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Design One Kleomen...
Portugieser Perpetual Calendar.
Ref. 5034: Real icons have a special story to tell. And what
was true of the great Portugu...
International Yachting magazine
Special Edition | AUTUMN 2015
	 Off Shore	 Team
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  1. 1. SKIPPER #039 € 4,99 INTERNATIONAL YACHTING MAGAZINE Autumn Escape GROOMING RULES NIKKEI EXCLUSIVE EVENT Design One Kleomenous LA MAISON DU GREC VOLVO XC90 OTTANTACINQUE BY PININFARINA & FINCANTIERI Claasen Atalante 127 Wajer 38S Evo 43 In conversation George Ertsos Regattas in Greece Clipper Round The World Race Monaco Yacht Show 2015 e s t e r
  2. 2. Portugieser Perpetual Calendar. Ref. 5034: Real icons have a special story to tell. And what was true of the great Portuguese seafarers also applies to IWC’s own Portugieser. After all, the history of its genesis bears the stamp of courageous innovation and watchmaking expertise at its best. Seventy-five years ago, two Portuguese businessmen approached IWC requesting a wristwatch with the precision of a marine chronometer. In response, IWC’s watchmakers took the unprecedented step of housing a hunter pocket watch movement in a wristwatch case. In so doing, they founded a watch family whose timeless elegance, sophisticated technology and unmatched com- plexity have been a source of wonderment ever since. The movement itself is visible through a transparent sapphire glass back cover that provides an unimpeded view of the IWC-manufactured 52000 calibre’s impressive precision. The watch’s complexity is eloquently expressed by the per- petual calendar, whose functions can all be adjusted simply by turning the crown. And just as observing the star-studded heavens can guide a ship safely to harbour, a glance at the perpetual calendar and the moon phase display navigate the wearer safely through the complexities of time. This, in a nut- shell, is how 75 years of watchmaking history became an icon of haute horlogerie. And how, thanks to its unique blend of perfection and timeless elegance, it has become a legend in its own time. IWC. ENGINEERED FOR MEN. THE LEGEND AMONG ICONS. IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN, SWITZERLAND. WWW.IWC.COM - RICHEMONT HELLAS 210 6471310 AUTHORIZED DEALERS: • ATHENS: ORA KESSARIS - VICHOS ITEMS - ATLANTIS • KIFISIA: ORA KESSARIS • MAROUSI: GOLDEN HALL KESSARIS • NEO PSYCHIKO: PATSEAS • GLYFADA: IMANOGLOU • THESSALONIKI: TEMPUS • MYKONOS: ORA KESSARIS • CRETE: CROESUS - NILOS • SANTORINI: ZOE JEWELRY • RHODES: KOUNAKIS • KOS: VOLAKA JEWELLERY • CYPRUS: VE SHOP
  3. 3. CONTENTS 52 International Yachting magazine Special Edition | AUTUMN 2015 EDITORIAL Off Shore Team EDITOR IN CHIEF Gerasimos Gerolimatos DEPUTY EDITOR Nicole Stavrou Dimitra Chronopoulou SAILING EDITOR Alex Galanakis TECHNICAL EDITOR Panayiotis Skiathitis Yannis Kalatzis ART DIRECTOR Nikos Alafodimos JUNIOR CREATIVE Nadia Fragoulopoulou CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Kostas Manthos Shore Team ECO EDITOR Katerina Perraki (Msc Env. Mngt) LIFE & STYLE Andro.gr DESIGN Michael Bakas (Msc Arch.) METEO Athanassios Argiriou (Phd Ass. Prof.) AUTO Vangelis Petrakis, Car&Driver RESTO Panos Deligiannis PHOTOGRAPHY Nikolas Kominis Katerina Avgerinou Christos Petropoulos accountS MANAGER Panagiotis Psyllas TRANSLATIONS Chara Martzoukou Carbon Free Press Marketing & Communications www.carbonfreepress.gr | info@carbonfreepress.gr Tel.: +30 211 1204349 For all enquiries please visit www. skipperondeck.gr Skipper OnDeck is published 4 times a year by Carbon Free Press, Pikrodafnis 1, Palaio Faliro, Greece. Copyright © Carbon Free Press | Skipper OnDeck. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction in whole or in part by any means without prior written permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. Great care has been taken throughout magazine to be accurate, but the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions which might occur. Legal Editor: Nota Katsiroumba, Attorney-at-Law. ISSN 2241-9543 Printing Lavriou Ave (20th km) 19400 Koropi E-mail: info@irisprinting.gr ESTER III cover photo Klaus Jordan 06 Editorial 08 Bookmarks 12 Calendar 14 Meteo 16 CURRENTS tel: +30 211 1204363, fax: +30 210 98 32122 mail: info@skipperondeck.gr, web: www.skipperondeck.gr 58 38 In Preview FincantieriOttantacinque 52 SAILing YACHT Claasen Atalante 127 58 day cruiser Blue Ice Evo 43 64 luxury tender Wajer 38S 70 technical refitting Ferretti 760 The Yachts The first Truly Classic 127 Atalante has been delivered by Claasen Shipyards to a delighted repeat client ESTER III the epitome of yacht building craftsmanship The new multi-purpose vessel by Evo Yachts has arrived 44 SOCIAL MEDIA To receive breaking news daily, download the Skipper OnDeck app #39 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K
  4. 4. 88 Greek Stories Sweet Temptation 90 EXPERIENCE Autumn Escape 94 Design One Kleomenous 100 event NIKKEI RESTAURANT EXCLUSIVE 104 COCKTAIL daisy fix 110 FACE Doya karolini | To dive free without needing oxygen 114 resto La Maison du Grec 118 Owner’s Car Volvo XC 90 124 CHEF ONDECK YIANNIS LUCACOS 126 STYLE FILE THE ABSOLUTE GIFT GUIDE 128 aft PAGE FAST LIKE AN ARROW 18 EVENTS 18 Monaco Yacht Show 2015 30 Brooks Brothers Monaco Cocktail Reception 74 Top Regattas in Greece 80 Clipper Round The World This year’s 25th Show welcomed the best of Luxury Yachting and services. 32 IN CONVERSATION George Ertsos 30 years of X-Yachts in Greece 80 A race with no equal; and that is by no means an exaggeration
  5. 5. 6 Dear friends, The new autumn issue is rich and lofty, living the fast life and making a striking entrance at all of the important events in Greece, Cannes, Monaco and London. Business activities connected to the sea know no limits or borders, especially with regard to a potential cooperation. The human mind knows no borders and that’s how it manages to excel under any circumstances when the opportunity arrives. Many use the sociopolitical instability and the financial crisis as an excuse to embrace mediocrity; others use it as a golden opportunity. Let’s stop looking back. I’m speaking on behalf of all Mediterranean countries that are touched by the same sea and the same tempest. The crisis is not just Greek; it is Mediterranean and it lashes Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece in exactly the same way. After talking to colleagues and businessmen, it seems that the concern about the day after is not only the same but it is also expressed in a mere couple of words. How easy and convenient to always let somebody else take the blame for all the maladies out there. Sociopolitical conditions were never exactly a bed of roses. Far from that, I believe that humanity has been through a lot worse. Yet, the fact that we are still around is tangible proof that the world was never destroyed. It evolved. And this issue is dedicated to evolution. Monaco evolves and grows. 25 years have passed since the first Monaco Yacht Show, one of the most important events of boatbuilding, the heart of the market and detector of new trends. It is a multidimensional show, a fertile platform of communications for an industry that encompasses a variety of professions linked to super yachts and megayachts. Always punctual, ONDECK made its presence felt throughout the show and supported the Greek companies that participated; leading companies in the international milieu like Spanopoulos Group and D.Koronakis SA. Evolution was also the true essence of our talk with George Ertsos, the oldest active dealer of X-Yachts and backstage protagonist in the world of Yachting for the last three decades. We met the man who is the symbol of Italian Design, Paolo Pininfarina, and he put his cards on the table along with the models for his new 85-metre creation in cooperation with Fincantieri. We went onboard ESTER III by Lürssen with the key contributors, ESPEN OEINO and Pascale Raymont, and we inspected Atalante 127. What’s more, we embarked on a round-the-world trip with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston as part of the Clipper Round the World race. Thinking locally, we report on what’s new in the world of Greek sailing giving accounts on the most important events behind which we find people who have a vision and aim high. One of them is the president of the Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios who talked to us about the role of infrastructure and the development of sea tourism on an island with a rich nautical tradition. Just like in every issue, the Sky Lounge introduces to us new flavours from the exclusive event at NIKKEI, the new entry in the world of fine dining in Athens, and we propose destinations for your autumn escapes. The talk about evolution could not omit the state-of-the-art architecture by Omniview in Kolonaki. All of the above is part of an ensample whose common denominator is progress and the way we choose to coexist; by being creative. Have a wonderful Autumn Gerasimos Gerolimatos Many use the sociopolitical instability and the financial crisis as an excuse to embrace mediocrity; others use it as a golden opportunity. Let’s stop looking back. skipperondeck @Ondeck_mag A tribute to evolution Sunseeker Hellas S.A | 15 Poseidonos Avenue Davaki Str, Alimos 17455, Greece Tel: +30 210 984 3822 | Fax: +30 210 984 3872 | info@sunseeker-hellas.gr | www.sunseekergreece.gr
