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What BP Does
What BP Does
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Best VoIP

  1. 1. BEST VoIPFor Small
  2. 2. We tried all the top providers and narrowed it down to three.
  3. 3. Based on A CB Together, they cover the widest range of features needed by small businesses. Price Ease of Use Reliability Customer
  4. 4. ∂Best VoIPFor SmallBusiness Owners
  5. 5. Try Nextiva for FREE ∂ Great customer support - Ease of set up - Commpany stability Risk free 30 day money-back
  6. 6. ∂ Why We Chose Nextiva as the Best VoIP
  7. 7. Only provider to give clients a personal U.S representative They’re reliable and stable in the industry.
  8. 8. Customer support answers 95% of calls Within 2 rings or less!
  9. 9. Rapidly Growing Perfect If you don’t want to worry about stability of provider.
  10. 10. ∂ When to use Phone.com
  11. 11. $10 - $15 less than Nextiva Pay-per- minute option available. Best Price! Saves You Money
 if your employees talk only a few hours.
  12. 12. GET An international phone number to a particular country. Free outgoing calls to landlines in 8 countries Best international calling
  13. 13. ∂ When to use RingCentral
  14. 14. Make internet calls with your phone number Best Mobile App Top-notch attendant interface
  15. 15. Salesforce, Zendesk, Desk.com and other No-US Based Customer Service Multiple Integrations
  16. 16. ∂ Insightly vs. Nimble vs. Zoho In-Depth Review
  17. 17. ∂ Pricing
  18. 18. $53per user per month $43per user per month $72 per user per month Full comparison table here
  19. 19. ∂ Standard Features
  20. 20. Unique Phone Number, Greeting and voicemail RingCentral and Nextiva give a free 10-digit number to each user. Phone.com charges $5/month per number
  21. 21. Phone.com and RingCentral offer international numbers for some countries. Each company can use local phone numbers, have an 800 number, or a combination LOCAL OR 1-800 PHONE NUMBER
  22. 22. 1 3 2 Auto- Attendant 2. Nextiva gives yourauto attendant for FREE 3. Nextiva records yourscript professionally 1. Direct Callers to theright directions
  23. 23. Set rules for how calls are handled. Sales calls can ring on multiple lines at once Or roll from person to person if not answered.
  24. 24. Mobile App RingCentral has by far the best mobile app. Employees can make and receive call on their personal smartphone
  25. 25. ∂ Mobile App
  26. 26. Manage voicemail, fax, SMS inbox. Make calls using your business number Will count as cell minutes if there is no internet
  27. 27. Loads of in-call tools Counts as cell minuted if you use it with your mobile network.
  28. 28. Pretty Basic Can display your business number. No VoIP call without internet connection.
  29. 29. ∂ Support
  30. 30. Email
 Support No
 Tickets Live
 Chat Phone
  31. 31. Fairly quick responses Trouble getting
 technical answers Help? 24 Hour
 US Phone
 Support 24 Hour
 US Email
  32. 32. Users
 are content
 with Customer service US Support for more than 20 phone users 24/7
 Support No US support for less than 20 phone users
  33. 33. Conclusion Based on their superior customer service, ease of setup, and stability in a constantly changing industry. After reviewing the top providers, we chose Nextiva as the best VoIP company
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