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Op Art

Discover the world of Optical Illusion Art. This presentation includes work by M.C. Escher, Bridget Riley, and how-to steps for making your very own Op Art.

Credit to Mrs. Brown's Art Class (Google for more information!)

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Op Art

  1. 1. Op Art When something plays tricks on your eyes it is called an Optical Illusion… Op Art is artwork that plays tricks on our eyes.
  2. 2. Op Art There is an artist named M.C. Escher who is famous for creating lots of different kinds of Op Art. M.C. Escher
  3. 3. Op Art M.C. Escher
  4. 4. Op Art M.C. Escher
  5. 5. Op Art When you stare at a color for a long time, then you stare into an empty space… you can sometimes see the opposite of that color!
  6. 6. Op Art Stare at the nose for 15 seconds. Then, look into the white box. What do you see?
  7. 7. Op Art Stare at the black dot with color for 15 seconds. Then, look quickly at the black dot without color. What do you see?
  8. 8. Lines! Op Art is only successful when using various lines correctly. How many different lines can you think of?
  9. 9. Op Art There is an artist named Bridget Riley who is famous for creating Op Art that looks like it is moving. Sometimes it hurts your eyes to look at it for too long.
  10. 10. Op Art
  11. 11. Op Art
  12. 12. Op Art
  13. 13. Op Art Studio! 1. Place a dot somewhere on your paper. 2. Use a ruler to make diagonal lines from your dot to the ends of the paper. Use straight lines! 3. Use curve lines inside your diagonals. Make sure they go all around the paper. 4. Color every other section, using two colors.