  6. 6. 8 Xtender 16 by Dubois Naval Architects A long-range exploration boat designed by Dubois Naval Architects. The larger part of the deck space is dedicated to open-air accommodation. The impressive range of 500 nautical miles at 25 knots allows the owner to search out remote locations in complete privacy. The double turbo-diesel stern drive drivetrain propels the tender to a top speed of 45 knots when fully loaded. Spacious yet safe center and aft decks feature a shaded dinette and a large sunbed, comfortably accommodating up to 12 people. www.xtenders.com www.mondomarine.mc Bookmarks 01 02 During the MYS 2015 Mondomarine unveiled the M60 Seafalcon project, the new 60m vessel designed by Designer Luiz de Basto. Meant to celebrate 100 years of excellence in yacht construction, this Sport Yacht focuses on the expression of elegance and movement while maintaining maximum functionality and simplicity. The final result is very compact and recognizable from a distance. Thanks to the high-performance hull developed by Mondomarine, the yacht can reach 22-27 knots, depending on the choice of engine. Mondomarine Seafalcon M60 EDITOR’S CHOICE Assisted Sail Trim | Harken and Jeanneau For everyone who has ever wished for a little help at the helm, Harken and Jeanneau present an advanced system to make sailing easier for families, cruisers, shorthanded crews, solo sailors, and those with limited mobility. 1. The Auto Tacking base package adjusts the headsail for the new tack while you steer through the maneuver. 2. Auto Trim is the perfect complement to Auto Tacking for easy cruising. Set the initial trim, press the button to engage Auto Trim, and then let the system handle sheeting. 3. The Sail Management package, which will debut in coming seasons, can hoist and douse the main or genoa. The AST will be exclusive to Jeanneau Sun Odyssey during the 2015 season. Athenian Yachts Enterprises www.athenian-yachts.gr 03 ENGINEERED TO ENJOY. ΓΝΩΡΙΣΤΕ ΤΗΝ ΝΕΑ ΣΕΙΡΑ CRUISER: 33 I 34 I 37 I 41 I 41S I 46 I 51 I 56 CRUISER 46. ΚΟΜΨΟΤΗΤΑ ΠΟΥ ΣΑΣ ΤΑΞΙΔΕΥΕΙ ΑΝΕΣΗ ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΙΑ ΠΟΥ ΣΥΝΑΡΠΑΖΟΥΝ Ανακαλύψτε το BAVARIA CRUISER 46, ένα κομψό και ευέλικτο σκάφος στα 14 μέτρα! Με απίστευτη καινοτομία, εξελιγμένο σχεδιασμό, δυνατότητα να φιλοξενήσει έως και 9 άτομα στους μοναδικούς του χώρους, οι οποίοι προσαρμόζονται στις ανάγκες και τις απαιτήσεις σας, αλλά και με τις επαναστατικές τεχνολογίες DOCK και TRIM CONTROL, το BAVARIA CRUISER 46 είναι εδώ για να σας κερδίσει. Επιλέξτε το και νιώστε τη διαφορά! Λ. Aλίμου 7, 174 55 Άλιμος Tηλ. 210 98 86 187-91 Fax. 210 98 44 529 email: sales@kiriacoulis.com www.kiriacoulis.com
  7. 7. 10 LOGICA 154 With a sleek and elegant design, LOGICA 154 is the new flagship where Brenta Design’s touch is evident in all of the stylistic innovations. The main deck saloon is one of the largest in this yacht category; the arrangement is elegant and comfortable, with a beautiful staircase adding a breathtaking touch of glamour. 9.3 m at the beam and a vertical bow make the volume of the lower deck second to none: 3 wide VIP cabins and 2 guest cabins make the yacht ideal for charters or large families. LOGICA YACHTS | www.logicayachts.com Vernicos Yachts www.vernicos.com Kiriacoulis Mediterranean www.kiriacoulis.com SUNSEEKER 95 | Performance yacht A new luxury performance yacht is set for launch in Spring 2016, underlining the brand’s commitment to bringing more exciting new products to market in the year ahead. The 3rd new model to be announced this summer, the 95 Yacht, showcases the latest of Sunseeker’s cutting-edge design and innovative build processes. With all the spa- cious elegance of its highly successful predecessor, the 28m Yacht, she combines a superyacht feel with all the practical advantages of a yacht in this category. The 95 yacht is based on the classic deep V hull with performance at its heart, enabling it to cruise at up to 24 knots or accel- erate up to 28 knots, depending on engine option. Sunseeker Hellas | www.sunseeker-hellas.gr 05 04 Beneteau Grand Turismo 40 The latest creation by the talented Nuvolari and Lenard duo is as pleasing to the eye as it is to drive. With her elegant lines, accentuated by a hard top with carefully designed side glazing, she is quickly recognizable on the water. With the latest generation of Air Step® planing hull, the GT 40 gives you driving sensations and a level of comfort to sail safely and comfortably at speeds of up to 35 knots. Combining ingeniously the protection of passengers and the feel of an open craft, the Gran Turismo 40 has a hard top that can be pushed right back. BAVARIA 51 by Farr Design Numerous new features for Bavaria 51, like the extra big bathing platform, the lines of Farr yacht design with a fast and safe sailing hull, the biggest cockpit of its class, luxurious single cabins, separate shower cabins, the breakfast bar and a lot more. STYLE, an extra luxury equipment package will be available for CRUISER 51 from October on. 07 06 Bookmarks Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht. -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht. -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht.-©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht. -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht. -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht. -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht. -©GillesMartinRaget Equipped with 2015 RAYMARINE pack An elegant, timeless style. A meticulous attention to detail. A collaboration with Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. A Jeanneau Yacht…www.jeanneau.com J53 - J57 - J64 NEW Your passion deserves an exceptional yacht. -©GillesMartinRaget J54 NEW / J57/ J64 www.athenian-yachts.gr Equipped with 2016 RaymaRinE pack
  8. 8. 12 yachting Events OCT | NOV | DEC 2015 Date Race Venue OCT 17th -24th ROLEX MIDDLE SEA RACE MALTA OCT 23rd -25th HYDRA SAILING RACE SARONIC GULF, GREECE NOV 25th -29th RC44 VIRGIN GORDA CUP VIRGIN GORDA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS DEC 26th - JAN 1st ROLEX SYDNEY HOBART YACHT RACE SYDNEY – HOBART DEC 10th -13rd EXTREME SAILING SERIES ACT 8 SYDNEY R egattas Boat Shows - Events Date Title Area OCT 29th –NOV 2nd FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW FORT LAUDERDALE, USA NOV 10th ISAF ROLEX WORLD SAILOR OF THE YEAR AWARDS SANYA, CHINA NOV 10th –14th QATAR INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW Lusail City, Qatar NOV 17th –19th METSTRADE AMSTERDAM NOV 25th –29th BOAT FUN BERLIN BERLIN NOV 26th “BEST OF BOATS” AWARDS CEREMONY BERLIN DEC 4th –10th ANTIGUA CHARTER YACHT SHOW ANTIGUA DEC 5th –13rd PARIS SALON NAUTIQUE PARIS, PORT DE VERSAILLES PARIS SALON NAUTIQUE ROLEX SYDNEY HOBART EXTREME SAILING SERIES “BEST OF BOATS” AWARDS CEREMONY SKIPPER ONDECK media crew FURUNO ONDECK SAILING TEAM 11 Poseidonos Ave. GR-174 55 Alimos, Athens, GReece tel +30 210 9896000 emAil: brokerage@vernicos.gr OCE ANIS 60 the oceanis 60 flagship satisfies a desire to live life to the full, combining power, space and elegance. she transports you well beyond the pleasures of sailing. this large cruiser boasts innovative solutions, magnificent interiors, and excellent safety and sea keeping. enjoy these new sensations. Technical SpecificaTionS l.o.A / max 18,97 m / 62’3’’ l.o.A / standard 18,24 m / 59’10’’ hull length 17,75 m / 58’3’’ l.W.l. 16,43 m / 53’11’’ Beam 4,99 m / 16’4’’ engine power 140 hP carbonfreepreSS|creaTiveondeck furthEr thAN CruISINg jury team MEDIA PARTNER MEDIA PARTNER
  9. 9. 14 expert words by Athanassios Argyriou* Monaco Yacht Show *Associate Professor, Head Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics University of Patras Air-sea interactions of either large or small scale have an impact on global climate. The sea elements interacting with the atmosphere are water (by means of evaporation and precipitation), heat (absorption of solar radiation – sensible or latent heat exchange with the atmosphere) and greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide). These interactions are studied via specifically designed experimental campaigns and detailed numerical modeling. A large part of the theoretical background of these interactions is related to thermodynamics. The essential thermodynamic processes are: a) excess heat transfer from the tropics to the poles, b) movement of fresh water from the tropics, where precipitation is abundant, to other areas most prone to drought, c) the control of the easterly winds at the tropics, which is an impact of the heat transferred from the sea and the water vapor generated there on the mechanism responsible for their energy, etc. Disturbances of air-sea interaction processes are grouped under the term air – sea instability and they become manifest as storms, like hurricanes or cyclones. Air – sea interactions also concern the Earth’s radiative heat balance. By absorbing solar radiation, oceans increase their temperature, simultaneously emitting in the long wave region (infrared) of the electromagnetic spectrum. This emitted infrared radiation is absorbed by water vapor and other greenhouse gases and then approximately half of it is reemitted towards the seas. The amount of this reemission depends on the concentration of water vapor and other greenhouse gases as well as the cloud cover. everything there is to know about Air – sea interactions part B METEO report Η X-YACHTS σχεδιάζει και κατασκευάζει ιστιοπλοϊκά σκάφη για περισσότερα από 35 χρόνια με γνώμονα την ποιότητα κατασκευής και την ιστιοπλοϊκή απόλαυση είτε στους αγώνες, είτε στην κρουαζιέρα. Σκάφη φτιαγμένα από ιστιοπλόους για ιστιοπλόους. Xperformance Xp 33 · Xp 38 · Xp 44 · Xp 50 · Xp 55 Xcruising Xc 35 · Xc 38 · Xc 42 · Xc 45 · Xc 50 The new X6 Xracing X-35 · X-41
  10. 10. 16 TUDOR HERITAGE BLACK BAY “BLACK” TUDOR unveils a new version in black of its emblematic Heritage Black Bay divers’ watch. Presented for the first time in 2012 and one of the winners at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève the following year, this model now comes in 3 versions – burgundy red, blue and black –, celebrating over 60 years of divers’ watches with extraordinary destinies. CASE Steel case, 41 mm, polished and satin finish BEZEL Unidirectional rotatable steel bezel with matt black disc MOVEMENT Self-winding mechanical movement, TUDOR calibre 2824 HUGO BOSS launches new racing yacht HUGO BOSS launched its racing yacht – the latest project from their ongoing partnership with Alex Thomson. The boat, which has been two years in the making, is 5% lighter than the team’s previous racing yachts and includes a number of unique design features. World-renowned industrial designer, Konstantin Grcic, worked with naval architects VPLP/Verdier to create the yacht’s unique aesthetic. Both functionality and speed are key design aspects; the honeycomb patterned deck is built from light, strong Nomex, while the clean carbon surfaces optimize strength and weight. The new ‘HUGO BOSS’ will make her competition debut when Thomson takes part in this year’s Transat Jacques Vabre – a 5,000 NM race from France to Brazil, starting on October 25, 2015 . www.rolex.gr currents Porsche Mission E This concept car combines the unmistakable emotional design of a Porsche with excellent performance and the forward-thinking practicality of the first 800-volt drive system. The key specification data of this fascinating sports car include: four doors and four single seats, over 600 hp (440 kW) system power and over 500 km driving range. All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, zero to 100 km/h acceleration in under 3.5 seconds and a charging time of around 15 minutes to reach an 80 per cent charge of electrical energy. Instruments are intuitively operated by eye-tracking and gesture control, some even via holograms – highly driver-oriented, since they automatically adjust the displays to the driver’s position. www.porsche.gr NEW WAVE www.hugoboss.com Our yachts are created to allow you to experience the luxury of freedom at sea in maximum comfort and style. The freedom to meet new friends. EKKA YACHTS - 166 Syngrou Avenue - 17671, Athens - Greece Tel. +30 210 9848992 - Fax +30 210 9884420 - info@ekkayachts.gr - www.ekkayachts.com 550 650 700 750 800 Altura 840 870 960 a Ferretti Group brand www.ferretti-yachts.com
