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Who’s the best online legal service

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Check out our guide to the best online legal services!

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Who’s the best online legal service

  1. 1. We compare the two leading paid providers and one free online legal service.
  2. 2. Based on Together, they cover the widest range of features needed by small businesses. Price Cost of Legal Forms Membership/ Attorney Assistance Creating & Customizing Forms
  3. 3. ∂ Best Online Legal Service For Small Business Owners
  4. 4. Try LegalZoom ∂ Better quality legal forms, excellent customer service and cheaper than the other paid online legal service. Full Review Here
  5. 5. ∂ Why We Chose LegalZoom as the best online legal service?
  6. 6. $23.99 Membership p/month Fast & Simple processes Unlimited access to all types of forms Full Review Here
  7. 7. ∂ When to use Rocket Lawyer?
  8. 8. One free business formation service + one year of free registered agent service with the Accelerate Plan Perfect to form a business that will need ongoing legal help Full Review Here
  9. 9. ∂ When to use Docracy?
  10. 10. Only has legal forms - No business formation services Is the Wikipedia for legal forms Full Review Here Free!
  11. 11. ∂ LegalZoom vs. Rocket Lawyer vs. Docracy In-Depth Review
  12. 12. ∂ Cost of Business Formation Service
  13. 13. $99-$587(+State Fees) No Business Formation Service Full comparison here $99-$518(+State Fees)
  14. 14. ∂ Cost of Legal Forms
  15. 15. Free! $59.99Form most Forms $84-$399For Unlimited copies of 1 document or Unlimited access. $14.95For most Forms $7.99For Unlimited access to Forms Full comparison here
  16. 16. ∂Cost of Membership/ Attorney Assistance
  17. 17. Unlimited (different topics) 30Min attorney consultation by phone. $23.99 With annual commitment. Full Review Here
  18. 18. $399/year for Premium. $499/year for Accelerate Plan. For Accelerate, first business formation is free. Up to 6 attorney review of documents. Full Review Here
  19. 19. ∂Quality and Type of Forms
  20. 20. Over 160 attorney -created forms. Best quality Promissory notes for loans, nondisclosure agreements, independent contractor, etc. Full Review Here
  21. 21. Attorney created forms. Good quality. Promissory notes, NDAs, independent contractor, power of attorney forms, etc. Full Review Here
  22. 22. Anyone can upload and edit forms. Finding good quality documents can be time consuming. Can find more rare documents Full Review Here
  23. 23. ∂Creating and Customizing Forms
  24. 24. Can download documents in Word format. Comes with step-by-step instructions. Can delete parts that don’t apply to you. Full Review Here
  25. 25. Best customization option Easy to use online interface. You are asked questions about business, with each answer you’re closer to having a complete form. Full Review Here
  26. 26. Customizable fields are highlighted. No instructions. Use extra caution. Can send the doc. to sign directly from Docracy. Full Review Here
  27. 27. ∂ Customer Support
  28. 28. Email Support Live Chat Phone Support Monday-Friday 5am-7pm PST. Saturday 7am-4pm FAQs Full Review Here
  29. 29. Phone Support Have to wait a while. 24 Hour US Email Support Live Chat FAQs Full Review Here
  30. 30. Only has email support Live Chat FAQsPhone Support Full Review Here
  31. 31. Conclusion We think LegalZoom is better overall because it’s more affordable for forms and membership, has better quality and best customer service. LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are both good online services.
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