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Game task

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  1. 1. Fashionopoly Board Game Task
  2. 2. The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ee/2020/mar/13/the-guardian-view-on-fast- fashion-it-cant-cost-the-earth Every year, 100bn new garments are produced, by an industry which employs one out of six people worldwide. Yet only 2% of them earn a living wage.
  3. 3. Templates http://www.museumofgaming.org.uk /documents/DesignYourOwnGame. pdf
  4. 4. Facts and Figures / Questions
  5. 5. Game elements Purpose - first person to… Money element? Chance events / question cards Events which cause progress to go forwards / backwards / miss a turn Collecting elements of the garment being made
  6. 6. Research - note down reports and articles you use...
  7. 7. Key messages The moment you create a product, any product, you're in some way creating a footprint. Consider the impact of the material the garment is made of. Consider the supply chain that produces them. Consider the workers of the company that created and distributed them.
  8. 8. An installation made from clothes found in the abandoned Tak Fak garment factory in Cambodia, representing the more than seven hundred gallons of water required to grow the cotton for one T-shirt; from ‘Clothing the Loop,’ by Von Wong and Laura Francois, 2018