  11. 11. The finest samples of the world of yacht building and the crème de la crème of Yachting were there, at the Monaco Yacht Show. This year’s 25th Show welcomed the best of Luxury Yachting and services. 18 2015 words Gerasimos Gerolimatos | Photos Skipperondeck.grsuperyacht show 25th Monaco Yacht Show
  12. 12. 20 The 25th Monaco Show was a unique, anniversary event and had every reason to celebrate its 25 years of strong presence in the world of luxury yachting making Monte Carlo the capital of Superyachts. The field of action was Port Hercules which hosted a parade of awarded yachts, naval architects and designers together with the international jet set. With the iconic Yacht Club de Monaco standing at the background, the spotlights on the international stage of yachting shone on the principality from the 23rd - 26th September. More specifically, 528 exhibitors participated in this year’s show, and four of them were Greek companies: Spanopoulos Group SA, KORONAKIS SA, Flisvos Marina and PRIVATSEA owned by the Latsis Group. The protagonists were undoubtedly the 121 Superyachts, 104 Motoryachts and 15 Super Sailing Yachts, an ensample boasting an estimated average overall length of 47 metres (!) and total value of approximately three billion euro. It has been estimated that the average price of the yachts in the Show is 25 million euro. The land section of the show hosted 528 exhibitors among which designers, naval architects, VIP services, and Brokerage Chartering companies covering a wide spectrum of services linked to Super Yachting. As regards other events taking place during the show, the Cocktail party organised by the Greek Yachting Association at the Yacht Club of Monaco was truly noteworthy. Of course, the reception organised by Brooks Brothers Monaco in cooperation with the Ferretti Group at the store inside the Yacht Club was equally unforgettable. The Greek flag was fluttering at the Yacht Club and eminent figures from Greece and abroad attended the event. Some thoughts Monaco is the only and the most important event for the category of what is commonly known as Custom Yachts. These are custom designed and built yachts measuring more than 30 metres LOA. The connoisseurs know each one of them by name, whereas the time needed to materialise each project after signing the purchase agreement ranges from 1-3 years. Therefore, when the new creation we admired in 3D renderings and models takes actual form, the moment is at least emotional. What also makes the visit to Monaco a special occasion is the fact that one gets to meet the actual contributors to the projects. The key figures of the international boatbuilding scene were there, inside and outside the yachts. You have a good chance of exchanging views with Peter Lurssen of the Lurssen yard at a restaurant or a reception and it would seem normal to be welcomed with proper respect by Luca Antivari Bassani, founder of Wally Yachts. With undimmed elegance, Espen Oeino, the much acclaimed designer, welcomed us on board the impressive 66m long ESTER III and gave us a tour of the yacht. The same happened during the presentation of the new Ottantacinque where we were welcomed by Paolo, the son of the Pininfarina family, and the entire team of Fincantieri. Giorgio Vafiadis, the Rome-based Greek designer and the name behind dozens of successful boats, presented to us his latest projects onboard the brand new Serenity. The British Sunseeker Yachts made their presence felt at Μοnaco Spanopoulos Group and D. Koronakis S.A. brought a strong breeze from Greece to Monaco. (From left) John Vichos, Nikos Kakkaris, Danai Tsalatsani, Christos Spanopoulos, Michael Spanopoulos, Maria Giannaraki, Marina Gerolymatou, Dimitris Maroulis (Burgess), Betty Gkika The Brooks Brothers store at Monaco Yacht Club superyacht show View from Monaco Yacht Club
  13. 13. 22 Evidently, Greek representatives have been steadily and meaningfully present since the days of Aristotelis Onassis, with dozens of yachts owned by Greeks and docked in Port Hercules. At the same time, the Yacht Club de Monaco keeps important Greek businessmen and shipping figures high on its client list. It is worth mentioning that again this year the yacht that won the hearts of visitors and has stood among the finalists in several international design competitions has a Greek owner. This is not just information circulating backstage but important proof that Greeks have profound knowledge of sea matters and know how to build fine yachts. After all, the Greek spirit is present in many yards across the globe and several important figures of the world of yachting agree that Greeks are good customers as well as excellent naval architects. In a nutshell, Monaco and the great Monaco Show are the throbbing heart of the market and the detector of new trends in boatbuilding and related services. At the same time it is a multidimensional show that serves as a fertile platform of communication for a great range of professions associated with super yachts. The Greek ONDECK magazine was there and made its presence felt throughout the Show recording unique moments inside and outside the Super Yachts, day and night. More at www.skipperondeck.gr Numbers speak for themselves 121Yachts 104motor yachts - 17 sailing boats 69yachts for sale (Brokerage) 5,700m total LOA of participating vessels 47m average length of participating vessels 64boatyards from 16 countries 3 billion euros estimated overall value of vessels 25million euros average value of vessels 85.10m Solandge, the largest vessel by the German Lurssen 2014 81.80m Romea, the largest new vessel by the German Abeking Rasmussen 2015 57.49m Twizzle, the largest sailing boat by the Dutch Royal Huisman 2010 43.31m Sea Eagle, the largest sailing boat built in 2015 by Royal Huisman The countries of origin* Italy 52 boats The Netherlands 27 boats Turkey 7 boats Germany 5 boats The United Kingdom 5 boats The United States 5 boats superyacht show exhibitors Ferreti Custom Line 124’ | New concept Custom Line 124’ is a Ferretti megayacht measuring 37.82 m in LOA. On the main deck level a system of windows turns into sliding doors creating exclusive private terraces on the sea. A new lounge concept has been materialised on the upper deck, featuring a panoramic salon which takes up the entire beam and gives access to the outdoor dining area through spherical glazing. Solandge | Lurssen Solandge measures 85.10m in LOA and she was the largest Motor Yacht in the Show built by Lurssen in 2013. Okto | Isa Yachts The new OKTO by ISA YACHTS, probably the most impressive yacht of the Show, measures 66.40m in LOA. Blush | Sunseeker 155 Moored offshore at the Monaco Bay there was the largest boat of Sunseeker Yachts. Blush / Sunseeker 155 belongs to the Formula 1 star, Eddi Jordan, measures 47.25 m in LOA and can host up to 12 people. Kiss | Feadship One of Feadship’s latest creations was launched on 14 February 2015 and her name is KISS. Her LOA is 46.40 m and she bears the signature of Dubois. The team responsible for the interior design was Redman Whiteley Dixon.
  14. 14. 24 superyacht show exhibitors Suerte S693 | Tankoa Yachts The much anticipated yacht by Tankoa Yachts finally made her debut. Measuring 69.90 m in LOA, Suerte (which we had the opportunity to see at the yard in July) was standing at a prominent position and attracted a lot of attention. M/V Yersin | Piriou M/V Yersin is an exceptional 77m exploration yacht that is both a private boat and multi-purpose vessel for sailing on all oceans and in all weathers. Madame Kate Amels Limited Edition The new creation by Amels. Madame Kate is the second entry to the Amels Limited Edition 199 series. She measures 60 m in LOA and has been designed by Tim Heywood. ESTER III | Lurssen Ester III, delivered by Lürssen in 2014, is a sleek, 66m yacht that combines a truly authentic classic interior and unusual deck layout with a unique, distinct and masculine external profile. Ester III’s interior has been designed by Reymond Langton Design. Barrents Sea | Mondomarine Parsifal, a company from Greece, participated with the Barrents Sea, a boat measuring 41.76m and built at Mondomarine. The boat has been designed by Luca Dino and the exterior design is the work of Studio Vafiadis. Melek | Perini Navi Melek is not a new boat but she has always been a point of reference. Built in 2010 by Perini Navi and designed by Ron Holland, she measures 56 m LOA and is a proud child of the Perini family. Sea Eagle | Royal Huisman It was only last June that the Sea Eagle touched the water for the first time. The new creation by Royal Huisman at 43.31 metres LOA is a sloop-rigged luxury yacht signed by naval architect Germán Frers and the interior design team of Rhoades Young Design. After Monaco she will set sail to Taiwan, the owner’s homeland. Angel’s Share | Wally 130 Angel’s Share is the result of the cooperation of Wally Yachts and Lürssen. She is a single mast 40.5 m sailing boat proud of her top performance and innovative design. What is more, she is exclusively made of exotic materials. Apsaras Α80 | Advanced Yachts Advanced A80 is a real blue water thoroughbred. The innovative A80 hull shape met the team’s goals for top performance and wide volumes. The rudder shape and fin profile are the result of state-of- the-art research for performance, control and easy handling in any weather condition. Solleone | Nautor’s Swan 115 Salvatore Ferragamo has signed the new boat by Nautor’s Swan. Solleone belongs to the CEO of the Finnish yard and she is the first of four vessels to be built by the yard. She measures 35.20m in LOA and she, too, is available with a flush deck for competitive racers as well as a version with a semi-raised saloon.
