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150 Growth Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter

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When it comes to growth leaders in the tech industry, there are A LOT of people who can teach you about growth. I curated this list of the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, and helpful growth hackers in the business.

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150 Growth Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter

  1. A list of the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, and helpful growth experts in the business
  2. Hint: Click this to visit a leader’s Twitter page! FOLLOW ON TWITTER
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  4. • Coined the term “growth hacker” • Running the GrowthHackers.com community • Previously growth at Dropbox, LogMeIn, Uproar, Eventbrite, and Lookout Founder and CEO, Qualaroo FOLLOW ON TWITTER Sean Ellis
  5. • Co-founder of Full Stack Marketing • Head of Growth at Qualaroo and GrowthHackers • Over 15+ years of growth experience • His newsletter is a must subscribe to Morgan Brown COO, Inman News FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  6. • SaaS growth expert and advisor • Co-founded CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics • Curates excellent SaaS content on his newsletter Hiten Shah Board Member, KISSMetrics FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  7. • Founding partner of 500 Startups • Introduced the famous Pirate Metrics (AARRR) • Growth hacking expert and startup advisor Dave McClure Founding Partner, 500 Startups FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  8. • Founder of Mattermark • Excellent source on startup growth for entrepreneurs • Startup funding thought leader Danielle Morrill CEO & Co-founder, Mattermark FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  9. • Founder of YCombinator and startup advisor • Writes excellent essays on startups and growth Paul Graham Co-Founder, YCombinator FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  10. • Growth at Uber • Respected tech writer focused on mobile products, metrics, user growth, and virality • Advises high growth startups Andrew Chen Supply Growth, Uber FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  11. • Author of ‘The Lean Startup’ • Startup advisor and lecturer • Teaches growth through a methodical process Eric Ries Author, The Lean Startup FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  12. • Serial entrepreneur and growth marketing expert • Founder of App Sumo • Previously growth at Mint.com and Facebook Noah Kagan Chief Sumo, AppSumo FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  13. • Serial entrepreneur turned VC • Currently the General Partner at Upfront Ventures • Advocate of growth hacking • Writes about startup, marketing, PR, and sales on his blog Mark Suster General Partner, Upfront Ventures FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  14. • Founder of Moz • The best source for SEO and Google Updates • Co-founded the Inbound.org community for online marketers Rand Fishkin CEO & Founder, Moz FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  15. • Founder and CTO of Hubspot • Runs the OnStartups.com community for startup founders • Expert on inbound marketing Dharmesh Shah Founder and CTO, Hubspot FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  16. • Partner at Greylock and startup advisor • Previously product development at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter • Consumer tech growth expert Josh Elman Partner, Greylock FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  17. • VC at the Foundry Group • Co-founder of Tech Stars • Advises startups on growth Brad Feld Managing Director, Foundry Group FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  18. • Founder of ProductHunt • Passionate about products • Expert at growing a vibrant community Ryan Hoover Founder, Product Hunt FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  19. • Co-founder CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics • Advises multiple Fortune 500 companies on growth • Writes epic content on his many blogs Neil Patel Co-Founder, KISSMetrics FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  20. • Growth at Wealthfront • Previously growth at Facebook, Twitter, and Quora • Advises startups through Greylock Partners Andy Johns VP of Growth, Wealthfront FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  21. • SaaS Consultant • Moderator for GrowthHackers and ProductHunt • Previously Head of Content for GrowthHackerTV and Growth at Inbound.org Nichole Elizabeth SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  22. • Co-founder of Buffer • Advisor to entrepreneurs and startups on growth • Growing his company through transparency and holacracy Joel Gascoigne Co-Founder and CEO, Buffer FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  23. • Author of ‘Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products’ • Expert on product psychology and user behavior Nir Eyal Author, Hooked FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  24. • One of the top minds in growth • Serial entrepreneur currently at Sidekick at HubSpot • Releases some of the best growth content coelevate.com Brian Balfour VP of Growth, HubSpot FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  25. • Founder of Clarity • One of the leading experts on growth hacking Dan Martell Founder & CEO, Clarity.fm FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  26. • VC at Redpoint • Go-to-expert for SaaS metrics Tomasz Tunguz Partner, Redpoint Ventures FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  27. • Co-founder Single Grain and VP of Growth at When I Work • Contributor to Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Inc. • Author of ‘Content Marketing Playbook’ and ‘100 Days of Growth’ Sujan Patel VP of Marketing, When I Work FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  28. • Previously led the growth team at Facebook • Frequently speaks about the keys to startup growth Chamath Palihapitiya Managing Partner, The Social+Capital Partnership FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  29. • Co-founded 37signals, now Basecamp • Co-authored ‘Rework’ • Shares advice on starting and growing a business on his blog Jason Fried Co-founder & CEO, Basecamp FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  30. • Author of 18 best-sellers • Described as the “Marketing Wizard” • Serial entrepreneur and founder of two separate companies Seth Godin Author, Permission Marketing & Others FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  31. • Founder of YesGraph • Previously growth at Dropbox • Go-to-expert for building referral and virality experiments Ivan Kirigin CEO, YesGraph FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  32. • Founder of CopyHackers • Previously Intuit and Conversion Rate Experts • Expert on copywriting and CRO Joanna Wiebe Copywriter & Founder, Copy Hackers FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  33. • Growth at Airbnb • Previously growth at Voxer • Expert on mobile acquisition Gustaf Alströmer Product Lead Growth, Airbnb FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  34. • Venture Partner at Spark Capital • Advises high growth consumer companies • Previously general manager at Zynga Nabeel Hyatt Venture Partner, Spark Capital FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  35. • General Partner at Matrix Partners • Serial entrepreneur and expert on SaaS growth • Board member of numerous companies, including Hubspot David Skok General Partner, Matrix Partners FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  36. • Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google • Best-selling author of ‘Web Analytics 2.0’ • Go-to-expert on Google Analytics Avinash Kaushik Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  37. • Partner at YCombinator • Advises high-growth startups • Runs PostHaven, the blogging platform Garry Tan Co-founder, Posthaven FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  38. • Founder of Attach.io and Closing Call • Frequent contributor to the growth community with helpful marketing tips • Blogs about startup marketing, acquisition, and growth on his blog Ryan Gum CEO, Attach FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  39. • Helped coin “growth hackers” with Sean Ellis • Author of ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development’ and ‘The Lean Entrepreneur’ • Mentors entrepreneurs at 500 Startups Patrick Vlaskovits Co-founder & CEO, Superpowered FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  40. • Founder of Intercom • Writes about business, design, and product management on the Intercom blog Des Traynor Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  41. • Founder of Sprig and Udemy • Previously growth advisor for Lyft • Frequent speaker about startup growth Gagan Biyani CEO, Sprig FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  42. • Founder of ConversionXL • Go-to-expert on conversion rate optimization • Frequent speaker and writer on CRO topics Peep Laja Founder, ConversionXL FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  43. • VP of Marketing at Porch • Previously Moz and BigDoor • Over 8 years of growth marketing experience • Extremely knowledgeable in many acquisition channels Joanna Lord VP of Marketing, Porch FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  44. • Founder of Wordstream • One of the leading experts on PPC • Contributor to Forbes, Search Engine Journal, Moz, and Inc. Larry Kim Founder, Wordstream FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  45. • Founder of SaaStr • Grew SaaStr from a blog to a company with $100m+ in ARR • Writes excellent SaaS content on the site Jason M. Lemkin Managing Director, Storm Ventures FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  46. • Founder of OneMonth • Teaches fundamental skills in programming, design, and growth hacking through his company Mattan Griffel Co-Founder & CEO, One Month FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  47. • Founder of UserOnboarding • Go-to-expert on retention and on-boarding • Author of ‘The Elements