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Assessment photo album for christopher columbus research unit

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Assessment photo album for christopher columbus research unit

  1. 1. Assessment Photo Album Christopher Columbus Research UnitCreated By: Gretchen Huntington
  2. 2. Learning Goals/State StandardsThe learning goals for this assessment are as follows:• Students will be able to write or deliver a research report that has been developed using a systematic research process and that: uses information from a variety of sources, distinguishes between primary and secondary documents, and documents sources independently by using a consistent format for citations (EL 10.5.9).• Students will also be able to create works that effectively communicate in-depth knowledge and understanding of a concept through integrated study (VA.H.8).• Students will be able to use technology in the process of conducting historical research and in the presentation of the products of historical research and current events (USH.9.5). These three state standards are the foundation for the learning goals of the interdisciplinary unit.
  3. 3. Essential Questions:• What makes a person a hero?• How does point of view effect how a historical figure is portrayed?• After conducting research what is your opinion on Christopher Columbus being a historical hero?• Should Christopher Columbus be celebrated in schools and in America?• How can we bring cultural and educational awareness to our classmates and community about Native Americans?
  4. 4. Assessment #1 What makes a Person a Hero?• What Makes A Person A Hero?• Who is someone you consider a hero?• List reasons why this person is a hero.---• From our American history who would you consider a hero? (you can list more than one)• Why do you consider them a hero?-
  5. 5. Assessment #2 KWL Chart on Christopher Columbus What do I know… What do I want to know… What did I learn…*The first two columns will be filled out before reading thehandout, and the last column will be done after finishing thehandout.
  6. 6. Assessment #3 Pop Quiz!!!Looking back at the learning goals of our unit list 3 specific things you learned from the reading Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress by Howard Zinn:• 1.• 2.• 3.
  7. 7. Assessment #4 In Class Stations• Today in class you will be going around to three different stations. Each station has an assessment to fill out that must be completed and turned in by the end of class. Keep in mind our focus is looking at point of view and how it can change the way history is written.
  8. 8. Station #1: Video Activity*Go to YouTube and watch the movie Mel-O-Toons: Christopher Columbus. Following the film answer the following questions. Please use headphones for this activity.1. Was the film a good representation of Christopher Columbus?2. How did the film portray the treatment of the Native Americans?3. Scroll down on the page and look at the comments from people regarding the film. Pick one that you agree with and explain why.4. Pick an additional comment that you do not agree with and explain why.
  9. 9. Station #2: Childrens Books*As a group read the two Children’s books about Christopher Columbus and respond to the following questions:1. Do you think the books are a good representation of Christopher Columbus? Why or why not?2. What did the children’s books teach of the treatment of the Native Americans?3. List one new thing you learned from these books.4. List one quote you could use in a research paper.
  10. 10. Station #3: Explorer Graveyard• The Explorers Graveyard• As a group you are going to create a tombstone for Christopher Columbus. On your tombstone, write an epitaph for your explorer. (An epitaph is an inscription on a tombstone in memory of the person buried there.) Your epitaph must include:• Date of birth/death• Three facts (accomplishments)• Rhyming verse• Creative design on the tombstone• *Example using Ferdinand Magellan.• 1480 - 1621 Here lies Magellan. His wifes name was Helen. He sailed the West, His crew was really a pest. He found the Philippines. What happened next might make you scream. He caught an arrow in his back from an Indian attack. In a box he now lies to protect him from the files.
  11. 11. Assessment #5 & 6: CC Survey & these two questions and write down*Please ask the following people Reflection their response:1. What year did Christopher Columbus discover America?2. Do you discover Christopher Columbus a historical hero? Why or why not?2 Freshmen students:2 Sophomore students (not in Mrs. Huntington’s classes):2 Junior students:
  12. 12. Survey Continued…2 Senior students:2 teachers outside of the history department:3 building staff members:2 family members:*Once you have finished this activity please write a ¾ to one page reflection paper on what you have found. Turn in your reflection to turnitin.com by Tuesday at 8:15.
  13. 13. Assessment #7: CC Persuasive Research Paper• *Christopher Columbus is a very controversial historical figure in our United States history. I have provided you with material to show you how others view Christopher Columbus and his accomplishments. Now it is up to you to do some research and form your own opinion. In a 3-5 page research paper, I want you to persuade me on whether or not Christopher Columbus should be considered a historical hero. You must use at least three sources from the databases that we will learn about in class. Any material used from class is fine to use in addition to the databases. Remember all of your sources must be cited so pay attention to where you find your information.