  15. 15. 26 VIP Dimitris Kyriazakos of EKKA YACHTS, the Ferretti Group dealers in Greece. Chistos Spanopoulos with Michael Spanopoulos and Dimitris Maroulis George Ertsos of Atalanta Marine at the helm of the brand new Swan 115 Solleone Nikos Kakkaris and Marina Gerolymatou of D. Koronakis S.A. have been here every year at the Show. superyacht show Giorgio Vafiadis and Stefano Inglese Vafiadis onboard Serenity by Mondomarine during the presentation of the new projects. Tim Ηοdgdon, president of Hodgdon Yachts, standing in the Hodgdon Limo tender and holding the ONDECK issue with Comanche on the cover (from left) Kemal Saatçioğlu, CEO of D-Marin with Stavros Katsikadis, Manager of Flisvos Marina. Christos Kostopoulos, Yachting Sales Manager at Jotun Hellas with Enrico Quano, Sales Manager Yachting coatings at Jotun Italia SpA, and Gemma Gonzalez, Yachting Concept Director at JOTUN IBERICA S.A Philip Briand during the presentation of a new project in cooperation with Oceanco. Ioanna Marinopoulos, Interior Designer and member of the jury of Show Boats Design Awards 2016 with Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis
  16. 16. 28 c o c k ta i l Greek Yachting Association (GYA) at MYS Lawyer Giannis Markogiannis with Popi Kaia of Atalanta Golden Yachts and Fiona Maureso, President of MYBA Ioannis Kourounis, Leta Antoniou, Evan Kyrou and Thalia Antoniou Julia Politis with Regina Politis Thalia Antoniou and Thanasis Skoulikidis Aris Drivas, Michael Skoulikidis, Amelie Panagakou and Ioannis Kourounis Tony Vanvakidis with Alexandra Wien Evan Kyrou (Parsifal Yachting SA) and Aris Geronymakis (Geronymakis Partners Law Office) Marios Korkolis and Theodore Fragkos of ELIN Yachting Danai Tsalatsani, Christos Spanopoulos, Nikos Dafnias and Betty Gkika Gerasimos Gerolimatos and Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis superyacht show Side Event Guests at the Cocktail Party of the GYA The 25th Monaco Yacht Show was an ideal oppor- tunity for the Greek Yachting Association to hold a cocktail reception on Thursday, 24th September. The cocktail reception was hosted at Yacht Club de Monaco in the company of leading personalities of the yachting industry. On this occasion, the Associa- tion extended its gratitude to all those who sup- ported the second Mediterranean Yacht Show with their presence in May 2015 and officially announced the 3rd Mediterranean Yacht Show to be held in the historic town of Nafplion, 7–10 May 2016. Two of the key contributors of ESTER III, Interior Designer Pascale Raymond and Naval Architect Espen Oeino, on ESTER III
  17. 17. On the occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show 2015, Brooks Brothers, America’s oldest apparel brand, in cooperation with the Ferretti Group, a world leader in the design, construction and sale of motor yachts and pleasure vessels, hosted a cocktail reception at the Brooks Brothers Monaco retail location at the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo. “Brooks Brothers is a legendary American brand, known throughout the world,” said Mr Konstantinos Tsouvelekakis, Managing Director of Brooks Brothers Monaco. “We are proud to cooperate with the Ferretti Group in the Principality of Monaco, to celebrate the MYS 2015 and to present the New Fall/Winter collection to our friends and guests here, at YCM, the perfect shopping destination not only for club members but also for Monaco’s residents and visitors.” The party Kristina Liu and Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis (Left to right) Giorgio Vafiadis, Yacht Designer with Konstantinos Tsouvelekakis, Managing Director Brooks Brothers Monaco and George Kyriazakos, Senior Advisor CEO, Ferretti Group Mr Mrs K. Tsouvelekakis, Brooks Brothers Monaco Konstantinos Tsouvelekakis with Viola Ravano, Sales Manager Riva The party Enjoying the ambiance The prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo Konstantinos Tsouvelekakis, Managing Director Brooks Brothers Monaco and Alberto Galassi, CEO Ferretti Group Brooks Brothers Monaco retail location at the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo. Brooks Brothers Monaco YACHT CLUB DE MONACO Quai Louis II, Monaco 98000 Tel +377 97770556 | MAIL brooksbrothers@Ltapparel.mc instagram brooksbrothers.monaco 30 Brooks Brothers MonacΟ cocktail reception event
  18. 18. X-Yachts is a whole different chapter in the history of boatbuilding and sailing. After 30 years of strong presence in Greece, nobody knows it better than George Ertsos, the oldest active X-Yachts dealer in the world and thrice world champion. We seized this opportunity to meet him at the helm of the new Xp 50. George Ertsos Driven by Passion George Ertsos* puts passion and scrutiny in everything he gets his hands on. A sailing champion with several distinctions in Greece and abroad. A successful manager of international acclaim, who has been active for almost four decades in the world of the sea. Undoubtedly one of the silent protagonists on the stage of Greek yachting. How did you get professionally involved in yachting and how did your cooperation with X- Yachts begin? In 1975 I set up Alios, a company that dealt in leisure boat sales and charters. After taking about two years off due to family reasons, university studies and the military service, I was back in 1985 with Atalanta Marine, a company that took a different approach to Alios. X-Yachts was then booming. They had started in 1968 with X-79 which won Around Sealand, a race with more than 1000 participations. Since then and thanks to the new models and several wins on the race course, X-Yachts has won universal acclaim. Large cockpits, modern materials, great design and fast hulls. My knowledge and experience of sailing, sailboats and races urged me to contact the yard and arrange a meeting. I still remember that unforgettable experience in Haderslev, Denmark. There I was, in my fine suit jacket, right in the middle of nowhere, walking in a field thickly covered with snow, determined to ask to become their dealer in Greece. There were three shareholders back then; the Jeppesen brothers, Niels and Lars, and Birger Hansen. They had just launched the X-402, a 40-feet boat whose hull was the inspiration for the One Ton boats. Let me remind you that back then they used to make IOR boats, namely ½ ton to ¾ ton boats. My experience in sail racing helped me launch the new product fast in the Greek market and fill the existing gap for faster performance boats. X-Yachts in GREECE 32 Ιn Conversation interviewed by Gerasimos gerolimatos | Photos Christos Petropoulos
  19. 19. I’m not saying we invented gunpowder but continuous studying and the contact with teams from abroad and international events helped us consolidate and develop tactics that took offshore racing one step further to the benefit of offshore sailing in Greece. Many of the yachtsmen who have been part of our team gained experience that proved vital throughout their career and they, in turn, shared that experience with other athletes. The contribution of X-Yachts towards that has been very important. Offshore racing in Greece was beginning to take form and flourish back in those days, correct? Precisely. Those were the very first steps. Ten ΙΜΧ 38 boats had already arrived to Greece. The Okyalos Team was more careful with the selection of crew members. We wouldn’t invite to the race just anyone standing on the dock. We trained, keeping a specific crew composition and crew positions. Each member had a very specific role on board: bowman, mastman, etc. We had crew uniforms and, in a nutshell, we started acting like a team. After that, sponsoring came to the fore; the boats got advertisements and now they were taking into account certificate standards, weight, the condition of the hull, improvements and details that could win them that extra second during the race. The dinghy mentality was setting in and people now knew what it meant to sail two degrees higher or lower, to pick the exact right second to hoist the spinnaker, etc. It was only then that offshore racing in Greece became truly competitive. There were several projects but none of them shared the mentality of the Okyalos Team. I want to believe that the Okyalos Team and X-Yachts, a company strongly linked to the development of offshore racing in Greece, have done their bit. Is it true that you are the oldest active dealer of X-Yachts in the world? It is. As I’ve already mentioned, that cooperation started in 1985. The Dutch and the Italian dealerships had already started. The yard was then beginning to develop its international network. Up to then, their sales were domestic with small boats of 9.5 to 10 metres. By 1985 they had built the X-402 which was large for Danish standards and so they were looking for dealers. As a person and not as a company, I am still their oldest active dealer in the world. What are the most important moments during this long cooperation with X-Yachts? Gold medals in World Championships. They sealed that professional and personal relationship. I felt emotionally attached to these boats. I had seen their supremacy. After all, if you don’t believe in a product, you’re going nowhere. I truly believed in X- Yachts and the distinctions in great competitions obviously boosted morale and enthusiasm for the day after. After 30 years there is mutual trust and we understand each other deeply. We know what we are talking about. X- Yachts has flourished and reached a fine balance between performance boats and cruising boats. How did they make it? The yard has grown towards two directions. Now their range has been enriched with 3 lines: One Design, thoroughbred racers ideal for IRC and ORC races as well as races in their class, the Xp, performance boats that combine top performance with comfort on board and, the Xc line, cruisers with more comfortable and easy-to-sail hulls, greater volume, better sailing when cruising and still very good performance. How would you describe the demand for X-Yachts in Greece? Contrary to what happens in countries like Italy, performance yachts hold 99% of demand. It is no coincidence that we have not imported any boat from the Xc line. In Greece, X-Yachts have been associated with performance and racing. What course did you follow after X-Yachts? Atalanta Marine grew and we signed new partnerships with Halberg– Rassy and with Diamonds Sailmakers, which later merged with North Sails. 10 years after X-Yachts we imported the Nautor’s Swan, the Lurhs motorboats, the Hunter sailboats from the US, and then the Sargo and Targa motorboats. Recently, we brought the Swedish Delta, the Lagoon Catamarans and the Dragonfly trimarans. We also handled the sales in semi-custom yachts like the Falcon Yachts, Canados, Alpha Marine and the Ferretti Custom Line. We’ve always been on excellent terms with the Scandinavian countries. I like their boats and their mentality suits me perfectly. They are true professionals and I don’t mean to offend other nationalities. It’s simply a matter of chemistry. With Scandinavians you know what to expect and what they expect of you. Things are clear and I appreciate that. Was there really a gap back then in the Greek market for performance boats? Absolutely. X-Yachts was meant to fill that gap. However, X-Yachts could not be used for charters due to their design approach and their limited living space. A cruiser needs more stowage space and a hull capable of holding large water and fuel tanks. These features didn’t match the X-Yacht rationale, which consisted of meticulously distributed weight, an overall behavior always in keeping with the sea conditions and, subsequently, the goal to deliver the best possible performance. I was lucky to be able to partake in the designing of three custom X-Yachts for the Okyalos Team. It was with those boats that we won the three world championships. What was it about X-Yachts that attracted your attention? What made all the difference? Performance, design and sporty lines. Some people love coupes, others love sedans or touring cars and so it goes. I really liked these boats; they caught my attention and I believed they could be commercially successful. Did distinctions help promote the X-Yachts and make them popular? In cooperation with X-Yachts I had the opportunity to get involved in building many different models for the Okyalos Sailing Team. We experimented with materials and enjoyed many international distinctions, the greatest being the three consecutive wins at the world championship: in 1988 at Elba with a ¾ Ton, repeated the following year in Athens and then in 1990 in Sweden with the One Ton. Unforgettable moments. Those distinctions helped raise sales for my company while they also promoted offshore racing in Greece by bringing in the knowhow. Okyalos Sailing Team... “Okyalos” has been strongly associated with Χ-Yachts. We have raced in one-design races and many more with our core crew as well as with guests like Lars Jeppesen or the people from Diamond (Sailmakers), a company that has now merged with North Sails. We brought the experience and knowhow we gained at international events to Greece and I believe that we helped change the old mentality about offshore racing. From stowing the lines or flaking the sails to tactics and crew positioning, things almost unknown to Greece back in the 90s when races looked more than group trips. Things changed a little at a time. We were careful with weight on board, and consistent with style or the responsibilities of each crew member. We introduced a more athletic, Olympic-standard approach and professionalism to sailing, even though none of us was ever a professional yachtsman. We did bring that to Greece. Distinctions helped me gain experience and make a name for myself that led to the next stage: keelboats and offshore racing, mostly with X-Yachts and the Okyalos Sailing Team. 34 Ιn Conversation
