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Decoupled Architecture and WordPress

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Join Pantheon co-founder Josh Koenig to learn about decoupled WordPress: what it is, the benefits and pitfalls, and how to approach a decoupled project. Koenig will walk through a decoupled build using the WP-API, and registrants can ask questions after the session.

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Decoupled Architecture and WordPress

  2. 2. Pantheon.io 3 Speakers Josh Koenig Co-Founder & Head of Product @outlandishjosh
  3. 3. Pantheon.io 4 “Learn JavaScript Deeply” “JavaScript is the future of the web. I know this as surely as I know that barbecue is delicious.”
  4. 4. Pantheon.io 5 Many Frameworks Exist ReactJS Backbone Angular
  5. 5. Pantheon.io 6 Decoupling Client and Server
  6. 6. Pantheon.io 7 Monoliths vs. Microservices Monolith Templates & Themes Display Logic Editorial UI Admin UI VS. Decoupled
  7. 7. Pantheon.io 8 The Limits of the Theme Layer as Architecture Theme Layer Plugins / Core Permeable Boundary Exciting / awkward game of chance
  8. 8. Pantheon.io 9 Monoliths Can Lead to Unhappy Developers
  9. 9. Pantheon.io 10 Strong Separation of Concerns Client WordPress HTTP API Everyone Wins
  10. 10. Pantheon.io 11 Use the Tools You Prefer
  11. 11. Pantheon.io 12 Parallel Track Progress
  12. 12. Pantheon.io 13 Future Proofing
  13. 13. Pantheon.io 14 Caveats
  14. 14. Pantheon.io 15 WordPress Does a Lot of Things
  15. 15. Pantheon.io 16 HTTP: Do you speak it? Hur De Flur Shiffen de PUT Dur Skurf Nerf CURL we Flu Pur OPTIONS me Skupplen de Noff
  16. 16. Pantheon.io 17 No, but seriously… HTTP… what r u doin? source: https://github.com/inhabitedtype/ocaml-webmachine
  17. 17. Pantheon.io 18 Primary Use-Case: Custom Sites/Apps Source: 2014 State of the Word
  18. 18. Pantheon.io 19 WP-API Can Grow the WP Market
  19. 19. MANY WAYS OF DECOUPLING Which is right for you?
  20. 20. Pantheon.io 21 Static Generator / Renderer CMS Static Site User Request Static • Create a fast and resilient user-facing site. • Utilize front-end atomic design tools, minimal/elegant markup, etc. • Read-only, but highly secure and scalabe.
  21. 21. Pantheon.io 22 Hybrid CMS Static Site User Request Static • Build up a REST API on your site to power dynamic forms/dashboards. • Many other functions served directly from Drupal as per normal. • Restrains the scope. Allows for particular experiences to be enhanced. CMS JS App User Request Hybrid
  22. 22. Pantheon.io 23 “Single Page” App CMS Static Site User Request Static • Client side JavaScript application runs in-browser, pulls data from CMS via API. • May include user interactions, or be purely content oriented. • Typically utilize a front-end framework like Angular, Backbone, or React.CMS Single Page App User Request Single Page
  23. 23. Pantheon.io 24 Native Mobile App / IoT CMS Static Site User Request Static • CMS powers embedded applications via API. • May also present some web functionality to users. • Drive IOS and Android native apps, as well as “internet of things” implementations. CMS Native Mobile App User Request Native (optional)
  24. 24. Pantheon.io 25 CMS-on-CMS CMS Static Site User Request Static • Separation of concerns, but not technologies. • Front-end CMS can control configuration, caching, throttling. • Develop reusable components for a Service- Oriented / Microservices architecture. CMS User Request CMS2 CMS
  25. 25. Pantheon.io 26 Everything Old is New Again
  26. 26. Pantheon.io 27 WordPress 4.4 First REST API framework elements in core. Plugins still required for functionality. Now is a good time for plugin developers to start thinking about API compatibility and features.
  27. 27. Pantheon.io 28 “Calypso” ReactJS based application for administering WordPress.com sites. Open source, a great inspirational example. Uses Jetpack’s APIs.
  28. 28. LIVE DEMO Hopefully the deities of demonstration are pleased…
  29. 29. Pantheon.io 30 Resources https://github.com/Automattic/wp-calypso https://github.com/joshkoenig/todo-wp https://github.com/dirtystylus/wordcampus-2015-js-example http://javascriptforwp.com/
  30. 30. Pantheon.io 31 Thanks! Thanks! Questions? @getpantheon