  14. 14. Name: Research Paper RubricCriteria: Exemplary 4 Good 3 Acceptable 2 Unacceptable 1Purpose The writers central purpose or The writing has a clear The central purpose or The purpose or argument argument is readily apparent to the purpose or argument, but argument is reader throughout the paper. may sometimes is not consistently clear generally unclear. digress from it. throughout the paper.Content Balanced presentation of relevant Information provides Information supports a Central purpose or and legitimate reasonable central purpose or argument is information that clearly supports a support for a central argument at times. Analysis not clearly identified. central purpose or purpose or argument and is basic or general. Analysis is vague or not argument and shows a thoughtful, displays evidence of Reader gains few insights. evident. Reader is in-depth analysis of a significant a basic analysis of a confused or topic. Reader gains important significant may be misinformed. insights. topic. Reader gains some insights.
  15. 15. Organization The ideas are arranged logically The ideas are arranged logically In general, the writing is The writing is not logically to support the purpose or argument. They flow to arranged logically, although organized. Frequently, ideas fail smoothly from one to another and are clearly support the central purpose or occasionally ideas fail to make to make sense together. linked to each other. The reader can follow the argument. They are usually sense together. The reader is fairly The reader cannot identify a line line of reasoning. clearly linked to each other. For clear about what writer intends. of reasoning and loses interest. the most part, the reader can follow the line of reasoning.Thesis Strong clear thesis that is found in the last Thesis could be stronger or more Weak unclear thesis Paper has no thesis line of the introduction paragraph. clear. And/or not found in the right placeGrammar, Spelling, Writing The writing is free or almost free of errors. There are occasional errors, but The writing has many errors, and There are so many errors thatMechanics they dont represent a major the reader is distracted by them meaning is obscured. The distraction or obscure meaning. reader is confused and stops reading.
  16. 16. Grammar, Spelling, The writing is free or almost free of errors. There are occasional errors, The writing has many errors, There are so many errors thatWriting Mechanics but and meaning is obscured. The they dont represent a major the reader is distracted by them reader is confused and stops distraction or obscure reading. meaning.Use of sources and works 3 sources are used and formatted 3 sources are used but 2 or less sources used and/or Sources not indicated or usedcited correctly in works cited formatted incorrectly in works many formatting issues citedQuotation Integration Quotes are properly integrated and cited Quotes are properly integrated Quotes are integrated No quotation are used. and help prove the purpose of the paper but have minor citation errors improperly or not cited. Do not but still prove the papers serve a clear purpose to prove purpose papers thesis.MLA Format No Formatting errors Few formatting errors 2-3 Some formatting errors 3-4 Several formatting errors 5 or more
  17. 17. Assessment #9: Native American Festival*On October 29, 2012 we will be hosting the first everNative American Festival at Brebeuf. Our goal is to bringawareness, respect, and education to both our school andcommunity on Native American culture and history. At thefestival you are responsible for displaying your research andcreative project. You will be graded with the followingrubric:
  18. 18. Native American Festival Rubric 3 2 1 Content of Research Content is in-depth Content is informative Content is and research is but uses limited uninformative and not informative and resources. Could use engaging. Few to no engaging. Used more depth. resources were used multiple resources to create an effective project. Research Accuracy Accurate research with Somewhat accurate Inaccurate research all facts and research with most of with information not information cited the facts and cited or cited correctly information cited incorrectly correctly Presentation of Research is presented Research is presented Research is not Research and displayed in an and displayed but does presented and exceptional way that not easily draw displayed in a way that draws attention and attention or create creates interest or creates interest from interest from members draws attention from members of the at the festival members at the festival festival Project Project reflects that Project meets Project does not the student has spent expectations but could reflect that time, hard time, hard work, and have been done better work and effort were put forth effort to put forth. represent research.
  19. 19. Rubric Continued…Creativity Project goes beyond Project is creative Project has no teacher but does not go creative elements expectations and is beyond teacher and does not meet extremely creative expectations teacher expectationsParticipation at Fully in attendance Present at festival Absent from theFestival and went above and but did not engage festival at times and beyond to make the members of the not engage yourself festival successful. festival into your or members of the Engaged members research and festival at the festival with project your research and project (set up, decorations, clean up, presence at festival)
  20. 20. Assessment #8: Teacher Check In• *By the time class starts on Monday, I want you to e-mail me a mini research paper of what you have been researching in class this past week. This paper should be around a page long and clearly demonstrate your knowledge of the topic. In addition, write a paragraph explaining what you will be doing at the Native American Festival and your plan for accomplishing this. This paper should be written in MLA format.