of User Onboarding’ Samuel Hulick User Onboarding Champion, UserOnboard FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  48. • Engineering Lead for push notifications and emails at Pinterest • Previously growth at Shopkick • Regarded as one of the best experts on mobile growth John Egan Growth Engineering Manager, Pinterest FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  49. • VP of Growth at Wealthfront • Seasoned growth leader • Previously eBay, About.com, and LinkedIn Elliot Shmukler VP Product and Growth, Wealthfront FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  50. • Founder of GrooveHQ • Advocate of transparency to drive startup growth • Dishes out actionable insights on customer development, growth, and productivity Alex Turnbull Founder & CEO, Groove FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  51. • Founder of Quint Growth Partners • Go-to-expert on analytics • Helps companies grow through optimizing retention and acquisition Jamie Quint Co-Founder, Interstate Analytics FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  52. • Currently Sixteen Ventures • Helped over 300 SaaS companies accelerate growth through optimizing the customer lifecycle • Writes on his blog about SaaS growth strategies Lincoln Murphy Customer Success Evangelist, Gainsight FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  53. • Currently working at Everlane • Product-driven and data-inspired growth hacker • Previously growth at StumbleUpon and the Mitt Romney campaign Aaron Ginn Growth Product Manager, Everlane FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  54. • Senior Growth Marketer at Sidekick • Expert at driving growth through content marketing • Co-authored ‘Twitter for Dummies’ and marketing lecturer at Isenberg UMass Anum Hussain Senior Growth Marketer, Hubspot FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  55. • Founder of SocialTriggers • Helps businesses growth through data-driven marketing and content marketing • Contributor to Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post Derek Halpern Founder, Social Triggers FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  56. • Co-authored ‘Traction Book: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers’ • Outlines a framework for finding channels that will bring customer growth in ‘Traction’ Gabriel Weinberg CEO & Founder, DuckDuckGo FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  57. • Head of Growth at Emissary • Previously the Entrepreneur in Resident at Tradecraft and co-founder of Leftover • Extremely helpful to young marketers just starting in growth Lyle McKeany Head of Growth, Emissary FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  58. • Currently runs Hey • Active angel investor in San Francisco • Previously General Manager at Zynga Siqi Chen CEO, Hey FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  59. • Author of ‘Growth Hacker Marketing’ • Previously Head of Marketing at American Apparel • Authored two other best-sellers Ryan Holiday Author, Growth Hacker Marketing & Others FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  60. • Co-founder of Amazemeet • Advises entrepreneurs in her spare time • Writes about startups, content marketing, and growth on her blog Violeta Nedkova Marketing Consultant FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  61. • Serial web entrepreneur • Founder of Drip and Co-founder of MicroConf • Writes about self-funding and startup growth on his blog Rob Walling Founder, Drip FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  62. • Founder of Smart Bear • Currently runs WPEngine and a mentor at Capital Factor • Writes about startup growth and marketing on his blog Jason Cohen Founder, WP Engine FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  63. • Content Editor at Vero • Runs an excellent blog that teaches marketers how to drive growth through email engagement Jimmy Daly Head of Content Marketing, Vero FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  64. • CEO of Wealthfront • Previously LinkedIn, eBay, and Apple • Served as an executive in residence at Greylock Partners Adam Nash President & CEO, Wealthfront FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  65. • Co-authored ‘Lean Analytics’ • Currently the VP of Product at VarageSale • Writes about analytics, startups, and product management on the Instigator blog Ben Yoskovitz VP of Product, VarageSale FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  66. • Lead Product Manager for Growth at YikYak • Previously product marketer at Google and user acquisition at HipMunk Julie Zhou Lead Product Manager, Yik Yak FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  67. • Founder of Circle of Moms and Team Rankings • Previously growth at LinkedIn and PayPal • Currently Growth Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups Mike Greenfield Angel Investor & Adviser FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  68. • Currently Head of Growth Engineering at Twitter • Founder of Hi5 • Previously CTO of Bebo Akash Garg Sr. Director of Engineering, Twitter FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  