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art restorer restaurateur d'art Kunst restaurateur frederik cnockaert portfolio frans engels

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Frederik Cnockaert. Restoration of paintings, sculptures and art objects. Fine Art Conservation since 2002.
In Wervik, hidden between the greenery, lies the studio where Frederik Cnockaert restores artworks. It is a large building with plenty of light and space to freshen up, restore or conserve the various types of artworks he receives. Cnockaert learnt the trade at specialized schools and gained an IMPRESSIVE amount of work experience at important museums in Flemish cities famous for their art. The most beautiful piece he has ever been allowed to restore was a painting by Theodoor van Loon, a contemporary of Rubens.
Restoring artworks requires knowledge of all types of painting techniques and materials, and the experience to be able to REPAIR the damage flawlessly. Frederik Cnockaert has both. At the Higher Institute for Fine Arts Saint-Luke's in Ghent, he got his degree in Monumental Fine Arts. He went on to receive a postgraduate in conservation and restoration of artefacts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, also in Ghent. At the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, he perfected his gold leaf techniques and mastered restoring polychromy on statues. With his studies, Cnockaert could have also become a fine arts painter. But it doesn't appeal to him, it isn't his calling. Restoring is. After his studies, he restored paintings for the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textiles (MIAT) in Ghent. He went on to work in museums in Antwerp and in Bruges, he was the conservator-restorer for several historical city museums, such as the Groenige Museum, the Gruuthuse Museum and many others, for eight years. The time was right In 2002, he established himself in Wervik as an independent restorer, with his company Kunst En Restauratie ATelier (Art and Restoration Studio), shortened to Kerat. The timing was perfect and the assignments were soon coming in. Since then, he works on old and modern artefacts: paintings on canvas, copper, paper or wood and their frames; statues in stone, plaster or wood, polychrome or not; and various paper media. He cleans, retouches, replaces varnishes, removes old repairs, treats against woodworm and fungi, adds a protective layer, repairs, relines...

ART experts You can see more on www.kerat.be www.art-restaurateur.fr
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The timing was perfect and the assignments were soon coming in. Since then, he works on old and modern artefacts: paintings on canvas, copper, paper or wood and their frames; statues in stone, plaster or wood, polychrome or not; and various paper media. He cleans, retouches, replaces varnishes, removes old repairs, treats against woodworm and fungi, adds a protective layer, repairs, relines...The clients that come to him for restorations or advice are quite diverse.
