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AGS Members' Day 2015 - Loss Prevention Working Group Presentation



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AGS Members' Day 2015
Hugh Mallett's Loss Prevention Working Group Presentation

AGS Members' Day 2015 - Loss Prevention Working Group Presentation

  1. 1. Loss Prevention Working Group Report for 2014/15 Hugh Mallett Buro Happold
  2. 2. Loss Prevention Working Group Up-dated Strategy for 2014/15 Mission Enable improved management of members’ business risk exposure and financial performance by providing procedural support and good practice guidance. Achieved by publication of advice; • Newsletter articles, • Loss Prevention Guidance.; • Loss Prevention Alerts • Client Guides • AGS Publications and Position Papers
  3. 3. Loss Prevention Working Group Up-dated Strategy for 2014/15 Specific Objectives 1. Promote advisory & guidance documents produced by LPWG and get feedback 2. Review all LPAs – date and up-date on web site 3. Prepare guidance document re provision of as built drawings 4. Prepare Client Guide on institutional memberships re ground engineering 5. Prepare LPA on Intellectual Property Rights 6. Review and up-date LPA 14 (damage to underground services) 7. Publish LPA on Net Contribution Clauses 8. Publish LPA on piling damage to live railway tunnel 9. Publish up-dated AGS Guide to writing Ground Reports 10. Publish LPA on sentencing guidance for environmental, health & safety violations 11. Review Collateral Warranties document and up-date/ publicise as appropriate.
  4. 4. Loss Prevention Working Group Progress 5 LPAs published on web site • LPA 60 What is meant by Supervision? • LPA 59 The Consequences of Damage to Underground Services • LPA 58 Risks Associated with As-Built Drawings • LPA 57 Recent cases indicate larger fines are likely for Health & Safety Offences • LPA 56 Danger to Underground Railway Infrastructure from Piling Works • LPA 55 Net Contribution Clauses Newsletter articles • Potential risks importing soil samples • Use & misuse of e signatures • Crossrail visit • Invitation to join LPWG • Financial cap in contracts Other Glossary of PII terms and phrases
  5. 5. Loss Prevention Working Group Members Peter Boyd (Aecom) Nora Fung (Arup) Keith Gabriel (Gabriel GeoConsulting) Rachel Griffiths (Fugro) Chris Hoskins (CH Consultancy) David Hutchinson (Network Rail) Russell Jones (Golder Associates) Sarah McNeil (Griffiths & Armour) Hugh Mallett (Buro Happold) Zita Mansi (Berryman Lace Mawer) Neil Parry (Geotechnical Engineering Jo Strange (Card Geotechnics) Chris Vincett (Hydrock) Tim White (Marquis and Lord)
  6. 6. Loss Prevention Working Group Invitation - New members wanted (Autumn Newsletter) In particular; • Commercial/ contractual risk managers • Legal advisors • Personal members And we have a very nice lunch (Thanks BLM!)