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GP100 - Balanced load. Unparalleled density.

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What if you never had to balance a load again? Introducing the GP100 rectifier, the most efficient, most compact 3-phase power supply available today. Learn more!

GE Critical Power’s new GP100 Power Supply: Balanced Power. Unparalleled Density. 3-Phase Power. 1RU. Does energy use in your data center keep you up at night? It should.

Your customers rely on you to keep networks flowing and transactions moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your data center can’t afford not to be highly reliable and energy efficient. It’s a tall order. And one we don’t take lightly.

Never Balance a Load Again. At GE Critical Power, we understand the issues your data center faces. Chief among these is the burden of balancing the load on the AC grid. Not only does this require a vast amount of resources, but it can add operational costs and the need for additional equipment. Enter the GP100, an innovative new technology that powers the future success of mission critical data centers, telecommunications and supercomputing industries by eliminating single-phase balancing issues and ensuring electrical phases grow in equal increments.

More Power. Less Space. GP100 is also extremely compact: four times smaller than competing products on the market today.

The most efficient, most compact, and first 3-Phase 1RU Power Supply for 19" Rack Mount Applications Ever Created. Great Power, Great Performance, Great Innovation, Great Reliability and Great Value. All from the engineers and experienced design teams at GE Critical Power.

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