69. • Co-founded WPCurve and Helloify • Authored ‘The 7 Day Startup: You Don’t Learn Until You Launch’ • Expert and speaker on content marketing Dan Norris Co-founder, WP Curve FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  70. • CEO and founder of Color Genomics • Founded Mixer Labs, acquired by Twitter • Previously product manager at Google and VP of Growth, International and Revenue at Twitter Othman Laraki Co-founder, Color Genomics FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  71. • Author of ‘App Design Handbook’ and two other books • Bootstrapped an email marketing company • Teaches online marketing on his blog Nathan Barry Founder, ConvertKit FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  72. • Growth at Zumper • A young growth marketer that knows how to hustle • An up and coming growth leader you must follow Ina Herlihy Growth, Zumper FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  73. • Co-founded Unbounce • One of the best CRO experts out there • Writes about landing pages, A/B testing, and CRO on the Unbounce blog Oli Gardner Co-founder, Unbounce FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  74. • Leads content strategy at Help Scout • Helped the company grow to be one of the best growth blogs on the web • Writes about content marketing on his personal blog Gregory Ciotti Marketing, Help Scout FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  75. • Specialist in SaaS growth marketing • Over 7+ years of experience in growth • Helps businesses generate more revenue through acquisition and retention Pierre Lechelle SaaS Marketer & Growth Marketer FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  76. • Founded Polar and Bagcheck, acquired by Google and Twitter • UX expert and helped pioneer the mobile first design movement • Writes about device strategy and interaction design on his blog Luke Wroblewski Product Director, Google FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  77. • Founder of Copyblogger • Bootstrapped three popular software products without any outside investments • Regarded as one of the pioneers of the content marketing industry Brian Clark CEO, Rainmaker Digital FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  78. • Co-author of ‘Product Hunt Manual’ • Co-founder and Head of Marketing for Fittr • Writes about growth and startups on her blog Kiki Schirr Co-founder, Fittr FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  79. • Currently managing NFX Guild in San Francisco • Regarded as one of the best minds in growth • Helped 10 companies achieve high growth James Currier Managing Partner, NFX Guild FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  80. • Currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence for SV Angel • Previously Square and founded Socialmoth • Advisor to entrepreneurs and startups Paul McKellar Entrepreneur-in- Residence, SV Angel FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  81. • Co-founded Price Intelligently • Go-to-expert in SaaS pricing strategies • Previously led Strategic Initiatives for Gemvara and Economist at Google and the NSA Patrick Campbell Co-founder & CEO, Price Intelligently FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  82. • Marketing at Shopify • Former editor for ConversionXL • Regarded as one of the top experts in CRO Tommy Walker Marketing, Shopify FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  83. • Founder of Backlinko • Regarded as one of the leading SEO experts • Transparent with his own processes for generating massive amounts of traffic to his blog Brian Dean Founder, Backlinko FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  84. • Distribution Hacker in Residence for 500 Startups • Extremely knowledgeable on analytics and growth • Previously held roles at Stellar.org and Walmart Labs Tammy Camp Distribution Hacker in Residence, 500 Startups FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  85. • CMO for Sticker Mule and Button Frog • Founded the marketing firm MiliSense • Previously growth at GrowthHackers Everette Taylor CMO, Sticker Mule / Button Frog FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  86. • Co-authored ‘Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers’ • Currently the Director of Revenue at Exceptional • Teaches programming for marketers Justin Mares Co-author, Traction Book FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  87. • Partner at GrowthX Fund • Previously founded Match.com and partner at SVG Syndicate and Tradecraft Will Bunker Founding Partner, GrowthX FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  88. • Associate Product Manager at Google • Writes excellent content about growth and marketing on his blog • Frequent contributor to the GrowthHackers community Nate Desmond Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  89. • Co-founder and CTO of LivingSocial • Previously built tech teams at multiple companies • Focused on data-driven product development Aaron Batalion Angel Investor, Batalion Capital FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  90. • Expert on social media and SEO • Previously held roles at