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Improving Prospect Engagement: Using Social Media & Interactive Tools To Build Community Marketing

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The rules of engagement for demand generation are changing. Prospects are now more dependent on a collaborative process when they choose a solution provider. Given these new dynamics, marketers are finding greater success with tools and platforms that enable sharing of content in real-time and in convenient and easy-to-access environments. Is your company tapping into the power of community marketing to power your demand generation campaigns? Are you making it easy for your customers and prospects to share their experiences with peers?

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Improving Prospect Engagement: Using Social Media & Interactive Tools To Build Community Marketing

  1. 1. Mark  Szelenyi   Product  Marke-ng  Director   On24     Andrew  Gaffney   Editor   DemandGen  Report    
  2. 2. #1 priority: “generating more leads” Source: Forrester Research/Marketing Profs Q1 2010 Marketing Budgets & Tactics Survey
  3. 3. Only 2-5% of raw inquiries coming into the top of the B2B marketing and sales “funnel” convert to sales.
  4. 4. #2 – Reaching Decision Makers #3 – Improving Lead Quality
  5. 5. Less Than ¼ of Marketers Say They’re Generating Enough Demand To Satisfy Their Sales Teams Source:Bulldog  Solu8ons/Frost  &  Sullivan,  "The  Execu*ve  Benchmark  Assessment"  
  6. 6. As  buying  behavior  has   shi:ed,  the  revenue   genera8on  process   is  being   transformed.  No   longer  a  linear   process.    
  7. 7. More  emphasis  on   lead  nurturing,   lead   accelera8on  to   keep  later  stage   deals   progressing.    
  8. 8. 50% of Leads coming through web… expected to increase to 75% by 2015
  9. 9. Marketers continuing to increase their investments in webcasts:  62% indicating online events would be in their marketing mix for 2010  Up from 56% in 2009 Source: The Forrester/Marketing Profs Q1 2010 B2B Marketing Budgets & Tactics Survey
  10. 10.  LinkedIn  has  grown  to  more   than  60  million  users  worldwide   in  200  countries.      Membership  on  LinkedIn  is   growing  at  roughly  one  new   member  per  second.    100,000  new  members  per   week  
  11. 11.  TwiHer  has  105  million   users  worldwide  in  200   countries    50  million  tweets  each   day  
  12. 12. “Successful BtoB marketers must move from social media to community marketing,” --Peter Burris, Principal Analyst and Research Director, Forrester's Technology Marketing Research
  13. 13. Source:  Forrester’s  North  American  and  European  B2B  Social  Technographics  Online  Survey,  Q1  2010  
  14. 14. Over  90%  of  B2B  execs   are  using  social  media  to   engage  in  conversa*ons:     • 42%  follow   conversa8on  threads   to  learn  more  about   topics   • 37%  post  ques8ons   on  social  networks    
  15. 15. • 37%  post  ques8ons   on  social  networks    
  16. 16. Social  helping  to   connect  the  dots   between  web  events   and  ongoing   community  dialogue  
  17. 17. Social webcasting fosters the ability to:  gather  aggregate  analyze …user activity and convert it into a lead ranking report with priorities, which helps to support lead qualification programs.