  20. 20. Chartering and Sea Tourism. Having tried and failed in the sector of bare boat chartering in the late 90s, I reentered the market through a cooperation with a crewed yacht charter company, Periplous, because I still believed in char- ters. Periplous specialised in crewed yacht charters and adopted a new approach with different standards. What we achieved with offshore racing in Greece happened with chartering too; we helped it rise to international standards and be competitive. Our first charters were 24-metre fully crewed yachts whose crews had been carefully selected. Crewed charters used to be old private yachts, caiques and schooners, and as some brokers used to say in jest: “the Greeks are sweet people but that’s about it.” To cut a long story short, we had the best “race course” but we lacked the right yachts and crews and, subsequently, lost precious clients, foreign currency and high-in- come tourism. A bare boat charter starts at 1,500 € per week while a Motor Yacht is chartered at up to 500,000 € per week plus expenses. Obviously, the difference is huge. Yet, to claim such charters a number of things are required; crew members had to be selected and trained to deliver top quality services to clients of this calibre. It was then that we started seeing in charters younger, more modern, luxury yachts owned by high-income people. 2000-2005 was the period when the cornerstones of Luxury Crewed Charters were set. The old yachts, caiques and some private yachts turned to professional boats did no longer meet the standards and were problematic. As a result, the Greek charter fleet, the crews and the overall mentality of the world of professional crewed charters started improving. We started the Charter show in Flisvos and then moved it to Poros. The last two years it was held in Nafplio. Atalanta Marine became a roaring success in the niche of Luxury Crewed Charters. It finally pulled off what it failed to do with bare boats because the mentality and the service were different. I suppose, this business sector suited me and that’s why I could support it. What about today? When I first got involved, I turned my hobby into a job. Today, I dare say that my job is my hobby. It’s not that I don’t need to work or be productive, but I have many excellent partners who have taken a great weight off my shoulders with regard to the daily workload. That’s the point of working with others. I’m not a one man show. Every day and every Monday when I wake up and get to work I love saying that my job is my hobby the way sailing once became my job. Thinking about the future... Atalanta Golden Yachts was set up some nine years ago, and since then we have enlarged our fleet, increased our workload in the chartering sector and enriched our yacht and boat management activity. This year we started a new venture linked to Yacht Agency, while now, as part of our development programme, we also have dealers in Cyprus and we are always on the ball for new products and services. Everything evolves; standards and requirements change; new trends set in. I try to be constantly abreast of things. Would you change anything in your past? Not really. Everything I did was done with passion and honesty. I’ve been always driven by passion. George Ertsos was born in Piraeus in 1956. “Since I was a little boy my one and only hobby has been sailing. I grew up in the hill of Kastella, watching the boats in Mikrolimano, attending the events at the Royal Nautical Club, now known as NOE. At some point a neighbour encouraged me to join the sailing school and I have never followed another hobby since. Be it winter or summer, sailing was my only care. I moved from the Optimist to the Lighting and went through many different classes; in some of them my body type was a plus in others a minus. The class I started winning races in was the 420, always at the helm, winning panhellenic championships. Then I moved to the 470 class and won Balkan, Mediterranean and European championships. With the 470 we qualified twice for the Olympics but the team never got to the games. You know, I was never in good terms with the Greek sailing federation and Greece did not participate in the 470 class even though we had qualified.” One of the most memorable highlights of his career was in 1988 when the Okyalos Sailing Team and George Ertsos at the helm won first place at the ¾ ton world championship at the island of Elba, a victory repeated the following year in Athens. In Sweden in 1990 the team was victorious again in the one ton class. He has studied Finance at the University of Athens and has been professionally involved in yachting, leisure boat sales, charters and management since 1975. BIO 36 Ιn Conversation
  21. 21. 38 OTTANTACINQUEThe Technology of Beauty by Fincantieri Pininfarina edited BY alex galanakis | renderings fincantieriYACHT PREVIEW During the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show Fincantieri and Pininfarina, the standard bearer of Italian design for 85 years, introduced the “Ottantacinque” concept, a latest-generation luxury mega yacht.
  22. 22. 40 “Ottantacinque” will be a cutting-edge mega yacht, 85 meters long, 2,460 gross tons, with 5 decks, each of which featuring technological solutions and exclusive interior fittings. Among the most significant details are the twin pools on the main deck that are raised, almost flushing the side bulwark, and offer, together with the elevated sun bed, uninterrupted views to the sea. Thanks to her adjustable bottom, the water depth can be varied and even reduced to zero to create a large open platform spanning over 160 m2 . The entire project is a merge of simplicity and functionality, innovation and style, elements which mark the assets of both companies and are the actual pillars of the idea of Technology of Beauty. “Ottantacinque” is the ambition of creating an Italian mega yacht, technologically advanced, with essential lines, comforts and absolute beauty: a unique combination of excellences, a paragon of creativity, luxury and Italian manufacture at its finest. YACHT PREVIEW The result is a floating sculpturesque home with elegant and dynamic areas, where style meets function, aerodynamics, onboard comfort and ergonomics The Partners Fincantieri has channeled significant resources into this market niche, gaining important benefits starting from the creation of Fincantieri Yachts, the Group’s business unit. Counting on Fincantieri’s 230-year experience in shipbuilding, the company’s yacht unit offers unparalleled design, style, reliability and quality in building vessels over 70 meters. The Pininfarina Group has been operating in the marine sector since the sixties, leaving a lasting mark of its style on countless projects, from one-off models made for special customers to design activities of topsides and interiors for limited or larger series of both sail and motor boats, offering technical and aesthetic solutions inspired by the automotive world, an original contribution to the marine sector. Beach Club Twin pools on the main deck, raised and almost flushing the side bulwark
  23. 23. 42 Specifications Length overall 85.9 m Max beam 14.80 m Full-load draught 3.9 m Gross tonnage 2,460 GRT Decks 5 Owner’s and guests’ cabins 7 Captain’s, officers’, 11 crew and staff cabins Max no. of berths (14 pax + 19 crew and staff) 33 Propulsion system 2 x diesel engines with fixed pitch propellers Max speed (100% power) 18 kn Nautical range at 12 knots (5% margin) app. 6,000 nm Stabilizers (at anchor) 2 pairs fixed “We worked hard to establish ourselves on the market” notes Giovanni Romano, Head of Fincantieri Yachts, “and we made it thanks to the quality of the yachts we have built to date, acknowledged unanimously as top-of-the-range, and thanks to the development of new high quality products which meet the needs of owners who want boats below 100 meters. To this end we worked together with the best designers to create unique products in terms of technology, aesthetics and lifestyle on board, flexible enough to meet the clients’ requests. “Ottantacinque” is the result of excellent teamwork. Both our company and Pininfarina have proved capable of being perfectly in tune while developing the concept.” “A custom-built model in line with Pininfarina’s natural vocation in creating exclusive projects, combining tradition with innovative solutions. This is how our design team conceived the collaboration with Fincantieri Yachts” adds Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “The result is a floating sculpturesque home with elegant and dynamic areas, where style meets function, aerodynamics, onboard comfort and ergonomics. Every detail is designed to match the yacht’s concept theme.” YACHT PREVIEW (On the left) Paolo Pininfarina during the official presentation at Monaco Yacht Club ©skipperondeck.gr www.fincantieriyachts.it www.pininfarina.com
  24. 24. ©GuillaumePlisson 44 Edited BY gerasimos gerolimatos | Photos Guillaume Plisson, Klaus Jordan (interiors)SUPER YACHT ESTER III is the epitome of yacht building craftsmanship, hosting a recital of design supremacy at each and every corner. Espen Øino and Pascale Reymond were waiting for us at the Sky Lounge to give us a private tour round the latest creation of Lürssen Yachts. L ü r s s e n ESTER III
  25. 25. 46 Ester III, delivered by Lürssen in 2014, is a sleek, 66-metre yacht that combines a truly authentic classic interior and unusual deck layout with a unique, distinct and masculine external profile. Ester III's interior, designed by Reymond Langton Design, includes a hand-carved leather artwork running through the main stairwell and boasts a glass lift running from the lower to the top deck. A big swimming pool aft, a proper helicopter landing pad, positioned above the wheelhouse, and two separate, external dining locations, combined with large windows and a near vertical bow all contribute to this unique look, designed by Espen Øino International under the owner’s guidance. The Main Deck The Main deck salon consists of three distinct zones; through large sliding doors disappearing completely into the superstructure, the lounge area furthest aft extends onto the exterior deck, creating an open, relaxed ambience. Moving forward is a more intimate central seating group nestled next to an ornate ethanol-fuelled fireplace, vis-à-vis, a large television is hidden behind leather panels in the bulkhead when not in use, so as not to spoil the classical feel. The dining area is enveloped in Amboyna framed fabric artwork that spreads onto the ceiling creating a light, romantic atmosphere. Interior Design Reymond Langton Design stated that the emphasis was for practical living spaces focused on creating an intimate family home: “The owner requested a French Classical theme for the interior, with a strong emphasis on the correct understanding of the inspiration and quality of details and references used to ensure an authentic contemporary interpretation of the style”. To achieve this, Reymond Langton Design collaborated with highly skilled artisans to develop and create the desired, elaborately detailed yet warm and welcoming atmosphere of the interior. Each of the 5 guest cabins – all situated on the lower deck and benefiting from their own en-suite bathroom and large windows providing plenty of natural light – is individually tailored to follow a specific theme, derived from bespoke fabric artworks that rise from the headboard and wrap overhead onto the ceiling, framed with an intricately carved Avodire cornice featuring a roundel motif that is a unifying feature found throughout the yacht, along with embossed and gilded leather panels and bronze accents. SUPER YACHT A helicopter platform on top of the wheelhouse Espen Øino was given an open brief by the client: “just do it as if the yacht was for you, Espen…” Infinity swimming pool ©GuillaumePlisson ©GuillaumePlisson ©GuillaumePlisson©GuillaumePlisson©GuillaumePlisson ©GuillaumePlisson
