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Diang0725 >shang4尚攩/ dang當 =right, fitting; pendant . D-I-A-N-G.
Diang0725 >shang4尚攩/ dang當 =right, fitting; pendant . D-I-A-N-G.
Diang0725 >shang4尚攩/ dang當 =right, fitting; pendant . D-I-A-N-G.
Diang0725 >shang4尚攩/ dang當 =right, fitting; pendant . D-I-A-N-G.
Diang0725 >shang4尚攩/ dang當 =right, fitting; pendant . D-I-A-N-G.
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Diang0725 >shang4尚攩/ dang當 =right, fitting; pendant . D-I-A-N-G.

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1. to sit cross-legged. (FOOT)
2. stop suddenly; abrupt. (PERSON)
3. despondent, alarmed, uneasy. (HEART)
4. open, spacious. (TAP)
5. a shed, a workshop; factory, depot. (SHELTER)
6. down, feathers. (HAIR)
7. scared, alarmed, agitated. (HEART)

1. great waves. (WATER)
chang1 = occasion, a time. Cf t’ang3 – a trip. (TO WALK)

chang3 [zhang] =
1. palm of the hand, a paw, a sole (FLAT of foot]; control. (HAND)
2. to fan, to make the skin feel cool; to flap. Sole leather. (LEATHER)

t’eng2 [téng] = round like a nail; to lead, to pull. (HAND)
hsiang4 [xiàng] =
1. noon, mid-day. (SUN)
2. field given as rent; family plot. (FOOD)
shang2 = lower garment; curtain; LN ample; beautiful. (CLOTHING)
3. metal band on wheel; to polish, shining. (METAL)
shang 3 = to reward, to bestow, to equal, to match. (VALUE/cowry)

shang4 = 尚(root) upwards, high, superior….
2. indemnify, pay back. (PERSON)

t’ang2 [tang] = hall, church, apartment, a court; house foundation. (ROOT)堂
2. sound of a drum. (METAL)
3. a mantis. (INSECT)
4. to stare, look straight ahead. (EYE)
5. thorax, swelling; fat.
6. sudden, flashing; (GATE)
7. if, supposing that. (PERSON)
8. Pyrus, plum, pear. (TREE)

t’ang3 [tang] = to flow, to drip; not constant. (WATER)
to stop suddenly. (PERSON)
to stumble, to fall, irregular; unsteady. (FOOT)

easy-going; careless, accidental, sudden. (PERSON)
to beat; to impede. To block. (HAND)
dark, veiled; dull, cloudy. (SUN)
to recline, lie down. (BODY/self)
bad eyesight; obstructed. (EYE)

t’ang4 = a time, an occasion. (WALK
proper, suitable, fit. (PERSON))
an axle, a turn, a time; a track, a lap. (VEHICLE)

t’eng = a time, a trip. (WALK)

tang1 [dang] =
1. breeches, trousers; seat of pair of trousers. Fitting? Hanging. (CLOTHING)
2. Have the value of ; be equal to; fitting to rank with; function as. (FIELD)當
3. Fitting words. Loyal speech. (SPEECH)
4. Pendant, dangling earring. (JADE)
5. Pendant ears. (FLESH)
6. To stop, to stop oneself. Not usual, not normal. (PERSON)
7. Vertical pegs of wood. ; cotter pin. (VEHICLE)
8. small gong. (METAL)
TANG3[DANG] =1.party, group, partisan, straightforward; a family.. (ROOT 3)
To resist, to ward off; to oppose, resist. (HAND)
Light spread over a wide space; radiant. (FIRE)
Advice, counsel; to remonstrate; oppose verbally. (SPEECH)
Unsteady; to and fro. (FOOT)

Right, ought, fitting, suitable; foundation. (ROOT) 當

Cross-piece, a rung, a rail; shelves; pigeon holes; joists. (WOOD)

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