Mashable and Lifehacker • Author of ‘The New Community Rules’ • A professional hustler involved in the growth of many companies Tamar Weinberg Chief Strategy Officer, Small Business Trends FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  91. • Co-founded Everlane • Runs the immersive coding school, Dev Bootcamp • Regarded as an expert on virality Jesse Farmer Co-founder, CodeUnion FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  92. • Co-authored ‘Lean Analytics’ and three other books • Serial entrepreneur that helped launch multiple startup conferences Alistair Croll Founding Partner, Startupfestival FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  93. • CEO of Close.io • Helped many companies like Foursquare and General Assembly scale their growth • One of the best sales hackers in the business Steli Efti CEO, Close.io FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  94. • Director of Acquisition and Growth for Ramit Sethi’s “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” • Previously Director of Marketing for KISSMetrics • One of the most versatile growth minds Lars Lofgren Director of Growth, I Will Teach You To Be Rich FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  95. • Co-founded Treehouse • Writes about entrepreneurship and startups on his blog • One of the most followed entrepreneurs for his transparency in building a company from scratch Ryan Carson CEO & Founder, Treehouse FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  96. • Leads the Growth and Product team at Pinterest • Previously held product marketing and platform development roles at Facebook • One of the top advocates for women in growth Cat Lee Head of Growth & Product, Pinterest FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  97. • CEO of Single Grain • Runs Growth Everywhere on the side • Frequent contributor to Entrepreneur, Search Engine Watch, and Social Media Examiner Eric Siu CEO, Single Grain FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  98. • Co-founder of Distilled • Speaker on online marketing and SEO at SearchLove conferences • Trains online marketers on SEO through DistilledU Will Critchlow Founder & CEO, Distilled FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  99. • CEO of ioseed • Consults on marketing automation and user experience • Regarded as a very knowledgeable data scientist Jim Gray CEO, ioseed FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  100. • Co-founded Fedora and GrowHack • Advises startups on growth and acquisition • Teaches onboarding through his Udemy course Conrad Wadowski Co-founder, Fedora FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  101. • VP of Growth at Facebook • Previously marketing manager at eBay • Experimented with growth most of his life, and ran many top ranking websites in his time at university Alex Schultz VP of Growth, Facebook FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  102. • CEO of MediaSpike and resident mentor at 500 Startups • Serial entrepreneur, started 7 companies • Built one of the first Facebook game marketplaces Blake Commagere Founder & CEO, MediaSpike FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  103. • Founder of NomNom Insights • Previously led the growth team at Geckoboard • Currently teaches digital marketing at General Assembly Sofia Quintero Founder & CEO, NomNom Insights FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  104. • Co-founder of PlanitWide • Director of Engagement and Analytics for GrowthHackers • Very knowledgeable on many growth topics Anuj Adhiya Co-founder, PlanitWide FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  105. • CEO of Baremetrics • Serial entrepreneur, founded four other startups • Pioneer in the startup transparency movement Josh Pigford Founder, Baremetrics FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  106. • Growth Product Manager for GrowthHackers • Previously product manager at Qualaroo and co- founder of Wellen Surf Dylan La Com Product Manager, GrowthHackers FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  107. • Runs the tech incubator, Monkey Inferno • Previously co-founded Bebo • Helped Tickle scale their growth Michael Birch Founder, The Battery FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  108. • Co-founder and CMO of Autosend • Writes on the Autosend blog, an excellent resource for aspiring growth marketers • Answers growth hacking questions on Quora Ashli Norton Co-founder, Autosend.io FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  109. • Co-founder and Head of Growth at Twoodo • Founder of Growth Hackers Amsterdam, contributor at the Next Web, and mentor at Startup Bootcamp in Amsterdam David Arnoux Co-founder, Twoodo FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  110. • Author of ‘Landing Page Optimization’ • CEO of Site Tuners • Regarded as one of the best minds in the CRO industry Tim Ash CEO, SiteTuners FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  111. • Drove growth at several startups including Mavenlink and Panetheon • Ran online marketing for the book ‘The Lean Entrepreneur’ and the ‘Paleo Hacks’ website Casey Armstrong