  26. 26. 48 E: k.g@medmarinas.com T: +30 210 9855327 Lagoon 39Lagoon 39 7, Alimou Ave., 174 55 Alimos, Athens, Greece • Tel.: (+30) 210 9886187, Fax: (+30) 210 9844529 • email: sales@kiriacoulis.com • www.kiriacoulis.com 380 39 400 S2 421 450 52 560 S2 620 PhotoNicolasClaris 5YEARS F I N A N C E CHARTER GUARANTEE Owner’s Suite Forward on the main deck is the Owner’s suite which features a room height of 2.40 m; accessed through a private study and then a lobby flanked by his and her dressing rooms, the full beam stateroom is an indulgent private retreat. With rich Avodire wood, gold leaf and bronze detailing complementing thick silk carpets and furnished with ornately detailed classical furniture, this stateroom, according to Reymond, is “the ultimate expression of the luxuriant style that defines the yacht”. The Lower Deck The Lower Deck spa, with its Assyrian influence, sets a different tone to the main accommodation. A massage room doubles as a hair salon and the sauna and steam room adjoin one another. A dayhead and changing room complement the spa. Ornate mosaic inlays and a dramatic full-sized wall relief carved in stone in the gym combine to form a relaxed, calm yet energizing ambience, with direct access to the sea for an invigorating plunge. Exterior Espen Øino was given an open brief by the client: “just do it as if the yacht was for you, Espen…” The result, with large and full height windows, is an angular profile with grey and white used to striking effect in elements of the cleverly sculpted superstructure. Øino, who is friends with the Owner, describes the look: “a unique, distinct and strong character in many ways reflecting the Owner’s character and in many ways also the strong heritage of Lürssen Yachts”. Unusual features include the relatively large (for a yacht of this size) infinity swimming pool – with jet flow and a waterfall leading down to the bathing platform where the water runs into a teak grating – and a helicopter platform on top of the wheelhouse, “so as to enable the owner’s family to arrive and leave the yacht by helicopter without interfering too much with life on the aft decks”. State of the Art Helm Station Main salon Forward on the main deck is the Owner’s suite which features a room height of 2.40 m Guest Cabin SUPER YACHT
  27. 27. 50 A custom-designed open tender, designed by Espen Øino International and built by Windy Boats, offers full protection for guests from the elements when needed – the yacht spends large amounts of time at anchor – by way of its sliding roof, the interior sporting Hermès upholstery and fixtures. Technical issue | tender Specifications Designer exterior Espen Øino International Designer interior Reymond Langton Design Construction material steel / aluminium Length 65.99 m / 216'5'' Length in waterline 64.50 m / 211'6'' Beam 11.60 m / 38'1'' Draught 3.40 m / 11'2'' Displacement 1,404 t Speed 16.5 knots Range at 12 knots 4,000 nm Engines 2 x MTU 12V 4000 M63 Fuel capacity 119,000 l Fresh water capacity 18,600 l Berths 2 owner, 10 guests in 5 cabins, 17 members of crew in 9 cabins Tender Windy 26 ft limousine tender (8 m) SUPER YACHT “The layout reflects the family’s frequent use of the yacht and in particular the intense use of external deck spaces where meals, entertainment and meetings go hand in hand on a near continuous basis”, Øino states, adding that the decks are laid out to be used in all weather conditions with various degrees of protection from the sun, wind, rain, heat and cold, offering dining in two separate external locations to complement the more formal Main deck dining setting. Sky Lounge The Bridge deck Sky Lounge is a bright, open area that continues the theme of the Main Deck, connecting to the exterior with “oversize windows” and large sliding doors onto the aft deck. Here, comfortable sofas face the large TV, which, when not in use, is hidden behind marquetry panels depicting fish. The fully-integrated wheelhouse, with captain's cabin immediately aft, provides twin raised seats on each side of the captain so guests can enjoy being in the nerve centre while underway. Lürssen Yachts Phone +49 421 6604 166 E-mail yachts@lurssen.com Website www.lurssen.com Espen Øino presenting ESTER III Engine Room in 2 levels ©GuillaumePlisson 001 001001001
  28. 28. Classic 127 Atalante by Claasen Shipyards For the lovers of classic style. The first Truly Classic 127 Atalante has been delivered by Claasen Shipyards to a delighted repeat client and ONDECK seized the opportunity to have a close look. 52 edited BY Gerasimos Gerolimatos | Photos Claasen Shipyardssailing YACHT
  29. 29. 54 Built for an experienced client, Atalante is the successor to a TC90 of the same name. The owner’s brief called for a larger, faster yacht with more comfortable accommodation for both guests and crew, without being so large as to lose intimate contact with the water, and the ability to ‘spin the boat on a sixpence’ when racing. With continuous longitudinal framing of high tensile aluminium, Atalante is also very performance-oriented. Particular focus was given to this aspect, as she will compete in the bucket regattas and superyacht cups. Atalante has a deep-draught keel, a thin foil section, carbon rudder and cable-based direct steering, all of which give a great feel and feedback at the wheel. The underwater configuration in conjunction with the carbon mast and rigging, and sporting North 3DI sails should make her a fast boat on the regatta circuit. Layout On Atalante the main salon is aft of the main deckhouse and the owner’s cabin is aft of the saloon. As the owner enjoys being highly involved in sailing and helming the yacht, he wanted the wheel in the aft cockpit and the aft deckhouse to be dedicated to navigation. This means that when the yacht is at anchor, the whole aft area is reserved for the owners. Atalante is equally suited as a cruising boat for a family and a charter yacht. Her interior is executed in raised and fielded panelling of carefully selected West Indies mahogany. The ceilings and walls above the wainscot level are painted white. While the yacht could easily have contained more cabins, the owner specified fewer, roomier interior spaces. Owner’s area The aft deckhouse comprises a large navigation station with two screens, a pilot berth, a fridge for cold drinks and a boiling water tap for coffee or tea. Access forward to the master suite is via an electric sliding door, conveniently connecting the two spaces. First-class sound insulation provides a peaceful environment in the master cabin, even when sailing. The aft deckhouse serves as the owner’s office when Atalante is at anchor. The full-beam master cabin has been made as symmetrical as possible. To starboard, a lovely vanity table opens up to display a back-lit mirror. To port is a comfortable sofa providing a quiet place to read or relax. The toilet and bidet are separate from the shower and there are plenty of easily accessible lockers, including some full-length lockers for the owner’s wife’s dresses. The main salon is aft of the main deckhouse Painting by Fassianos over the pleasant bar area, bookcases, TV set and plenty of comfortable seating, ideal for all kinds of entertainment. sailing YACHT The underwater configuration in conjunction with the carbon mast and rigging, and sporting North 3DI sails should make her a fast boat on the regatta circuit. The helm station aft features a large wheel First-class sound insulation provides a peaceful environment in the master cabin VIP Cabin
  30. 30. 56 Specifications LOA 38.8 m Beam 7.7 m Draft on design waterline 4.5 m Total displacement on dwl 140 tonnes Mast above waterline approx. 48.3 m Class approval ABS A1 Commercial Yachting Service (Sailing Yacht) + MCA LY2 Unrestricted www.claasenshipyards.com Main deckhouse and guest cabins The dining area is located in the main forward deck, which is half a level up from the saloon via a curved staircase. This bright space comprises a large dining table to port and comfortable seating with a sliding card table and flag locker storage to starboard. The cabinet housing the card table is also home to two cutlery drawers with custom- made inserts in dark blue velvet by Carrs of Sheffield (UK), who also supplied the cutlery. Further forward, two beautiful guest cabins are sited to port and starboard. On the port side is a large double berth with en-suite bathroom, a sofa and plentiful storage. To starboard is an equivalent twin berth cabin with en-suite facilities. Technical issue Rigging The high modulus carbon mast was produced by Offshore Spars and is fitted with EC6+ continuous carbon rigging. The main sheet is on the captive winch from Harken, while the three pairs of winches for the sheets and running backstays are of a new design from Lewmar. They sparkle in beautifully polished stainless steel, matching the custom binnacle that has the Atalante name and logo cut into the steel. Atalante has a performance-oriented suite of North 3DISails. The fully battened main is installed on a Park Avenue boom with lazy jacks and a clever switch track system from Harken on the mast, so that the head of the sail is low on the boom when the sail comes down, making it easier for the crew to put on covers. The furlers by Reckmann are fitted with moment free toggles and load cells for rig control. The units have been grey anodised and are fitted with white carbon foils to achieve a smooth, uniform colour scheme. sailing YACHT Galley crew area
  31. 31. The New EVO 43The new multi-purpose vessel by Evo Yachts has arrived. Even though we got a first taste in Monaco, the yard decided on the 55th Genoa Boat Show for its official launch into the international boating industry. 58 edited BY Alex Galanakis | Photos EVO YACHTSday cruiser
  32. 32. 60 Designed, engineered and built in Italy by Sea Engineering Group, based on a project by Studio Tecnico Rivellini, with exterior and interior design by Valerio Rivellini, the EVO 43 is a fast, 13-metre cruiser. Summarising the concept of form function (functional design), the boat features a straight bow and high topsides that flow harmoniously towards the stern. The cleats and fenders disappear, leaving clean lines that fully comply with safety requirements on board. The minimalist helm station features a curved dashboard in light wood with a joystick for controlling the two powerful Volvo IPS 600 engines, rudder wheel, and all the electronics for control and command of the boat. The pilot has full ease and 360° view. The cockpit - which, like the rest of the craft, is entirely covered in teak - features an area that can be easily arranged through modular cube-shaped seats with backrests in marine fabric featuring leather stitching, as well as an extensible dining table and a large wet bar: a foldaway piece of furniture containing an induction stove, countertop, sink and refrigerator. Designed, engineered and built in Italy by Sea Engineering Group, based on a project by Studio Tecnico Rivellini An icebox beneath the pilot’s seat has an outstanding capacity of 180 litres. The stern features the boat's principal innovation. At the touch of a digital control, the beach area changes completely: the bulwarks open in less than thirty seconds, increasing the usable space by 40% and thus transforming the cockpit into a 25m2 pieds dans l'eau terrace that can be used as a lounge, sitting room, sun deck with built-in deck chairs, or diving platform. Interiors Below deck, every detail is once again designed to ensure form and function. Noble materials such as teak, glass, leather and exclusive fabrics please the senses, providing an atmosphere of simple yet refined contemporary luxury. A lockable door opens onto a designer companionway in tempered glass featuring large, lit-up steps. This leads to a double cabin to port side, with its own entrance door, stowage area and wardrobe. day cruiser Below deck
