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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose GE Services for Your UPS

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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose GE Services for Your UPS

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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose GE Services for Your UPS

  1. 1. 10GOOD REASONSwhy you should choose GE SERVICES for your UPS 01. COVERAGE With presence in 90 countries GE has one of the most capillary service organizations on the Globe. And that means rapid response time around the clock. 02. KNOWLEDGE Skill matrix, knowledge assessment, yearly training schedules and factory managed training centers; our service organization is trained to the highest standards. 04. FRESH SPARES GE provides not only certified spares and consumables, but ensures that they are at the latest revision level, keeping your installation bugs free. Our local offices have stock and we provide service level agreements where spare parts may be included. 05. DIGITAL AGE There was a time where to be a good technician, all that was required was to have a good ear and a screwdriver. That was enough to spot the issue. Times have changed: our SG series, just for example, has 525 parameters that can be set to meet the need of the site. And a screwdriver doesn’t help. 06. REMOTE MONITORING Our remote monitoring solution, iUPSGuard, provides a 24x7 connection with our monitoring center and any alarm or event that is received from the unit has the immediate attention of a specialist. 90COUNTRIES Picture this: an average UPS manufacturer has 5 product lines. Each product line has 5 power sizes; each with a minimum of 5 printed circuit boards inside. Multiply that for 5 major brands and you get the scale of complexity a multi-vendor service supplier has to face. GE Critical Power 525parameters 24 7 03. COMPLEXITY 5x brands 07. “REPETITA JUVANT” Latin said: Repeating things helps. What is the probability that a multi-vendor service pro- vider will work on the same model and brand of your UPS? Would you choose a surgeon who operates daily, or one who sees the same operation once per year? 08. LIFECYCLE CARE Average operation time of an UPS is 10 years. During that wide life span, technolo- gy evolves, bugs are fixed (yes, we do find bugs) and improvements are made. GE includes all the revision changes to any service level agreement, ensuring that your site has the most updated UPS system. 09. WHAT ABOUT BATTERIES? The initial battery design selected when the UPS was new may not meet the needs of today’s system. We offer a free survey and consultancy to help identify the best most cost effective solution for the demands of the system. 10. SAFETY FIRST Working with UPS means working with en- ergized parts; GE engineers are properly trained and know how to mitigate the risks. This training and experience makes up GE's commitment to Environment Health Safety. GE Critical Power www.gecriticalpower.com