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Using Customer Success to Drive Lead Generation and List Building

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Using Customer Success to Drive Lead Generation and List Building

We invite you to join us at our inaugural Series Event in Austin, Texas where local sales leaders provide creative answers to some of the most common questions asked by members of today’s Sales teams. The night's topic is Hacking Lead Generation & List Building and our objective is to send our attendees home with an arsenal of tips and strategies for overcoming the following challenges

Identifying your ideal customer profile and creative sales strategies for where to find them
Creating segmented lists and tips on how to do effective and creative outreach
Putting into practice inbound and outbound outreach strategies
Fully utilizing web scraping, Virtual Assistants, and Sales Automation tools and strategies
Identifying metrics that really matter and how to track and measure them
...and much more!

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Using Customer Success to Drive Lead Generation and List Building

  1. 1. Lead Gen & List Building Secrets Lincoln Murphy Sales Hacker Series Austin March 24, 2015
  2. 2. @lincolnmurphy
  3. 3. http://sixteenventures.com/saleshacker
  4. 4. What We’ll Cover Lead Generation vs. Lead Capture 1 2 Identify your Ideal Customer 3 Enter the Conversation 4 3 Secret Sales Hacks 5 Q& A
  6. 6. 1. Generation = Creating Leads where there otherwise aren’t any. AKA Demand Generation. 2. Capture = Siphoning off some of the existing demand for yourself GENERATION VS. CAPTURE
  8. 8. 1. Innovative, creating a new product category (like Gainsight) 1. The Market Doesn’t (Really) Exist Yet 2. Disrupting a relatively established and staid market (Zenefits) • The Market Exists… but they don’t know it yet • They aren’t looking for you • They aren’t looking to change the status quo • If they do find you, the switching cost is high STARTUPS
  9. 9. • Requires Active Outreach to Drive Pipeline • Marketing Accelerates (backs-up) Process • It’s a Process • Educate the Market on the Concept • Get them to realize they need the Concept • Make them realize they need your offering (rather than other upstarts by now) STARTUPS REQUIRE LEAD GENERATION
  10. 10. • They may not (probably don’t) know you exist. • They’re not actively looking for you. • You have to come in and disrupt the status quo; get in front of them. • Help them realize that you can make their life better. • And even though they want you to exist… • now that you do, they may have some qualms about jumping on your ship. STARTUPS REQUIRE LEAD GENERATION
  11. 11. • Doing the same thing as every other company, but maybe better, faster or cheaper (pick 2!) • IRL: Restaurants, Yoga Studios • SaaS: Project Management, CRM, Accounting, etc. • Market Characteristics • They know they have a problem • They know there’s a solution • They are solving the problem somehow • They might know who you are • You know who they are NON-STARTUPS
  12. 12. • Demand Exists • Marketing and Inbound Can Drive Pipeline • People are actively searching for what you offer • Outreach Accelerates Growth! NON-STARTUPS CAN RELY ON CAPTURE
  14. 14. IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE Ready Willing Able Success Potential Acquisition Efficiency Expansion Potential Advocacy Potential
  15. 15. IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE Remember, Ideal Customer is Situational Ready Willing Able Success Potential Acquisition Efficiency Expansion Potential Advocacy Potential
  16. 16. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Situational Awareness
  17. 17. IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE Ready Willing Able Success Potential Acquisition Efficiency Expansion Potential Advocacy Potential
  18. 18. You can’t know what Marketing Channels, Pitch, Pricing, or Messaging to use until you are clear on your Ideal Customer Profile.
  19. 19. 1. Ideal Customer Profile 2. Persona Development 3. Empathy Mapping THE PROPER ORDER
  20. 20. Helps You Qualify the Company, NOT the Contact
  21. 21. http://sixteenventures.com/saleshacker
  23. 23. Customer Success = “Helping your customers achieve their Desired Outcome through the use of your product.”
  24. 24. “Enter the conversation already taking place in your customer’s mind.” – Robert Collier, c1937
  25. 25. Success = Their Desired Outcome
  26. 26. Success = Their Desired Outcome
  27. 27. At both the Company and Persona-level
  29. 29. 1. Prospect Segmentation 2. Co-Outreach 3. Pre- & Retargeting 3 SECRET SALES HACKS
  30. 30. • Don’t treat all prospects the same • Don’t spray and pray • Segment by industry • Update the template every morning with something relevant if possible • Segment by revenue potential • Take time to research and customize for high-value customers • Emails Sent != Deals Closed or Revenue Generated 1. PROSPECT SEGMENTATION
  31. 31. • Find a company you don’t compete with that shares your Ideal Customer Profile • Get them to know, like, and trust you so they’ll want to introduce you to their customers • Identify some customers – maybe 10 or so – that would be perfect for the other company • Someone from each company will send an email to their to introduce the other company in a way that’s all about how that other company could help the customer 2. CO-OUTREACH
  32. 32. • Warm ‘em up • Content Distribution • Custom Audiences • Non-Sales Outreach • Keep ‘em warm • Retargeting • Nurturing • Progressive Profiling 3. PRE- & RETARGETING
  33. 33. http://sixteenventures.com/saleshacker
  34. 34. @lincolnmurphy
  35. 35. Thank you!