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Preparing for the Internet Zombie Apocalypse

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Security continues to be an significant topic as security exploits continue to grow and attackers evolve to use more sophisticated methods to breach websites. Don’t wait until your site is hacked to address your site’s security. Learn best practices for keeping your websites and company secure in the modern internet age, and how Pantheon’s newest security features can help.

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Preparing for the Internet Zombie Apocalypse

  1. 1. PANTHEON.IO Preparing for the Internet Zombie Apocalypse Best Practices for Securing Your Website
  2. 2. PANTHEON.IO WHO AM I? @getpantheon
  3. 3. PANTHEON.IO Websites Are Not Safe According to the FBI, 35% of data thefts in 2014 came from website breaches. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breaches-hacks/
  4. 4. PANTHEON.IO These Websites Have Been Hacked
  5. 5. PANTHEON.IO Your Website is Being Attacked The average server will see 8000 dictionary attacks a day.
  6. 6. PANTHEON.IO Websites Are Not Safe There are two main attack vectors: People Technology
  7. 7. PANTHEON.IO The People Problem ● Humans are prone to error and administrative systems are chaotic and messy. ● Attackers take advantage of the chaos and find ways to impersonate users. ● Chaos can make managing access and knowing you has access to the website difficult.
  8. 8. PANTHEON.IO Solving the People Problem Controlling access & minimizing administrative chaos: ● Role-based Permissions ● Centralized Account Management ● 2-factor authentication ● IP or Network restrictions
  9. 9. PANTHEON.IO The Technology Problem Your website is getting attacked right now. When you are breached what will be compromised? How will you respond?
  10. 10. PANTHEON.IO The Technology Problem - Hosting Where is your website running? Is it in your datacenter? Corporate Site Community Site Marketing Site Internal Systems & Data On Premise Servers
  11. 11. PANTHEON.IO The Technology Problem - Cloud or Managed Running your website in the “cloud”. This is not a real cloud! Corporate Site Community Site Marketing Site Datacenter Internal Systems & Data VPN
  12. 12. PANTHEON.IO The Technology Problem - Virtualization You’re still managing the full stack. You may deal with noisy neighbor issues.
  13. 13. PANTHEON.IO Solving the Hosting Problem With a container- based cloud, if your website is compromised your sensitive data is still safe. Corporate Site Community Site Marketing Site App Containers Internal Systems & Data
  14. 14. PANTHEON.IO Solving the Infrastructure Problem Security as a Service for websites ● DoS protection ● Network intrusion protection ● Encrypted communications available by default ● Systems managed via automation ● Central administration of access, permissions
  15. 15. PANTHEON.IO The Technology Problem - DIY Website Infrastructure Single instance IP, maybe a CDN PUBLIC FACE Code sitting on a server APPLICATION Optional firewall No encryption by default DATABASE Sysadmins monitor CVEs, run fire drills, play whackamole. LINUX IT or old-school ops NETWORK & PHYSICAL SECURITY No central management or audit trail Plain old FTP? YOUR DEVELOPERS
  16. 16. PANTHEON.IO The Technology Solution - Modern Website Infrastructure Highly available and horizontally scalable. Also, reverse-proxy cache.PUBLIC FACE Version control & scripted deployment Clear chain of custody for all changesAPPLICATION Encrypted connections Run only over internal networkDATABASE All systems managed via automation Treat servers like cattle, not petsLINUX SOC2 compliant infrastructure vendor All internal traffic is encrypted NETWORK & PHYSICAL SECURITY Centralized account management Audit trail All SSH all the time YOUR DEVELOPERS
  17. 17. PANTHEON.IO Solving the Website Infrastructure Problem Systems automation Treat your servers like cattle, not like pets.
  18. 18. PANTHEON.IO The Technology Problem - Website Technology Custom Code Plugins / Modules Core CMS
  19. 19. PANTHEON.IO Solving the Website Technology Problem How are you managing updates? How quickly can you update? Can you trust the ones you’re using? They can often be collections of modules. How are you managing updates? Do you have a process for understanding if your custom code is following security best practices? Do you know who made changes and what they changed? Custom Code Plugins / Modules Core CMS
  20. 20. PANTHEON.IO Summary The main website vulnerabilities center around: People Chaotic systems Human error
  21. 21. PANTHEON.IO Summary The main website vulnerabilities center around: Technology & Infrastructure Hosting Infrastructure Website technology
  22. 22. PANTHEON.IO Our Solutions Pantheon Provides: ● Isolated and secure web infrastructure. ● Role based access and permissions. ● Administrative oversight on your teams. ● NEW: SAML integration for SSO ● NEW: Secure Runtime Access to harden website security.
  23. 23. PANTHEON.IO Summary Protect yourself by: ● Managing roles and access with practices like SSO and 2-factor authentication ● Running your website in the cloud–one that gives you robust security features and protection ● Staying on top of updates
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