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Diary entry

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Diary Entries for my Media A Level

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Diary entry

  1. 1. Diary Entry By George Gibbard
  2. 2. The task I have chosen The first four pages from an original regional magazine, together with two of the following three options: • a radio advertisement for the magazine; • two hyperlinked pages from the magazine’s website; • a billboard advertisement for the magazine. I have chosen this task because of the subject matter what I wish to talk about. I want to talk about how Millwall FC are commonly represented in the media as being a team which are always seen to be causing trouble and violence. I feel that Millwall are burdened by the media and are seen as an outlet and are targeted for the way in which there fan behave. I have no qualms in saying that Millwall do cause trouble but I feel that they are commonly targeted and that there is a common usage of deviancy amplification. The media make the situation with Millwall seem worse than it actually is by over exaggerating the situation. This can be done by them making it seem there was more Millwall fans than there actually was or that there was more injuries. They also filter the information which they give you half the story to make Millwall as a whole club bad. This put together has given every Millwall fan a bad name across the world and this has lead to them being known for the fighting and trouble they cause rather than the football they play. This compared to bigger clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool who seem to slip under the radar with the trouble which they cause. I believe that there should be an equal balance in the coverage this can be done by the media giving less coverage on Millwall or by giving more coverage on other teams.
  3. 3. Diary Entry 1 To start off I put all my ideas down onto a piece of paper and made a brainstorm on the advantages and the disadvantages on which product I was going to choose to make. By doing this it means that I was able to put into perspective which idea I thought would work best. I was also able to make a slideshow on similar articles and analyse the articles and what they are actually saying. I was able to find out that most if not all articles that where on Millwall had a negative representation of the club and shows them as being trouble makers. I wanted to change the representation of Millwall in the media by making this product so that we are able to see both sides of the club. Finally I have done a mood board in which there was a ride range of pictures typically shown when thinking of Millwall these images commonly show football hooligans causing trouble again showing the link between Millwall and hooliganism in football.
  4. 4. Diary Entry 2 I have finished making my questionnaire which is full of questions based on Millwall's perception in the media and how also football hooligans are usually shown in the media. I asked these questions to two people a football fan and somebody who doesn't’t like football. By doing this it means that I was able to get two different views one from a person in the footballing world and another from somebody who has no interest in football. I also was able to research into the codes and conventions of a sports magazine I was able to find out what should be in the main article, contents page and the front cover. By doing this I was able to gather an idea of how the pages should be set out meaning I was following the codes and conventions of the genre.
  5. 5. Diary Entry 3 In this lesson I created my PowerPoint on the questionnaire analysis and was able to analyse what the two people who is asked and put that into my work. With there opinions I was able to work out how I would be able to change the perceptions of Millwall. I would create a magazine article in which I analyse Millwall’s past and how they have changed and the good they are currently doing. I also created my target audience this included who my magazine article would be aimed at and why its aimed at them. I included the effect that I would want to have on the target audience
  6. 6. Diary Entry 4 Today I was able to plan my production schedule this meant I was able to create a timeline in which I wanted my magazine to be finished by. This meant I was able to work by a regime in which my work could be finished by. Secondly I also made my first photo shoot plan in this I was able to plan whether my shots that would be taken and how I would take them. I also decided on how effective that they would be in my work.
  7. 7. Diary entry 5 Today I analyzed the shots which I took in my spare time this meant I was able to choose the best shots for my work. By doing this it meant that I was able to choose the best shots for my work and how they could fit into my magazine. I also create my layout design this is where I create a basic layout in how I want my magazine to look when its finished. This included in deciding where text goes and where images go meaning that I am able to make the best layout design for my work possible .
  8. 8. Diary Entry 6 So far I have begun to make my pages and testing it with different colour schemes logos and different texts. The fist 3 pictures show one of the colour schemes and fonts which I was trying out. At the moment I will use this colour scheme because its bright and stands out. Also it’s the same colour as the target markets team. The target market is mainly football fans and within that Millwall fans who play in blue and white. I also have done a ideas page at the bottom which includes my ideas for logo and different layouts for my pages.
