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Protein Power Couples: How to Pair [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You’ve probably heard that protein is good for you but there’s more to the protein story than that. For young women, it’s important to make sure you are getting enough protein from all the different sources in the right amounts and many of us may be missing the mark. Let’s face it- our daily lives are so busy, the last thing we think about is if we are pairing our proteins correctly- I can barely pair a cute outfit in the morning for work! Read on to find out why it’s so important to focus on protein pairing and how to create your own protein power couple . . .

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Protein Power Couples: How to Pair [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. Protein Pairing The HOW-TO guide on creating your own protein power couple Part 1 Protein Amino Acids are the ofBuilding Blocks 20 Types of Amino Acids 9 Indispensable 11 Dispensable "Essential" Must be obtained from food "Non-essential" Made in the body Complete Contains all the essential amino acids in just the right amount Meat SoyEggsDairyFish and ready to eat! Lower in a few essential amino acids InComplete VegetablesGrainsLegumes (Beans) Nuts & Seeds single and ready to mingle! BecometheProtein Matchmaker You can easily create your own power couple of complementary proteins by pairing two incomplete proteins. A set of complementary proteins will provide adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids. Create the Perfect Match Is Matchmaking Essential? Nope! Consuming a variety of protein foods throughout the day will provide the essential amino acids your body needs. Sample Protein powercouples Part 1 Rice Fruit&Yogurt Complete No need to pair! Yogurt already contains all of the essential amino acids in the right amounts. Toss in some fruit for added flavor. and ready to eat! InComplete single and ready to mingle! Beans and rice complete each other! Both foods are lacking an amino acid, but together, they make the perfect pair. To make your own taco bowl, add lean meat or soy crumbles and a dollop of greek yogurt for an easy, protein-packed meal. Beans & HungryforMore? Stay tuned for of the protein power couples. For more information about protein, visit Part 2 foodinsight.org