  33. 33. 62 The bathroom is at starboard and features full height shower and sink finished in wood and ceramic. Straight ahead there is a V-shaped dinette with foldaway table that makes space for another comfortable double bed, while the 42’ TV set by Bang Olufsen integrated in the mirror is a further touch of luxury. Surprisingly roomy for just a 13-metre vessel, with its four beds and separate bathroom with shower, EVO 43 enjoys the benefits of space also thanks to the choice of compact Volvo IPS engines, and to an ergonomic layout designed with care by Sea Engineering Group. Performance To power the vessel, Sea Engineering Group has chosen two Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines (for a total of 870 HP). Safety aboard is also enhanced by warning alarms during all the automatic movements (hangar, hydraulic cockpit bulwarks, bow tilting platform). The hull, sporting a 18° deadrise, has been designed by Studio Rivellini after extensive CFD studies, to make the new EVO 43 an efficient boat, with maximum speed of up to 38 knots -30 when cruising- and a range of 300 nautical miles. Specifications Interior Exterior Valerio Rivellini LOA 13.12 m / 43.1’ Max Beam 4.52 m / 14.8’ Max Beam open 6.31 m / 20.7’ Draft 1.10 m / 3.6’ Displacement laden 12,500Kg/27,557LBS Fuel 1,000 L / 264 US Gal Water 400 L / 105 US Gal Construction Material Resin-infused GRP People on board 12 Engines 2 x IPS 600 Max Speed 38 Kn / 44 Mph Cruise Speed 30 Kn / 36 Mph Range 300 Nm Cabins 2 Bathrooms 1 EVO YACHTS Sea Engineering Group T +39031921331 | info@evoyachts.com www.evoyachts.com Αt the mere touch of an iPhone the boat transforms. day cruiser www.zois.gr Heavy Duty CommerCial SerieS HigH SpeeD DieSel SerieS • L-series: 500PS 1,800rpm • H-series: 380PS 1,800rpm • S-series: 270PS 3,800rpm • D-series: 170PS 3,800rpm • U-series: 125PS 4,000rpm New Η Hyundai Seasall διαθέτει 5 βασικούς κινητήρες σε 24 διαφορετικές εκδόσεις από 125 έως και 500 ίππους. Σίγουρα θα βρείτε τον κατάλληλο και για την δική σας εφαρμογή. Η Hyundai Seasall βελτιώνοντας το ήδη επιτυχημένο μοντέλο της S250, σπάει νέο ρεκόρ πρωτιάς στην κατηγορία των 270 ίππων. Με το μικρότερο βάρος, την μεγαλύτερη ροπή και την χαμηλότερη κατανάλωση, ο νέος S270 θέτει νέα δεδομένα στους ναυτικούς πετρελαιοκινητήρες. Με την υποστήριξη και τεχνογνωσία της Hyundai-Kia Motors, την 4η στον κόσμο κατασκευάστρια εταιρία αυτοκινήτων, με πάνω από 16.000 μηχανικούς στο δυναμικό της, η Hyundai Seasall έχει πρόσβαση σε μία από τις καλύτερες ομάδες μηχανικών στον πλανήτη. Με την υπογραφή της ΖΩΗΣ ΕΥΣΤΑΘΙΟΥ που για πάνω από 65 χρόνια στέκεται δίπλα τόσο στους επαγγελματίες όσο και στους ερασιτέχνες της θάλασσας. Νέος κινητήρας S270 Hyundai Seasall Νέα δεδομένα Πρώτος σε όλα στην κατηγορία του Τεχνικά χάράκΤηρισΤικά ιπποδύναμη (PS (kW)) 270 (184) στροφές υπό πλήρες φορτίο 3800 r.p.m κύλινδροι 6 σε διάταξη V κυβισμός 2.959 cc Μέγιστη ροπή 57.6 kgm στις 2000 ~2600 rpm κατανάλωση καυσίμου 54.6 λίτρα / ώρα Βάρος (ξηρό) 334 κιλά Σειρά D +UΣειρά L +H Σειρά S NEW GENERATION OF MARINE DIESEL ENGINES
  34. 34. 64 Edited BY Alex Galanakis | Photos Wajer Wajer Yachtstender The challenge was to develop a new motorboat that would combine the characteristic Wajer Wajer performance, superior sailing qualities and optimum handling performance, while providing ample space for relaxation and sporting activities. We saw her in the Monaco Yacht Show and believe that the mission has been accomplished. Wajer 38 S Fast Furious
  35. 35. 66 Central cockpit A new design element for Wajer Wajer is the centrally placed cockpit. The Wajer 38 S can be operated with ease from two luxurious Stidd seats with springs, which are located behind a large windscreen and well protected from the sun heat by a weather-resistant bimini. The fully digitised dashboard with 12-inch system and touch screen is ergonomically designed with the needs of the helmsman in mind. LED lighting in the bimini makes for a cozy ambiance on board in the evenings. Furthermore, the cockpit provides room for a large refrigerator to starboard and a waste bin to port. The comfortable toilet space with sink in the centre console is easily accessible. The Hull The hull, the spacious walk-in closet in the stern and the broad sundeck aft have all been taken over from the Wajer 38. The equally reliable and powerful propulsion line is also featured on the 38 S. Slender but highly effective spray rails dynamically incorporated into the hull design ensure that – in combination with the flared bow – the cockpit remains dry in all conditions without affecting the sailing characteristics. Sailing, sunbathing, sports and recreation Its unique functionalities mean that the Wajer 38 S adds a whole new dimension to sailing pleasure: storage spaces integrated below decks and in the hull provide space for everything required for sporty recreation. The new Wajer 38 S is intended as a day boat or luxury tender for superyachts. Featuring a completely redesigned forward deck, she includes a robust towing eye, allowing the boat to be easily and safely towed anywhere. The sleeping accommodations have given way to a spacious sun deck with room for a large table with U-shaped sitting area. The new layout has also created ample storage space below deck forward for all the cushions. The new layout has also created ample storage space below deck forward for all the cushions. Εverything has its own dedicated place The most striking aspect of this new boat is the centrally located cockpit under a sturdy hardtop bimini tender
  36. 36. 68 Specifications Design Vripack Naval Architects Wajer Wajer Yachts LOA 11.30 metres Beam 3.70 metres Draught 0.90 metres Displacement 7,500 kg Construction GRP Composite Engines (standard) 2x Volvo IPS 350 D4-310 2 x 310HP Engines (optional) 2x Volvo IPS 500 D6-370 2 x 370HP 2x Volvo IPS 600 D6-435 2 x 435HP Maximum speed 47 knots Fuel tank 750 litres Drinking water tank 170 litres Wastewater tank 90 litres Maximum payload 1250 kg Maximum passengers 16 Prices Start from € 495,000 (ex. VAT) Wajer Wajer Yachts BV It Butlan 16, 8621 DV Heeg | The Netherlands T: +31 515 442 131 | ww.wajer.com And there is plenty of room for all the toys: water skis, sub and surfboards, seabobs and diving gear for up to four people. Elegant storage solutions ensure that the equipment does not lie around taking up space when not in use – everything has its own dedicated place. Performance In her standard version, the new Wajer 38 S is fitted with twin Volvo IPS350 D4-310 310 hp four-cylinder diesel engines combined with dual IPS pod drives. As an option they can be replaced with two 370 or 435 hp six-cylinder Volvo diesels. The IPS dual pod is a propulsion system that can be efficiently controlled with a joystick. It ensures greater operational comfort, more precise steering and 10 to 15% higher performance than conventional propeller shaft propulsion, with the top speed being increased to some 47 knots (more than 85 km/h). Weight savings of over 960 kg compared to the Wajer 38 have been achieved through methods such as the use of innovative, lightweight materials, while the redesign of the bow section enhances the dynamic sailing performance. Customization There will be no two identical Wajer 38 S boats. The numerous options available are as varied as they are useful. For instance, it is possible to spray paint the hull, deck and/or cockpit in the owner’s preferred uni or metallic colour. A rear view camera can also considerably increase cruising comfort, especially when manoeuvring or water skiing. And a special high-end audio system developed especially for Wajer, consisting of three amps, eight speakers and two subwoofers, delivers at least the same sound quality as at home or in the car. Το 71% της επιφάνειας της γης είναι νερό. Αυτός είναι ο δικός μας κόσμος. L4 - F150 L4 - F175 L4 - F200 V6 - F225 V6 -F250 V6 - F300 V8 - F350 Γραμμή επικοινωνίας: 210 62 93 500 / www.yamaha-motor.gr tender
  37. 37. 70 Technical Replacing windows on the Ferretti 760 EDITED by Alex Galanakis | Photos Ferretti YACHTS, skipperondeck.gr How can you turn a Ferretti 760 into a Ferretti 761? How can you enlarge the windows of the Master cabin to enjoy plenty of natural light and a spectacular view to the sea? The answers to these questions were revealed during our meeting with Spiros Andrikopoulos and Vasilis Halkeas of Attica Yacht Services who led us step by step through a project that required surgical precision. The expert “Attica Yacht Services is the number one specialised technical support service provider for Ferretti yachts in Greece and its professionals have repeatedly contributed their experience and knowhow on the brands of the famous group” explains Spiros Andrikopoulos, Managing Director of Attica Yacht Services, and continues: “For example, the owner of a Ferretti 760 of 2003 wanted to renovate his yacht and asked us to install the great side windows of the new Ferretti 761 on the hull. This way, apart from the design remake, the Master cabin would be flooded with sun light while allowing direct contact with the sea level.” The refit “As soon as we were assigned that project, we contacted Franco Morandi of MCM company, the official sub-contractor of Ferretti Group, who had watched the same project being carried out on a similar yacht. Then, Mr. Morandi visited the yacht with us to make sure that the stringers on the hull and the superstructure remained at the condition in which they were delivered by the yard in 2003. This way there would be no chance of failure due to some already existing damage. After that, with the help of Mr Morandi, the two window frames (left and right) of the Ferretti 761 hull were delivered by the yard. Meanwhile the technicians of Attica Yacht Services had started the preparation which entailed dismantling the two bulkheads to make the stringers 100% visible at the points we had marked with Mr. Morandi. After the frames were delivered, exact cutouts of them were made and then attached onto the yacht so that the cut lines could be drawn on both sides of the hull. Then the hull was cut on both sides and the two frames were centred onto the holes so that they could be levelled to the sea surface to secure visual balance.” The last steps The next steps included placing the product in the hull holes and starting to connect it with the spray rails. After laminating it, we allowed the polyester to polymerise for about two weeks to get the desired result. Then the entire window was sealed with putty and visually aligned to the rest of the boat before it was finally coated with gelcoat. BEFORE AFTER Apart from the design remake, the Master cabin is flooded with sun light while allowing direct contact with the sea level
  38. 38. 72 Technical ⌦⌦ An exact cutout of the frame is made ⌦⌦ The cutout is centred onto the hull and the hull is cut ⌦⌦ Depending on the seal of the frame the inner glass surfaces of the boat are cut so that the new frame can be installed ⌦⌦ The window is centred to be in alignment with the sea level to secure visual balance ⌦⌦ Wooden wedges are used on the outside of the hull to follow the straight lines of the hull and the frames are screwed in ⌦⌦ All fissures appearing after cutting the hull are sealed with polyester putty ⌦⌦ We fix the putty on the inside with two layers of 10 cm thick fiberglass MAT 300 ⌦⌦ The outside support is removed ⌦⌦ The frame is fixed onto the hull with two layers of 30cm thick fiberglass MAT 300 ⌦⌦ Then two layers of 30 cm thick roving are applied on the same spots ⌦⌦ Then a narrow layer of 10cm thick fiberglass MAT 300 is applied to secure the roving and level the bump created by the roving layer ⌦⌦ After that we prepare the Foam to match the thickness of the hull ⌦⌦ We prepare soft polyester putty and add the foam in the putty layer which we have already spread on the surface to eliminate bumps on the hull and get a smooth level surface that can welcome the glass that will seal the hull ⌦⌦ Then the foam and putty are reinforced with a layer of fiberglass ΜΑΤ 300 from side to side ⌦⌦ After that three layers of roving, fibreglass ΜΑΤ 625 and 300 are applied to seal the inside of the boat ⌦⌦ After each layer, we seal the edges with a layer of 10 cm thick ΜΑΤ 300 ⌦⌦ Then we put two horizontal beams one over and one under the window and laminate them with two layers of fiberglass MAT 625 and roving 300 and two layers of fiberglass MAT 800 and fiberglass roving 450. In- between layers we apply layers of fiberglass MAT 300. ⌦⌦ Then three vertical rails over and below the window surface are laminated onto the horizontal beams with three layers of roving, MAT 800 and MATT 450. We finish with a layer of fibreglass MAT 300. Attica Yacht Services 8, Kritis Str. - 164 51 Argiroupoli, GREECE +30 211 012 3910 | info@atticayachts.com Mr Vasilis Halkeas, Technical Manager of Attica Yacht Services, provided us with the complete log book The technical team of Attica Yacht Services Together we succeed! Working in partnership with the project team, shipyard and applicator, Jotun Megayacht assures the perfect finish with premium products, full technical support, performance guarantees a global logistics network. Jotun Megayacht Professional range includes: Megagloss HG and Megagloss AC high gloss topcoats with a full range of colours offered through the Jotun MCI tinting system Megafiller range of epoxy fairing compounds to suit all requirements. Megayacht Imperial antifouling with advanced Silyl Acrylate technology. A full range of epoxy primers, sealers and undercoats. www.jotun.gr
