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Genwest Company profile

  1. Company profile 2015
  4. We provide value-added services that include comprehensive plate stock holding, oxy fuel, hi-definition plasma and laser cutting, plate rolling and bending, and mechanical and structural design, as well as project management. We live by our slogan Powered by Challenge. As an international contender we constantly strive to add value to our customers through innovative solutions. Our complete scope of supply is included in our ISO 9001 accreditation. We are a leading steel plate stockist of various steel grades in thickness of up to 150mm. Genwest is a dynamic steel centre based in Saldanha Bay, South Africa. Our Headquarters are ideally situated in the heart of the West Coast Industrial Development Zone. Our corrosion protection division situated in Blackheath, Cape Town, is a specialist coatings and linings operation, which completes our range of services.
  6. We align ourselves with the demands of changing markets. This enables us to adapt and continually supply our clients with a competitive service and superior products. Managing Director General Manager Sales Director Manufacturing Manager Project Manager Corrosion Protection Manager OPS Director Financial Manager HR Manager Director SHEQ Manager Senior Construction Manager Construction Manager management structure We believe in delivering excellence
  9. Profile Cutting CNC OXY FUEL CUTTING Thickness ranges from 10mm to 300mm. Cutting tolerances are accurate with excellent cut surface quality. CNC HIGH DEFINITION PLASMA CUTTING Accurate high speed cutting in a thickness range from 1mm to 40mm with excellent cutting tolerances and surface quality. CNC LASER CUTTING Produces high precision cut parts to exact tolerances with holes and cut out shapes that would otherwise require further machining. Plate Bending Our service centre boasts a heavy industrial plate bend press. An exact tolerance machine used in conjunction with the laser cut machine produces high quality laser cut and bent parts. Drilling/Counter Sinking We specialise in the machining of abrasion resistant plates, most commonly by the drilling and countersinking/counter boring of holes in liner plates, grizzly bars etc. Drafting and Detailing Using the latest design and draughting software that interfaces with our service centre software, greatly reduces production time and minimizes risk. Steel Rolling We roll light, medium and heavy plates. Cylinders and cones can be fully prepped and welded to any client specification. Steel sections can also be rolled including: • Equal angle • Unequal angle • Channel • Square and round tubing • Schedule piping • Universal beams • Universal columns our services are customised to customer specifications
  11. A vital component of our turnkey approach to providing solutions for the steel fabrication industry is our Design and Development department. We are at the forefront of mechanical design, structural design, and draughting and detailing. Committed to exceeding customer expectations
  12. corrosion protection
  13. Our abrasive grit blasting and coating products and services extend beyond the needs of any one industry, these include: • Surface preparation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. • Concrete and special substrates that include abrasive grit blasting. • High- and low-pressure water cleaning, High-pressure water blasting, Ultra-high pressure water jetting. • Hand, Mechanical and Power-tool preparation. • Conformation to Standards of NACE, ISO and SSPC. • Application of coatings with conventional, high-pressure and multi-plural component spray to NACE- ISO- SSPC Standards and customer requirements. • Internal and external coatings and lining application to Standard and Customer Specifications. • Application specialised pipe and structural coatings, marine protection system, including tapes, brush and spray applied liquid coatings, mastics, primers and sealants based on materials such as petrolatum, butyl rubber bitumen, plastics and epoxy resin. • Rubber lining. • Stopaq® visco elastic coatings. Shop applications done at our Blackheath factory: • Dedicated site crews for on-site applications • Destructive and Non-Destructive testing of all coatings. • In-house instrumentation to conduct DFT, WFT, Dust, Salt, Profile, Adhesion, PIG, Climatic and Ultrasonic testing to customer requirements. • Quality control to the NACE CIP Programme ensures the best possible quality and service at all times. Our expertise, your success
  14. Project Management
  15. We offer our clients a comprehensive Project Management service. Our Project Management team oversees projects from the drawing board to commissioning. Project Management services include, but are not limited to: • Design/development. • Draughting and detailing. • Steel supply. • Structural and plate fabrication for various industry sectors (e.g. mining, petro chemical, etc.). • Corrosion protection and protective coatings. • Construction, installation and commissioning. Customer satisfaction is our priority
  17. RANGE grade/hardness (Bhn)d dimensions (LxW) thickness range (mm) Our service centre stocks a comprehensive range of steel plate and offers specialised value adding services as listed below: MARINE GRADE PLATE Grade A (ABS.Lloyds) EH 36 (ABS.Lloyds) 10000 x 2400 10000 x 24000 6 - 50 6 - 25 STRUCTURAL PLATE EN 10025 S355 4000 x 2400 10000 x 2400 6000 x 2400 5 - 50 60 - 100 120 - 150 PRESSURE VESSEL PLATE EN 10028 P355 NL 10000 x 2400 8 - 50 ENGINEERED WEAR METALS TUBULAR HARD FACING ELECTRODES (THOR-ARC) EWM: 001 EWM: 004 8 x 450 8 x 450 WEAR PLATE 400 450 500 * Chromium carbide 3000 x 1500 12000 x 2500 12000 x 2500 12000 x 2500 6 - 100 6 - 50 6 - 50 6/6 - 12/10 * CrC internal hardfacing or pipes from 4” upwards to 600mm long
  18. Structural/Section Steel (as common in South Africa): • Full range of RSA (Equal and Unequal angles) • Parallel and taper flange channel • Universal Columns and Beams • Tubing (Square and Round) • Rods (Square and Round) • Flat Bar Reinforcing (as common in South Africa): • Full range of concrete reinforcing steel as per client requirements. Piping and Fittings (as common in South Africa): • Full range of Steam or Scheduled piping and fittings. Fastener Requirements: • Full Range of Fasteners and washers as required by client. • Any grade as per client requirement (Stainless and Carbon ranges). • Specialised/custom bolt manufacture. The items in this section are available upon order and will, in normal cases, be available within two working days from the date of order.
  20. Holcim Australia • Two wet batch concrete plants supplied and manufactured. • Corrosion protection, grit blasting and painting to specification, for use in the Gorgon project. • Designed, supplied and manufactured 200ton cement silos for plants. • All components were completely manufactured and exported to Australia. Chevron Refinery (Cape Town, South Africa) • Complete supply, fabrication and corrosion protection of floating roof for 54m diameter bulk storage tanks, as well as all stairways, platforms and tank attachments. • Complete tank floor replacements and shell repair. • Complete corrosion protection application on flare modernisation project, specialised coatings of approximately 10,000m2. ADP marine and modular • Suppy and manufacture, corrosion protection (grit blasting and paint to specification), and trail assembly of various modules for Lapardi Project (Brazil). • Modules included dense medium separation module. • Various receiving and transfer bins and chutes with rubber and steel lining were also manufactured. BHP Billiton • Complete new sinter breakers manufactured from profile cutting, machining and hardfacing. • Improved design, greatly enhancing the structural integrity. Hardfacing was done with our EWM:004 (for elevated temperatures) Tubular hardfacing electrodes, thus extending the service life of the equipment by four times that of the original lifespan. Sunrise Energy • Corrosive and protective coating of the largest LPG storage vessels in South Africa. • Dimensions: 67m long x 7m diameter weighing approximately 600 ton. Expert supplier to a global market
  21. CAPE TOWNSALDANHA t +27 22 714 4215 f +27 86 622 3950 Genwest Building, Kamp Street P.O. Box 552, Saldanha, 7395