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The image used is very effective in this poster. The
implication of the protagonist looking away from the
Texts/ Fonts
The choice of texts used to accompany the title are also very
effective and have contributed to the promotion...
Within this poster there is a lot of images to focus on
which all play an effective role in the poster, however
Tone /register
The texts used to accompany the title are also
The tone of this poster is also very
presented to...
Although this poster differs from the other two analysed, it is
also very effective and one I hope to take inspiration fro...
Once again this film is very different to the ones‟ analysed in
the way it has been presented as well as breaks a lot of
This film poster immediately draws the audience in. For
example the medium close up of the child looking directly at
the a...
A2 media film Analysis of film poster by Gabrielle
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A2 media film Analysis of film poster by Gabrielle

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A2 media film poster analysis

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A2 media film Analysis of film poster by Gabrielle

  1. 1. Anchorage The image used is very effective in this poster. The implication of the protagonist looking away from the audience and directly at his son, draws the audiences attention directly to the child it also symbolises the love and connection that a father has for their child thus conveying an element of emotion and above all happiness. In addition to this the positioning of the word “Happyness” is very significant in this poster as it has been placed directly above the sons head. This may imply that the fathers happiness lies within his child and nothing else. The positioning of the word “pursuit” is also significant as its been placed in the centre of the character near his heart, suggesting that the journey to happiness begins within him. Furthermore the idea that the child is leaning on his dads arms may also suggest an element of dependency and trust which is emphasised by him holding his dad‟s hand. Colour The background colour is completely white. This may have been done to make the characters stand out and eye catching representing the iconic nature of the two characters. The colour white also represents purity, good and new beginnings therefore conveying a message of the characters starting again and having a new life. The significance of the red colour highlighting the word “happy” co notates pain and suffering, showing a juxtaposition between the two. It also suggests that in order to get to true happiness one may need to overcome some troubles. The idea that the word “pursuit” is written in white also makes it stands out against the black background. In addition the positioning of the word in cohesion with the colour symbolise hope. Number one: Title The title of this film clearly represents the purpose and the idea behind the film. For example the word “pursuit” means searching for something, therefore suggesting that the film is about a character who is searching for happiness. The significance of font size is immediately recognisable. For example both the word “pursuit and “happiness” have been written in big bold writing. By highlighting these words its suggest their important perhaps in the film. The word “happiness” has also been spelt incorrectly, in which the word “happy” has been highlighted in red which makes it stand out in red. This may have been done to represent the childlike nature of the piece as children are usually represented as innocent, naïve and happy, in comparison to adults who are usually being represented as grumpy and stressed. The message may therefore be to find happiness one has to act like a child, worry less and enjoy life like a child does. Connotation The image of the ball of light near the two characters hands may symbolise an element of hope for the protagonist and his child. For example it may suggest that the characters are holding onto a hope for a brighter future. The significance of the editor purposely placing the light within their hands also suggest connotations of unity, between the two characters. The fact that the light is glowing, immediately attracts the audiences attention thus allowing it to be the main focus. Light can also represent happiness and guidance. For example light allows one to see clearly in times of darkness, such as unfortunate events. thus in this case the light may be used to guide them into happiness, emphasising the film title. Furthermore it can also be represented in a religious content as in many religions light is seen as a symbol of good, hope and knowledge.