  39. 39. 74 In a 100% nautical ambience, at Piraeus Sailing Club in the harbour of Mikrolimano, the organisers awarded the boats that finished first in the two classes as well as the people who helped towards this successful event. Giannis Moralis, Mayor of Piraeus, awarded the Great Cup to My Way, skippered by F. Kidoniatis, the great winner of the competition who won in Class A. The closing ceremony was honoured by all participating crews, the Mayor of Piraeus, Giannis Moralis, the Commander of the Hellenic Naval Academy, Georgios Leventis, the Vice president of the International Sailing Federation, Giorgos Andreadis, the President of the Offshore Sailing Committee, Akis Tsalikis, the President of HORC, Ioannis Maragkoudakis, the former President of Piraeus Sailing Club, Nikos Karageorgiou, sponsor representatives and many friends of the club and the world of sailing. Sail Greece “It was undoubtedly the best Panhellenic ORCi open water sailing championship of the last years. The races were breathtaking with all boats fighting for a distinction until the final leg. What’s more we welcomed many happy surprises with regard to the boats considered to be the front runners before the beginning of the race”, agreed YIannis Papadimitriou, the host of the event and President of Piraeus Sailing Club, and Akis Tsalikis, President of the Hellenic Sailing Federation. ORC Greek Nationals Piraeus Sailing Club2015 R e s u l t s ORCi Class A 1. My Way, skipper F. Kidoniatis (NOEF), 26.6 2. Melx II – P.L. Ferrari, skipper S. Papagiannopoulos (ΝΟΕ), 29.6 3. Atalanti XVI–Quantum, Amway, Sebago, skipper G. Andreadis. (ΝΟΕ), 39.1 ORCi Class B 4. Pega, skipper D. Alevizakis (HORC), 16.6 5. Granma X, skipper H. Pritsoulis (NCTH), 20.9 6. Gant, skipper G. Krimitsas (HORC), 23.3 Panagotis Mantis, the 2013 and 2014 bronze medalist in the 470 World Championships, and his Nespresso VMG Team looked stylish and remained composed to “sweep” their opponents aside to seal their ticket to the Grand Final. The game was on to defend their 2014 HMRT title. In the Grand Final, Alexandros Tagaropoulos and Hellenic Police couldn’t conjure up their earlier magic, and, after 4 exciting matches, they were defeated by Panagiotis Mantis and his Nespresso VMG Team. A stunning outcome for Nespresso VMG Team who won back to back victories to defend their Tour Trophy. In the petit final, Solgar Ursa Minor made a last minute move for glory, hunting out any slight advantage to conquer Dark ‘n Stormy Team. Superb teamwork gave Spanomanolis’ team third place, with Andreadis’ Dark ‘n Stormy knocked off the podium. The Hellenic Match Racing Tour 2015 was wrapped up with an impressive and glamorous closing ceremony. Prizes and awards were presented to massive applause from the watching crowd, in a proud moment for the victorious teams. Tour and event partners and supporters, alongside team sponsors showcased exquisite hospitality to guests. The “Hellenic Match Racing Tour” is a sailing league organized by “Icarus Sailing Media” under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and supported by the Greek National Tourist Organization. The 4th and final leg of the Hellenic Match Racing Tour 2015 took place in Piraeus, Greece, fielding a stunning line-up of leading Greek sailing stars. Perfect weather conditions over the two days of racing, 3-4 October, saw a fiercely fought series of match races, set against the dramatic scenery of the old harbour of Mikrolimano. Hellenic Match Racing Tour 2015 Sani - Paros - Vouliagmeni – mikrolimano Photos icarus sailing mediaPhotos nikos Alevromytis Yiannis Papadimitriou, President of Piraeus Sailing Club
  40. 40. 76 What happens after the Aegean Regatta? First we need to finish the jetty (we’ve been on this project for 10 - 18 months and we have a technical support contract with Sani Marina or Marina Cesme (CamperNicholson), in order to acquire the knowhow, set up the organisation that we have envisioned and finally manage all of the leisure boat shelters with services and facilities. The first step is the jetty, the second is to train the staff and get the marina to operate at full capacity, the way it did over these days. Then there is the dry docking. What has been the most difficult step so far? Unfortunately our efforts coincided with the change of government and, as we all know, elections and the change of ministers in Greece equal absolute idleness. By the end of the year we could have finished with the licences and perhaps even with the project itself but this is Greece with its good side and its bad side. Our short stay here has shown that you have fully undertaken the completion of the project and the operation of the marina. The project was delivered by the Greek National Tourism Organisation to the Municipality of Chios and the municipality handed it over to the Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios. Responsible for the designing, assimilation and materialisation of the project was Christos Aspradakis of the GNTO and Anastasia Markatou, Director of the Department of Tourist Ports of the Ministry of Tourism. When we were handed the project at the I.P.O. of Chios, it lacked a materialisation and operation plan, and building facilities, whereas the anchorage required certain improvements too. We decided to compete for the hosting of the Aegean Regatta and the Turkish Aegean Rally so that we could put ourselves to the test and show the world what it would be like to have a fully operative marina. Now both the materialisation and the operation of the marina are within our jurisdiction. Complementary projects had to be completed by the GNTO and the Ministry of Tourism. Unfortunately, the GNTO was closed down and so the funds to cover the complementary studies were nowhere to be found. At that point I realised that the game was in our hands. We undertook all complementary studies to make up for the initial setbacks and we are now at the final stage. To what extent does the project in Limnia reflect the activities of the I.P.O. of Chios? Our activities are highly diverse, including all port infrastructure -both for passengers and shipping-, the servicing of cruise ships and leisure boats as well as all of the building facilities further inland at the port areas. Despite the size of this project, Limnia constitutes only 10% of our activities. Of course, responding to our responsibilities presupposes a good team that works at all levels. With regard to marinas and leisure boat shelters I was blessed to work with three wonderful and efficient ladies: Vera Steirou, Sotiria Davetta and Evi Lagou, who organised and executed to the last detail the development plan for the marina in Limnia as well as the rest of the tourist infrastructure on Chios. Without them nothing would have been accomplished. I feel extremely lucky to have them with me in this project. The team carries out the project, arranges communications and that is a huge activity spectrum with an enormous workload. We never stop. The I.P.O. of Chios manages 27 pieces of infrastructure, from small fishing harbours to big projects like the one we are talking about. Today, looking at these 77 boats moored in the marina, I feel that we have come a long way considering that this is our first year. Yet, I know that tomorrow morning we will want to move on to the next stage. Aegean Regatta 2015 This is the first marina in Chios to feature facilities and services. What is your target? Our target is to secure its unhampered operation throughout the year, to help it evolve and become a magnet for tourists and, of course, to incorporate it in a larger network of well organised port facilities around the island of Chios. Our target for the future is to create an independent management body for the port facilities, capable of managing the marinas consistently and on an ongoing basis. Obviously, this scenario must mature in people’s minds and this will happen only when the development of sea tourism and port infrastructure, now treated with contempt due to idleness, is positively revaluated by people. Was it difficult to set up a marina? I wouldn’t really say that. The difficulty lies in making it work, creating an organisational chart, setting targets and having a vision. It is obviously difficult to achieve smooth operation right from the first year. We have already found several weaknesses, inadequacies and problems we had not anticipated. In practice, the marina started operating two months ago. It was a big bet for us to meet the high standards of the Aegean Regatta as well as the Turkish Aegean Rally which was here two weeks ago. Our biggest problem is the extension of the outside jetty for the protection of the marina from strong southern winds in the winter. When the project is completed, this piece of infrastructure will set in motion the development of the wider region. What is required? What are the prerequisites? Regrettably, the project took form amidst adverse circumstances. We have submitted all of the required reports and studies to the Ministry of Tourism since the beginning of January 2015, and we are waiting for the approval of the amended site by the ports committee. This committee was never set up by the relevant ministries and thus it was not possible to send the application folder to the managing body and claim a share of the NSRF currently in force. Our efforts have been redirected towards the next scheduled NSRF of 2014-2020. Of course, even as we speak, the committee has not been created yet. As soon as the project is finalised, we will be ready to set the marina in operation based on a well-thought-out plan. The marina will be able to welcome tourists from April to October, making the best of the west side, the most beautiful part of Chios. During winter it could become a mooring and repair spot for leisure boats, creating many job openings in a region that truly needs them. We will be setting into action the horizontal axis connecting the peninsula of Halkidiki in northern Greece with the Sporades island complex, Psara and Chios. The increased tourist traffic coming from the Turkish marinas is handled by facilities on the eastern side and especially the southern part of the central port of Chios. Let me add that 20-25 yachts come from Turkey every weekend. To make the entire venture feasible we need trained staff, and this depends on funds. However, only with proper training can we secure that the marina will be able to fully reimburse the initial capital. How did you manage to set the marina in operation for an event that has attracted 70 sailboats? The Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios couldn’t afford to spend funds, before securing the full operation of the marina throughout the year. So, we marshalled all our ingenuity and volunteers who agreed to support us during the Aegean Regatta. About 20 volunteers offered their services during these days. They took a mini training course that taught them the basics and as you found out for yourself they gave their best and provided excellent services to our guests. This new piece of infrastructure, the fact that there is a specific plan for its development along with the love of the people for this area, created for them the right stimuli and for us the team mates we needed. report The inauguration of Limnia Marina in Volissos, Chios Island Michael Belegris President of the Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios As part of the Aegean Regatta 2015 which started from Limnia in Volissos of Chios, the Intermunicipal Port Office of Chios in cooperation with the municipality of Chios held the official inauguration of the new shelter for leisure boats in Limnia, a marina of 55 berths. We seized the opportunity to meet Michael Belegris, President of the I.P.O. of Chios, and his team. INTERVIEWED by GERASIMOS GEROLIMATOS | Photos SKIPPERONDECK.GR