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Qlikview Business Intelligence

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The QlikView Business Discovery platform bridges the gap between traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions and standalone office productivity applications, enabling users to forge new paths and make new discoveries. QlikView works with what you already have and infuses a broad set of new capabilities into BI. It brings a whole new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data stores with user interfaces that are clean, simple, and straightforward.

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Qlikview Business Intelligence

  1. 1. Introducing 11 SOCIAL BUSINESS DISCOVERY Drive Collaborative, Innovative Decisions What’s New in QlikView 11 The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision -making. QlikView 11 takes Business Discovery to a whole new level by enabling users to easily share more information with coworkers, supporting larger enterprise deployments through enhanced manageability, and delivering an enhanced mobile experience. With QlikView 11, business users can conduct searches and interact with dynamic dashboards and analytics from any device. They can ask and answer questions on their own and in groups and teams, forging new paths to insight and decision. They don’t have to go back to IT for help with a new query or report each time they come up with a new question. Instead, IT’s role in Business Discovery is to enable self-service business intelligence (BI) by assembling and delivering relevant data while ensuring security, scalability, and performance. About The Release With the release of QlikView 11 we expand our vision of Business Discovery to include all three of the critical facets of decision making: data, people, and place. Traditional BI vendors are stuck at data reports, and even data discovery vendors are primarily concerned with data visualization. QlikView 11 supports true decision making by bringing together the data (QlikView at its core, associative search), with the people (Social Business Discovery), with the place (Mobile). GENIE TECHNOLOGIES INC. 7th Floor, Alphaland Southgate Tower, Don Chino Roces Ave., corner EDSA, Makati City, (1232), Philippines Tel: (632) 846-1239/ Fax (632) 846-2637 Mobile: +63917-8724677/ Mobile Duo: +632- 5864140 Website: www.gti.com.ph