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3rd years presentation

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3rd years presentation

  1. 1. Felix Wilson Honours Project Overview
  2. 2. The project Waste in Place: The McRobies Gully Tip as Landscape will use representations of the McRobies Gully landfill site in South Hobart to explore contemporary understandings of landscape and its relationship to the aesthetics of human and non-human relations. Humans, animals, birds and others interact in ways that challenge conventional perceptions of ecology on the landfill site. Issues relating to ecology and landscape representation are particularly contested in Tasmania and this site affords possibilities for recalibrating shared aesthetic understandings of waste and the relations between humans and non-humans.
  3. 3. Arman (b. Armand Pierre Fernandez) France, b. 1928 Poubelle 1, 1960 Household garbage in a plastic box, 20,5 x 28,1 x 5,1 inches Source: http://www.arman-studio.com/RawFiles/000852.html
  4. 4. Chris Jordan USA, b. 1963 Untitled (from series Midway: Message from the Gyre), Photographic print, dimensions unknown.  Source: http://www.chrisjordan.com/gallery/midway/#CF000478%2019x25
  5. 5. Edward Burtynsky Canada, b. 1955 China Recycling #5, Phone Dials, Zeguo, Zhejiang Province, 2004 Photographic print, dimensions unknown. Source: http://www.edwardburtynsky.com/WORKS/China/
  6. 6. Pieter Hugo South Africa b. 1976 Aissah Salifu, 2010 Photographic print, dimensions unknown. Source: http://www.pieterhugo.com/permanent-error/
  7. 7. Sandra Selig Australia, b. 1972 Rivers recording the universe (Tokyo), 2008-9 (Installation view) Installation, dimensions variable Source: http://www.milanigallery.com.au/artwork/rivers-recording-universe-tokyo-5
  8. 8. Chu Yun China, b. 1977 Constellation (installation view), 2006 Installation, dimensions variable Source: http://www.chuyun.net/
  9. 9. Corvus, engraving from the 17th century Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia star atlas by Johannes Hevelius. http://hubblesource.stsci.edu/sources/illustrations/constellations/
  10. 10. Questions / feedback felixwilson-honours.tumblr.com