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  1. Conjunctions Beth Neitz ESL 502
  2. How do I say conjunction? Let’s sound out the word together in parts: con- junc- tion Now let’s say the whole word together conjunction
  3. What is a conjunction? • Joins or hooks together groups of words and sentences
  4. and Joseph ate a hot dog. Joseph ate french fries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph ate a hot dog and french fries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and joined the similar ideas together
  5. and Sara went to the park. Sara met her friend Michelle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sara went to the park and met her friend Michelle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Practice and He is hungry. He is tired. ----------------------------------------------------------- He is hungry __________ tired. -----------------------------------------------------------
  7. so It was raining. We brought an umbrella. ----------------------------------------------------------- It was raining, so we brought an umbrella. so shows that the second idea is the result of the first
  8. so He likes baseball. He joined the team. ---------------------------------------------------------- He likes baseball, so he joined the team. ----------------------------------------------------------
  9. Practice so They like swimming in the ocean. They went to the beach. They like swimming in the ocean, _____ they went to the beach.
  10. but He wanted to buy a game. He didn’t have any money. ------------------------------------------------------------------- He wanted to buy a game, but he didn’t have any money. -------------------------------------------------------------------- but joins two opposite ideas together
  11. but He wanted to go to school. He was sick. ----------------------------------------------------------- He wanted to go to school, but he was sick. -----------------------------------------------------------
  12. Practice but She wants to do her homework. She forgot what to do. ----------------------------------------------------------- She wants to do her homework, ______ she forgot what to do. -----------------------------------------------------------
  13. Let’s see and hear conjunctions
  14. Let’s Play a Game
  15. and so but • Fill in the correct conjunction in each sentence. • I had to go eat dinner, ______ I really wanted to play outside. • I ate chicken _______ corn. • It was hot out, ______ I brought a water bottle to keep me cooled off.