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AGS Members' Day 2015 - Business Practice Presentation

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AGS Members' Day 2015
Business Practice Working Group, Matthew Baldwin

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AGS Members' Day 2015 - Business Practice Presentation

  1. 1. BUSINESS PRACTICE WORKING GROUP Matthew Baldwin Soil Engineering
  2. 2. What does the group do?  Keep an overview of current business practice in geotechnical and geo- environmental sector  Assess best practice in the industry  Compare interests & requirements consultants and contractors  Review implications of new standards (European and UK)  Influence stakeholders (employers)  Look at commercial issues that might affect members  Debate topical issues  Provide guidance notes / documents  Future issues for the industry  Monitor effectiveness of the AGS as a whole  Promotion (marketing) of AGS  Review applications for membership  AGS overseas
  3. 3. Standards /codes & publications • BPWG has a cross section of consultants and contractors who can provide guidance on new standards & publications • Draw on experience to allow:  Clarifications for members  Advance warning of potential conflicts • Has links to standards organisations • Members on standards and publication committees
  4. 4. Driving up standards • Improvement of standards has been a long sought utopian aim for GI industry in the UK • European neighbours also share this aim! • Now EFFC have launched an initiative to achieve this (?) by involving insurers • In UK the AGS are going to collaborate with the FPS to provide perspective of UK geotechnical industry • May lead to a united European front on this issue?
  5. 5. Driving up standards  Representation to Employers • Time to refresh documents intended to provide employers with summary of merits of ground investigations • Documents need to be:  Succinct & easy to understand  Focus on risks involved  Put the commercial case  Avoid being too technical • Separate out guidance on what good practice is in UK GI
  6. 6. Membership • BPWG have debated AGS membership criteria and fees etc for some 18 months • Much analysis of member firms and possible fee structures • Results were completed in Autumn 2014 and main outcomes were:  Simplified membership categories  Change to membership fee structure  Generally a fairer structure reflecting the size range of member organisations
  7. 7. Marketing  Most important current initiative centred around marketing the AGS  Well established and respected trade organisation (due to membership)  But we need to reach a wider audience  Debate concerns: o Making AGS more accessible o Relevant to all geotechnical / geo- environmental community  Students & academics  Graduates / new employees  Company's of all sizes  Laboratories  Suppliers
  8. 8. Marketing  New updated and relevant website is part of the solution  But much work to do  BPWG has set up a small sub group tasked with some blue sky thinking  Will report back before June’s full committee meeting with proposals o Aims:  Build on existing organisation's strong foundations  To ensure we provide something of interest for whole community  Primarily UK focussed, but could provide international ‘excellence model’?
  9. 9. AND FINALLY… A new chairperson for 2015 – 2017! THANK YOU