President, Armstrong Companies FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  112. • Co-founded Fedora • Acquired more than 20,000 customers and $200k+ in sales through a single Product Hunt launch • Launched a Facebook widgets business and earned over $1M in college Ankur Nagpal Founder & CEO, Fedora FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  113. • Venture Hacker at Angelist • Co-founded Lookmark • Previously engineering at Hot or Not and Mega Tasty Dave Zohrob Venture Hacker, AngelList FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  114. • Head instructor for growth at Tradecraft • Previously the Marketing Director at GoodApril, acquired by Intiut • He helps young marketers succeed in traction roles at startups Graham Hunter Head of Growth Marketing, Tradecraft FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  115. • Head of New Business at Mixpanel • Data-driven sales leader with 10+ years experience driving revenue growth at enterprise startups • Writes about data and analytics on her blog Aliisa Hodges Director of Sales, Mixpanel FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  116. • Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners • Invests in massive scale social media companies • Previously General Manager at Netscape • Writes about growth on the LSVP blog Jeremy Liew Managing Director, LSVP FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  117. • Head of Growth & Marketing at Creative Market • Co-founded and exited BranchOut • Previously growth at Tickle Zack Onisko Head of Growth & Marketing, Creative Market FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  118. • Teaches entrepreneurs how to drive growth through storytelling on his site, Threadling • Previously product marketing roles at VentureBeat, Salesforce, Twilio, and Asana Dan Kaplan Owner, Threadling FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  119. • User acquisition growth at Pinterest • Previously Consumer Marketing Director at GrubHub • Writes about growth on his blog Casey Winters Growth Lead, Pinterest FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  120. • Runs content for eFounders • Driven and accomplished content marketing hero • Runs the popular newsletter, SaaSClub Rachel Vanier Content Marketing & PR, eFounders FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  121. • Director of Growth at Neighborly • Growth marketer with over 7 years of experience • Previously led growth and user acquisition at RealScout Benjamin Hoffman Director of Growth, Neighborly FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  122. • CEO of Growbots • Customer acquisition expert and bootstrap entrepreneur who founded three different startups Greg Pietruszynski CEO & Co-founder, Growbots FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  123. • Product Manager for Messenger at Facebook • Runs Ooga Labs, a tech incubator in Silicon Valley • Previously growth at Tickle and PayPal Stan Chudnovsky VP of Growth, PayPal FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  124. • Founder of Portent • Author of ‘One Trick Ponies Get Shot’ • Has a wide knowledge of SEO, analytics, and copywriting Ian Lurie CEO & Founder, Portent FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  125. • CEO of Vouch • Serial entrepreneur and angel investor in 30+ startups • Previously product manager at Google and PayPal, also growth engineering at TaskRabbit Yee Lee CEO, Vouch FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  126. • Founder and CEO of Platform Thinking • Advisory roles at Skillshare, CoFoundersLab, 500 Startups, Stanford Business School, and INSEAD • Go-to-expert in platform strategy Sangeet Paul C Founder & CEO, Platform Thinking Labs FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  127. • Consultant with 14+ years of experience in e- commerce CRO, web design, and landing pages • Advises retail brands and startups on converting visitors Alex Harris Creative Director & Web Designer FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  128. • Growth at Quora • Highly regarded as a product engineer • Previously engineer at Zynga Robert Cezar Matei Product, Quora FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  129. • Co-founded Hi5 and Tagged • Expert on viral loops and viral marketing • Active investor in 19+ different startups Greg Tseng Founder & CEO, if(we) FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  130. • Head of Growth at Uber • Previously Head of International Growth at Facebook • Co-founded friend.ly • Go-to-expert at growing social products Ed Baker Head of Growth, Uber FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  131. • Co-founder of Rapportive • Currently working on the LinkedIn product, Intro • Active investor and advisor to many tech startups Rahul Vohra CEO & Co-founder, Rapportive FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  132. • Director of Growth at Everwise • Previously marketing at ThinkApps • Currently runs Founder Insights • Writes about content marketing and blog growth Benji Hyam Director of Growth Marketing, Everwise FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  