[AIESEC DN] [TM] Competency Model

Vice President of Talent Management
16 de May de 2014

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[AIESEC DN] [TM] Competency Model

  1. Nguyen Ha Giang Vice President of Talent Management AIESEC Competency Model
  2. AIESEC Global Competency Model What is “competency”? Why does “competency” matters? AIESEC Danang Competency Framework What do we use Competency Model and Competency Framework for? Session outlines Bring it down to your personal development plan Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 5 Topic 6
  3. What is a competency????
  4. Definition of a competency Competency Skill AttitudeKnowledge
  5. Why does competency matters
  6. For Talent Management • Ident tify talents • Allocate talents • Nurture and develop talents For AIESEC members • Fulfillment in AIESEC XP • Enhancing self- awareness • Career orientation and personal development plan For AIESEC • Making real impacts • Achieving operation goals • Achieving real envisions Why does competency matter?
  7. Global Competency Model
  8. International platform for young people to explore and develop leadership potential to provide impacts on society GlobalMindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Social Responsibility Emotional Intelligence Proactive Learning Agents of Positive Change Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential What is AIESEC? 5 competencies Who do we develop? What do we envision?
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AIESEC Danang Competency Framework ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breaking down the GCM into 11 competencies that suit our situation and local need!
  10. 11 competencies of an AIESECer in LC Danang
  11. What do we use Competency Model and Competency Framework for?
  12. For talent selection For talent induction and allocation For goal setting For performance assessment and tracking For personal development and guide my learning For developing my members
  13. Thank you for your attention!