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Different types of media used in my production

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Media Studies Evaluation

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Different types of media used in my production

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in your work ? By George Gibbard
  2. 2. Research – software • Who am I task using Photoshop this allowed me to enhance my basic Photoshop skills. This meant that when it came to creating my magazine I already had a knowledge on using Photoshop. • PowerPoint on the analysis of the answers given to my questionnaire this allowed me to have a knowledge on the thought of what people had in a summary and in a simple layout. • Word to help me to write out the questions for my questionnaire meaning it was all spelt correctly and made grammatical sense.
  3. 3. Research – Hardware • I used a digital SLR to record “if you were to create a magazine article what would it be about.” This meant that I was able to gain an insight into other peoples thoughts and opinions on different magazine ideas • Used a voice recorder for my questionnaire so that I was able to go back over there answer and use them to make the magazine which I had created better by using there opinions such as there current opinion on Millwall FC • IMac is central to my research as this had all of the software on it that I used for my research such as Google, PowerPoint and Photoshop.
  4. 4. Research – Internet • Target Audience using books and the internet to research stereotypes of typical audiences which this product would be aimed at meaning that I was able to base my work around current magazines and article and who they would target there piece at. • Codes and conventions of a magazine using a brainstorm as it meant that I was able to have a layout in which I was able to and use different colors for different parts of my magazine, such as using orange for the double page spread or green for my cover page. • Imagery research was done using Google as I was able to find the first images of Millwall fc that came up which was the fans fighting and swearing only further enhancing the point that Millwall are stereotyped as Hooligans. • Using Online newspaper articles to see the representations of Millwall and how the newspaper can affect the opinions of the everyday public. • Initial Ideas task using Brainstorm as it meant that I was able to have a layout in which I was able to and use different colors for different parts of my initial ideas and different ideas such as Millwall hooligans in blue and starting your own business in orange. • Wordpress is one of the most reliable blogging sites and with previous experience of it from my work last year it meant that it was simple and easy for me to use. • YouTube meant that I was able to upload videos to the website and then put them on my blog as well as watch videos such as the BBC panorama video into Millwall FC to further enhance my knowledge on the club. • Sound cloud meant that I was able to upload the answers from the questionnaire which I completed.
  5. 5. Planning • Photograph skills task using the digital SLR camera’s as the picture meant that I was able to plan different shots and different camera angles which you could use for my magazine. • Logo Development Skills was using dafont and Photoshop for different logos and fonts which I could use during my magazine article. • Used Photoshop to design my page Layout meaning that I was able to have a basic idea of what the layout of my pages was going to be like. • Photo-shoot plan is a plan on the photos which I want to take when I am at the football stadium I used wordpress to layout the plan and Google to search for other images of the stadium which I may be able to recreate. • IMac had the basic software which I needed to help me to plan such as Photoshop Google and word to help me plan. • Google was used to help me find images of which I would want to recreate when I was at the Den taking pictures of. • Plan structure for my writing using Microsoft word I was able to create a plan of the way that my wording would be laid out such as starting with the negatives and then finishing with the positives • Script for my radio advert was created on word as I planned what I was going to say during the radio advert.
  6. 6. Construction – Collecting Imagery • Using Digital SLR camera to take my photos of the stadium, off me as a hooligan and of the football pitch for my billboard. • Using my iPhone to Take videos of Millwall fans singing before and after a game which I used for my radio advert • Word for writing out a draft of my article and creating a script for my radio advert • Voice recorder to record the voice over for my radio advert • Online technology such a train timetable to get to the stadium on time
  7. 7. Construction – Still Image Editing • Photoshop I used to help create my magazine this allowed me to edit images and create a page layout suited to a professional magazine. Also I had previous experience using Photoshop meaning I could easily be able edit my images. • Final cut Pro was a new software for me to used but allowed the work that I created to be a high quality due to it being an industry standard product • Dafont is a website that I used to get different fonts which I could use for my magazine article for headings • YouTube helped me to find different techniques which I could use to help edit my magazine article and my radio advert. I also used it to upload my radio advert to. • I used an iMac in which all of the different software's could be used and also somewhere I can save my work.
  8. 8. Evaluation • Digital SLR which I can use to record my evaluation when I am talking to the camera as one different ways in which I can evaluate my work. • Recorder I can use to record a voice over which goes over the top of the of images as I evaluate my work. I have previous experience using this equipment and once again it’s a different way in which I could present my work. • YouTube is used to upload any videos of my evolutions which I can then upload to my blog. • Word press is a simple blogging website which I can use and personalize to make it specific to my work. • iMac has the software that I was going to use on them as well as it being somewhere I can save my work on. • Final Cut Pro can be used to edit videos and sound clips for my evaluations and once again it allows me to have a different types of evaluation