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GeoMonday 2016.2 – nanoton - swarm bee location-awareness technology

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To support location-awareness independent of satellite navigation nanotron has created the swarm bee family of wireless modules. Modules are available with Chirp or UWB radio technology. All of them are sharing the common swarm API. The swarm product family targets the growing market for autonomous smart items and cuts time to market for location-aware products by 12 months. With swarm bee developers focus on application design. The talk describes the basic swarm bee module configuration and explains use cases and business applications.

Dr. Thomas Foerste, VP Marketing & Sales nanotron Technologies GmbH, Berlin (Germany) joined nanotron in 2008 from LSI. Previously senior sales and marketing positions with LSI, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Agere Systems. Ph.D. in Semiconductor Devices from Technical University Dresden, Germany.

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GeoMonday 2016.2 – nanoton - swarm bee location-awareness technology

  1. 1. swarm bee location-awareness technology GeoMonday June, 20 2016 Thomas Förste t.foerste@nanotron.com © nanotron Technologies GmbH
  2. 2. Location-Awareness In front of … In line with … Too far apart from … Too close to … © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 2
  3. 3. © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 3 Lack of Location-Awareness
  4. 4. Nature vs. Technology The Senses: Vision, Sound, Scent, Touch, Temperature. Tagging: Purpose-build tagging Devices or Smartphones. © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 4
  5. 5. Generic Location-Awareness swarm bee: Wireless proximity and positioning with sensor fusion. © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 5 Presence Detection Context Detection Proximity Detection Sequence Detection Zoning Transition between Zones Asset Location Navigation
  6. 6. Smart Items  Are autonomous.  Feature one or more sensors.  Are capable of wireless data communication.  Are location-aware. swarm bee Modules  Are small battery operated wireless nodes.  Feature acceleration and temperature sensors.  Are capable of wireless data communication.  Are location-aware. © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 6 swarm bee modules are smart items.
  7. 7. swarm bee device © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 7 configuration over the air swarm bee LE module Acceleration + Temperature Optional host µC *) Power Antenna *) Application code running on host µC adds intelligence to behavior of swarm bee device.
  8. 8. How does swarm bee work?  swarm bee broadcasts advertisement blinks in an configurable interval  Other swarm bees who receive this blinks may … - measure the distance - broadcast results to everyone  Any broadcast packet contain additional information about the module like … - Own sensor data (battery, temperature, acceleration, GPIO status) - Alarm status Did you know? Each broadcast sent by a swarm bee module can be also localized by nanotron’s TDOA system. © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 8
  9. 9. © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 9 4 GPIO digital linear stand-aloneGPIO Configuration and Control over the air Configuration and Control by the host µC *) How to control swarm bee modules? *) Application code running on host µC adds intelligence to behavior of swarm bee device.
  10. 10. Technology independent swarm API More than 60 commands allow customers to adjust swarm bee for own purposes.  Change radio configuration  Ranging commands  Data communication commands  Medium access commands  Sensor commands  Air interface only commands © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 10 DK+ Development Board with swarm bee. „The swarm bee module and its high-level API cuts time to market by 12 months!“
  11. 11. swarm bee flavors: Chirp and UWB Chirp – swarm bee LE  2.4 GHz ISM, chirp technology  10 – 500 meter range  Data rate 1Mbps, 250kbps  1 meter accuracy  nanoLOC chip from nanotron UWB – swarm bee ER  3.5 … 6.5 GHz, UWB technology  0 – 20 meter range  Data rate 6,8Mbps, 850kbps, 110kbps  10 cm accuracy  DW1000 chip from Decawave © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 11 swarm bee products share the same comprehensive swarm API.
  12. 12. Location-Awareness @Work © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 12
  13. 13. The Business Opportunity  Application: Combine Satellite Navigation with Location-Awareness.  Technology: Utilize all available data for Location-Awareness.  Business: Location-Awareness as a Service. © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 13 Collision Avoidance
  14. 14. protect and find © nanotron Technologies GmbH GeoMondays 14 Today nanotron’s embedded location platform delivers location- awareness for safety and productivity solutions across industrial and consumer markets. The platform consists of chips, modules and software that enable precise real-time positioning and concurrent wireless communication. The ubiquitous proliferation of interoperable location platforms is creating the location-aware Internet of Things. www.nanotron.com