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TGPw - Your Business GPS to Brazil - vMar16



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TGPw - Your Business GPS to Brazil - vMar16

  1. 1. March. 2015 TGPw Your Business GPS to Brazil Your Business, Your Vision. Our mission to accomplish. Partners in execution.
  2. 2. •  Who are the new competitors? •  How to improve the competitive position? How to maintain profit margins? •  How to deal with global competitors? •  What products or services could replace ours? How attractive are they to customers? •  How to reduce dependence on key suppliers? •  What are the opportunities and threats arising out of technology? •  How the business model will be affected? How is it impacting the customers? •  Which regulatory trends may affect the market or your competitiveness? •  What can affect customer behavior? •  How is the market is changing? How does it affect the clients? How does it affect the business? •  Where is the demand declining? Why? Where are the opportunities? What to do? •  How does the company differentiate itself? Easy replacement by the competition? Are they able to buy cheaper products and services? What for the clients are willing to pay? environment the business •  How the economic outlook will affect the market? •  How to access the capital needed? How to reduce the cost of debt? •  How to adapt the company to the price trend? What is the price trend for the main resources and materials? •  How the tax burden interferes with your business? ▪ Market Forces ▪ Industry Forces ▪ Main Trends ▪ Macroeconomics Forces
  3. 3. ▪  You have most certainly identified the vast business opportunities existing in Brazil. ▪  However, you also know that Brazil can be a tough proposition for companies aiming at initiating business in the country. ▪  Even if setting aside cultural and language barriers, it will be necessary to secure support for overcoming the difficulties imposed by the complexity of the business environment in Brazil. ▪  In many sectors, the Brazilian market is well- developed, and the competition will be fierce. Local knowledge will be paramount Brazil is very attractive, but a challenge not for beginners
  4. 4. ▪  It is quite common to see foreign startups relying on one hired person or expatriate, to do everything at this early stage, to minimize initial expenses. ▪  However, if starting up a business in Brazil is a tough job for a team, it is a doomed task for just one person, irrespective of her qualifications and market relationship. ▪  Quite often, foreign companies try to replicate successful models with no customization to the Brazilian business environment. ▪  The selection of the right business model for the entry strategy involves decisions on local business partners. Inadequate screening on them may result in expensive consequence and even failure. you can tap on lessons learned
  5. 5. ▪  Have you researched the market and verified the fundamental assumptions of you Business Plan? ▪  Have you assessed the market? How well do you know your competitors in Brazil? How will your value proposition differentiate? ▪  Have you fine-tuned your Strategy and Business Model? ▪  How to attract and motivate people to execute your plans in Brazil? ▪  What kind of organization will be needed to support your strategy? ▪  How well can you understand the complex Legal, Fiscal & Regulatory environment in Brazil? maybe you still have doubts…
  6. 6. ▪  Nobody knows your business better than you. ▪  What is your vision for your company in Brazil? ▪  TGPw will support you from a feasibility assessment to implement and run the business if you require it. ▪  We provide you with a "Smart Landing" in Brazil. ▪  Your Vision is our Mission to accomplish. …but you can count on us for a “Smart Landing” X
  7. 7. implementation market intimacy real business expertise ▪  Commitment to the sustainable growth in the value of our client’s company. ▪  Focus on implementation driven by the sense of a mission to accomplish. ▪  All senior executives with a proven track record of results, extensive experience in developing and implementing strategies and management companies, and large networks, in Brazil and abroad. ▪  Management during the startup phase or beyond, as necessary. Ad Interim or not. TGPw is different from any consulting
