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Geographic risk tool marketing pres

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Geographic risk tool marketing pres

  1. 1. The Geographic Risk Tool
  2. 2. The Geographic Risk Tool204 Countries and Territories 3 Risk Categories and 12 Risk Indicators
  3. 3. Geographic Risk Tool Value• Risk Identification and Prioritization• Sourcing Guide– Identify High-Risk Locations– Prioritize Potential Sourcing Locations across keyrisk indicators• Strategy, Policy and Program Enhancement• SCR Tool Kit Enhancement– Supplier Code of Conduct– Water Usage
  4. 4. The Geographic Risk Tool and Supplier Best PracticesGeographic Risk ToolThis too utilizes indicatorswhich empower yourorganization to identifysourcing risk on ageographic basis. It alsoillustrates the severity of agiven risk indicator whichallows your organization toprioritize engagement.Step 3Suppliers Demonstrate SCRCompliance• Key Drivers of Business Value• Audience Specific• Tangible and IntangibleStep 2Suppliers Develop Strategy• Environmental• Social• EconomicSuppliers can re-establish priorities based on impactStep 1Suppliers Set Priorities based onrequirements• Conduct Assessments• Identify Stakeholders and Drivers• Prioritize Issues based onStakeholder Demands• Prioritize Risks and OpportunitiesGeographic Risk ToolThe insights gained fromthis tool can then be used toinform your organization’sstrategies, policies andprograms. For example, Itcan be used to informsourcing decisions,compliance mechanisms,and resource policies.