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Présentation FranceAgriMer (english version)

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Diaporama (en anglais) de présentation de FranceAgrimer, Etablissement National des Produits de l'Agriculture et de la Mer

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Présentation FranceAgriMer (english version)

  1. 1. • 1 Workshop on technical assistance and institutional capacity in the State commitee of fisheries Kiev, 23 June 2010 28 avril 2015
  2. 2. • 2 FranceAgriMer, the national authority for agriculture and sea products, is a public administrative establishment under State supervision. FranceAgriMer provides the means for discussion and arbitration between France’s agricultural and fishing industries, brought together in a single establishment which replaces the former agricultural offices. FranceAgriMer
  3. 3. • 3 1. The missions of FranceAgriMer Considering the challenges in terms of food, economy, environment and energy, FranceAgriMer was entitled with the following missions : > IN THE MARKETS • to provide economic monitoring and knowledge of the markets; • to manage EU market regulation measures; • to generate alerts in the event of a crisis. > WITH PRODUCERS AND OPERATORS IN THE INDUSTRIES • to encourage inter-professional dialogue and cooperation ; • to assist in the organisation of producers; • to contribute to technical cooperation actions, including on an international level. > FOR OPERATORS PROJECTS • to strengthen the economic efficiency of industries; • to assist in setting up a sustainable development and quality policy; • to prevent risks that could jeopardise the industries.
  4. 4. • 4 Focus on : Economic monitoring of agricultural markets FranceAgriMer develops a knowledge of the agricultural markets , expertise and market monitoring at national and international level In this field, FranceAgriMer has developed numerous tools : observatory, databases, price reporting, balances making, forecasts… FranceAgriMer is then able to : • provide a public (and neutral) analysis on agricultural markets • communicate on markets (publications, meetings, seminars…) • support French producers (tools for decision support) • provide warning signals to public authorities on crisis risk
  5. 5. • 5 Focus on : international cooperation FranceAgriMer has developed international cooperation programs, aiming at : • reinforce its global market knowledge • share best practices with sister institutions • train other agencies in its field of knowledge • for EU provide assistance to candidate States to implement the “acquis communautaire”; • facilitate promotion and trade with third countries. Cooperation programmes with New Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Poland…), candidates (Serbia, Turkey…), North African countries or others
  6. 6. • 6 Focus on : Support producers organisation and “interprofessions” FranceAgriMer is the place where producers, users, operators and public authorities exchange and work together, in each sector FranceAgriMer has set up 11 specialized councils ( for each sector / industry : sugar, wine, fisheries, cereals, fruits,…), with 19 to 42 members, appointed for 3 years, representatives of the State, the industry and the agricultural producers … FranceAgriMer is providing support to producers to organize themselves into professional associations, federations and interprofessions The purpose is to define the main stakes and contribute to build a single French position and if possible a common strategy for each sector.
  7. 7. • 7 2. FranceAgriMer in figures (1/2) 1270 410 in regions
  8. 8. • 8 Thank you for your attention !