
  25. 25. Strengths Experienced Management team Strong IT and Backend operations Vertical Integration Backward Integration Good financial position Brand Equity
  26. 26. Weakness Losses due to Joint ventures Absence at Prime Locations Limited Multi-Format Presence.
  27. 27. Opportunities  Growing retail market  Increasing buying power of Indian consumers  Many Untapped Markets in India
  28. 28. Threats • Increase in the operating costs. • Low Price Competition. • Increasing competition.
  29. 29. Private labels
  30. 30. Reliance select Superior Grade
  31. 31. Reliance Value Better value for Money
  32. 32. Ketchup Honey
  33. 33. Dust Tea Leaf Tea
  34. 34. Instant coffee Filter coffee
  35. 35. Vermicelli Instant Noodles
  36. 36. Reliance Value Reliance select
  37. 37. Basmati Rice Sona Masuri Rice
  38. 38. Dry Fruits Reliance Value ,Dal
  39. 39. Mango Drink Wheat Powder
  40. 40. Dish wash Glass and Surface Cleaner
  41. 41. c Air freshener Dish wash
  42. 42. Ear Buds Facial Tissue
  43. 43. Education Project –Kanyakelvani Project –Jagruti Dhirubhai Ambani Prostaham Scheme Mumbai Indians Education for all intiative
  44. 44. Community health care and community development  Project Drishti  Project Balkalyan  Project Hope  PHC(Primary health care center)  Reliance rural development Trust.
  45. 45. Environment intiatives  A zero garbage campaign.  Solar micro wind combined system  Green idea award scheme
  46. 46. Acknowledging and supporting talent  Real Heroes.  Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Undergraduate scholarship fund.  Reliance Foundation. mission BIJ(Bharat India Bhojo)
  47. 47. Reliance Presented by S.Giridhar & T .Suvarna.