133. • Partner at Founder Equity and professor at the Kellogg School of Management • Previously founded Digital Intent • Speaker on startup growth Sean Johnson Partner, Founder Equity FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  134. • Director of Growth and Product at Teespring • Previously SEO strategist for startups and Fortune 500 companies • A true data nerd who writes about growth on his blog Jesse Avshalomov Director of Product & Growth, Teespring FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  135. • Growth marketer at Safari Books Online • Previously growth engineer at YesGraph • Writes about growth and A/B testing on the Gainbits blog Luke Thomas Growth, Crystal Project FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  136. • Content Marketing Manager at Shopify • Writes about data-driven e-commerce growth and building an email list on the Shopify blog Mark Macdonald Content Manager, Shopify FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  137. • Co-founder of Xoopit, acquired by Yahoo • Previously Director of Product Management at Yahoo • Currently Chief Product Officer at Minerva Project Jonathan Katzman Chief Product Officer, Minerva Project FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  138. • SEO Project Manager at Airbnb • Founder of ClickMinded • Teaches entrepreneurs SEO through his online course • Previously SEO for Emerging Markets at PayPal Tommy Griffith SEO Project Manager, Airbnb FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  139. • VP of Growth for WyzAnt Tutoring • Customer-focused and data-driven growth leader Previously held roles at Lyft, Shutterfly, Kodak, Expedia, Hotwire, Target, and Ford Adam Fishman VP of Growth, WyzAnt Tutoring FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  140. • Growth engineer at Stripe • Previously Principal Engineer at Etsy • Technical advisor to Medium Dan McKinley Engineering, Stripe FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  141. • CMO at Shopify • Previously Head of Product at Kijiji • Well known for giving insightful career advice to young marketers Craig Miller CMO, Shopify FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  142. • Head of Customer Success at Segment • Managed analytics for over 100 websites and apps • Helps companies make better sense of their analytics and data through the Segment blog Jake Peterson VP of Success, Segment FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  143. • Director of Inbound Marketing at Varonis • Authored ‘Learn Ruby the Hard Way’ • Blogs about growth marketing in his spare time Rob Sobers Director of Inbound Marketing, Varonis FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  144. • Co-founder of Run Hop • Previously held growth engineering roles at Medium and Automattic and VP of Marketing for Justin.TV • Helps startups measure and improve user engagement Evan Solomon Advisor, Insidr.net FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  145. • Runs the blog Affiliate Tip and co-founded Affiliate Summit • Authored ‘Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants’ • Go-to-expert on affiliate marketing Shawn Collins Co-founder, Affiliate Summit FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  146. • Marketing Manager at Hubspot • Hosts the ‘Tech In Boston’ and ‘Hubspot Growth Show’ podcasts • Expert on product marketing and customer development Dave Gerhardt Marketing, Hubspot FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  147. • Marketing Hustler at Close.io • Writes actionable sales advice on the Close.io blog • Regularly contributes useful content on GrowthHackers Ramin Assemi Marketing Hustler, Close.io FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  148. • Content Marketing Manager and Copywriter for When I Work • Co-authored ‘100 Days of Growth’ • Previously editorial at SingleGrain and founder of BulbStreet Rob Wormley Content Marketing Manager, When I Work FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  149. • Founder of ChartMogul • Previously Head of Growth in Asia for Zendesk • Expert in measuring and understanding subscription revenues Nick Franklin CEO, ChartMogul FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  150. • CEO of Kitchensurfing • Previously Director of Product at Zynga • Set the social gaming company’s product strategy, distribution, and analytics Jon Tien CEO, Kitchensurfing FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  151. • Founder of Vast, Chain, FriskyLabs, and Compare People • Regarded as a one man hacker army • Superstar at building scalable web products Ivko Maksimovic Founder, chainn.com FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  152. • Technical Lead on the Consumer Growth team at Eventbrite • Builds internal and customer facing tools to promote growth • Helped significantly impact the growth of Eventbrite Daniel Silverstein Principal Software Engineer, Eventbrite FOLLOW ON TWITTER
  153. • VP of Growth at Transferwise • Previously growth at HouseTrip and Holiday Extras • Expert on NPS driven growth • Active startup growth advisor Nilan Peiris VP Growth, TransferWise FOLLOW ON TWITTER