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First Egg Bank Presentation

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First Egg Bank that belongs to Medicover Fertility Family, has been supplying top quality egg and sperm donor material since 2008 and with the availability of over 450 egg and 200 sperm donors, we satisfy needs of the most requiring reproduction clinics and individual patients. OUR GOAL is to assist people all around the globe who faced infertility problems to start their journey to the long-dreamt-about own family and to support you through it in an honest and open way.

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First Egg Bank Presentation

  1. 1. FIRST EGG BANK www.first-egg-bank.com
  2. 2. About First Egg Bank • We have started our activity in 2008 and since then we help our patients to start their families and new lives with their children. • Thanks to united efforts of our competent team of professionals, availability of brand-new equipment and command of cutting-edge techniques, First Egg Bank provides its customers with the highest-quality vitrified donor oocytes, donor sperm samples and donor embryos as well as 24/7 support. • With the constant availability of over 450 egg donors ready for stimulation in fresh cycles and more than 5000 highest quality vitrified donor oocytes, which can be instantly booked, we have established a close cooperation with leading IVF clinics in Europe. www.first-egg-bank.com
  3. 3. Our Goal Our goal is to provide assistance to people all around the globe, who faced infertility problems, to start their journey to the long-dreamt-about own family and to support them through it in an honest and open way. www.first-egg-bank.com
  4. 4. Success Rates www.first-egg-bank.com
  5. 5. TOP 5 reasons to cooperate with First Egg Bank www.first-egg-bank.com
  6. 6. www.first-egg-bank.com
  7. 7. Egg Donor Bank • In our Bank of vitrified oocytes currently are available more than 5000 eggs retrieved from donors with various phenotypical signs and blood types, that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. • 450 fully-screened donors who may start the fresh cycle at once • The database is regularly up-dated. • Online donor catalog and a 3-days free access to the whole donor database www.first-egg-bank.com Demo version Egg donor catalog
  8. 8. Egg donor requirements • young fertile women at the age of 18-36; • perfectly physicaly and mentaly healthy; • thoroughly screened and rescreened; • do not have detrimental habits or addictions; • have at least one child of their own; • have no hereditary illnesses and negative phonotypical signs ; • have a strong desire to share the happiness of being a mother with other women. www.first-egg-bank.com
  9. 9. Egg donor screening Lab tests Diagnostics • Antibodies to HIV 6 months Gynecological examination 6 months • Antibodies to Syphilis 6 months Vaginal swab 6 months • PCR Hepatitis В(HBV) 6 months Pap smear 12 months • PCR Hepatitis C(HCV) 6 months LH level in the beg. of the cycle done once • Chlamydia 6 months GP examination done once • CMV IgМ 6 months Pelvic scan done once • Cystic fibrosis done once Breast scan done once • Kariotype done once • AMH done once • Estradiol done once • Progesterone done once • Psychological counselling done once and during the program, repeatedly if needed. On a request of our Partners, we can add additional tests to the above mentioned listing. www.first-egg-bank.com Genetic tests • Kariotype • Cystic Fibrosis • Fragile X • SMA
  10. 10. Sample Egg donor profile www.first-egg-bank.com
  11. 11. Sperm Donor Bank www.first-egg-bank.com • Our Sperm donor catalog includes profiles of over than 100 immediately available donors and more than 1000 highest quality sperm samples. • The database is regularly up-dated. • Online donor catalog and a 3-days free access to the whole donor database Demo version Sperm donor catalog To facilitate a prompt search of the donor according to the required parameters, you may apply the following filters of: • donor availability (immediately, with 1-3 months or in 3 or more months); • anonymous or non-anomymous; • blood type; • weight; • height; • hair colour; • eye colour.
  12. 12. Our high results are achieved thanks to: - Strict donor selection process: fertile women with higher than average ovarian reserve (assessed by AFC and AMH) - Adequate start stimulation dosage administered due to AMH level, which reduces OHSS instances and insures average number of oocytes and their high quality - Hormonal monitoring in the course of stimulation - Strict monitoring of donation cycle outcomes (all our partners provide us the their statistics), - In our database more than 50% are so-called proven donors who already have participated in the program and successfully donated - In case in the result of donation pregnancy was not achieved after three attempts, the donor is cancelled and excluded from further donations www.first-egg-bank.com
  13. 13. Embryology KIT www.first-egg-bank.com
  14. 14. Possibility of Embryo donation www.first-egg-bank.com On your request we may arrange creation of donor embryos from chosen by you donor gametes and arrange fast and safe delivery of created embryos and any donor gametes selected from our on line catalog to the destination indicated by you. The absolute quality of our donor material is a result of : • united efforts of professional staff of doctors and embryologists; • brand new laboratory equipment, application of cutting-edge techniques; • constant personal and vocational development ; • a burning passion and desire to achieve highest possible results to help more and more couples to become families.
  15. 15. First Egg Bank www.first-egg-bank.com Order FEB Courier Service
  16. 16. First Egg Bank Courier service First Egg Bank Courier Service will ensure safe and reliable transportation of all types of cryopreserved IVF fertility samples (oocytes, sperm and embryos) from the First Egg Bank to our Partner clinics or any other IVF clinic worldwide. This service is provided for individual patients and for the centers we established collaboration with. Our experienced and professional courier will guarantee timely delivery of your order made on or website in compliance with all requirements to gamete or embryo transportation
  17. 17. How to start working with us? www.first-egg-bank.com
  18. 18. 24/7 Support Service and Medical Consultation • To achieve our vision and to become a worldwide renown bank of donor material, on the top of highest quality facilities and capacities, we have a talented, engaged, energetic and closely-knitted team, who have all the skills and resources necessary to understand patient and customer needs. • We are 24/7 at your disposition ready to advice and support at any point on the way to your parenthood. • Anytime you need any information on our services or advice, feel free to contact us. • We speak: English, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, French and German • And any other language you contact us in. h
  19. 19. Advantages of using FEB services:  More than 7 years of experience in donor material export and international cooperation  Compliance with international quality standards, granted both by International Certification network  High success rates  Absence of waiting lists  No egg sharing  Possibility to match the same donor for the second cycle after the first successful one  Highly qualified, experienced and devoted staff who constantly takes part in national and international conferences and broadens its knowledge and implies modern and new IVF technologies and methods  First Egg Bank Courier Service  Embriology Kit  Permanent availability either by phone, e-mail, or on skype 24/7 www.first-egg-bank.com
  20. 20. Dr. Uljana Dorofeyeva Chief Medical Officer e-mail: info@first-egg-bank.com u_dorofeyeva@first-egg-bank.com tel: +380 067 513 27 69 skype: ulyana-dorofeeva www.first-egg-bank.com Contacts Adress: First Egg Bank BELRO MEDICAL S.A. Building M, Drève Richelle 161 1410 Waterloo Belgium
  21. 21. Peter Hura FEB Courier Service developer e-mail: courier@first-egg-bank.com tel: +38 (0)63 939 6416 +322 808 23 05 www.first-egg-bank.com Contacts FEB Courier Service
  22. 22. We are looking forward to becoming your reliable partner and responsible supplier for your patients!