  2. 2. Texts/ Fonts The choice of texts used to accompany the title are also very effective and have contributed to the promotion of the film. For example the main character played by the actor „will smith‟ has been written across the top above the master head. This is rarely evident in film posters which therefore breaks conventions. However by doing so it suggest that the actor will smith is very well known and has been recognised by many as a good actor. Thus the use of celebrity endorsement compels people to want to see the film. In addition to this the text written in the bottom corner “inspired by a true story” also grabs the audience‟s attention as well as makes he film seem more realistic. It also makes it more dramatic and personal to audience as they are able to witness a story that reflects someone else's story, tin which the film is more than just an entertaining drama but a series of someone's life which can impact the audience emotionally. The text written below this “Christmas 2009” is also very influential and links the theme of this film. For example Christmas is associated with happiness, family love etc. This is also in cohesion with the image and the title as the they both represent these attributes. Also by launching a film during the Christmas holidays, it encourages people to go and see the film with their families. Thus reaching a wider audience. Number one: Tone and register The tone of the poster is very mild and soft and embodies a peaceful nature. This is especially drawn from the images used and the overall look of the poster. For example the image of the characters holding hands already suggest a harmless and unending bond between the father and son and also the joy and happiness in the fathers eyes which is also evident. Furthermore suggesting a text- image cohesion. The poster also conveys a mixture of formality through the texts used and also the image. For example the type face used in the texts include both serif and sanserifs which may have been used to covey a traditional and modern style. It could also be used to represent the professional nature of the protagonist who is wearing a suit and the playful nature of the child showing a juxtaposition between the two characters. Representation Representation is key in this poster, the protagonist is seen to be wearing a suit and carrying a brief case which suggests that he carries a good job and maybe works within the inner city. This however is juxtaposed by the image of his son who is wearing quite a worn out jacket and trousers which make him appear quite rough and less looked after. Although this is a huge contrast the lack of mother figure within the image defeats conventions as they are usually portrayed as the ones looking after the child and the main source of comfort without a father looking after the child. This therefore questions the stereotypical portrayal of particularly black fathers who usually abandon their child. Whereas this image portrays the father as being very apparent in the child‟s life where the strong bond between the two is evident. Target audience The images and texts used all help to appeal to a family audience. For example the poster includes an image of the protagonist and his son which can be identified with a family audience. The father is also shown holding the sons house and looking down at him which represents a strong love between a father and son. Thus relating to families where this strong bond of love is evident between its members. In addition to this the young boy used also helps appeal to a young audience.
  3. 3. Anchorage Within this poster there is a lot of images to focus on which all play an effective role in the poster, however one is still drawn to the protagonist. The images used of the protagonist looking up at the sky above on a balcony above the buildings with his guitar , suggest the characters authority and power over his dreams and his circumstance. In which he is able to have the power and authority through his music which suggests the importance of music in the characters life. The significance of him looking up at the sky is also relevant as it links to the phrase “the sky‟s the limit”. For example dreaming big and reaching your aspirations. The use of music notes drifting into the sky may also suggest the impact the characters music has to reach many and also the effect it makes, suggesting the characters passion for music. Furthermore it provides a magical feel to the poster making it seem like a fairy tale. This is supported by the child used on the poster as children are associated with fairy tales and having big imaginations. Thus it encourages the audience to do the same and be inspired. Target audience The film may be aimed at a family audience as the film is primarily based around family. This can also be addressed in the poster due to the child used and the fairly tale like image presented. Furthermore which are conventionally targeted at families. The appeal of the young boy used also relates to a family audience as their children may be able to relate to the reality of dreams and having big imagination. Title The title used is the nick name given to the protagonist “august rush”. This suggests that the film is centred around the life of the child And that the audience will experience life through the protagonists. The name “august” may link to the month he was born and the word “rush” may reflect the rush of music as illustrated in the image. Colour The colour used is vey effective and attracts the audience. For example the warm colours used show an image of the sunset which may be done to represent a new beginning or new life. The poster also shows a long shot of the characters environment allowing the audience to see the beautiful scenery that the character see‟s allowing them to show empathy. The white music notes may have also been used to reflect the stars in the sky which contrast against the dark background making it stand out. This can be represented with fairy tales as characters usually wish upon a star, however in this case the protagonists may be wishing upon the music notes. The lights used also put the character in the spotlight presenting him as the star.