  9. 9. Dairy Entry 7 Today I have started to make changes to my contents page to make it look more like a magazine contents page. I made changes by looking at other contents pages from other magazines and using them as inspiration for my work. I have made the banners in which the text for the teams names are the colour of there home kits and added a picture which I could use in my article alongside a quote from my text as my main image. If w was to improve this I would like to have less plain colours and blank space .
  10. 10. Diary Entry 8 Today I have made more changes to my contents page be this has included me changing the whole layout of my page from being a plain background and now it has an image as a background. I have changed the opacity levels on the text so that you are still able to see the background of the image. I have made these changes and I believe it has improved my contents page due to the small amounts of texts with detail underneath it. Also with the background being the football stadium it shows the links between the main article which is on Millwall.
  11. 11. Diary Entry 9 Today I have started to make the cover page for for my main article this involved me taking images of myself in a stone island jacket creating connotations of danger. This was then followed by myself testing different filters on the image until I was able to create the image that I wanted to create. This lead to me also creating bold titles and fonts which where able to make the titles stand out. This also meant that I was also able to incorporate the logo into my work. The black to red is able to show the change and add extra emphasis on the hero's.
  12. 12. Diary Entry 10 Today I was able to make changes to my text page this meant that I was creating a large title page which is used to make the article stand out more. This was done by me getting two images of the stadium and the person holding the flag and joining them together to make the main cover page. This also meant that I was able to put in a bold title in the colour’s of blue and white which is the colour’s of Millwall's home strip.
  13. 13. Diary Entry 11 I then started to create my text and how it should be laid out on the page this included me having a basic layout of 4 paragraphs with a large quote in the center of the page. By having this large quote in the center of the page it immediately draws the readers attention to the text. This is also linked to the timeline in the red box which is the colour of anger which is linked to the common cause of hooliganism.
  14. 14. Diary Entry 12 In this lesson I created my final page for my magazine. This page created the last representation of Millwall and the good stuff that they do and they don’t get recognized for. I used a image that I took at a Millwall away game and this image shows the whole stand filled with Millwall fans which is what the main article is about I was able to tone down the brightness of the image so the text is more visible on the page and makes it stand out more. I also included the image of the Millwall badge which I took a picture of on my Millwall shirt and then cut around it.
  15. 15. Diary Entry 13 I have started to research the codes and conventions of a billboard. I firstly researched what is in a normal billboard I then researched what is in a sporting billboard so I was able to find what makes a sporting billboard which meant I was able to put them into my work. I then created a mood board with famous billboards on such as McDonalds and Jack Daniels but I also used some sports billboards from teams and brands.
  16. 16. Diary Entry 14 I have started to gather my images for my billboard, this meant that I had to go to a football pitch and get a wide variety of different shots of the pitch. This meant that I was able to use these for the background of the billboard. The images that I used needed to be edited and cropped this would be done by me increasing the brightness on the pictures meaning that the white line and the grass stood out more on the page. I have also started to create my billboard this meant that I put my image in as my background added my logo to the page and the name of the article. I now need to find the correct font and colours to make the page look as effective as possible.
  17. 17. Diary Entry 15 I began to do research into other similar products and there adverts for the radio. This analysis meant I was able to work out some codes and conventions of the radio. By getting the codes and conventions it meant that I that I was able to make a script as well which I would read as a voice over. Script Out Now The latest edition of London sport Magazine In this weeks edition An article on Millwall Hooligans, the trouble they’ve caused and what they are doing to improve their reputation Can the Lions be Tamed or will they be blamed ? London’s Biggest Sports Magazine Available throughout the region for only £4.99
  18. 18. Dairy Entry 16 I have finally started to create my radio advert which included the script which I created. I started off with the backing music which I recorded whilst Millwall was playing Bradford in the League 1 Play-off semi final. This included the Millwall fans singing and this song was played quietly in the background as the script was read. As I got to the end of the script the background music slowly began to increase until it took other and became the main focus at the end of the advert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oROA-NDdEQQ