  8. 8. 1.  We provide you with a quick Feasibility Assessment for your planned business if still have doubts. 2.  We will work with you to develop the entry Strategy, adjust the Business Model and design the organization. 3.  We will partner with you for the execution of the defined strategy, including running the startup if you wish. Solution in three steps our smart landing
  9. 9. feasibility assessment We will summarize and clearly identify the conditions required to make feasible the entrance into the Brazilian market. Market Assessment ▪  It is essential to validate your basic assumptions and look for relevant information for your final decision. ▪  To Identify the main competitors, their relative size and market shares. To Understand their Value proposition, and their main competing factors and go to market strategies, including distribution and communication channels and pricing. Legal, Fiscal and Regulatory Environment ▪  Determine the impact of the Brazilian legal and regulatory environment in particular in terms of licenses required and time necessary to obtain them. Impact on costs (both direct and indirect costs). smart landing 1
  10. 10. ▪  We will work with you to define the entry Strategy for Brazil, focusing on differentiation and cost reduction, simultaneously (Value Innovation - BOS). ▪  Then we will ensure the alignment of the Strategy and the Business Model, followed by the design of the required Organization to support it. ▪  As a result, we will generate a detailed Business Plan (Marketing Strategy, Operations, and Financials). strategy, business model and design of the organization We work for your company to have a system of value creation, which sustains and maintains its differentiation and competitive position. smart landing 2
  11. 11. entry strategy, business model and design of the organization Local Business Partners Key Resources COST STRUCTURE Key Activities Customer Relationship Pricing Model REVENUE STREAM Value Proposition Customer Segments ENTRY BUSINESS MODEL ENTRY STRATEGY Information Local Structure Process People Technology Channels: Communication; Sales; Distribution
  12. 12. ▪  We will develop the Action Plan and implement the Monitoring System. ▪  If a part of the strategy, we will provide you with a full support for any M&A process and will take care of the post-deal integration. Joining forces with a Brazilian partner can be beneficial if you wish to sell direct to the Brazilian market. A strategic business alliance, either involving equity (Corporate Joint Venture) or merely contractual, will require a careful selection and full local support to mitigate risks. ▪  You will have full assistance for the creation of the startup (office, plant location, Legal & Fiscal, people search, Supply Chain and Logistics, BPO solutions, and so on). ▪  During the implementation, we are willing to run the business if you need. Alternatively, our SoundingBoard ™ - Service Advisory Council solution can support you and your local CEO for monitoring the strategy execution. You will never be left by your own. implementation Strategy is directly linked to leadership and execution. We can run the startup if needed. smart landing 3
  13. 13. results ▪ Increase of the value of your company. ▪ Maximize the chances of accomplishing your vision and the business goals in Brazil. ▪ Considerably shorter learning curve for doing business in Brazil. ▪ Avoid wasting money and time with try-and-errors. ▪ You will experience a Smart Landing! $
  14. 14. 3 15 105 Partners Core Team Associates TGPw is a Consulting firm structured in collaborative networks
  15. 15. TGPw – Hubs: global reach Brazil – Sao Paulo Paulo Simas - Co-founder, TGPw Managing Partner Arthur Vasconcellos - Co-founder, Partner North America Christian Stephan - Co-founder, Managing Partner NA – Toronto, CA Ronald Dickins - TGPw - Hub Mexico Jeff Johnson - TGPw - Hub Ann Arbor, USA Wilberto Lima Jr - TGPw - Hub Boston, USA Luiz Camargo - TGPw – Hub Greater Seattle, USA Tom Patton - TGPw - Hub Washington DC, USA Asia Stanley Fukuyama - TGPw - Hub Japan Cor Saris - TGPw – Hub China (SDS Ventures) Europe Marisa Rada - TGPw – Hub Zaragoza, Spain (PTB Global)
  16. 16. CONTACTS paulo.simas@tgpowerhouse.com arthur.vasconcellos@tgpowerhouse.com sergio.camargo@tgpowerhouse.com christian.stephan@tgpowerhouse.com www.tgpowerhouse.com Linkedin ▪  BRASIL Rua Alexandre Dumas 1711 5* andar São Paulo – SP CEP 04617 911 Tel. + 55 11 2599 8320   ▪  CANADA 2045 Lake Shore Avenue, suite 2603 Toronto, ON M8V 2Z6 Phone + 1 416 710 0665 Your Business, Your Vision. Our mission to accomplish. Partners in execution.