  4. 4. Texts/font Tone /register The texts used to accompany the title are also The tone of this poster is also very presented to appeal to their audience. For soft and mild as it provides a dreamy example the tagline used below the title stress and imaginative feel to it. This is the theme of music in this poster and gives the addressed through the colours used audience the idea music is significant in the reflecting the sunset. The register protagonists journey. The word “incredible” could also be argued that its is both suggests how amazing the journey is and informal and formal. For example the compels the audience to want to watch the film use of serifs in the title make it formal to glimpse this journey. The series of names and also the choice of words used written above the title also attract the audience “incredible journey”. However the child as it suggest that they are well known actors actor used and the overall look used as a celebrity appeal. In addition to this suggests that it may also be informal the bottom of the poster includes the company as it targeted at families, therefore it distributor and producer for recognition as well can‟t be too formal. the names of the other actors included, which Connotations again suggests their significance but less that The music notes drifting off into the air, than those on the top. This may be because may symbolise the characters freedom they are less known to the audience. The font to share his music to the world and also used particularly for the title provide a suggests to the audience that the film is traditional look to the poster as it is written with serifs this may have been used to appeal to the based around music. The characters body language also emphasise this freedom as he older audience or suggests the maturity of the is standing on top of the balcony looking down as the city, which may suggests his protagonists even at a young age. authority over his dreams and his life in which music will play a key role in helping him. Representation The main representation presented in this poster is the protagonist in which there is a unconventional representation of children. For example children are usually depicted with toys and being quite innocent and naive protected by their families. However this image contradicts this idea as the protagonist is represented as being independent at a young age and holding a guitar rather than a toy suggesting his maturity. However the fairly tale like image presented links to the stereotypical representation of children due to their wild imagination. The costume however goes against conventions as he is wearing an old overgrown jacket with tatted jeans, which may suggests that he may not be looked after by someone or that he is being maltreated.
  5. 5. Although this poster differs from the other two analysed, it is also very effective and one I hope to take inspiration from when creating my film poster. For example the close up of the character catches the audience‟s attention and is also amplified by the direct gaze at the audience which draws them in. Thus it also signifies his presence in the film suggesting that the film may be based around his life. It is also presented in mysterious way setting an enigma code of who the man is as the audience isn‟t given any information about the character. The text written next to the image “one goal, a second chance” may suggest that he may be trying to rebuild his life and that he has been giving an opportunity to do so, however the audience is still led to question why, thus compelling them to go see the film. The image of a rugby team placed in the characters body is also very effective as suggest that the film is based around the sport and that the protagonist has a major involvement in it. The fact that it is placed inside the protagonists also suggest the significant impact that he may make and almost presents him as the base that holds the team together which is supported by the image of the two characters shaking each others hand suggesting an agreement. The overall image of the poster is presented in an effective way and includes the conventions of film poster, for example the film distributor and producer along with the actors involved placed in the conventional position.
  6. 6. Once again this film is very different to the ones‟ analysed in the way it has been presented as well as breaks a lot of conventions. For example the poster has been presented with a human body in the background filled with many different images taken from the film. This may suggest the complexity of the film as there is a lot going on and the audience is immediately drawn to a protagonist as presented in the other posters. However it may show the significance of all the characters and events in the film, providing snippets of them as a mood board. This is very effective as it compels the audience to want to see the film to uncover the meaning behind the images and understand what the trailer is about. The title of the film “vantage point” stand out amongst the images due to its vibrant colours which attract the readers attention, the colours used also connate with the theme of the film which is action as the red may represent danger which is amplified by the gun in the shadows hand, presenting a text-image cohesion pattern. The texts written in the top corner also suggest that the eight people may be the ones shown in the poster, however makes the audience question who they are and want to find out what the truth is and how they uncover it. The texts “8 points of view” suggest that the film is centred around these eight characters in which the audience will experience action through their eyes. Overall the poster is very successful and different as it breaks many conventional features of a poster which is what I hope to do when creating my own film poster.
  7. 7. This film poster immediately draws the audience in. For example the medium close up of the child looking directly at the audience makes the audience feel involved and addresses them in a sympathetic way. The effect using a child in the film poster, acts as a selling point as children are usually depicted as being cute, innocent and naive as illustrated in this poster. In addition the child's blue eyes is very captivating as it stands out and one is immediately drawn into it. Furthermore the colour blue is associated with purity, the sea, sincerity , calmness etc. As well as the image used showing significant the words below also have an effect as they are short and memorable giving the audience snippets what the film entails. The words used also embody the passionate nature of the film compelling people to watch it and foreboding the effect it will have on the audience. The title is also a significant factor as it is written in French suggesting that it may have been written by a French author or based in France. However the other texts are written in English, highlighting its significance and also appealing to a foreign audience. The tagline below “the musical phenomenon” suggest that the film has developed massively in which it has been presented in other means too as well as a film. The word “phenomenon” suggests how remarkable the film is acting as a selling point to the audience. Overall the film is very effective and includes a range of conventional features within a film poster such as the release date, tagline, film producer and distributors etc. This will need to be included in my film poster.