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The Importance of the NZ Technology Sector

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The Importance of the NZ Technology Sector

  1. 1. The Importance of the NZ Technology Sector Candace Kinser Chief Executive Officer NZICT Group Gen-i FWD_Live Programme Napier 25 February 2013
  2. 2. Some Tech Stats…• By the end of 2013, the global software market will be over US$450B (up 50.5% in just 5 yrs, from 2008)• USA currently has 43% of the global software market value1• Australia has nearly 7%• NZ has less than 1% of the global software market• General business productivity software = highest growth (BI, analytics & Performance Mgmt – filter lots of data, fast) 2Forrsights: The Software Market In Transformation, 2011 And Beyond12Gartner report: "Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, March 2012
  3. 3. The Connected World• In 2012, over 2 billion people (33% of the world’s population) connected to the Internet• Highest growth areas for mobile uptake and purchasing via a mobile device: Africa, Middle East and Latin America• ICT underpins the world economy, social development and cultural change like no other industry• Asia will have a larger middle class in the next 5 years than the rest of the world combined.
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  6. 6. Technology in New Zealand• ICT attracts $2b of Government procurement, which is 7% of all procurement expenditure ($30b annually)• The ICT sector is worth more than $20b a year, employs 40,000 people and accounts for 10% ($5b) in annual export earnings, not far behind dairy’s $8b.• 34 ICT companies with revenue over $50m in 2012, and 18 with over $100m.• The tech sector has the scalability to lead economic growth for NZ and be #1 for GDP contribution by 2017. 6
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  10. 10. People reach their goals because of what they do, not who they are. Companies are no different. 10
  11. 11. NZICT Strategic Pillars 2013 and Beyond...Our Vision:A prosperous New Zealand led bya vibrant technology industry.Our Purpose:We help New Zealand technologybusinesses to succeed by encouragingtalent, increasing knowledge, creatingconnections and influencing policy.Core strategic values:• Growing skills and talent for a strong future• Supporting business growth & export capabilities• Creating a vibrant future with government• Make NZICT a sustainable & thriving member driven organisation. 11
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  13. 13. • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9C3WI9YpYY 13