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Post-Merger Integration

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Post-Merger Integration of Sales Departments. What you need to know about and the problems you can live in this operation.

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Post-Merger Integration

  1. 1. 1 POST-MERGER INTEGRATION SALES DEPARTMENTS PRESENTATION Direct Link Consulting 2016 February This material was developed to support the oral presentation of Direct Link Consulting services. The information contained in this presentation are CONFIDENTIAL and protected by legal confidentiality and copyright. The dissemination, distribution, reproduction or any use of this document's content depends on the authorization of the issuer, subjecting the violator to legal sanctions.
  2. 2. 18 yearswww.dlconsultoria.com Our Services: Sales Strategy Clients Portfolio Management 2 Direct Link Consulting We operate in Sales Consulting, specializing in projects of Merger, Restructuring and Startup of Sales Departments Internal Order Management Sales Force Management Training & Development
  3. 3. Clients Direct Link Consulting 3
  4. 4. The phase of "pre-deal" concentrates most of the difficulties and challenges of transaction Mapping Synergies is not done in most transactions Managing people's expectations and operational integration are concerns after the deal Spending in the integration phase are considerable and often underestimated 25% of intellectual capital is leaving the company at the beginning of integration process, or even before it The integration time can be greater than the planned One of the most important critical success factors the "post-deal" is the support of top management Source: PWC research of Pre and Post M&A Integrations in Brazil 2008-2009 Needs of Enterprises at Post-Merger Integration in Brazil 4
  5. 5. * Fonte: Pesquisa EY – “The right combination: managing integration for deal sucess” Pre Deal Post Deal A complete overview of the processes involved and the impact for companies in Merger. "One in two transactions do not reach their strategic objectives originally planned“ * Consulting Focus Overview Consulting Jobs 5
  6. 6. Direct Link Consulting Services in Post-Merger Integration, includes the following dimensions: Sales Strategy • Alignment of the Shares of Sales and Marketing to Corporate Strategy • Definition of strategies for different types of Sales Channels • Customer Segmentation and Market Coverage Organizational Structure • New Organization Chart and Subordination • Establishing Linkages and Mechanisms of Alignment • Identification of Cultural and Political Barriers and their implications Portfolio Management and Performance Metrics • Division of Territories and Portfolio Sales • Establish interim operating rules for joint accounts • Definition of Customer Service Programs • Establish Model Compensation for New Team Sales Operations • Sales Management Methodologies, forecasting and sales funnel • Architecture of Sales Channels • Lead generation and distribution within the Sales Team • Development of the Proposed Model • Policies Pricing and Pricing Management, including bidding • Development of contracts, including Terms and Conditions • Promotions and Sales Incentive Programs • After Sales Support and Customer Service • Customer Relationship (CRM), and IT Applications Our Services 6
  7. 7. Segments Clients Automotive Honda Automotive do Brasil Peugeot do Brasil CAMPNEUS Líder de Pneumáticos Construction CIMPOR - Cia. de Cimentos do Brasil Cia. Nacional de Cimentos – CNC CIMAR – Cimentos do Maranhão Sherwin-Williams do Brasil Escriba Cia. Brasileira de Vidros Planos - CBVP Oil & Gas Minasgás Supergasbras Iqara Gas Natural - Grupo BG Axial Petróleo Education People Computação Unisal – Centro Universitário Salesiano Unicastelo IT Get Net Informática Quanta Music & Technology RM Sistemas BBKO Consulting Telecomunications COMSAT Brasil Segments Clients Consumer Gimba Suprimentos de Escritório Tecidos Estrela R.R. Donnelley Formplast Industrial Products CHR Hansen Sensor do Brasil Metalúrgica Aliança Testo do Brasil Companhia Industrial de Vidros - CIV Alltape Multivac do Brasil Cia. Industrial de Vidros Fast Elevadores Chemical Fresenius Vetquímica Interchange Saúde Animal Basic Sanitation CAB Ambiental Financial ABN Amro Bank - Banco Real American Express do Brasil Credi ACSC Services Ambientec IDC Brasil MC Global RED Eventos Comax Segments and Clients of Direct Link Consultancy 7
  8. 8. 8 Contact Eduardo Faddul efaddul@dlconsultoria.com 55 19 99235-9106 Address 55 19 4062-8590 Rua Antônio Lapa, 280 6º Andar Cambuí - Campinas / SP Cep:13025-240 Web www.dlconsultoria.com https://www.linkedin.com/company/direct-link-consultoria pt.slideshare.net/Faddul https://www.facebook.com/Direct-Link-Consultoria-156003697783185 https://www.youtube.com/user/DirectLink02 www.planodevendas.com.br