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Martin g wk10_final portfolio_v2

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Martin g wk10_final portfolio_v2

  2. 2. DREAM PROJECT • Pick a Dream • Needs to be a vivid dream, one that you can remember • Sees a dark, mysterious figure with a gun
  3. 3. COMMERCIAL PROJECT • Pick a Commercial • Create a rough sketch of the beats and storyboard • Create the style of aTV show that you like • Create a Color Study of it and include the name of the creator of the drawing style
  5. 5. STORY PROJECT • Pick a story or create one. (chose Icarus story) • Create 6 concept sketches of a movie poster • Collect reference images • Put all images into final poster version
  6. 6. PROCESS FROM SKETCH TO FINAL Sketch Color Study Final Color FinalVersion
  7. 7. FINAL VERSION • Find reference pictures • Mask the things that you do not need in the images or cut them out • Put them in different lays and not on the same layer • Use burn tool to crate the shading of where the light is hitting • Use the stamp tool and lasso tool to get rid of images you do not need but still need the image to repair
  9. 9. MIDTERM PROJECT • Create a head image and find images or draw them that tell how you think • Ex. 1. Being eaten by Zombies, 3. Playing video games, etc.
  10. 10. BEGINNING • Create a head on bottom • Create 7 different thought bubbles • Put what each one is in the bottom left corner
  11. 11. REVISED FINAL • Create a larger head in center • Create though bubbles around head • Put descriptions of what they are inside the head
  12. 12. VIDEO GAME PROJECT • Get into groups • Select a game where you can redo the user interface • Create 20 different sketches of icons, weapons, vehicles, and creatures • Create final versions of the sketches • Select what kind of game style your looking for • Add all the Final Sketches into the game style FinalVersion of Game Style
  13. 13. WEAPONS SKETCH • Create 20 different weapon sketches • Cerate a rough and final perspective of the weapon you chose • Create a color turn around of weapon
  14. 14. ALIEN'S SKETCH • Create 20 sketches of Aliens or creatures • Select one Alien and do a character turn around • Create a final color character turn around
  15. 15. VEHICLE SKETCH • Create 20 Sketches of vehicles • Select one and create a Perspective of it • Create a final color perspective
  16. 16. ICONS SKETCH• Select 20 different Icons that the game has • Recreate the design of the Icons and how you think they will look better than they are now • Select four Icons and make them bigger • Create final color versions for the larger icons