Both professionals (gallery owners, antiquarians, architects, cultural heritage consultants), as well as private collectors find their way to Kerat. Over the years, the number

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art restorer restaurateur d'art Kunst restaurateur frederik cnockaert portfolio frans engels

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  2. 2. M L ‘WIN ‘: I‘[‘ . With tuasuxdlcacnockacrlcmxldhavealaobecomeaflneartlpninlar. ButitdoeaitappealtohlnLiUadthlacafling, Raataflngl&A1tarhiIlmd- ies. bera¢oradpaint1ny£orrheMuaeuInofFmeAxtaandthe Museum ofIndustrialA: chaeo| ogyandT¢: n1le1(MIA'1')inGhem. l»iewantonto workmmuo¢um¢inAmwerpandlnBrugea, hewufl1econaatva: or-re- storarforseveral historical eitymuseuma. tuchutheGrocnlgeMuuwn, the Gruuthuae Museumandmany others. for elghryaan. 'Ihc timewu right In 2002, heestahliahed himself in Wervik as an independent mtoxer. wich his company Kunst En Reatauratia A'1'eller (Art and Restoration Studio). shortened to item. The timing was perfect and the auignmauta were soon coming In. Since then. he works on old and modem ertefacu: painting oncanvaacoppenpaperorwoodand &Iarframea: smn. IeH. n stone. plaster or wood. polychrome or not and various paper media. He cleans. mtwchea. rep| ace: vamlahea. reznnv: ao| dzapalra. traanaga! mt woodwonn andfungi. addaaprotecdvelayer. repalrareflnea. '''. ‘I'. ‘ ‘ma 1.-. 'licx'orIna. mn Cnclnkutrr . ALxl"¢ll P1. ul"'L'l’lll z; n'mIn; )1usrr. '1ex1. ‘-i. ;;s 4' sin nvl. 'nu. 'mt, m1.‘ >Lnvne: ;:nnmu: s1 rm" -.1L-<: r:-or . :(. --. (~. mvn-s dun. rnnzs rfcr. rusiuurcx. .-xprrs 5:-.4. ‘. !VlldeS4 1] rc. ~Iaur: - (Ins tuhlcuux pom Sr MUSL5'. (ins i1euux~_-‘ms v! M». MIAT in muséu d': 'r¢: hénlumr : r.mI<'. r:céiu an du zexlxbe; Liv G. ;:xd ll 1.mv. :1lJr muss: Linus ac: .1‘: |:. wI'. s r: .‘| ‘ -'! :u‘~ . ~. pundunt hm: nuts‘ L'UUl. 'T| I' . m‘. :~. '-. 'I'v.1h-m -'. es’. ..L. 'ra. h: _.. ' I34‘-xv I? .'r. I:I" n: .-my wqnxch dn HrII, :, us. dunr u- rT1l. .r: c(iIuI: nIu; ;c ut u- 47:”-‘ . - 1.: :; ‘.: r -.1‘ . - Un moment cholai a ban ancient I-111 "2002. i) >'xn: iL. xllL- A M: n'1$. n; r.>rnme re: ‘.LmnuI. u:u: :r: uu_m. -:n. ".. uL. >: >L. ‘:- iv. -nsugxw dc Kuxzs: I-. n Rcsmuruuu ‘~: uIn. ~r lKc. ".AH. . u muzazml : -mr u. p[nn‘(-nalm-HI bum vhmm rar in-s mnmnunul-. .~ Hr iar‘: h‘¥1 ma . . uHhn'1. Ucpnis. it <-nchamv lrs r: -.s'I‘. am; mnns dzruwu: -. dis: -I cI: :’u: : cl u. n.v.1.r: ::. -- dvs | ‘.uIi(. -c: sur tom: cuwre nu hols el icura en: :.1dre: m-n'. s nuns nus»: des slalues gmlyclnrnmcs en puma. pin! re on bans on nus c: 'uvn~s sun p. xpu. <r I: ma neu-ne L-L retouchc. rulnplacc it w-. rm. '. cl. -:nem: :1:-. n.: unnu« rc, ~L. xum norm. tram: fie nuns crmuc Ics xyloplwga. -:. . pusu ‘JEN: s. “|4‘(f1P| ’.; |( [. ‘«7‘uLI: L'( Inn. rcpurc-n emmlc ct:
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  4. 4. " "‘““': :“j; ‘-T. “*' ” _- . f”'i"fi3" _ ’ : 2 , -E . , V’ '_ _» _ l: - _ . . ' V'_ ‘ ' 7 x l ‘ ' fl e ‘= - _ - . '* . . ., ’ . u I A I - . l I 4! ' : t 7- - I " , , . . . _, . i ‘V f If i TM ‘ ‘. ‘ ’. ‘ l . , fa. 7‘ Mm 1 ‘ ' A D ‘ ' l I 1 x ‘ l ' ‘ _ - - 1 I G‘ r / x ‘ ' _. l ; ‘ 1 - , ‘ _: . V H l ' A 1!. ’ l ‘ ‘ l ll "F" % , r r .1 : L H l V L- _____ , , _ __. ,, .. ._. , VV—- ,1 original stats. but often want to prevent mtflzerdazeey. It’: more lateust- Une tzuvre dim (:4! plus intémsarmte quand on peut dislinguur cc qu'c1le Ingtobeablatodmemthe ntfixendcparheiancmetk. a encore dhummdqize. 8omet1mee. amtomeuareturpdaedwhrueaxd1rhovathntthdrart~ ll arrive uusuzi qua dz: clients talent sumo’: quund un crumar. révfelu wodrwnsn'tdonebyafamousunI. we1:a: theybadboped. 'Iherearemany que frznm qu'i1s déuanncnt. nest pun dun nmnn: dc WHOM cornme copies elworh bythag: ea. tmxsmu. andtheytooeanbevaybeandfn] Ht ihvuicnz cspéré. ll clrculc dc nombn-nscs coplu d‘teuvn. -.a dc grand: andvnluahle. rnnitnrt. don: c¢: r‘l. uinc2-' n'ont diulluum rim 4‘: unviur .3 l'a: u'vrc urigmule. Km: nzcendy restored a painting by Abraham Januen. a eonhempo- Danlaremcnt K2:-at a remuré un mbleau d'Abmham Jansscn. un my of Rubens. wind‘: nu beat laid to have been paintedbya student eontempomin dc Rubens. qul ju; qu'nlorI avnlt été attribué it un élbvc ofhubenr. Sometimes A eipamre it mddenlyfonndnadasthe dilton a dc Rubens. sous la er. -«sue 5: cache pm-{obs um: sagnatume insoupconnéo. pa! nting. Sudm5aqnitadirqandrepeincadtvotkl! yVanderNeerfrorn Cornme cone dc Van der Ncer tur one peinturc rcnouchéc «.1 particu- Ilne 17th century. cneekautreeamwhanevas-the euemaybe. anynrt- lifnrnent anle du xvn' elécle. so sauvsm: Cnocloann. Quoi qu'l| cn aoit. work that has been tuadewldi eldil deserves a be treated with respect. toute a: mrne d‘: -.rt rémolgnantdu nvoir-fnire de son auteur méntc d‘Lvcre Especially hytiie rastmer. tame’: avec respect. uussi et. surtout pxrle restaurateur x ‘ M/ I '* ‘ q l
  5. 5. Scienflficmeearch Sometimes. adiagnoseeiaeasytornake. Youcanotten mean ultraviolet lamp in adarkroomto5eedze1eyerspaintadoveraworkandtheunder- lyingdamagemapainnng. lfawork1sworthtt. or1ftbecliauxpeciflca1ly requeotsit Cnockaert has x-my: rnade oft. hepiace. togetmore informa- tion. lfnecessary. he usesalnbto research the material. The restorer-cansuvann-nukeaagiaodcaaefiowtehngdeoentcaxeof emirori: xPaintinga. scn3pn1reI andpaphicdeaigm atecansxantly ex- posed to light and flucniations in tempeuune and Advice fortheaptirmnncaraorapravennatzveeitaminanoncankeepartworlta from damaged. Kemtstudiosusuchemostappropnateandtziedandtruemetliodaend techniques cf resozetion. either old or modern. whichever suit the nu» tureufdieartefaotLoberesLaxed. ClienLIthatcomeDoKe. ta£wiLhanan- workfirst receiveapropoatfionforacernaintreetmmtuidadexrpnce: everyone stands to gain from dearagreemenzs. For each restoration. C. -iockaert rnalces i: dossier. complete wit: h descrip- tions. explanatory noises and pbozngxaphs. Such a tile can be exec-pneu- aily handy when it comes to later tmatrnenta It also helps with identifi- catiori purposes should an artwork be stolen. Fredenk Cnocknert gives Enmens scianzifiqnes Lin diagiiostic pcuz étre narlois pose mpidcmcnt Souvent une ininpe UV uniiséc dans UHC Crianibrc rioire pcrmer défa dc raw. -Jc-r si Tc; -iivrc : : été mouclice on rcceli: des . vices caiches