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Description about Lipton brand Marketing Campaign in Pakistan

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  2. 2. Tea Culture in Pakistan  In Pakistan tea is popular all over the country.  It is one of the most consumed beverages in Pakistan  In Pakistan, almost every 10th person is a tea addict.  Mostly people call it doodh pati in local language.
  3. 3.  Pakistan is ranked as the third largest importer of tea in the world.  In 2003, as much as 109,000 tones of tea were consumed in Pakistan.  In Pakistan, tea is usually consumed at breakfast, during lunch breaks at the workplace, and in the evening at home, which is usually consumed with biscuits or cake.
  4. 4.  Yellow Label is probably the world’s most famous tea.  It’s the world’s best-selling tea brand, has been established for more than 100 years  Lipton plays the role of an energetic brand that aims to redefine the meaning of tea in people’s lives.  Lipton tea provides great taste, aroma, flavor and color.
  5. 5. LOGO
  6. 6. The Power of Lipton  1649 cups of Lipton Tea are enjoyed every second  8245 cups of Lipton Tea are enjoyed every time you blink  1252 cups of Lipton Tea are drunk every time your heart beats  52 billion cups of Lipton Tea are drunk each year  45.75 billion Tea Bags are produced by Lipton Tea each year
  7. 7. History of Lipton  Lipton was created at the end of the 19th century by Sir Thomas Lipton in Glasgow, Scotland.  Later he established a chain of grocers, first across Glasgow, the rest of Scotland, until finally he had stores throughout Britain.  Lipton is positioned as a High Quality But Reasonably Priced Product.
  8. 8.  In 1929, the Lipton grocery retail business was merge with Home and Colonial Stores to form a food group with over 3,000 stores.  In 1980 Lipton tea business was acquired by consumer goods company Unilever in a number of separate transactions, starting with the purchase of the US and Canadian Lipton business in 1938 and completed in 1972 when Unilever bought the remainder of the global Lipton business.  In 1991 Lipton made first joint venture with Pepsi.CO
  9. 9. Now, Over a hundred years on, Lipton now possesses Thousands of acres of quality tea gardens in East Africa
  10. 10.  Under the slogan "DIRECT FROM THE TEA GARDENS TO THE TEA POT“, he made tea a popular and approachable drink for everyone high quality but reasonable priced.  The Lipton tea are his heritage and they are more popular than ever.  Lipton tea is now WORLD LEADER and present in more than 150 countries
  11. 11. VISION Lipton vision is to available within an arm’s reach of every individual desire
  12. 12. MISSION STATEMENT Purpose of Lipton is to meets every day needs of everywhere to anticipate the aspiration of our consumers and customers to respond creatively and competitively with products which raise the quality of life.
  13. 13. Lipton In Pakistan  Lipton was launched in Pakistan in 1948 and is one of the oldest brands in the country.  Lipton world of tea blending in Pakistan and around the world means only two things; Quality & Reliability.
  14. 14. Lipton’s Portfolio In Pakistan  Lipton Yellow Label Tea  Lipton Mega Daane  Lipton Teabags
  15. 15.  Lipton Green Tea  Lipton Flavored Tea
  16. 16. Target Market of Lipton  Commercially they target the urban areas of Pakistan who come in the category of average middle class or above.  Lipton’s target market involves specifically females in Pakistan.
  17. 17. POSITIONING  Initially the single idea behind Lipton is “Light premium priced tea with best quality ” For global citizen.  Later, they re-positioned itself specifically addressed local customers by old melody Chai chahye. Kaun sy janab Lipton he to hay hmm lajawab  Then they positioned its tea. The tea which “Clear The Mind”
  18. 18. Re- Positioning After that in 2009, new campaigns was launched which communicated that; It contains thiamine which sharpens the mind, so their message then was ‘SIP OF INSPIRATION’.
  19. 19. Unilever Pakistan recently re-launched Lipton Yellow Label with an ‘Enhanced Tea Essence’ And ‘Rich Taste’. The new campaign is an adaptation of global campaign.
  20. 20. Now the brand has transitioned towards a simpler message ‘DRINK POSITIVE’ The idea is to communicate what a sip of Lipton can do, which is ‘bring a positive outlook in you and u will live healthy life’.
  21. 21. Competitors in Pakistan
  22. 22. Tapal Vs Lipton  According to a survey, which was done recently, 84% of the Elite class and High Middle class prefer Lipton over Tapal where as 95% of the Middle and Lower Middle class prefer Tapal over Lipton. Overall market share of Lipton is 14%
  23. 23. 4P’s of Marketing Product Lipton Yellow Label has a brand image in the mind of consumer as hand picked close to the bud for best quality tea and finest taste. Lipton is the market leader in Danne Dar category of tea. They believe that quality is a way of life to us.
  24. 24. PRICE Lipton Yellow label never compromised on quality so they adopted value based pricing.  100gm : Rs 65  200gm : Rs 125  500gm : Rs 280  1000gm: Rs550
  25. 25. Placement  Lipton Yellow label has distribution network across Pakistan.  Its popularity in Pakistan make it No1 Brand in country.  It is available at more than 180000 outlets in Pakistan  Lipton has its Head quarter in Karachi and 650 distribution offices all over the Pakistan
  26. 26. Distribution Channel Distribution channel of Lipton is
  27. 27. Promotional Tools  The Lipton does it promotion in following ways:  Advertisement  Personnel selling  Sales Promotions  Internet Marketing  Publicity  Co branding
  28. 28. SALES PROMOTION  Lipton, the world’s leading tea brand, launched three month long Dip & Win consumer promotion campaign in June 2013.
  29. 29.  Price discount and allowances like Lipton recently launched a consumer promotion campaign announcing a massive price off (up to Rs 60 for its largest SKU of 950g). The concept is based on the message of TABDEELI
  30. 30. MARKETING CHANNELS  TV  Newspaper  Broaches  Magazines  Bill boards  Special promotions or packages  Internet marketing  Bus branding  Merchandising  Sponsorship
  31. 31. Associating With Music And Musicians In previous ads they used singers like Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan, Meesha Shafi, Arif Lohar and Ali Zafar.
  32. 32. For resent campaign Lipton used song that could help us drive a ‘positive’ message.This is Alamgir’s recent new rendition of Keh De Na .
  33. 33. Grease: The Musical Play
  34. 34. Recommendation  As Lipton is the oldest and famous tea brand in Pakistan they should fuscous on how to sustain and grasp more market share because many new entrants are entering in market  Specially, Tapal tea is grasping more market share by introducing new products and different appeal.
  35. 35. Conclusion Lipton is one of Pakistan’s leading and most loved brands. Their strong brand equity appeals to customers with its unique history and availability in more than 150 countries worldwide so consumers know and trust it. Lipton plays the role of an energetic brand that aims to redefine the meaning of tea in people’s lives. So Lipton is fulfilling its promise by Lipton tea providing great taste, aroma, flavor and color to their customer around the world.