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Optimising Email Lead Generation

10 tips on effectively using email to increase business leads.

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Optimising Email Lead Generation

  1. 1. Top tips for successful B2B lead generation via email
  2. 2. With your sales guys identify the type of lead you’re looking for in advance. Our experience suggests that involving the sales department at an early stage in the planning of your lead generation activity gives executives a sense of ownership of the leads you generate. They are more likely to follow up leads that they think are good, and this really has a positive impact on conversion rates. In this part of your planning, we’d encourage you to go beyond merely identifying the job titles, company size and industry sector you’d expect a ‘good’ lead to represent. We’d advise you to also identify the problems or challenges that good prospective customers for your business tend to face. In our experience, these 'pain points' (remote workers struggling to communicate effectively, anxiety about data security threats etc.) are often your prospects' main motivation for buying a company's services or solutions, and your product’s ability to resolve a prospect’s difficulties is the origin of a prospect’s determination to purchase it. Cast a wide net when selecting your targets. In our experience, many significant B2B projects involve decision-makers from multiple departments. Unlike direct mail or telemarketing, the marginal cost of targeting an additional thousand contacts by email usually isn’t great. Using email enables you to reach out to broader audiences of decision-makers without breaking the bank.
  3. 3. Offer a best practice, top tips, model policy guide or whitepaper to readers An easy-to-understand, educative guide will act as bait for prospective customers, attracting response and demonstrating your organisation’s expertise in its field. Write a short, jargon-free message with a strong, compelling call to action Email is a ‘fast-food’ medium. Recipients open, read and decide whether to respond to email messages in seconds. On opening, your message must instantly dissolve into meaning. Use simple, clear language, keep it concise and be sure to end with an irresistible call-to-action. Make it easy for respondents to pass you their contact details The easier it is to respond, the more response you’ll receive. For example, emedia’s RapidRequest solution enables respondents to exchange their contact details for access to a business guide, whitepaper or information pack in just 2 mouse clicks. Conversely a long or unclear response mechanism will sap a prospect’s interest in your offering and – more importantly – give them a negative experience of interacting with your company.
  4. 4. Ask respondents a few quick multiple choice questions as they respond This will help you assess the quality of each lead & also help your sales guys prioritise follow-up with those most likely to buy. Moreover, these questions provide an opportunity to open up 'cross-selling' opportunities by identifying a respondent's interest in your other products and services. Brief your sales teams clearly Your sales team need to understand exactly where the leads came from and why they meet the previously agreed definition of a ‘good’ lead. If you’ve already secured their buy-in and they understand the source and objective of the original campaign, they will quickly understand the opportunity presented by these leads. Insist that leads are followed up quickly It’s vital that leads are followed up while they’re still hot, so that the respondent’s demand for your products can be met. Quick feedback from the follow-up can also be used to improve your other campaigns. Leaving leads to cool before they’re called has a catastrophic effect on conversion rates, as prospects who fail to remember responding quickly lose sight of their original interest in your solution.
  5. 5. Encourage your sales teams to be persistent Senior business decision-makers are busy. It often takes more than a couple of calls to get through to them and just because they don’t return calls doesn’t mean that they don’t have a real need for your company’s products and services. Favourable answers to your qualifying questions should give your sales encouragement to keep calling until they get through, but don’t underestimate your ability to keep them feeling that a big order could easily come from the next call. Do more of what works With its low associated costs and clearly visible results, your email marketing should be out-performing the traditional alternatives of direct mail, display advertising and telemarketing on a cost-per-lead basis. If it isn’t, time to rethink your campaign. If it is, why not do some more? Pioneers in business to business email marketing since 1999, emedia publish opt-in email bulletins covering a range of market: Our opt-in email bulletins enable customers to acquire new business by generating quality leads, driving traffic to websites and raising brand awareness. Our experience in achieving the best results through content, message layout and timing is unparalleled and we have built in technology infrastructure needed for businesses to successfully communicate with hundreds of thousands of opted in subscribers. emedia's innovative products have transformed electronic lead generation, achieving unrivalled response rates across a wide variety of market sectors.