an Quand une czzivrc er: van‘: in pane nu quanc lc client ie cicmandc express: -m ant. C'iccl<aert tut faiie ue»; mdiogmpliius nfin den savoir plus‘ E: It can i-cEie: u~. ;. :1 eiadresse . ‘i in: inbotatoirc pour l? .i11! analyser lea iiietériniizz mis un wuvie Les peintziru, statues ut cmiwus gzapiiaquea souffreni cl: la lumieie, dcs difiérences tle icmperntuic u; tie lhuriudité Lc zestuuruiciii-coimei" - Lwr precomsu dour: dc veilicr iii: cliiizzit clans 1-. -quei elles SL']i)ui‘neZ'iL Des CCI. SClJ. ‘i en imiuerc tie bOi)LHuLBf1)El2i an un cxaincn , r:re've: itifpi= .uw. -nt L-viier bien mas ciégiiis En ioncunn ea in ranzre do iceuvrc is traitez. lhiexliex "min: u'. ili5c ales metnndm". eL techruqucn de leSL11Ul'ill. lm2 ainciennus nu iv. -cciizcxa rlimicnt i. -pmuxise. -:. Quu so p)'£-Se-nt-: even une r. L-uvre Cl‘/ B2 l'ei-at. iE(, ‘CHl er. pru- mii: -ze instaimc uric proposition dc Lraiicmcni ct . inc ohrc zic mix ' AC5 l. )Cl1fI. '.tCC(Ji’. ‘.l$lt'JIi ms nnns amns! A Cll: iqll(£ | ’t2u'l. iiUii. ‘liL)i. ‘ Lfiiucxuui-I crease un d<t: i~; ;ei L"JTl1_: )lel‘. uvi. -c nus rlu: suri; .iI. if: s. our : :vrnn‘ienL. iii: oi dos ', .‘l‘.1u[il5. (Sc . ’.“. .‘: -': ‘ilt" pout i': f.: »~ :2.-‘: :-: iiizlr ). '). ’s ‘.1i: xtur'cii! z(*ns'. ii: J:iuu: e: Oi: 17:-. i‘ir: c'L! .rr, Law ‘Ci! Ti’lllC': i'J()T‘ an
  6. 6. Restauratie door Frederik Cnockaert van 17 de eeuws schilderij, de aanbidding van Maria" van Theodoor van Loon voor de begijnhofkerk van Brussel. « Un examen préventif peut sauver une oeuvre d’art. » lmturezc about an on rcqucxr: about furguriera. the am: between an und 13.! (lo: vv7 §ur mvn. m'nn, I-red: -n3: Chuck. -wt‘! dz. -nnr L‘: -gs cuyxfér--nun-< sur | d'»<: l:. In-. worth or date and style nfan anwc-: k.And you can also rrmke nus ailyrts teis gm‘ 1-_-s . ".nux. L1 1'mnm*n mm Jr: -0-'. Lt-5L']‘. . 1.. v gun: on r. .: n uppumtrnenl fur . : taurofhil workshop. dzamtu. -n vi lc zsiylr Jun ubgu: dlxrt I1 uuvrr: .! lls“, ~I ran uh-he! .u pulzhr 51:. ’ n. .'1dc1-vuus . ... .__ 7 7 ‘_ , ~. __. .1._ _ . .?. _. 1 _ ’ , 9 _ Nd ‘ . (‘I . . . . . . -. ‘nu . H‘ - I p ‘ ’av" x mu . , _: ‘I - » w 71 ' ' 4 ‘ w . ‘ —'s. ' ‘ ‘, ..‘. ‘ Restaurateur d'art - expert - Frederik Cnockaert — Karat - Hoogweg 42 - 8940 Wervlk - Belglque Entrepreneur enreglstré Classe 1 D23-nr 052801 I BE 0.455.459.5460 Tel. +32 003256 22 67 97 - GSM 0032495 51 33 87 info@art-restaurateunfr - www. art—restaurateur. fr
  7. 7. I ~ _(: 2, _ | fl—£* .
  8. 8. H V 0 , i«1;;5; WW ¢»Il| Ill>: }1,W u| HHHH. I 06 x % MIWH w m uum ‘ ~~ ‘ M 1 ‘ ll“ I M ‘ ‘ 1" “ um I
  9. 9. Polychromie Dorure a la feuille d'or Sculptures sur bois Restauration de toiles peintes Restauration de peintures murales Création de decors (faux-bois. faux-marbre. fresques, trompe-l’oei| ) ha. /I/05’ /4150/19’/ ca/ (6 es’ 1'} Maisons particuliéres I I §r¢r5—, " 3’ Manoirs ‘ Chéteaux Egfises Bétiments institutironnels Restaurateur d'art - expert - Frederik Cnockaert - Kerat - Hoogweg 42 - 8940 Wervik - Belgique Entrepreneur enregiszré Classe 1 D23—nr 052801 | BE 0_455.459.540 Tel. +32 003256 22 67 97 - GSM 0032495 51 33 87